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    मुलाकाते ये इतवार की किसे चाहिए...

    मुझे तो हर शाम बस यह नजारा चाहिए.....


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    तुम फिर उसी अदा से अंगड़ाई ले के हँस दो
    आ जाएगा पलट कर गुज़रा हुआ ज़माना


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    It's a Sunday morning, almost afternoon. You wake up with the sun glowing too hard and sun rays falling on you through the window. Yeah, your mom practically removed the curtains to wake you up but you simply cover your head with your blanket.Your mind is in a debate on whether you should wake up or sleep for more 10 minutes. After a long struggle, you decide to wake up. You sit on your bed with messy hair and sleepy eyes. Rubbing your eyes, you think about last night, how you handled a melt down after reading some of your old conversations with somebody who still knocks on your heart frequently. It's a new day, still somehow your mind doesn't let you feel fresh. You feel like a tangled ball of wool. Completely messed up !
    No matter how much you try to drift your mind from everything that's not helping you to live, you fail. You fail real bad. You can't share this with anyone because you don't want to bother others. You want to cry your heart out but you fear someone will hear you out and you will be in a scarcity of explanations. You're not an introvert, but you don't want to talk always. You feel like curling up in a ball and sit in a corner of your room somedays, away from the world. You curse, how no-one ever told you you've to go through all these one day in life. Your emotions are all mixed up. You fake a smile, always, untill you actually make it. You control your tears. And people seem to control your heart, mind ! People left when they're supposed to be with you. You begged, you cried, you requested but they just showed you their real colours. You fell in love and got your heart broken. Your friends betrayed you. They backstabbed. You realized, quality is more important than quantity. You thought love is not meant for you. You know you're wrong, yet you feel so. Your heart aches and your stomach drops down. You don't feel good. But you know you've to get up and move on.
    And then, a ray of sunlight falls on your face. You look up at it. You think to yourself, "if it can come up every morning after a dark night, then why can't you ?"
    You make up your mind. You smile. You're ready to face the world. You're ready to face the hardships. You're not messed up. You're just going through a phase which will be over, but not before teaching you some important chapters.
    You get up from your bed, and walk outside your room. You're walking towards a new beginning and that's how you realise, a new day is always a new beginning with new opportunities bringing a new meaning to your life.


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    Wakeup or sleep for 10 more minutes ?


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    I am Happy of my Mistakes Because it's Taught me Lessons I still Carry in my Head.

    Feeling Wise This Morning. Palm Sunday Blessings.

    Ehehehe : Picture Credit : Me. [Forgot to use it Yesterday ��]

    Saynora ����
    Forever Humbled,
    A Kid with Words ��

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    #sunday #mirakee #wordsofwisdom #writersnetwork #lifelessons #azulonze

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    Loss to Heaven.

    " I wished for Love, And I Lost Myself...
    But The Loss brought me Closer to Heaven."

    Forever Humbled,
    A Kid with Words


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    Tears? Nah, pure water of love.

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    Am I that girl you dream of?

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    My source is different ����
    #sunday is holiday ��

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    I Doubt

    To doubt yourself is self-sabotaging your own manifestations.

    Drop the dumb-bell, and
    watch yourself begin to free-fall from the sky.


    Are you too scared to fall into the depths of the unknown?

    Full Stop on doubt, and Begin to Love.


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    I react on how you treat me and not on the way how I should behave in a society!!

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    महफ़िल भी यहीं है और तन्हाई भी बहुत
    दुश्मनी भी बहुत और आशनाई भी बहुत

