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  • harishlabana 12w

    Indian Parents

    एक छोटी सी बात Indian Parents के लिए.....

    अपने बच्चो को ये मत बताओ की उसकी Sucess पर क्या दोगे ,
    उसको सिखाओ अगर Fail हुए तो क्या मिलेगा ।।

    उसको Failure से लड़ना सिखाओ ।।

    हो सकता हैं इस एक छोटी सी बात से आपका बच्चा Depression का शिकार ना हो ।।

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  • vishnuuu_x 16w


    Teacher - There is power in unity,
    give a good example of this!

    Student - If there is a cigarette in the pocket, it breaks and if there is a whole packet,
    it doesn't break...!

    Hearing this,
    the teacher reached the ICU.


  • spechless 21w

    what's university like?

    Early mornings, late night.

    Sleep exhaustion,  no social life.

    That's what uní is like.




  • bloom_like_a_flower3009 24w

    Sucidal thoughts don't always start with the way it is, at times it starts with depression, fear, anxiety, failure, toxic household, emotional breakdowns and many more, we don't always end up living a happy life, for instance if a student in this online mode of education says they cannot handle the worsening status of their mental and physical health, it simply means that the society is putting a pressure on them and honestly you telling them don't give up or think positive, isn't a way to keep up with people's expectations. Now we all agree we are humans, but students have slogged, the Society has treated us like mere Robots who they think are free the entire day, just because of sitting in the house with a laptop in front of them. Now I'm not saying it ain't hard on professors, i get it. I agree that it's hard for you as well, but what would you do if your kid sucides because of the toll the education system has taken upon them. You know I've always wished if I could probably vanish to another galaxy, where 1 in 16 million students don't sucide everyday. I wish that was true, but for sure that won't happen in today's reality, yeah maybe it could happen in those fantasy movies. Not really sure about that, but if i as a student die someday, it's because of you. It's because you made us go through those unreal expectations that were never meant for us.

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    Sucidal thoughts and Society

    A POV of a student.

  • mysteriousde 24w

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    Challenge your challenges
    to challenge you again
    And to become so able to
    challenge the world to challenge you.

    They are born to make you strong
    Yaa! They are not more than a storm
    Accept them, love them and keep them
    with you happily
    For tomorrow to sweep down the words
    that people slapped today on you.

    You have to be the best version of you
    See the change in front of you
    Be limitless for your dreams.

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    Life is uncertain
    Don't make regretful moments

    The soul always knows
    what to do to heal itself
    The challenge is to silence
    the mind..
    ~Caroline Myss

  • spechless 25w

    #student #class # school
    © All rights reserved

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    Student problems

    Once I knew exactly what the next day held

    School , homework or a good series instead

    Pretty boring but standard  , and who doesn't like 


    It  can  be organized and easily said.

    All the days seem to blend

    Because for the life of me, 

    I can't tell Mondays or Wednesdays off the top of my head

    And most days ,I barely want to get out  of bed.

    I remember when I looked forward to Mondays.

    I'd call my friend early just to ask,'  you coming today'

    We would talk about the things that happen from Friday through Sunday.

    And if you'd let us we'd talk all day.

    But of course there's always work after play

    We'd sit a wait and hoped there'd

    be not of homework for the day.

    We'd look at of watches and see it 2: 30

    I'd look at my friend , and say boy I guess we free

    And as she was walking out  door , she murmur she almost forgot.

    ( I  sat there quaking almost forgot what)

    She list about forty pages and what not

    I couldn't  believe it darn thats was alot

    And  it's TO BE TURNED IN  tomorrow

     9 o clock  on the dot.

      ~ LOST VOICE♡


  • lostsoul789 26w

    Everything take over me I don't when my world going to be colorful, I am tired of my dark world. Everyone think that I am very happy they conclude with my lifeless smile.
    Why the heck you comparing my capabilities to your offsprings I know how capable I'm but you guys break my heart, my soul and my everything. Your offsprings is very good I except it but also think about while you talking about how much your offsprings capable.
    Please leave this comparison you hearting someone's innocent heart.

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    Student or maybe a teenage Life

    Being a student that much not easy you think
    Living with under pressure and depression
    Always faking in smile
    Tension and anxiety having race in our body
    Assignment and notes and many more things we need to make in a short period of time
    After that we wanted to fun then parents image formed in mind
    If I can't be successful, what happened to my parents who take care of them,
    If I can't score good, what kind of difficulties my parents facing in front of this world,
    We lock ourselves in dark room and crying our heart out,
    Looking my parents tired and pale face make my heart clenched,
    Sometimes we think we should die,
    When we can't make our parents happy, we don't have right
    Ughh...!! I'm tired of this life

  • shaini18 28w

    In this noisy city
    I rush into buses and cars,
    My skeptic tough face
    Overlooking the pavements,
    Made of hardened passion,
    Mosaic of lost ambition.

