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  • theunrevealed 3w

    तेरे सिवा मैं किसी और का कैसे हों सकता हूं,
    तू ख़ुद ही सोच कर बता तेरे जैसा कोई और हैं क्या..


  • lollipop71 19w

    Any thoughts on how this could have been written better?


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    My life is much more simplified NOW,
    Or is it now?
    Some days have no idea what day it is
    NOW, or even the date without looking
    at my phone NOW.
    What does each day hold NOW?
    Many sleepless nights, wake up late
    Many days NOW, I eat breakfast,
    Brush teeth, get dressed, maybe clean
    (depends on mood NOW), color on my
    phone or tablet NOW, once in a while create
    My own art to color now, and repeat
    This each and every day NOW.
    So why is it that I am stressed and
    Worry more NOW?

  • czarcasm 24w

    Out of synch

    The house a mess

    I sit and stress

    Knowing I can't sleep

    I've been so tired mentally

    That I've struggled just to drag my feet

    Been hearing music out of beat

    Ive been struggling to see

    The reason behind that tired eye

    With a happiness that no one could buy

    I sit here is sadness instead

    I don't sleep enough to be on this earth in a solid form

    I should be a ghost drifting about I should even be able to feel a storm

    For I love sleep don't get me wrong

    It sings to me better than any song

    But when I sleep I'd rather sleep long

    I don't have that alarm saying ding dong

    There's a life to live

    Well last time I checked sure there is but there's nothing left for me to give

    I've used up my youth

    I don't need a kissing booth

    Or a hurting tooth

    I need to be able to get up with a clear mind

    A sound soul is so hard to find

    It's just hard enough to remind

    Myself I have to be kind

    Yet I'm still tired

    No job will have me hired

    It's a mental you're fired

    A mental you need sleep

    So my pace can be more than creep

    No more tears that I will weep

    If only it was an easy feat

  • kerenrajappa 34w

    ~Mind in a state of war

    Fighting his own emotions
    Loosing his control
    Made him into,
    a poor broken soul

    Feeling the burns of his past
    Hidden as scars
    Under his clothes,
    Are places that nobody knows

    His life painted disguised
    You can see it all
    With one look into his eyes
    Been living in a world afar
    Where his mind in a state of his own war.

  • themystique 36w

    The Depths of the Sea

    Because I'm tired of being surrounded by disingenuous people who feel it is not only acceptable to tear others down but powerful.

    I'm tired of fighting to get through the day just to wake up and do the same meaningless task and routines again. Tired of selling my life to survive.

    I don't want to survive.... I want to live! I want to wake up and appreciate the way the clouds are filtering the sun. For my first breath of the day to be full and fresh. To feel as though my bones are filled with helium rather than weighed down by lead. I am no longer interested in using my happiness and time as a currency in society. I want to open my arms and jump, letting the wind pull me where I am meant to be. I no longer care about fighting against the current to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!

    From this moment forward, I will drift through the open sea and embrace the depths and mysteries of life. I will stand at the edge of a cliff smiling, daring for someone to push me down. For even if I fall, I will still reach for the clouds.

  • _amwrites 43w

    जो दिल-ए-हाल है,
    वही हमारी कलम का कमाल है।


  • itsgammynotgrammy 45w

    On the phone,
    Unaware of what's around,
    Waiting to cross the road,
    While the morning traffic surrounds.

    Cars are driving.
    Honks are blaring.
    Thoughts keep running.
    Stressed out we're barely living.

    I wish we could just,

    Escape to the countryside,
    Away from the million eyes.
    Live like it's no one's dream,
    Be the sovereign, live the life we reign.

    Maybe if we stop, for a moment or two,
    We'll know what it is, to live a life we want to.

    Soak up the first rays of sun,
    Enjoy the birds sing an unbeknown.
    Watch the sun rise and the sky burn.
    Embrace the moment, the life we adorn.

    So let's,

    Find our countryside,
    In the city of million eyes.
    Live like it's no one's dream,
    Be the sovereign, live the life we reign.

    #chastushka #pastoralpoem #wod #pod #countyside #city #sovereign #reign #stressed #life @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • priyanandinibali 48w


    Sometimes I keeo quiet, not because I can't find words.
    But because I know you can't find my wounds.
    Sometimes I have no reaction because I don't want to act
    When I am nervous.
    Sometimes I have the impression that I can't change anything out of cowardice, I let things happen by chance.
    Sometimes I pretend I don't care because it's hard to explain,
    To everyone that my wound got through the blood.
    Sometimes I want to feel free,
    Without having expectations from someone,
    High expectations break hearts, break also the roads.
    If you see me in silence.
    Do not insest on speaking;
    There are some conditions that do need attention.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm alive,
    Sometimes I am just breathing,
    Sometimes I just need air.
    Sometimes I just need that feeling of being loved.

  • harshi_0107 55w

    raat AKELI hai

    puri raat jaag kar
    subha yun uthna
    sabko sabkch sahi dikha kar
    din raat yun ghoothna.

  • kandharikunal 56w

    My world

    I lay alone and try to forget the world
    The urge to look at my phone is overwhelming
    I scroll and I scroll
    Yet I never find
    I lay my phone down
    Feeling unsatisfied and uneasy
    The world all in that small device
    Everyone at my fingertips
    Yet I find myself more alone the more I think of it
    Small world they say
    Yet it feels bigger than ever .

    I dont have anyone that I can call my friend, like really. I'm always alone and writing, just writing
    Trapped and slowly losing myself.

  • kashvirajput1106 58w

    Don't cry it's over. It's happen.

