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  • isidoredelpierro 1w

    How did we get here?

    At dusk in dark abyss, two strangers meet.
    Out in the wild, by nature led.
    A simple hello, yonder story commence.
    Yet by same nature, drift apart they will.

    Aye, providence another encounter doth make.
    In a box, with wings chopped at the gate.
    To know another, in minutes just eight.
    A simple smile, a broken soul to mend.

    How did we get here?


  • boundless_bound_ 2w


    We started out as strangers
    But very soon we got closer.
    The feelings were same and so was the warmth
    But differences and delusions overshadowed our bond.

    We shielded each other,
    Held tight during highs and lows.
    Compromised, pushing our limits, we tried our best.
    But destiny wanted something else.
    Though connected spiritually, we are
    Still separated physically and emotionally.

    Our bond, those secrets,
    We shared everything but pity, we
    Couldn't share self respect and tolerance.
    We walked together but on different sides,
    You were on the left, I was on the right.
    We were similar,yet so different and
    That's why it didn't work out well.

    Our bond was unique and sacred,
    But still lacked something.
    We complemented each other,
    But couldn't seal those cracks
    And so our red hearts
    Became black as hell at last.

    All those deep conversations made us feel so special,
    All those lame jokes, funny snaps made us feel high.
    Who knew that it would take this turn?
    Our talks turned into arguments
    And memories which used to be happy,
    Now make us feel sad and caged.

    Life wanted us to meet,
    But didn't want us together.
    We spent a grand time,
    But it didn't last forever.
    Our lives were just parallel, we
    Mistook them to be intersecting.

    We don't know what went wrong.
    I want you back but life has
    Something else in store for us.
    We would have made it perfect,
    We would have sorted it out,
    But we had to part ways,
    And that becomes
    the final truth.

  • _johndoe_ 3w

    One of the best vibe one can experience!��
    In my case it just took one��☺ to find my Jaani .

    Thanks to miraquill too because it helps us to come across amazing people !❤

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #strangers #bond

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    Isn't so beautiful ?
    That few long deep conversation between two strangers transforms those souls from strangers to inseperable ones .


  • surrealepiphany 3w

    Lovers to strangers

    Hundred days passed,
    You wouldn't call my name
    You wouldn't say you've changed
    And you had me chained
    Clinging to the ashes
    Of the person who used to love me.

    Soon after another hundred days,
    I changed too,
    I didn't write about you,
    You weren't the one in my head
    Not even when I heard the song,
    The one that told the tale of our love,
    Everything was gone,
    And soon, it was only the audience who had watched,
    That remembered that we'd ever been almost lovers.


  • candid_words3 7w

    Anjaan chehron mein
    koi apna sa dhoondh raha hoon
    Main aane jaane waalon mein
    khud ko dhoondh raha hoon!


  • pranalishah 8w

    - The One -

    You’re the rain that calms my soul,
    As the dews touch the skin and
    soothing away what aches,
    You’re the sun on cold breezy day,
    Nothing new what’s always said for one’s beloved…

    But having said that, might I add,
    That’s utterly not untrue, you know…

    But even then, I’d like you to know,
    There’s always been chaos running within me,
    Name it thoughts, turmoils, troubles, I don’t know…
    Name it what might seem fit to many…

    But then with you, I’m certain of this —
    Everything seemed genuine in your presence,
    Everything seemed calmer with that
    look in your eyes…

    Strangely, never thought that it’d be so, but
    A stranger was whom I found my tranquil in,
    A stranger who now seemed way familiar,
    A stranger who was no stranger anymore…


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    - The One -

    But even then, I’d like you to know,
    There’s always been chaos running within me,
    Name it thoughts, turmoils, troubles, I don’t know…
    Name it what might seem fit to many…

    But then with you, I’m certain of this —
    Everything seemed genuine in your presence,
    Everything seemed calmer with that
    look in your eyes…

