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  • lifeafterocean 27w

    Here we go(gn)

    This is a multisensory experience
    Visual & sound effects
    Acting folk
    We're acting here
    This is not social time
    Lets get to work
    Sets need to be built
    Builders.. Ignite
    The fires are burning
    The forests all down
    One by one
    The trees are losing the fight
    To this carbon based world

    g to o replace by n. (Gn) +1 sound (consonant)(ai2studyspeech patterns

    Everything already exists
    We just have to make it
    Destroyers of worlds
    Beloved Earth
    May the moon and the sun keep you company
    May your waters grow
    And your land restore
    Not too poetical
    Let's keep this abstract-us
    Who are we?
    That's because ok sure we are one
    But one is infinite
    It is never anything but one
    Unless of course
    You add or subtract
    Easy enough
    Lesson for all
    Lessons for one

    Death scene 1
    Numbers behind
    Let's talk about love
    Or some kind of like
    In likeness of course
    But more so in mass
    I need your matter
    It makes me feel whole
    Like one but bigger
    Three circles
    That's the mode
    Perfect? Let's measure

    To keep it empirical, data let's find.
    What we set out to reach
    Lovely surprise


    Thats death to us baby
    Even galaxies have to die
    Whats death to us baby
    We are the givers of life
    What is dead to us
    Let it just die
    The difference between
    The dead and the dying
    Are we pretending to live babe
    Or are we living to die
    Even galaxies lie
    Not to exaggerate the theme
    But really
    Who even lives
    On lies
    De mente
    El niño se volvio loco
    Negative statements to belittle your potential
    Your truth has power
    Beware of liars
    Thieves, drunks, and whores
    Celestial in the flesh
    Beings of light
    Even we too must die
    We shed our wings and come to Earth
    Here to grow wings again
    Spiritual wings
    Spread and rise
    As a phoenix divine
    As the wise once said
    Beware of the mind
    With the heart in the right
    There's no harm in your way
    So you choose your goals
    Defeat your obstacles
    As if battle was the easiest way
    To accomplish love
    It's not so much about power
    Or disrupt
    It's a different mentality
    A conscious not old enough
    To act blemish and blind
    No sin in their eye
    The judge and redeemer
    All in the business of taking your life
    Go as if willing
    Live as the world will have you
    Would it allow you to grow?
    To reap the fruit thus sought
    In the eyes of a dreamer I'm but futile at best
    Just like the rest
    I'm hollow

  • quaintrelle_08 92w

    I tie my hair into a messy bun
    leaving few strands in a
    calculated attempt at effortlessness.
    He has a thing for women
    who are effortless, and I have a
    thing for being the cause of his undoing.


  • le_shark 99w


    As swollen storm clouds rumble low overhead
    She sways, wind-teased, within her foliage bed
    Leaves trembling in anticipation, when sky obliging serves
    First drops of precipitation contour to silken curves
    In-flared and lusty petals peel slightly back from core
    Almost as if imploring, "More... I need more..."
    Condensation rolls on, downwards toward the slip
    Moistened sepal, quenched, sees fit to drip
    Droplet stimulates the root, inciting stem to pulse elation
    To halt this cycle now would bruise bud in devastation
    All the while this wet caress soaks her softest bract
    Stroking her pistil steadily and with able tact
    Lavishing stigma n' style in saturated advances
    Stamens heavy loaded, angle in their stances
    Curtain petals soon submit, dropping to meander
    Anthers, sodden, then release golden pollen dander
    Enthralling rise to this perennial crescendo
    Momentary captivation, left as a bereft innuendo

  • myshelover 127w

    Awakening (etheree poem)

    Eyes speak of
    Impulsive thoughts.
    Combine together
    As one, our **** and love.
    I hear my name unspoken
    In your warm unwavering gaze.
    Pressing kisses taste of surging need;
    Awakening wild passion within me.

