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  • wakeupwise 1d

    End Suffering

    We wish to run away from, escape from Suffering.

    We have accepted that Suffering or Pain is natural and will return again...

    Why don't you ask - Why do humans Suffer ? How to end Suffering ?

    Is there a way to end, reduce the effect of Suffering other than - Sex, Drugs, Alcohol etc ?

    Know that whenever and each time you think about - I, Me, Myself - my life, my happiness, my freedom, my family, my love, my emotions, my feelings, my hurt, my career, my existence , my respect- The Me, Myself - The 'I'. - Suffering begins.

    So be self centered but be 'Honest' about it. Know about it, accept it, become still and remain in the time when such thoughts arise and tell yourself - I am being selfish and so is the other person... You are human and so is everyone.

    Your Suffering will turn into Wisdom and gradually into Selfless Love for all the living.

  • paranoidismarie 2d


    My nest of fire burns bright
    I live inside this miserable skin
    drowning while lighting a cigarette
    smoke marks my lobes
    scarring every word I release
    smiling at this emptiness
    veins run dry, ashes to dust
    I trim my hair
    opening my legs with blatant lust
    too lonely to believe
    mentally undone
    my words kill the insane
    desperate tactics overall have finally won
    soaking wet
    my blood sits in this puddle
    as I watch it, it rains
    leave me in peace
    I've made my choice
    now let me lay here
    I need not want your help
    I am not felt
    I wither alone forever
    my last hand was dealt

    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 2d


    It was kairos for me to break down
    diving down in this lonely sea
    diving or sinking?
    In this lacteous liquid that's always surrounding me
    he is prefervid I am in ineffectual
    completely lacking in all areas as can be
    I want to be like a guisard
    I need to hide from you and for me
    I was precocious as a child
    my ability was feeling pain
    I'm never without suffering
    I wear misery like a stain
    the enemy lured me in like a death adder lures in it's prey
    he shackled my wrist
    and forced me to become profane
    trapped and forever languish it seems
    the strength I've gathered I will absolutely retain.

    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 2d


    I thought I would be this way forever
    capable and free
    I used to think I was clever
    now I just struggle to see
    substances have taken over
    I've lost the most important key
    the one that unlocks my innocence
    the one that helps me dream
    hopelessly addicted
    and gravely afflicted
    I'm not playing the victim
    but will somebody please help me breath

    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 4d


    She's losing herself in her misery
    slipping right down the drain
    she's lost in the forest of thorn bushes shredding anything that makes her feel sane blood drips from her mental wounds from walking down this lane, that much she can ascertain, left to feel such constrain
    break free she must or forever suffocate she will from the pain
    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 4d


    I've never visited the galaxies
    yet I still know they're always there
    I made of stardust, it's true
    although my internal suffering is very rare this darkness always seems to linger there
    are you living or are you just alive
    do you share my longing does it?
    disturb your slumber
    drowning in your own misery
    desperately trapped no way to encumber
    no choice but to survive this debauchery
    oh so much crapulence indeed
    it burdens me deeply
    just one of my many unholish sins
    my thoughts held together with nothing but just pins
    delicate, such fragility
    I'm struggling so far within
    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 4d

    Morning Routine

    What in agglomeration this body is
    slapped together aimlessly
    so many pieces to sort through
    let's start with the philtrum
    or shall we discuss my morning routine
    you see this puzzle can wait
    I awake eyes open my soul shivers within white knuckles throbbing
    my spirit is ripped from my body
    scattered about
    lifelessly waiting for today's misery
    choked by my soul as it's force fed back down my throat
    it's volatile and grotesque
    worst thing I've ever wrote
    things never fit the same way once it's shredded and broke
    internally weeping I sigh instead of screaming to my feet I must go
    showing no weakness
    I donnot falter
    I walk barefoot out the door
    as I stare up into the empyrean
    tears stain my cheeks
    I'm fine I lie to myself out of grief
    normalcy is this
    I continue on as my suffering within peaks


  • paranoidismarie 5d

    Blind, bound, deaf, lost, yet found
    #Writers #poetry #life #pain #suffering #loss #found #proud #love #hell

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    They let me see but they took my sight
    they said I was free
    yet I'm trapped inside
    they let me breathe
    but watch as I drown
    they let me speak
    yet no one can hear a sound
    they take what they give
    making this life very hard to live
    I asked you this
    why the hell are they keeping me around?

  • riddhi15 1w


    I wish all wounds could be concealed under bandages.

  • random_me123 1w

    Dear Pain,
    How long would you like to stay..??
    How fair is this...?
    All I want is to break the chains but
    It doesn't go....it doesn't let you go....

    It's as fair as to teach you and let you go away

    #Pain #Cage #Suffering
    #letItGoAway #lessonLearnt #PostiveThoughts

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    Sometimes it's neither specific to share nor so small to let go off....

    Yes, it hurts
    It hurts much deeper than one think it would,
    It leaves you in void,
    It doesn't give any ray of hope,
    It feels like to run away but you realize you are already in cage,
    You realized you doesn't belong here

    It feels like to run away but to nowhere,
    It doesn't go away,
    It doesn't let you go away....