    Strangely, never thought that it’d be so, but
    A stranger was whom I found my tranquil in,
    A stranger who now seemed way familiar,
    A stranger who was no stranger anymore…

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  • sylvia_aurora 8w

    Untitled love

    It's a deep regret which I tried to hide ,
    When in the laps of night I cried ,
    Funny how the tears seems interesting much more,
    I rubbed off your existence even if it hurts till core,
    I understand we had flaws yet it's nothing new,
    Because your flaws are what which made my love grew ,
    Then why? Why did you leave?
    Is this what at the end my love receives?
    We are back to strangers but this time with memories strange,
    We were imperfect but we could go on, why did you change?

  • ruby_sun 8w

    Being together in one room and yet having that feeling of loneliness hits too hard...
    #miraquill #strangers #someday #free

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    Say you don't have time to speak to me,
    Don't have time for the connection.
    But have time to get what you want,
    Have time to worship my bod.
    You don't need my soul anymore,
    You keep lying that you do.
    And me being fooled in your love,
    Drunk in ecstasy, thinking of emotions and heart.
    I believe you...
    Stop telling lies,
    To me and to yourself.
    Stop saying you can't live without me.
    I'm not the one calming you when needed.
    I'm not what you think I am.
    And you ain't there when I need someone.
    I'm alone when I need you.
    So please don't call it love.
    I don't know what kind of love it is,
    Where there nothing but hurt and pain
    And I don't want a love halfhearted,
    If you're here, then stay
    And keep out, if you're away.
    Please don't enter and leave as you please.
    Don't fill me with hope
    If you want to leave me scattered and cold
    I feel left out
    Don't feel like I am with you
    With myself all the time
    And if I have to be with me
    Then I want to be with me fully
    Stop telling me, to not let go
    I'm so tired of chasing you
    I'm sick of telling you what I need
    Now I have no strength left
    So please,
    Accept that you won't understand
    I need no explanation
    No apology, just leave
    I promise that one day
    You'll find someone who will do everything for you
    And you will feel like doing so much more for her
    You need someone else
    And I'm not that person
    All I ask you is to free me from this dilemma
    I promise I'll be fine on my own
    The way I was before
    I don't ask you to befriend me anymore
    Let's just be strangers again...

  • _anusree 8w


    I could not fully understand
    The total direct acquaintance was only for a short time
    But it often seems to give me the freedom to ask anything
    It fascinated me a lot
    I do not know if it is an attempt to measure quickly
    There is something about that man that makes me want to know more


  • inside_out 9w


    वो अजनबी याद दिला गई
    अजनबियो से बात नही करनी

  • akshay_vasu 10w

    The new world of strangers

    #akshayvasu #strangers

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    Maybe, someday we all will come out of those beautiful and warm shelters we have built around us and open our arms to the storms, smiling at them. Maybe, we all will finally let them take us all with it and throw us in the middle of nowhere. Where nobody knows each other anymore, and we are all strangers again.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • ions0206 10w

    "We're not strangers nor we are more than that what our relationship is i don't understand... "

  • wtf_ankrit 10w


    We met first. We text first. We guess first. We became special person for each other.

    And when it ends now we are strangers again but only with memories.


  • artless__mind7 12w


    The imprints of a stranger
    are hard to forget,
    every time you think of that memory,
    it drives you crazily to the past,
    which undefinitely long's last!

  • diplomaticqueen_ 13w

    #Strangers #wod #stories #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Who slowly saunter in our lives;
    But stop dancing when they see us in trouble
    Meet us like stars on a rainy night,
    Rare and remarkable
    Give us a set of memories to always remember by
    Become so intertwined with our life that they are strangers no more.

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    Become so intertwined with our life that they are strangers no more.

  • artemiswrites 13w

    On a cobblestoned sky,
    the Sun met the Rain.

