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  • blugeni 4d

    I wasn't built for the monsoon
    It is my season to wither

    These overcast skies blurring the mind
    The gloom drowning the heart

    This humid atmos reminding me
    Of anxious brows and clammy palms

    Desolate nights of white noise driving
    Me insane...

    Every clap of thunder
    Echoing through this empty life

    Every bolt of lightning
    Affirming my solitude...

    No respite from the darkness, whatever be the hour
    As out of the psyche crawl my demons
    Into this murk to frolic and scour

    I yearn then of the only light that can save me
    I yearn then for the Sun and His kingdom of summer

    His luminescence banishing the dark
    From every crevice of my heart

    Only the crystal sky can out-blue my melancholy
    Only the crisp air can dry my laundry....and tears

    In those bright spaces my sadness seems so small
    In those clear days living seems so easy

    And I can finally see my silhouetted demon
    Is nothing but nostalgia....


  • arti_20 1w


    My dear nature
    In this going generation
    We are Missing you so much
    We are missing your purified air
    We are missing the fragrance of flowers
    We are missing the chirping birds
    We are missing the music of flowing rivers
    We are missing the healthy nature of our life
    And missed you because of our bad deeds only
    But now we are really missing our healthy environment
    We are really TU ME MANQUES (miss you)

  • amj_poetry 1w

    Only me and the rain.......����

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    "Summer rains"

    Only me and the rain
    cool, pleasure, freshness everywhere
    I wait sunshine soon.

    Drops of rain glitter
    trees dance, flowers flutter, birds hide
    I love book, hot coffee....


  • jpwriter 1w

    She Was...

    She was red roses on a perfect summer day
    She was the crisp, clean breeze 
    In the morning days of may
    She was my everything, in every single way...
    She was a warm bubble bath 
    In the evening after leaving a stressful day
    She had these eyes that could not lie 
    Until that day in May
    She did not know why & I failed to try, 
    And I regret it every day
    She was love & I loved her in every single way


  • alextheft 2w

    Paint me a sun
    Among clouds, smudged
    Not bright as if rising to when,
    Setting down, Singing a prayer
    To when I hear a lullaby, Paint me
    A sun, with its reflection in the sea,
    While no cloud is mirroring its charm,
    In a clear sky, to when it showers over me,
    Could you paint me a sun as such?

  • shantanoo_ 2w

    A wind named amnesia....

    A wind named amnesia,
    Whispered in my ears,
    Forget your anxiety,
    Forget your fears..

    Forget that you messed up,
    Forget your mistakes,
    Life is a one way journey,
    Just don't forget what's at stake..

    Forget this city that you love,
    Forget those places you call home,
    Spend nights with strangers,
    Book a room in rome..

    Go sailing in thunderous oceans,
    Take a leap of faith from unfathomable skies,
    Climb those unsurmountable mountain cliffs,
    Wander in wilderness so much that there's only wonder left in your eyes....


  • the_inked_script 2w

    #sometimes #summer #heat #tanka #firsttime
    Azured: Bright blue
    Sweltering: Uncomfortably hot
    Scorching: Burning

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    The Summer Heat

    Sometimes the sky
    seems azured, and the
    bright Sun allies.
    The noon is sweltering,
    and scorching mankind as buns.

  • red_wave_oceans 3w

    Summer time,
    With the Sunshine that's so bold,
    I still hear the laughing and it won't grow old,
    Summer time,
    I feel you leaving on my skin,
    My goosebumps speak the seasons and now it's cold,
    I know you're leaving so friendly Autumn may begin,
    Summer time,
    We enjoyed all that you gave,
    Swimming with our friends out at the lake,
    Happily exhausted at the end of the day,
    I still taste ice cream that we all ate,
    Summer time,
    We'll be gleeful when you come again,
    But for now I think we'll wait,
    For the other seasons to end,
    Summer time,
    Don't forget that you are my friend

  • dr__aditi 3w

    Moonlight in the dark sky
    bit of twinkle at midnight
    The night is almost freezing cold
    under summer star of hope.


