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  • nobolb 15h

    My suicide is something I've dreamed of for a while.
    My suicide scares me because I do not know what is after.
    My suicide is something I have attempted many times but failed.
    My suicide is going to be a relief.
    My suicide is selfish.
    My suicide is going to be by blade to my wrist.
    My suicide is a thought that soothes me.
    My suicide is going to be hard for the people around me.
    My suicide will eventually be forgotten.
    My suicide seems blissful but horrible at the same time.


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  • seraiah_smiles 18h

    A Far Cry Of A Person Who Wishes To Die

    I locked the door. I lethargically slumped my body and my face against the covers of my bed. Tired.

    What is this, does an anvil pushes me down? Or is it the weight of the world I carry? Suddenly, for reasons I cannot fathom, the dam, O, the dam broke. Tears flowed. I tried to search for answers, "Why?" But I get none. Man!

    A song in the background played. Harmony, melody, pleasing? Couldn't care less. All I hear is my heart that's restless. I tried covering myself. I tried to cover my face, my nose, with this thick blanket, hoping I would stop breathing, hoping all this would end, but even this tiny thing... Won't it cooperate!?

    For three whole days, I haven't got a proper sleep. Yet it feels like all day long I'm in the land of dreams.

    I'm starting to lose myself. Now I impaled you with knives because of my words. I felt like a cat—cornered—so I tried to push you away, run away. Not enough, here's my claws, taste 'em! It's... It's scary, will you be the one that I lose next? NO!!!

    Then maybe, maybe, to end this hellish nightmare, must I end myself?
    It's peaceful now. But all I hear around me are sounds of weeping.

    If... Just hypothetically, if...
    If I experienced even a drizzle, a sprinkle of love, especially at my darkest, at my unkindest, would I have won this test?
    If I tried to pray, and maybe the God above heard... If I tried to pray, would it still go this way?
    If I had let this all out, and at least one person cared to have listened, would it have a better end?

  • shabd_waala 5d


    उसको गिरते देख हस्ते रहे,
    उसकी कोशिशों को नाकाम करना तुमने धंधा बना लिया।

    उसे अपनी गलतियां बोझ लगने लगी,
    तुमने रुला रुला के उसे अंधा बना दिया।

    वो तो साँस ले रहा था पर,
    तुम्हारी घृणा ने उसके गले मे फंदा बना दिया।

  • journeyhale 1w

    I am still mad at you
    I still fume sometimes
    Raging anger in a torrent.

    They ask how I can be angry
    at the dead.
    I reply "very easily,
    Grief is not a place for coherent thought."

    Grief is a place where your soul is torn from your body and shredded into tiny pieces.

    Grief is a place of madness,
    A place where your gut falls to the floor
    Seconds before your knees.

    Grief is a place where emotions are Oceans in A King Tide,
    Churning and drowning you, never giving repreive.

    It is never a place that makes sense.
    It is where I'm still mad at you and you're still gone.
    #grief #loss #life #anger #rage #suicideawareness #suicide #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    Grief is a Place

    They ask how I can be angry
    at the dead.
    I reply "very easily,
    Grief is not a place for coherent thought."

    It is never a place that makes sense.
    It is where I'm still mad at you and you're still gone.

  • starkanonymous 1w

    brain matters

    wading into water

    black and clear 'bove

    my head,


    sharing all my power

    with the outside



    swimming with the tigers

    lazy, gasping

    lungs of


    out all of my problems

    with the outside



    floating 'mongst debris of

    broken rowboats

    and oars

    no life

    jacket to save my life

    from the outside



    summer sunshine reflects

    gently off the



    with my eyes closed, shut off

    from the outside



    rocking, waving motion

    lulling me to



    deeper into, further

    from the outside



    drowning, safely, softly

    inhaling the

    clear, black


    gifted to me by and

    for the outside



    "brain matters"
    (All Rights Reserved)

  • bewildered_lyricist 1w


    You write few chapters knowing they are perfect‍❤️‍
    Yet, you let them hide behind the darkness of uncertainty,
    You leave it to the hands of time to refind them⏱️
    But with an intense wish for your dreams to come true❤️


  • psychologygirl 1w

    Drawing is so tough.
    Ah! giving figure to anxiety is tough.