  • unknown_13 59w


    I was guiltied in every case
    She took me as a challenge ..
    I thought her as a gain

  • sillysadar 60w

    Shedding some light on the darkness

    Smoking coke getting high outside of school cause there's no rules when I'm around
    Cutting up my own skin while my heart is beating out of my chest while I'm in school
    Need to rest my eyes for a while but I can't seem to for the stress is getting to me
    I may be depressed but I'm not alone there just lonely on people seeing it
    You may be thinking I'm doing this for attention but that's not my intention
    Nobodies got the compensation to understand what's happening anymore

    Nobodies gonna mention it nor start an intervention
    Nobodies gonna question it only getting detention for making the wrong impression
    No preventions just suspensions kicking everyone out who made the wrong impression
    Were all probably going in the wrong direction but no prevention to stop it
    For who could blame us when all we had was deception
    Walking in the halls it's like looking at a reflection cause everybody's the same

    A lot of us have been through trauma through all the drama and all this drama and racial stuff on social media but no ones gonna question it
    Cause everybody's facial expressions are still the same
    For they wear a mask no one can ask or question for they think there's nothing to question
    For theyve been repressing everything for a while now and I don't blame them
    Nobodies got the compensation of thinking about their obsessions
    Obsessions of cutting and getting high, getting wasted but I don't blame them for what they're feeling or doing

    Cause know trouble is brewing and issues are strewing up
    Seeing these people doing stupid stuff making the wrong impression
    Seeing these people repressing their emotions like me
    Seeing these people people fighting doesn't seem right
    Seeing these people staying to themselves and ending up in hospitals
    Guessing that's cause the loneliness got to them
    These teachers and the principal are supposed to be caring but they don't care

    They don't care about the scars they got from home nor their issues at home
    For they don't start a prevention nor an intervention to stop it but just stare
    For theyre thinking it doesn't matter or maybe they don't care
    Im wondering if I should check if their okay but knowing what they're going through they're probably not
    I'm not doing well either still sitting here cutting and getting high, laughing and drinking with all my friends knowing that our friendship will end

    For were all going through hardships but doing this helps
    Hardships like issues starting at home for not getting good grades
    Hardships like going through seeing people getting molested like we were
    Hardships like the bullying and fighting both at home and school
    For they still roam the earth without a care in the world for you or anyone
    Sad thing is if you told anyone they wouldn't care nor would they dare hear you

    I made this for a friend to shed some light on the darkness that happens outside of school without people knowing so yes, I'm okay I don't actually do this

  • murtaza_niyazi 63w

    Love and lover

    The only reason one wants a relationship is to have someone in life who really cares even about the least important feelings and emotions

  • keithallencovell 64w

    Break Them Apart and Step Away

    Break them apart
    And step away
    Part from their faces
    The looks
    The questions

    What in the world
    Do I have to do
    To get some damn respect
    From one of these girls?
    Those judging stares

    Ask me some more questions
    About how I move about
    I can be obsessive about myself
    I sometimes have self-doubt
    Leave me to be to my own

    I feel like deleting you and you
    and you and you
    and you and you and you
    and you
    Cause you cost too much


  • _mausam0130 76w

    Totally hopeless

    We're so stressed out these days. Because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing.

  • dilavarj7 79w

    लोगों का क्या हैं, लोग आते है।।
    अपनी आदत लगाते हैं, और फिर भुल जाते हैं।।

  • tumaku 79w

    to those who don't get sleep, or are #stressed or who think so much overnight that they end up eating sleep, please help yourself in getting things better.
    every single being has beautiful #memories, use it for a better sleep, one says I'm #insomniac, it doesn't happen overnight, one used to always sleep well until the school days, this all word game, this crazy thing of putting yourself into a situation which you weren't earlier and then making it a habit, is wrong.

    please don't hurt yourself, for no reason, #life is #beautiful, live it your way, as much as you can.

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    "at times
    i just close my eyes
    thinking of all
    the good times
    beautiful memories
    i've been a part of
    i sleep like a baby"
    he said

  • theunrevealed 79w

    #पूछ अपने आप से

    करते तुम कमेंट बिना सोचे समझे लड़की पर, चारा नहीं उसके पास सिवाय बैठने के घर। वो नहीं सुरक्षित, हर नज़र यहां गंदी हैं। घूमो तुम आजाद, बन्द कमरे में जैसे वो बनदी हैं। दौर है नया, नयी बात न करे ये लोग।
    उमर बस बड़ रहीं हैं, अकल पर लगा है लोक। देखते हैं लड़कियों को गंदी आंखो से ये अपनी। दोष देते ये कपड़ों को, पर इज्ज़त किसी की न करनी।
    शर्म करो थोड़ी, निकले हो तुम भी औरत से ही । उसकी कया करे तू बात, जब कचरा हैं तेरा दिमाग़ ही। करती है वो महसूस असुरक्षित तेरे सामने डरती हैं वो, उसको डराया तेरी सोच ने। कपड़े उसके छोटे नहीं, छोटी तेरी सोच है। तु बात करता फ़ालतू, समझ पे तु बोझ है। गलती नहीं उसकी कुछ, दिमाग़ में ये डालदो. सिखाओ अपने लड़को कि, उन्हें अच्छे संस्कार दो। देश तो है आजाद, पर आजादी लड़की को नहीं है. उसकी जिंदगी उसकी है, जो वो कर रही सही है।करके उसका न्यायाधीश तु चैन से सोया है, कभी सोचा तूने उसका दिल कितना रोया है? बनके न्यायाधीश जो चैन से तु सोया है। सिख यही मिली कया तुझे मां-बाप से?
    काम ये सही किया? पूछ अपने आप से।


  • mackruis 81w

    You can never expect the sunlight untill you face the darkness..
    Life cannot get better untill your time gets bitter...