  • ekaantvoice 4w

    अपना वही जिसने वक़्त बदला
    मग़र वो बदला नहीं

    Rahul Prajapati

  • lonesome_artist 6w

    Helen is a very beautiful young woman. He helped his mother Demetria take care of the plants in the ground. Sometimes the mother and daughter pick flowers that are still wet with dew at dawn. Sometimes Helen danced with her fellow girls in the middle of the field. The mother and daughter have a happy life.
    At those times Mono was sad. He is alone in his underground kingdom. He wanted to have a queen. He has gifted many virgins with precious and beautiful jewels, but none of them have been persuaded to live in his kingdom.
    One day Mono went to the surface of the earth. He was riding in his golden chariot pulled by immortal horses. The horses are running fast. Helen and her friends happened to be in the field then. Mono saw him.
    "She is the one I will make queen of my kingdom," the king whispered.
    Mono ran his horses and kidnapped the girl who was picking flowers. Helen asked for help. He called his father Aaron but he did not hear him.
    No one heard her cry except a magical goddess named Cleo. Yet Helen also cried out. The rumor of his cry was spread by the wind in the hills and forests until Demetria heard it in the distance
    Demitrea quickly returned to Sicily. He first went to their home to see Helen. The girl was not there. Demitria searched. He searched for the missing child for nine days. He carried two torches that lit up all the corners of the earth, but he could not find the girl. Due to the magnitude of his grief he did not taste any food or drink.
    Heron came to him on the tenth day. He was told he had heard Helen's cries but he did not see who had abducted her.
    Demitria could not attend to her work on earth. The plants died and the people went hungry. As the days go by they get even hungrier. They approached Demitria and asked her to let the plants grow on the ground.
    Demitria's heart became hard with grief. He told the people that as long as he did not see his son he could not attend to his earthly affairs.
    He searched and searched. When he was in despair he approached Aaron. He asked the god of gods to bring Helen back to him.
    “If he is returned to me there will again be a bountiful harvest in the land,” Demitria told Aaron.
    Aaron felt sorry for him. He promised to bring Helen back to him if the girl did not eat anything while she was in Mono's kingdom.
    Demitria was delighted. He went underground. He finds Helen at Mono's palace. The mother and daughter hugged. The girl really wanted to see the surface of the earth shining with the sun.
    But he ate six pomegranate seeds that day. Because of his food, Mono was entitled to stay with Helen for six months, and with Demitria for the remaining six months of each year.
    If Helen was with her mother it was spring and summer on earth. If he was in the kingdom of Mono it would be autumn and winter on earth.

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    Why There Is Spring and Autumn


  • penkin 6w

    We're four children of the mother nature. Named as spring, summer, monsoon winter. My name is summer, the second son of the season's family. Spring is my elder sister, monsoon and winter are my younger sisters. Being the second child of my family, I'm an axle for the family's smooth running and my smooth run is a blessing from the rest of the siblings who replicate my mom, the moon. whereas I am the mirror of my dad who is the sun.

    I'm born with a bright zodiac who dries the land and for a next new recycling of water, shed leaves in the trees for a renovation and rejuvenation, helping people to enjoy the warmth after winter.

    In a way am a philanthropic doctor to give vitamin D free of cost to the poor and street living people and make sure, they don't fall sick often. I strengthen their bones and seed will power and stamina both physically and mentally to face their life in all aspects. Facing the summer without any hesitations is unbearable at times but gives the immunity to help people withstand the monsoons and winters.

    My siblings gets scolded or cursed by the street vendors whose business gets affected due to daily rains or severe dip in temperatures will arrest people at home and the business also dips down. If saving rainwater is for the future, I teach them economics and financial management by giving uninterrupted business opportunity and teach them saving money is for the future. In this aspect, I'm a teacher.

    The air pilots fly above the clouds to avoid rain and lightening. Unlike a farmer, a pilot calls a rain as a bad weather facing the hindrances in landing. On the otherside, a naval captain ends up in seeing stormy waves and faces challenges in every new tide. Here, my role is to ensure clear path for these globe trotters and be a Pathfinder for helping them safelanding and safe sail.

    To sum up, I'm being the summer, despite of being an useful being in various aspects to bless people, am open to feedbacks, criticism and scoldings but am relentlessly blessing the world and balance the eco system. I'm happy to be a summer as I'm the son of my dad Sun, and work all through the year by just staying in disguise on all the other three seasons to give a democratic space to the siblings, but personally, I feel proud to be a summer because, Sun ensures the life of this planet and am the messenger son of the sun.

  • roel_gonz 6w

    Summer Way

    Hear my heartbeat
    Like a thunder pounding
    Inside of me...
    Outside of me
    This is summer way
    Nearly fades away
    Miss the golden days

  • ritik_sharma 7w

    Your destiny is predetermined by almighty, you have a specific purpose for your existence in universe but one thing there is uncertain and that is your path. To do good or bad that is up to you, one can be the nicest but all he would experience is suffering. Never to loose hope on own self. Good things take time.

  • nevermoreending 7w


    Yellow and bright.
    Tall as trees.

