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  • backstorypoetry 3d

    People may call us selfish, when we try to grow by staying with those who are always out there grinding.
    But, the point is when we try to grow ourselves, it doesn't matter what people have to say. We know what we are doing.

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    Choosing to associate with those who want to be better and make the world a better place is not selfish, it’s correct.

  • madinah_writes 3d


    I feel it pounding in my caged chest,
    But my heart still pushes me forward.
    I hear the early morning bird, chirping,
    That tomorrow would be a brighter day.
    I taste in the words of my mouth.
    Wishing to leave something better on this planet Earth.
    I wear as a golden robe.
    For others who are naked and needy.
    I speak it, I write it, I live it.
    For myself, and for those who have the courage and are ready.
    For tomorrow is pregnant,
    And Hope is her baby.

  • navya_writes 4d

    Living in the 21st century, we women still struggle to be understood in the times we bleed.
    Not all are fortunate enough to get the support, love and care required or even the pad to wear.
    The daily duties and responsibilities leave no time for us to rest.
    People need to change their mentality and be open to it as a natural process.
    We need people who understand what we go through more than people who taunt and stare at us while we bleed and move around with stains.


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    How comfortable are we living in the 21st century to talk about periods?
    How easily can we access the required stuff?
    How comfortable are we to ask anyone to get pads?
    How comfortable are we to buy pads without being stared at?
    How open are we around our male friends to speak about it?
    How easy is it to walk with a stain without being mocked by the people around us?
    How comfortable are we to ask our family members to take on our role for the day?
    How understanding our society is with regards to the hormonal imbalances, cramps and mood swings we undergo?

  • girlnextdoor477 4d

    "Don't Let Me Be Forgotten"

    Do you remember what you told me?
    “Don’t let me be forgotten” as if you were inconsequential.
    You’re like the random brisk of air flowing through your hair.
    The chills running down your spine.
    The flickering light in the corner of your eye.
    You’re the instant mood change in the atmosphere.
    I can’t see you.
    But every once in awhile I can feel you.
    You’re nothing predictable, in fact you’re contingent.
    You’re the shooting star in the darkest of skies.
    The rainbow at the end of a storm.
    You’re an anomaly. One of a kind.
    I missed you today.
    I missed you yesterday.
    And I will forever continue to keep your memory alive.
    You are not forgotten.

    Happy birthday
    I miss you, friend.


  • backstorypoetry 1w

    Never stop learning. When you are being put down, you learn new ways to come out through it.
    When you know there is a way out, but you keep trying, that's progress.
    Life can give you moments that's going to frustrate you at times, it's your ability and the skills that you possess which let's you face it.
    Those skills are only achieved when you are not willing to give up on yourself.
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    #believe #believeinyourself #strength #situation #strong #problems #solutions #frustrated #frustrated #frustration #writersofbackstory #faith #hardwork #results #innerbelief #struggle #efforts #comebackstronger #learn #opportunities #potential #competition #lawofnevergivingup #nevergiveup

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    See frustration as a sign of progress.
    It is our mind that's telling us that there are skills that we are yet to acquire.
    Yet, there are some who see it as a sign to give up.

  • _jouissance 3d

    I wish I could have a mutation which would let me laugh even in despair.


  • ankeetaa 1w

    The confused soul...

    She was in the last year of teens,
    Confused and afraid.
    Now she had to bid a goodbye
    to her teens.
    She was an adult now.
    Every night as she slept, her heart told,
    "Do you really deserve to end your teens,
    are you prepared to take responsibilities?"
    She struggled to find answer
    of these questions, everyday
    her friends were so fearless and tension free.
    Why was all those darkness hitting her?
    Why she felt so insecure?
    Her head was full of confusions.
    These lockdowns ate up all the
    confidence she stored in herself.
    She was impatient and felt dizzy.
    She probably wanted to see her future.
    She wanted to see herself in the place
    where she wants to be.
    She was scared to have so many dreams.
    She was afraid to have a huge
    expectation from life.
    She was tired of the daily
    dissensions in her head.
    Tired of those people who constantly
    broke her confidence.

    Will she be able to stand up?
    Will she be able to touch her dreams?
    Her huge dreams, colorful as a rainbow!
    Or a wave of adulthood will drown her?
    Drown her to fulfill her responsibilities.
    Will she be left with sources
    to build her own sky,
    after carrying those responsibilities?

    No! she is not a loser.
    She is brave, she is ready to face
    whatever comes in her life.
    No! She is not selfish to fulfill
    only her dreams and not her duties.
    She had only two years left to prepare herself.
    Prepare herself for the war.
    Aim at a right direction,
    and make time her bestfriend.
    No! she was not scared of adulthood
    just a bit concerned.
    A single fault can drown her and
    a single victory can fulfill her.
    She is at the transformations of her life.
    At the height of success,
    or at the height of failure.
    All up to her, her decision, her struggle,
    her perseverance, her hardwork.
    And that one percent of luck.