    Vacant peace in driving through
    Bridges of my commute,
    As I read out loud the
    Aimless proufound sentences
    Of the book my hands hold.

    Aware that I am in a
    bottomless well of survival,
    Little is left of sheer intention,
    And yes the commotion and detachment
    doesn't bother me;
    It's the attachment to this city
    and it's busy walkways,
    The eerie addiction to be surrounded by
    Friends and possible lovers,
    Whilst my mind plays a song
    About the stones.

  • 01_lha 30w

    When I was little,I used to believe that "the star"is what it forms,when someone dies..
    I wonder,The star that tinkles up there..
    Is it my mom then?

  • shayara_rinny 33w

    Sometimes I feel like ...
    I am nothing without my students. The day the school was closed due to covid 19, and they stopped coming, my health started declining.
    I desperately miss going to the classes regularly...the teaching..the smile of students... the silly questions they asked... the flowers they used to give me...the CHALK... the DUSTER... the BLACK BOARD of course.

  • wisdomirror 41w



    Become Your Own Teacher

    Wisdomirror Correction:

    Become Your Own Student


  • dnswords 46w

    जिना यहा , मरना वहा

    बस किरदार बानाये कहा

    ये पता होना चाहीए


  • dnswords 48w


    अगर degree होने के बाद भी

    आप घर मे बैठने का आस्वाद लेते हो

    तो ENGINEER हो तुम .....!



  • i_shukriya 48w

    State to oneself frequently...,
    nevermind for tomorrow,
    It's time...!
    time, to live each second,
    forget the next, the thing will happen,
    let it be.....

    than, their is a knock & asked...,
    have to make this bit flawless
    but, should I acquire the same tomorrow...??


    कहती हु कितनी बार खुद से,
    मत सोचो के कल क्या होगा ।
    अभी वक्त है, इस लम्हे को जीने का।
    जाने दो जो होगा, होगा।

    तभी, एक दस्तक होती है,
    कहती है मुझसे,
    इस लम्हे को तो मुकम्मल बनाना है मैनें।
    पर, क्या कल भी मेरा मुकम्मल होगा ??


  • jugal_kishor 49w


    Teaching the essence
    from all your experience
    you delivered the best
    according to our taste
    your words do make wise
    give confidence to rise
    Thank you for sharing
    your knowledge with caring

  • mirakat2pt0 50w

    2 AM


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 1)

    It’s 2 am
    This shit too real my headspace raw and love can
    Be fuckin chillin
    Don’t wanna be that bitch that’s always bustin balls
    Running through your halls whining about my confusion
    What did you say!!?!
    I could be hearin wrong
    Wondering if it’s what you did say
    Or maybe I’m trippin
    Perhaps it’s what
    You didn’t


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 2)

    It’s 2 AM and I’m in my feelings
    You calculating our conversations
    Sorting through and
    Separating the good from the bad
    Is this bond worthy of
    Another debate to be had
    or maybe you got
    A lot more on your verbal
    Now we talking sh*ts cool then,
    Where did that came from?!
    No really where did that come from its 2am
    Now I’m confused
    I thought
    We was chillin
    You say I cause you PTSD
    I relate, brings back bad memories
    The way you don’t like well that’s-the
    Same way I feel about you


    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…

    (Verse 3)

    It’s 2 am was I just dreaming?
    If I’m sleeping this a fever dream
    Audio and visual are my 2 clues
    Yet I’ve always had the vivid
    Ones that scare you so
    Bad they make you
    Fuckin mad
    Is this all in our heads or
    Are we toxic too?
    Got us resorting to bad habits, fear
    Negative reaction
    This is far from what I imagined
    How could I let this happen,
    I’m too raw for all this
    Sad shit at 2 am


    Let the music play
    While I gotta pray for patience
    And guidance and direction, for hope and a strong connection
    Cuz I see something special and I don’t wanna wreck it
    Before it grows into heaven
    I’d hate for this shit to sever
    Before it ever gets better
    It’s 2 am so Baby don’t hurt me. Never.

    Chorus 2:

    It’s 2AM, I’m too sober for thinkin’
    Now I don’t wanna fuck wit ya feelins
    I just wanna show you my mind, show you how I’m dealin
    Got a lotta demons in my past shit
    I’m still healing
    Need your patience and your presence more than
    Repeated confusion…


    ©️Katherine Miller 8/11/21

  • dnswords 52w

    Raste ki fikrrrr karenge to

    Manzzil Bura maan Jayegiiii

  • dnswords 53w

    Dhoop me niklne ke baad परछाई milti he...

    Mehnat sahi दिशा मे karne ke baad ,

    uska फल मिलता हे!


  • dnswords 54w

    Success ?

    Success does not create Happiness.

    Happiness create Success !