  • katzzy_04 162w

    Not a lick but swallow
    Not a drop but instead a shallow
    Not a little but all the way in
    Not a moment but a break in

  • truths_left_unspoken 154w

    Oh darling
    How my body aches
    For your lingering aura
    Of parted lips
    Torrid kisses running amok
    The nape of my neck
    As midnight sets in
    Passionate love
    Lingers in the depths of your face
    Silently, the candle flickers
    As scorching bodies pressed against
    In this sultry of silence
    I've succumbed to your endless desires
    And conceded to your pursed lips
    Together we lay
    Listening to the rhythm of the rain
    And as the candle light dims
    Leaving us in the shade
    Slowly we melt into the covers
    Dissipating into the night

    *apologies for the many inconsistencies�� I've been trying so hard to keep up with exams and school work�� I haven't been able to write anything much at all��
    Hopefully, after all my exams are over, I can finally get some find to myself again��. I just penned this one as It came to me so hopefully, this is ok❤ thank you so much everyone for your support❤❤❤ it's much appreciated❤❤❤����������*

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    Sultry of the night

    "And as the candle light dims
    Leaving us in the shade
    Slowly we melt into the covers
    Dissipating into the night

  • scarlett_garnet 163w

    I honestly haven't tapped into desire like this in such a long time. [Nervous, don't rip me a new one in criticism; for those with input.] If you don't digg it: just ignore it. If you liked it: check out @andigrace 's work. It's real beauty poured out. & I'm not just being akissarse. The syntax and visuals are works of art. #Intense

    #Inspired #StayHungry #StayHumble #LoveFiercely #LovePassionately #Stimulate #Mindffff #Desire #WordsEmbrace #Sultry #Tame #KindaSoftcore

    I also have a side bit of words to accompany all the enjabments.

    [For keeps, or for kicks;
    Longing to get in licks.
    So sweet the golden charm;
    At least I'd like to have her lips.
    Melody moved. I could see no harm.
    Would follow deep right against her hips.]

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    Divine Pastry

    Subtle vixen.
    Honey dripping -soaked
    Slathered & coated.
    Vexes with enticement.
    Enthralling with pleasure.

    Cute cordial callings.
    Tethered wrappings
    Coming undone.
    Hints at devilishly good fun
    Challenges to come.

    Soul food is what she's become.
    Swallowed whole or taken slowly;
    Imbued so richly -simply merged to one.

    Delectable.. full sustenance.
    Even a taste would sustain.
    Spirits whirling with excitement;
    Not a second to waste.
    A relished power that'd seek until the break of a bedframe.

    Delicious; words for play -so tasteful
    With wits that fit and paint a hearty visual.
    Hands pressed against the glass..
    The sound of moans to tender gasps,
    Souls tangle, eyes shut to make it last
    -So graceful.

    Dirty mind pleaded and engorged
    Called for a shower
    -Not resentful. spirits filled,
    Passions poured-
    Bathed in it for hours -so sinful.

    Lust flown, steam rising;
    Prints smeared with smirked selfish smiling.
    Giving selfless treats that'd have the pious crying

    Full breaths in disbelief;
    A refreshed sensation and not a tease
    Firmly soft and such a breeze.
    -So Incredible.

    A zeal awakened with total ease;
    Truth to salivate and crave in greed.
    Cookie jar coveted and she's got the keys.
    -So palatable.

    So silken smooth, ohhh God yessss,
    More than seconds pleasse! !
    Tasty mouthful; rejuvenating strokes pound and slap, while bite marks are cooled by every drop of sweat that beads all over her back.
    -So grateful.


  • allen_alexander 174w


    She stood majestically there like a queen with her long red gown beautifully draped to fit her curves .
    Her silky leg slithered out not too much not too less. She was the perfect blend of cute and sexy .Her sparkling eyes drew my attention as other heads started turning. She looked like a damsel from heaven when the spotlight dawned on her .She started singing with her immaculate voice that just wanted everyone to adore her .


  • artemisskye 204w

    Poker night

    We play another game of poker.
    Two of a kind,
    our hands close to the vest.
    I call your bet and raise an eyebrow,
    then leaning over,
    I gently trace the rim of your ear
    with my finger and whisper,
    "You are my King. No bluffing."
    Straight flush.
    You fold.
    The showdown begins.
    Let the cards fall where they may.


  • xoseekerox 272w

    Her voice

    Your sultry seductive voice
    Drives me mad with desire to have you.
    To seduce you into a passion
    Filled venture, holding you close.
    While building you up more each time
    Until you hit the state of euphoria.