  • theflamingwords 2w


    किसी भी समस्या का अंत नहीं  है होता
    याद रख इससे तेरे जाने के बाद 
    एक नए अध्याय का जन्म है होता 

    कोई समस्या ज़िन्दगी से बड़ी नहीं होती 
    ऐसा कोई ताला नहीं होता जिसकी चाबी नहीं होती 
    जीवन तो हो जाएगा समाप्त
    लेकिन इससे कोई भी समस्या हल नहीं होती 

    जो है गम दिल में उसको कर साझा अपनों से
    अंदर ही अंदर क्यूं है घुटता
    जो अपनें है साथ देंगे तेरा
    छोड़ दे झूूटी उम्मीद अब बेगानों से

    ज़िन्दगी गवां कर कोई फायदा होता नहीं
    तेरे जाने के बाद झेलेंगे तेरे अपने ही 
    लोगो की चार बातों को 
    पर जिस  वजह के लिए ज़िन्दगी गंवाते उसका कुछ जाता नहीं

    तू तो चला जाएगा सब छोड़ के 
    मां बाप का हाथ छोड़ के 
    क्या होगा उनका एक बार सोच ले
    जाएगा जिनके हर एक सपने तोड़ के

    वक़्त अच्छा हो या बुरा बदलता जरूर है 
    और ये तो जीवन का दस्तूर हैं
    कल खुशियों से खेलेगा
    अगर आज तू मजबूर है 

    छोड़ दे अब रोना 
    कर हिम्मत और सामना कर परेशानी का
    जो तेरी इस परिस्थिती के रचयिता है
    पलट दे पन्ना उनकी इस कहानी का


  • cercandolaverita 2w


    Sweet and swift,
    are the kisses of a madman.
    Dancing catastrophes
    in those psychotic sensations.

    Slowly, secretly,
    shall his suicidal seduction
    succumb to your satiated

    So sweet is cyanide
    if it lingers on his lips.
    You sit, savoring those seconds,
    as your sanity quickly slips.

    For as he shatters your desires
    with his unsophisticated pleasures,
    you stay trapped, willingly,
    in a madmans idle worship.


  • igautamji 2w

    The reaper hovered
    like a silent shroud

    A rope hangs
    from a fan


  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Why people suicide?
    On social network today also a Mother lost her child about 20yrs old namely Qaiser Ahmad from Qamarwari, Kashmir. He recently jumped into the river...
    This, suicide cases are increasing day by day and every day we found suicide cases on social networking. These are really heart touching things whom we can't tolerate to see. The cry of a Mother, the pain that she even can't believe her son has done that thing. In my eyes tears camed. So, what is happening to the Mother.....
    I must have to say some suicide due to they are tensed in Life or fed up of things which hurt them a lot and it may be have another reason, I can't say. But, this suicide is forbidden in Islam for Muslims... I have heard that who suicides, on the day of resurrection that person will be put and will leave and this will be continue... And Allah(swt) have give us Life and he is the only who can take it. We are not the owner of our death. He is the only Allah......
    Why people suicide and hurt their family. Why? Why? Sometimes, they are hurted so they take that step but what will happen to those who gets hurted with the step of suicide.
    We have to stop these things! And don't have to do these things whom anybody gets hurted by us. Instead, of suicide we can make our own way to reach that thing whom we are not getting or to reach that happiness whom we are tensed. First of all, we are alive, we are living our Life it is enough for us. Up downs came in everyone's Life. But, we have to fight from the difficulties not to give up from Life. These troubles, difficulties makes we people strong. Whom we can learn how to live and what to do! Don't get attracted with small things, don't hurt yourself and who cares about you.... Never do this suicide.

  • capricious_quill 2w

    Behind closed doors
    Hope dwindles unto nothingness
    After being slammed on the face
    Aspirations plunge into boundless darkness
    And disappear without a trace .