    (Oh!' The tales they could tell!)


  • madinah_writes 7w

    I would rather walk with a friend in the dark,
    Than an an alone at the night.
    Or with an enermy, at daylight.

    As I lay under this endless sky,
    Watching it turn dark, and bright.
    And dark again.
    With full, golden light.
    Like the one I see only in your eyes.
    A friend in need is a friend, indeed.

    Just then,
    A memory flooded in.
    The memory of us, playing together.
    We were perfect.
    Singing and humming melodious songs in our dialect.
    Doing things we enjoyed, in duet.
    Making drawings on sand,
    With her fingers, stuck in the soil in time of August's Hervest.

    We were best friends,
    We lived and loved.
    One soul in two bodies,
    We held same smile patterns on our lips.
    Truly, we never know the value of a moment.
    Until becomes a momory, it's too late.
    Thinking of you today, Bernadette.
    Reminds me of the nights we've spent,
    Under the summer sunset.
    We followed the same mindset,
    Until death led to our bisect.

    But today...now.
    What reminds me of you is how we used to connect.
    Day after day,
    We would joke at each other.
    Season after season.
    Now, I cherish those even moments, more.
    It was indeed, pluperfect.

    I stand by your grave,
    Praying and paying you, respect.
    Flourishing you with white petals,
    From my heart-like pocket.
    Even though,
    Sometimes, we still connect.

    I stand with memories of you, today.
    Listening to the buzz and purr of Summer songs, dying.
    Dream speech.
    Writing to the fwoosh, and swish, and swoosh of winter poems,
    Raising white and long.
    Dancing black and white,
    Like life and death.
    In the same world.


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  • czarcasm 8w


    Like the leaving in the days of Fall I change colors with the seasons
    And to wake up to snow in Winter is just one of the many reasons
    Spring is my favorite for the bountiful colors blooming in the sun
    Summer hot with days of rolling clouds over pastures but I can't think of the pun
    And like it all, it comes back to Fall
    I'm changing with the seasons

  • dilse_jeet 8w

    आज मौसम का मिजाज़ कुछ बदला-बदला सा हैं
    आज मौसम का मिजाज़ कुछ बदला-बदला सा हैं

    कही तुम मुस्कुराने तो नहीं लगे ??❤️❤️


  • alluring_reflections97 8w

    The golden beams kissed the sky,
    adorned by chirping birds.
    The day seems fine and bright
    roaming wheels, jammed cities
    All move on same and right way.

    but it was not same, nor right.
    A silence creeps here and there
    One darker wave roar,
    stretching the arms to hit us
    its muddy hands clutched the land.

    The hands were not of sea
    but of a deadliest virus.
    With the grim face and thirst in the eyes,
    it searched and searched for the prey.
    To claim victory over humankind.

    One by one, fell into shackled shells.
    Some came out, but some ended up.
    it crossed the seas, hills and desserts
    Homes are now prisons,
    and humans turns out to be prisoners.

    The war for life continues...
    between humanity and the virus.
    As much as the weapons hit ,
    the Virus alters, and seized the prey.
    An unbeatable joy spreads in its face.

    The hope got new faces
    and here the humanity struggles back
    with more and more vigour-
    to get their wings back
    which got tied by the dreadful hands.

    One year gone, the war still continues.
    And the question remains!
    Who wins? .....no one knows.
    The world needs the answer,
    An answer for their life...

    #poemof theday#absurd#world#mirakeewriters

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    The Summer War


  • pallavi4 9w

    Summer Sweetness

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate
    Thou art more graceful than days of May
    Making flowers for beauty seem desperate

    Shall I compare thee to a budding rose ?
    Tis the blush of youth in thy rosy cheeks
    Thy elflock methinks art such an allure
    I wonder as I see thou laying by the creek

    Shall I compare thee to the nightingale’s song ?
    Thy song methinks tis far deeper and sweet
    Thy manner more beatific and form elegant
    ‘Tis where artistry and charm meet

    Shall I compare thee to the spring in the air ?
    Thy persona more perfumed than summer fruits luscious
    Thy beauty fair ‘tis sorcery that binds me to thee
    Thy full lips sing songs and taste delicious

    Shall I compare thee to summers dusk ?
    Thy loveliness will last far longer than the fading light
    Nary to thy fairness do golden lights compare
    More glistening art thou than the glittering fireflies


    22nd of July, 2021

    The first two lines have been borrowed from sonnet no 18 written by William Shakespeare.

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Eye study by Ivana Besevic

    Thank you for EC @miraquill

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