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    Yes. We do feel like giving up. Sometimes, or maybe most of the times. But, let's just not give up yet. This was when I felt like giving up. I'm not happy now, not yet, but I'm better than what I was yesterday.

    And I don't hate myself for that. Yesterday's me is still me, today's me is me, tomorrow's me is also me. But I still deserve all the love, so do you!

    Hang in there. Good times are coming too.

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    Day without me

    And of all the times ,
    I think of this one particular day,
    when I'll no more be walking on this loam,
    when I'll be buried deep in the womb of this orb,
    and if I could ever be free of this morose trap,
    Will I ever be able to sleep peacefully? ,
    To rest and never wake up.
    For all I know
    I'm tired, of trying,
    trying to be like one of you,
    trying to be the perfect you,
    so for once when I will rest in peace
    let me be myself and let me escape,
    Just like I always do,
    I've waited too long,
    trying to fit into this world,
    A day without me sounds good to you?
    Me too..
    A day without me sounds perfect to me too