    It's to let you suffer,
    It's to let you teach,
    It's to let you learn,

    And then,It gives you back...
    Your strength,
    Your ray of hope,
    And your smile.

    It goes away, It lets you go away....

  • wakeupwise 2w

    Love is not suffering, Love is not hurt. When self-centered thoughts come in your mind, there is no space for Love to breathe. Remind yourself -
    When you think about self, your pain, your security, your time, and block your mind for your loved one - Suffering begins.

    Don't suffocate the Love within you, end the suffering. End the pain.

  • wakeupwise 2w

    We all Suffer, We know Pain, we Hide, we fear being - 'Weak & Hurt' , the day we all understand this, world will be less fake.

  • expressionist33 2w

    Our emotions, which is the cause of our suffering, ceases to be suffering when we put them all clearly with a practical perspective and not emotional.

  • aakashpoetry 2w

    The One

    Some people believe there is a one,
    The one who points your way to the sun.
    A person they believe makes them complete,
    The one who will support when facing defeat.

    All that we have always felt missing before.
    Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more.
    Our love is life; we are the strongest tree,
    Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

    Times have been tough, and things have gone wrong,
    But the deep love we share has been there all along.
    You say why go on, there's nothing that's right,
    But we never give up; we continue to fight.

    You have opened my heart and held it so dear.
    You are my angel and will always keep it near.
    You have seen my ups and cared when I was low.
    You are my angel; I just need you to know.

    You entered my life through a ray of sun above,
    And when we leave, we will leave together in love.
    My love for you has become my reason to be.
    I hope one day we understand that it's more than it could be


  • zephyr_of_fire 2w

    Better Left Unsaid

    Some things are better left unspoken

    Like the things you said

    Those words that you left in my head

    They've left me dead and broken

    You left me here alone

    You've taken my closure, my solace,

    And you replaced it

    With an absence of empathy.


    I'm right here

    Exactly where you and I used to be

    Only this time, the difference is

    That I'm the only one who's here.

    Your words have exiled me

    You abandoned me to feel everything we lost

    You left me to deal with it all on my own.


  • vikashpandey_ 2w

    अर्थ रखीं मेरी यौवन की , लाल रंग परिभाषित हैं!
    दाख़िल चंद दिनों के बाद, फिर मासिक धर्म शासित है!!

    हमारी तोहमतें क्या इनायतें भी आज़ार बन जाती हैं!
    तदबीर कुछ बचता नहीं, तड़पना आधार बन जाती हैं!!

    मुसलसल दलीलें, मेरी जवानी मांगती हैं!
    महीनें बस फर्क, फिर मेरी रुह कापती हैं!!

    मुरशिद बन खुद की, हर रैना जागे कुबूल करतीं हैं!
    पर्दा कर नजरों से अपनी, आप बीती महफुज करतीं हैं!!

    बेशर्ते यकायक मेरी पीर, रक्त से निकलती हैं!
    बख़्त के फैसलों ने ऐसी ही तासीर रखतीं है!!

    #period #pain #cramps #suffering

    तोहमत - Blame , तदबीर- solution
    मुसलसल- Constantly
    दलील- proof , मुरशिद- guide
    यकायक- unexpected , बख़्त- Fortune (भाग्य)
    तासीर - Impact (प्रभाव) ,आज़ार -Ailment (रोग)

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    मासिक धर्म

    अर्थ रखीं मेरी यौवन की , लाल रंग परिभाषित हैं!

  • raman_writes 2w


    इसी सफ़र में रहेंगे और सहते रहेंगे सब ज़ुल्म रास्ते के ।

    एक शक़्श के बदल जाने से हम मोहब्बत नहीं बदलेंगे ।।


  • _samreen19_ 3w

    Help ya rab

    I cant see these hazards any more....
    I cant hear these evil tidings any more....
    What is happening?
    My heart just sinks ....
    My heart sinks at these sights....
    Every day umpteen people die....
    By one or another reason....

    My heart sinks...
    Wallahi i cant bear this....
    I know this is the sequel of our own activities...
    But i ask Allah how can u see ummah of Muhammad saw suffering like this?
    Plz Rabb end these torments..
    Or end this world ...
    Because we are shattered ....
    We cant take it anymore....

  • naiko_suzune 3w

    Who is lying?

    Children are crying
    People are dying
    And your just saying
    That I'm just imagining


  • the_adrenaline_beach 2w

    This Void just gets bigger by the Nights...
    I've Lost myself, somewhere along these Pages;
    The Pages I've been reading, to Avoid this Void for Ages;
    To Avoid burning this Dead-Reality around Us,
    Creeping on our Ears, Trapping our Minds in Cages;
    To Avoid burning this Sick-Breeding Society,
    Greeding for more, even when War and Hunger's Raging on;
    More Lives Dead; More of Humanity, Gone...
    Hope this Life is just another Daymare,
    And this Void, yet another Nightmare,
    Of Endless Pain & Suffering...
    As treacherous the Word 'HOPE' is, We'll Hope it all well,
    Of the End that no one's Escaping...