    होकर शामिल तूने इस दुनिया की भीड़ में
    हमारी औकात हमें ही समझाई भी बहुत

    हम तो समझ रहे थे जिसको सुकूँ अपना
    उसी ने हमें आज शराब पिलाई भी बहुत

    हमसे परेशान हो गये आज ज़माने वाले
    ज़ख्म भी दिए हमें और दवाई भी बहुत

    खुद को कहा करता था हमारा हमसफर
    साथ छोड़ कर चुका जगहंसाई भी बहुत

    ज़ख्म कुरेद रहे हम तो मौत के इंतज़ार में
    और कर रहे ज़ख्मों की सिलाई भी बहुत

    अब किस किस से हम जीने की दुआ माँगें
    देखे कई ख़ुदा और उनकी ख़ुदाई भी बहुत

    - हिमांशु श्रीवास्तव

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    A sun(ny)day...
    Where I have been waking in between 5:30am - 6:00am,
    So called for a name sake exam preparation...
    But, the essence of Sunday adds in a flavour to the routine...
    I kept an alarm to wake up at 6:30am, not to study,
    But to trim my short grown hair, so called "long hair"by my sir.
    The unseen forces of Sunday snoozed the alarm,
    Making me to wake up at 7:15am.
    As I entered the salon, I saw the stylist trimming the hair of a small boy, aged between 6-9, and his dad sitting behind him.
    As I was going through the sports section in the newspaper,
    I heard a long, never ending moan.. It was the small boy...
    I had no idea, "why is he crying?", And his dad least bothered about that...
    The boy said, "Enakku haircut eh pudikala"(I don't like this haircut)
    For a few seconds it took me back to his age, where my father
    Drops me at the salon & says, "Paiyanukku short ah cut pannidunga" (Trim my son's hair to its least), and I, without
    Any refusal, return home with a short, very short hair, so that
    The teachers won't get hold of me...
    The stylist asked "Ennada unakku pudikala?"(What's that you don't like),
    The munchkin said, "Thalaila kodu podave illa"(There isn't any line on my hair)

    I gazed at him, the stylist stared at him...
    How matured the little munchkins of these days are !

    - Rahul G

    #sunday #salon #kids #maturity #childhood

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    I want to say "tu hai mera Sunday "..


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    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #pod #sunday

    Please do give it a read and if you do like it you're free to check my profile there's lots of amazing write-ups
    Have a nice day

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    A flower walk

    Let me take you through a flower walk
    Where mist seem cold, and birds seem halk
    There is the magic in the air
    Which goes deep down my breath I swear

    The wind seems fine, there's cloudy sunshine
    The weather's a fugitive thats all we know
    Happy flower walk to you and your soul


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    Worry is the illusion of sabotage created by the mind even before the damage is done.

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    Sun-day : (The Day of Sun)

    Sun-day , one of the day of a week.
    It is considered as the first day of the week in many religious traditions and the seventh day of the week in system. Sunday follows Saturday and precedes Monday.

    Sunday is the day of rest in most western countries and part of a weekend. In some eastern countries such as Israel , Sunday is a week day. In Christianity , Sunday is observed as a day of worship and rest.

    The name 'sunday' , the day of the "SUN". In most Indian languages, the word for Sunday is 'Ravi-var' or 'Aditya-var' . It's derived from 'vara' meaning "Day", Aditya and Ravi both stands for 'surya' i.e. Sun.

    In Russian the word for Sunday is "Voskreseniye"

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    Army Man

    Kal tk wo nadaan tha aaj wo jawan hai,
    Kahani hai Sainik ki , Jo ki ek insaan hai..
    Mohaabt ki us Umar , maut se anjaan tha
    Krna hai watan ke liye , chahe maut aaye shaan se,

    Mai jauga army me, isse sun Kar Hass pade,
    Motivation Dene wale log , usko demotivat Kar gye..
    Mehnt krke written qualify, dikha Diya sb log ko,
    Ab to IMA jauga bta Diya un log ko...

    Ghr se wo dur bs maa-baap ka aashirwaad hai,
    Aur gf ke sath Jo bitaye pal ,unki ek yaad hai..
    Uske ek hath me INSAS rifle aur dusre me ek tasvir hai,
    Chehre pe muskaan aur Tirange me lipatne ki pyaas hai...

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    Looser and Winner

    Looser fears to loose but winners always make sure how to win...

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    I like people's opinion about me
    If it's good, it's better
    If it's bad, it doesn't matter