  • vikashpandey_ 1w

    कमज़ोर करके मुझको, अब लोग पूछते हैं ।
    कैसीं जालिम दुनिया , मेरी जात ढुँढते हैं।।
    कितना बनूँ मैं कोमल, परवाह नहीं है इनको।
    देखते हैं अकेले जब , क्या दोष दूं मैं उनको।।
    माला तो फैरते हैं सब ,
    नज़रे गलत टिकाकर ,हमें यूँ ही घेरते हैं।
    जब सामना मैं करतीं, क्या बात पूछते हैं।।
    नज़र गड़ाकर इकतरफ , औक़ात पूछते हैं।।
    शायद है दुनिया इनकी , हम तो बस यूँ ही खामखां हैं।
    अगर चलतीं है अकेले तो चला लो ,
    धरती भी जानती है चलता तूं कहाँ हैं।।
    कैसें कमज़ोर कोई मुझको है माना ,
    चलने मैं ना दूंगी, तेरा कोई बहाना।
    क्या शेर बन रहे हो, आईनें में देख लेना,
    आदमीं की शक्ल है ,आदमीं बन के रहना।।
    नाजुक हैं मेरी बनावट , क्यों हरदम मरोड़ते हो।
    मैं फूल हूं शिकारी ,जो पल-पल तोड़ते हो।।

    #woman #she #female #strong #struggle #sheispriceless #hindi #mirakee

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    कमज़ोर करके मुझको, अब लोग पूछते हैं ।
    कैसीं जालिम दुनिया , मेरी जात ढुँढते हैं।।

  • mazingamar 1w

    When I Was Born

    If I was born the day you came
    The memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Could surely not be the same

    Memories of home and land
    Each and every grain of sand
    The grass and field
    An olive branch and its yield

    If I was there in 1948
    I would not welcome you again
    Nor watch you come to my state
    Like the incoming tide of fate

    That was you, then
    Escaping hate with all your weight
    Coming to me by sea
    While I offer you shelter, food and tea

    If I was born today
    I would look at you and say
    There will be a reckoning
    For one day, you will have to pay

    You cannot deny my existence forever
    For the memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Live on, like fire on a burner

    If I was born after 1948
    From my soul I would be torn
    But on my back, resistance will be worn
    And to it, all my children will be sworn

    So don’t ask me to wait
    Just because you call this fate
    In the end history will judge you
    For every orphan you create

    You see I was born before 1948
    Now I look back and say
    This is where my forefathers lay
    Trust me, my people know the way

    For that child I left behind
    The undying symbol of my resistance
    Has grown on my grass and field
    He lives off my olive branch, and it’s yield


  • thalianoya 1w


    I wanna pull all my hair out
    I wanna smash my head against a wall
    I wanna hit my face so hard I won't be able to feel it
    I wanna jump from all my failures,
    from everything that blocks my way
    All doors seem to be closed for me
    All dreams seem to be a false hope
    Such a fool for thinking everything's gonna be fine,
    when everything is just falling apart
    Seeing myself in a big city is just a lullaby
    Hearing people sing my songs is just a fantasy
    It's over,
    let's just be real
    I'm just a disappointment to anyone who thinks highly of me


  • samu4_ 1w


    Life is like a deep ocean, how deep you go, you may find oyster but without struggle you may not find pearls.

  • anuradhasharma 1w

    कोर्ट के दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।
    क्योंकि फैसले में ,
    ज़िंदगी लग जाएगी ।
    खर्चें भी काफ़ी होंगे ,
    और ज़िंदगी सिर्फ उसमे ,
    लगा भी नहीं सकते ।
    उसके बाद भी क्या पता ,
    जीत अमीरों , कसूरवारों की हो ।

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  • kri_k_sni 1w

    #farcry #struggle #womanpower
    #kri_k_sni #wod #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Her vision was dark
    Her movement, restricted
    Sounds, she heard
    Words, she deciphered
    Within the walls of the womb she lived in
    She could hear her life being threatened
    She felt it.
    Yet, she persisted.

    She was welcomed to the world
    By a disappointed father, " Dang it! It's a girl!"
    Her toddler years, her years of infancy
    Were anything but happy or fancy
    Her tiny eyes witnessed her mother being tortured
    She had seen her father be monstrous, an animal when he was wasted
    Yet, she persisted.

    Adolescence brought her no relief
    She cried in a dark corner, overwhelmed with grief
    She knew she didn't deserve it, nor did she ever choose
    Her father's beating, his endless abuse
    She was changing inside and out
    She couldn't decide if it was the weight on her heart or the cramps that made her slouch
    She never got used to it
    Yet, she persisted.

    At eighteen, she was a woman full grown
    A sight to behold
    A piece of art, right out of Nature's door
    She still wasn't at peace though
    She was disgusted by the way men eyed her
    Disgusted by the world she lived in
    To her father, she was still a burden
    Even though she put him to bed every time he returned drunken
    He hated the idea of her existence, she knew it
    Yet, she persisted.