    Behind closed doors
    Sin spreads his lusty leer wide
    And rams into the holy crevice of chastity
    Tearing apart her delicate inside
    As her tortured pleas beg his pity.

    Behind closed doors
    Corruption flutters her wings
    Aided by greed to reach new heights
    Never lyrics she sings
    Of impoverished veracity's plights.

    Behind closed doors
    Youth plans his own funeral
    Choking himself with tormentous fears
    Blood carves out an epitaph delusional
    Drowned by an outburst of tears

    Behind closed doors
    Cupid whispers sneakily until
    Passion wakes up in a melodious mirth
    And dances to a rhythmic trill
    As fresh new life prepares to take birth.

    Typed a verse ( is it even a poem?) as whimsical thoughts ran wild in my mind and my pen and notebook remained trapped behind closed doors.
    And I just cannot get myself to type directly, without using a pen to scribble first.... So here's it. How has it turned out?

    #mirakee #poetry #verse #behind #closed #doors #sin #lust #suicide #hope #life

    @clichepenname @revathychandrasekhar
    Tagging two of my poet friends here☺. Do give me your verdict on if it qualifies as a poem or not!

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    Behind closed doors


  • jaded_angel_ 3w

    The Prolonging

    I know now that with time, while
    it's quantity is sweet, it's quality
    is always sweeter. When we hold
    on too long, the taste tends to
    become bitter. Therefore, we were
    hopeless from the start,a murder-
    suicide in the making. I rebelled
    against my own rules, despite our
    fate being sealed. Our end was
    inevitable, I just kept prolonging it.

  • full_auto 3w


    I wrote this song on my cell phone using notes/
    it's a message that not too long ago I wrote to my bro and I know/
    if i keep crying about this shit then its gonna get old/
    this is a message from my soul i had to get out, why did you decided to fold/

    you buckled under pressure and your mental couldnt hold/
    I need you to know, that your memories I will hold
    till the day I join you after I'm gone and cold
    I wish I could know the real reason you felt you had to go /

    we were almost the same age adopted in 4th grade/
    same sense of humor and liked the same video games/
    you were the closest.... no fuck that you are my brother more so than blood/
    more than blood related ever could/

    your my brother my best friend/
    still to this day even tho your life ended/
    I always thought we would grow old/
    be neighbors/
    our kids grow up with their stories told/
    we remeness as we watch our kids stories unfold /
    and I feel like If i call your phone I'll hear your voice say hello/

    so many stories I have and your sides going untold/
    you knew me the best but you left me alone/
    I'm short one brother/
    and his name and number are still in my phone/
    you took your time man/
    you fucking made a suicide plan/

    why was calling me never apart of it god damn/
    maybe that's my fault fam I'm sorry I really am/
    for the two years we stopped talking i was never prepared man, for your life stopping/
    our lives were so different
    and with you full of your ignorant judgment
    you pushed me away the moment I had to lean/
    i would of helped you/
    had it been flipped so i took it personal when you acted like a dick/
    but now i wish i would of just dropped it/ .i would of helped you/
    I could of helped you understand/
    goin that soon wasnt part of any plan/
    I go from so sad to so fucking mad/
    i wish so fucking bad that i had one more day I'd hug you hard and id say, i love you bro but then I'd scream,
    HOW THE FUCK could you take your life leave behind 2 baby girls and your wife/
    all those times you made me feel like shit for being an addict
    telling me your pissed at my choices and habits
    but life gets a speed bump Nd you couldnt handle it/
    ya you said you were more of a man then me because of what you've accomplished but where was this on your bucket list i mean fuck you'll be missed and I love you mother fucker but fuck you/ what was this suppose to do/ leave us all behind/ because you couldnt let yourself heal with time/ I may have my problems and i get lost at times/ but my kids still have their father for some time/ yours wont even remember you after some time/ I'm so mad and so fucking sad but still it's off my chest now bro im saying the from the heart of Beau it's time I let you go/ your reasons are unknown exept to you and you left with no answers to be shown and it's time now time I let you go/ I got love for you forever but I gotta get back to living and I'm sorry if this sounds bitter/ but its a choice I'll always make cuz I ain't no quitter I wont be remembered as a for forfitter and I wish you were still here I wish I could look you in the eyes and say these things to my brother but I cant man I dont think I'll ever understand.