    When the Strangers met,
    the sky broke into a
    Rainbow smile,
    The Rain wondered wistfully
    at how it would feel to be made of fire,
    The Sun sighed at the joy that the
    Rain always seemed to bring
    and though they met only for a
    bread crumb small portion of time,
    The stories that they exchanged,
    Of watercycles and warmth,
    sunbursts and storms,
    were re narrated everytime they met again,
    on the aisles of a sky that wore a
    rainbow smile

  • another_writer 13w

    Do you feel hated?
    Never wanted?
    Or just like a burden on the heads of people whom you love.

    Do you want to leave?
    Or just like digging a grave and sleeping in it with peace.

    Do you feel deprived?
    Uncared and unloved?
    Or just like that book on the shelf which people don't buy to read but to keep.

    Do you feel anxious?
    Scared and uncomfortable?
    Or just like the world would be more beautiful if you didn't existed.

    I have felt this for years now. Coping up with growing us is so cool, but what about this anxiety that's growing within us? I don't know. But here's something that has kept me going till now.

    #strangers #anxiety #unloved #depressed #mess

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    Let me tell you a little secret,
    You are strong, because you accept your anxiety.
    Unlike them, finding and escape from there evil soul. By calling you a mess, an emotionally handicapped being.
    You deserve to live more than any of them.
    Even if nobody could ever love you,
    Never let yourself hate you.


  • _fallen_angel_ 13w

    The sky was full of trepid clouds. The blasting wind stole my thunder. The one thing I manged to cover was my books, but my tresses were still wildly abandoned. Happily playing with the wind, a game only they knew of. I kept walking hurriedly towards my destination. A drizzle, caught me out of no where.

    I knew this road like the back of my hand, nothing on this road could offer me shelter even if for a few mins. In my absent mindedness, I left the only weapon that could hold me up home, my umbrella. I was at the mercy of nature. Lamenting within my thoughts, I continued on my path.

    "Hey" said he, "Come hop in, I'll drop you till the crossroad." I looked up to see his face. The rain had done its duty, cascading down my forehead, dripping through my tresses. I had to settle it before I could see him. He waited, that's when I saw him, the guy in my building who I had never spoken to. I don't remember acknowledging hus existence even, which floor did he live?. "Hello, hop in please, its getting worse. I'll drop you safely, don't worry" , He said. I had little choice, my mind in a muddle throwing up scary repercussions of hitching a ride from unknown people. I'll sit in the passenger seat ahead I thought just in case he tries any stunt, I can jump off or scream for assistance.

    So I got in, and the first thing he offered was a hand towel in his glove compartment. "It isn't much, but it should help with the basic", said he. Taking it and settling in, I heard a loud thunder screeching through the wilderness. We locked eyes, I muttered a "Thank you". I could here whiffs of music from his woofers. "Can I turn up the- yes sure". He knew what I was gonna say. "I've seen you in my building, that's how I agreed to get in", "Alright, I know." said he, as he took a sharp turn to what I now saw was my building- our building.

    I got off not knowing what to say. "Please don't mind me blasting my deck sometimes, I'm your neighbour next door I get back at unearthly hours , it's my only companion", Smirked he.
    Damn this was the guy I was at loggerheads with because of his astounding nocturnal risings, music blasting to the seams. I had complained to his mom. " Alright, I wont" and I smiled back, locking eyes yet again.
    That's the night I got to know a stranger who was a saviour in disguise. I didn't need to know his story, for after that day we forever kept bumping into each other getting to know him day by day. Life's good, what happened, happened for the best. I found my soulmate that night!

    #strangers #story #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork Thanks soooo very much ..❤❤❤❤❤

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    Strangers no more ( Rainy nights )


  • another_writer 13w

    People will want you to express happiness,
    But not sadness.
    Because in your smiles they feel their contribution,
    But in your pain they will refuse to accept their guilt.
    Being guilty is not cool, right.
    So, they will call you crazy, make you a mess and move on in life.


  • jumbledthoughts 13w


    The strangest thing is ; after all that they shared …first tentatively...then trustingly ; they were strangers again… on account of their ego.