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  • penelope_ 14w


    So one week into it
    the sun still is angry
    the sky still angry
    I see the cold clouds
    Thundering at me
    The mere fault I did was to hope
    To see the clear sky
    To see the sunshine
    To see the flowers bloom
    To see the stream flowing
    To see the leaves swaying in breeze
    To sit by the green serenity.
    The mere fault I did was to HOPE.

  • bonitasarahbabu 15w

    On a Sunday morning, I sit at church,
    And I remember your tender hugs and kisses.
    These are the moments when I break down
    And get angry at God.
    But this was destined to happen,
    And accept it I must.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 15w

    This piece serves as my attempt at multiple recent challenges. Thank you so much for reading! Also, I need to request your patience in regard to reading/reposts, because as our cross country move is drawing near, my presence here will be sporadic for a month or two. Thanks for understanding and bearing with me. ♥️

    The Merchant Marine & His Irish Queen
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    A wild and winsome wayfarer
    Set sail with the Merchant Marines
    To a land called the Emerald Isle
    That's decked out in the loveliest greens

    'Twas perhaps the luck o' the Irish
    That led up to next event
    For there, in the naval office
    'Twas a gal who looked heaven-sent!

    A bright lass was she, named Jenny
    With brown hair and eyes of blue
    For him, it was love at first sight
    And I reckon it was for her too

    Yes, that was my gramps and my gran
    In a meeting designed by fate
    There's a whole lot more to that story
    But the hour is growing quite late

    Fast forward to one whole year later
    Oh that Irish lass, gramps sure did miss
    So he brought her back here, to the States
    Where they married, in wedded bliss

    They got on with the usual business
    Of living their day to day life
    And soon enough, gramps did discover
    He had a fine cook for a wife!

    She prepared all the food to perfection
    From hors d'oeuvres to roasted meats
    To veggies and soups and salads
    And of course, all the goodies and sweets

    Huge feasts she'd create to delight us
    Not a single time e'er did she fail
    For as soon as she'd bring out the food
    Cheers of delight would prevail

    Her pies were sweet and superb
    Her cookies, a chewy delight
    And she'd send us on home with the extras
    When we left at the end of the night

    In the chill of midwinter on Sundays
    I'd sit right by gran at her feet
    As she'd tell me the tales of her childhood
    While munching on goodies to eat

    By then, she had barely an accent
    But still, it was there in some way
    And oh, was I fond of her voice
    Which lives on in my heart to this day

    Looking back on these tender moments
    I recall the young Merchant Marine
    And I'm so glad he sailed off to Dublin
    And returned with his Irish queen.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/12/2021

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  • angels_halo_shines 15w

    Sunday Funday

    Sunday Funday is a wonderful day of the week. A day for family. Sometimes we watch our favorite baseball/football teams. Sometimes it’s real serious. Sometimes we watch movies, mostly our favorite ones. Sunday is always a day for family & it’s always great day for me!!!

  • bellemoon99 15w

    #sundayc #wod

    After a week of struggling, your arms welcome us in a sweet embrace.
    We feel our worries melting away,
    our hearts slowing down to remember our present.
    Tomorrow we'll go back to work, but today we let go of everything.

    You're fresh air, a serene sunset by a loved one.
    You're a lazy morning, and a noon filled with laughter.
    You're a tranquil night under hopeful stars.
    Thank you, Sunday, the day of our biggest star.

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    The day in which we smile, just before we continue.
    What could be more beautiful than the hope of today for a better tomorrow?

  • fizahfiz_ 15w


    Sunday finally arrives,
    Once a week, the longer the waiting,
    Comes that happy Sunday we all do seek,
    A day of rejoicing to fulfill the rest we dreamed of,
    To pay the debt I have borrowed,
    From the remaining time and sleep,
    I've used for hectic days and rough week,
    A festival held to celebrate freedom,
    To celebrate a job well done,
    Of a week's worth whose victory is won,
    I greet merrily to Sunday day,
    With a smile on a face that was given voluntarily,
    Don't want to waste every second,
    As 24 hours passed so fast,
    To pause the moment but I couldn't,
    Sunday left and holiday saying goodbye,
    Weekdays come led by Monday,
    Recycle of the week my routine life.

  • nandini_5 15w

    #sundayc @writersbay

    @shivranjanibhati @dark_ink_01 @shadowofthoughts_ @unspokenpen1927 @themoonandthesun @fromwitchpen @jikimi

    I'm tagging y'all cause I'm not so good at this kind of poem I just want your opinion .. whether it's good or not ����✨

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    Yay it's SUNDAY again..
    Finally I can spend some time on myself .
    It's been a tough week .
    But today it's going to be fun .
    Let's turn on the radio
    And listen to some nostalgic songs .
    I'm ready with my coffee .
    But needs some sugar .
    And that's how I spent the morning .