    Becoming an adult, how she wished it was easy
    But she felt her back, sore from the violence as she scrubbed the dishes, still greasy
    It was around this time though, she met someone who she fancied was her saviour
    He showed her the world in a way she never knew it existed
    He made her smile and she felt cared for, for the first time in her life
    Oblivious of the nasty truth under the handsome garb
    She was knitting dreams wishing they'd reach fulfillment
    While he saw her as a prey, so silly, she happily took the bait'
    Good riddance', her father mouthed when after her wedding, he closed the gate
    It took her not long to understand what she had gotten herself into
    Oh how she hoped someone pressed 'undo'!
    She was bruised- by betrayal and by assault
    Earlier, it was her father and now this beast
    She was exhausted
    Yet, she persisted.

    Not a long time after she had wished she fled from the altar
    She embraced motherhood
    She birthed a son, much to her 'husband's' relief
    It wasn't a girl, she thanked the Lord
    For she couldn't bear her dearest living life as she did
    Much to her dismay, she saw her son become the man with whom she shared a name
    Oh how she tried to curb the evil in his young brain!
    But what could she do, in a house where she was as valuable as a grain
    Her life, she despised it
    Yet, she persisted.

    Old age brought her hope at last
    All the suffering, all the pain would now be old forgotten past.
    She had raised a son who bore her no allegiance
    Her persistence, her efforts was all in vain
    She' couldn't care less
    What mattered now was what epitaph would she have on her tombstone engraved
    She survived the cruelity of the world
    she persisted.

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    A far cry by a woman
    Who spent her entire life in darkness
    She spent her life surviving not thriving
    She had yearned for love and respect all her life
    Now, she would have it at an old age
    It all came to but an insignificant end
    For, she was done persisting.

  • alurkar 2w

    Stars are brighters , students are fighters.....


  • vikashpandey_ 2w

    टुटते तारे को कई बार देखा हमनें,
    आखें बंदकर मांगें सपने हजार हमनें!
    हवाओं की रफ़्तार धीमी लग रही है,
    धुप की किरणें फिकी लग रही है!
    मन भी भारी, उथल-पुथल किये जा रहा है,
    चिंता भी कैसी जो हर ओर बुने जा रहा है!
    हारकर भी उठना विफल हो रहा है,
    निराशा का कद भी सफल हो रहा है!
    नयन का कुछ बुंदे, अब टपकने लगी है,
    नहीं कुछ पता कि मेरा कौन सगी है!
    हिम्मत न हारने की वह कसमें खाना,
    बिखरती उम्मीदों का टुटते ही जाना!
    कयामत की हवा गुजरी जरूर है ,
    क्यों मुख पर उसके अपनापन नहीं है!
    सीढ़ी को मजबूत कर ,चढ़ना को आया ,
    कुछ ऊपर चढकर ,वही को हैं पाया!
    कब तक निराशा, गिरने की चादर लपेटु,
    जो बच जाए उसी में, मैं कितना समेटु!
    थककर सोता हूँ, पेड़ की छावनी में,
    मीठी हवा की वह फुर्सत कहानी में।

    #life #struggle #hindi #diary #mirakee

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    फुर्सत कहानी

    टुटते तारे को कई बार देखा हमनें,
    आखें बंदकर मांगें सपने हजार हमनें!

  • zephyr_of_fire 3w


    Caught in-between the ever so thin lines
    Lies me once more
    Trying to decipher the difference of hope and control
    What should I feel today I had thought
    But also, what if I were to reach for help instead?
    Would I find peace
    Would I only lose the comfort I've found in dread.
    Each side, every possibilty wages war inside my mind
    Do I choose to follow my conscious
    Or do I sink further below
    My soul is war ridden and exhausted of solid ground
    So I suppose the answer is obvious
    Is it time again to drown?
    Of course.
    Because the only way to go is down.


  • charithaburri 3w

    My Room

    My room is as empty as I am.... The darkness within has been a root of passing light....I have failed and it always succeeded in convincing me for one more time.... I was supposed to clean it and but it cleaned all the scrap I carried within....

  • charithaburri 3w


    Build your empire first, if you are the king the world will be on your side, and if you are not even your loved ones stand against you....

  • charithaburri 3w


    Dreams costs nothing they are free, but it do cost a lifetime to fulfill them...❤

  • krwriteup 3w


    If you struggle, you struggle for good grades, achievements, goals, and satisfaction.
    If you're comparing your years of struggle with someone who had made it in the beginning then there is no point in you being true to your ability to get what you want.
    The comparison makes an impact on our sense of ability to think what our dreams will be and how to make them come true. The comparison should be positive and not being negative over someone else achievement.

    The question arises: Are you happy or satisfied with the work you're been doing, or are you satisfied with the time you have given to yourself to lead the path of your dreams to make them come true?

    We can never get anything overnight. Why we see others and demand the same when our hard work do not match.

    Everyone has their own journey and that is all.
    You cannot or should compare yours with any other.

    It takes time and it will take time.
    Whether it is one year or one decade your hard work is your key to success.
    Whether you're are going to be successful in your 20's, 30's or 40's. The only question will be, are you happy with it?
    That is all that matters.

    So, try not to indulge your ways of doing something to get an outcome like of any other.
    We all are different in some aspects. Your time will fall in place when you want it to be.