  • drifting_soul 3w

    I'm getting tired of living feels kinds pointless If all I think about is it ending I'm not even enjoying the time I'm spending awake cause anytime I open my eyes all I can think about is how great it would feel to die

  • tingesofhysteria 3w

    //My mother and her withered flowers//

    My mother buys cheap flowers she cant name from the market and plants them in her small yard where I saw all of my dreams wither , fall and die . She caresses them the way she never caressed my head and my hands that I used to scratch my face a thousand times . My mother accuses me of Killing her flowers fatally , assaulting them to death , gnawing the petals off , painting the leaves red with the impure blood of bat on hunt .
    But who'll tell her it's my blood splattered on the leaves , that she planted suicidal plants with the wolfish lust on death akin to mine in a place that's not called garnden , it's called graveyard of suicidal beings, and suicidal thoughts that live like vampires I tell her I've tried to be there a million times but Lucifer accused of being too cinematic - a bit too dramatic , said I mulled over things that not even a derelict insect ever would , that my inaudible rants about my sufferings were frail and fictitious . I rave about being an insect and protecting her flowers . But she slides the curtains close and falls asleep , lamenting her flowers for the umptenth time in the dead of the night .

    It's seems as if I'm at a muted war with her , everyone , everything , prolly the whole universe and its million shooting stars burning to ashes like my mind and its fragments of an ancient happiness that slithers away like a snake slithers away from a mongoose .
    My Mind is a time machine , genetically mutated in the labs with some sort of injections . The scientists told me it would have no side effects and that I would always be on a ride of blissful memories . But they lied - I go back to the time that never existed , I miss everyone but there was no one , I miss everything but there was nothing . I should have taken redundant sleeping pills instead : they would have killed me at least , in slow-motion , like my brother says. My eyes are infected too, with an unnanmable desease of hating the whole globe , it's people, it's land, it's houses and sometimes fantasising burning in the graveyards . . #poetry#poem#suicide #poetrtcommunity#writerscommunity#mirakee#poetsofmirakee

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  • drifting_soul 3w

    I'm drowning and everybody is standing around watching as I can't catch my breath but not a soul reaches out to help me no matter how loud I scream or how much I plead they just stair off into the distance ignoring my pure misery
    What do I have to do to be worth saving
    What do I have to say for you to see me
    What do I have to do for you to hear me
    I'm lost and your not even searching for me
    No instead you sit there pretending to have a perfect family as these demons tair me to shreds you don't even blink and eye at me just watch as my soul leaves my body and I'm nothing but a shell of who I used to be but your to busy to care just like how you where to busy to be there

  • paulap503 3w


    At 16 I diagnosed myself with mental pain
    since then nothing was the sam
    I prayed to god everynight just to keep me sane.

    At the age of 17 my pillow was my bestfriend every tear I shed alone I made sure to stay as quiet as I could so my parents couldnt hear the tone.

    My second bestfriend was music she always kept my mind on the right beat and my heart at the right rythm

    Fast forward heatbreaks that I thought lasted an eternity
    24 years of a parents marrige that mentally put us all in a hearse
    I swear sometimes I feel we were all put on a curse

    Mental pain go away
    insecurities, overthinking ,
    depression, anxiety
    all negativity go away
    let me put all of you down to lay rest in pain
    the way you made me suffer I cant even explain

    Everywhere I go my thoughts are under rain and my eyes are getting soaked

    This was suppose to be a short poem thats turning into a suicide letter
    God is the way and death is not the price I ever want to pay

    I am loving, I am beautiful and I care deeply I am not going anywhere

  • bewildered_lyricist 3w

    In the warmth of bright day light
    It's the chill of your hugs I seek for


  • bewildered_lyricist 4w

    Beauty of darkness is the royalty of only those who find the pride in solitude