    Pressure cooker is calling
    Your rice is ready .
    Let's eat lunch together .
    The wind is blowing
    The sky is pretty white .
    What a great day .
    I'm gonna click some photos
    with self timer on .
    Cause I don't have anyone near .

    The rain is pouring .
    The sky is pretty dark.
    No star is showing .
    But I'm enjoying the view so much.
    Now my mother is calling
    Your dinner is ready
    Sleep early and don't be late .
    Tomorrow again it's going to be tough .


  • penelope_ 15w

    Sundays are to read Surah Yusuf
    for yourself, to yourself, by yourself.

  • kamikazemind 15w


    Sunday homework.
    My Sunday diaries.

    ~let me know in the comment section .
    Happy Sunday folks. ����

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    Aah! Sunday!
    Keep aside your worries.
    Whirl around with your poetry.
    Knit the best of you.
    Take a moment to look at it.
    Watch yourself in those magical words.
    What do you see?


  • penelope_ 15w

    Why are they beautiful?
    Sundays are to admire the sun
    Sundays are to admire the morning
    Sundays are to admire the clear sky
    Sundays are to adore solitude
    Sunday says I am a solivagant soul.

  • snehalv 15w

    Sunday is a day to laze, binge on finger licking kebabs, play soft song in the background, read inspiring stories, share & care


  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 15w

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    On a lazy,
    Sun-filled Sunday
    You, with feather-like lips
    Curled over mine..




    With me..

    An electrifying shock
    Passes between us
    On our exotic Sunday..

    Steamy air Escapes
    From beneath your breath
    Till it seemed like
    There was
    No air

    Your supple mouth
    What's inside me
    Discovering whats underneath..

    Soft and Silky
    Yet, Rough
    Around the edges
    Your skin
    Leads to
    Black velvet

    Containing me
    In your inviting gaze..

    Exotic tryst
    On magical Sunday's

    That speads afire
    [This ray of golden sunshine]

    Caressing my inner thigh..

    Making our love true
    With all of our desires..


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  • writersbay 15w

    Write about Sundays. Why are they beautiful?

    Tag and share with #sundayc

    Happy Sunday! 🌼

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    Sitting with her on Sunday evening — a wet Sunday evening — the very time of all others when if a friend is at hand the heart must be opened, and every thing told…

    – Jane Austen

  • nocturnal_enigma 18w

    * 19.9.2021; 6.38 P.M (Malaysia) .

    #Sundayc @writersbay

    #Haiku #NuEmHaiKor #NuEmHaikus

    * I'm currently watching #Kdrama #HometownChaChaCha #Hometown #ChaChaCha
    Episode 7 tonight. Waiting for episode 8! "Lalalalalalalalala Romantic Sunday" ��
    (I misheard it as Magic Sunday. ��)

    #NuEmHometown (See also my haiku on Hometown)

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    Hometown Cha Cha Cha

    Back to our hometown.
    Let's us both dance Cha Cha Cha.
    "Romantic Sunday"

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • queen_butterfly 20w

    Sarang absquatulated without a cwtch~

    #day #sundayc(?)

    Woo hoo! EC!��
    Thank you for the read WN❤️

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    That Sunday summer brought saudade

    cold sweat and warm tears/ saccharine lies and stinging truths/ catastrophic smiles and loud frowns/ asphyxiating cwtchs and even more smothering embraces/ poisonous kisses and pristine touches/ you, a tausendsassa, always refused to tell me the reason behind your "I love you more" but I finally peeked into your cookbook and found your secret recipe to disaster. Why do we keep doing this to each other? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Long nights and even longer days because time doesn't seem to move at all without your presence. Or is it passing me so quickly that I can't even seem to realise? I blink once and my whole life seems to pass me by. Wait, back up, I thought time lays as still as your lingering gaze on HER? Pardon me, for my thoughts tend to leak from my eyes every now and then./moonlit balconies and towers of ivory / my bookmarks your annotations / scrapbooked scraps and ripped pages / half lies and small truths / the flickering candlelight on the kitchen island / it's melting itself out, what a perfect analogy! you're thinking "goodnight" but it has just begun for me, because you're the center of my world and the sun rises and sets around you. So what am I supposed to do, when you leave and I've been tipped out my own orbit, floating around in thin air like this?