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    "I wish I never met you, "the mind thought
    "You know that's not true, "the heart replied

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    #Stranger #LostCause # Life of a traveller searching for the anchor.

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    I am that stranger

    I am a stranger in your road.
    Travelling with you but all alone.

    I am that darkness in your dawn.
    Waiting to get diminished in first sign of sun.

    I am a character in your story.
    Small enough to lost in the magnanimity.

    I am the hidden truth in your secrets.
    Well guarded and kept in deep tranquility.

    I am a nobody in your dreams.
    Annoying enough to wake you.

    I am an alien in your world.
    Searching a known face in you.

    © Sambit

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    This piece went through so many changes. I felt like sharing the entire journey of writing this one because it's worth it. If you don't want to read this, you can skip it and directly jump to the poetry part. So here it is. Initially, Medusa, Athena, and some other characters in the first draft were just supposed to be metaphors for the characters of a short dream sequence I had in mind. I started making the initial draft, like gathering bits and pieces that came to my mind about everything I wanted to cover in that sequence. While making these outlines, I just kept thinking about Medusa and what she went through (if you want to know her story, the original story, check my comments in the comment section). Then it occurred to me that not many people from the present generation know about this Greek mythology so I should write about her instead because people should know how cruel and unfair patriarchy can get sometimes. So I deleted the previous outlines and started writing the original story in my words but the fact that Medusa always just got pain and betrayal but never the love she deserved, stopped me. Then a thought striked my mind that she deserves a love story but no one ever thought about that amidst all the monster portrayals she got and I again started it from the scratch with a prince, his kingdom, the queen, Athena, Medusa and some other characters but I got stuck in the end. According to Athena's curse, any man who ever look at her, will get petrified (turned into stone) and I could have worked it out in the story by the prince always keeping his eyes covered with a blind fold or just looking at her reflection in the water but why a man? Why it always has to be a man? That hit me really hard and I just stopped writing for a really long time. I took time to think about it and ended up writing this.

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    Once upon a time,
    There was a princess
    With eyes like the reflection
    Of full moon in the ocean,
    Big and bright.
    Medusa fall for her
    Right in the first sight!
    She used to visit the same oak tree,
    Probably searching for peace,
    Once every week.
    Medusa watched her
    Hiding near the creek.
    Princess sensed her presence,
    And gazed at her reflection
    But never said a word.
    One's reflection never lies,
    Is what they say
    And maybe that's why
    She saw the girl Medusa once was
    And not the monster
    She was forced to become!
    "I'll confront her about my feelings
    The next time she visits", Medusa swore.
    Little did she knew,
    Her heart belonged to Athena,
    The goddess of war!
    Medusa waited and waited
    But she never returned.
    Queen found out
    About her daughter's love
    For their nemesis
    Who destroyed their kingdom
    And banished her
    From the palace, for the betrayal.
    Princess ran to Athena's temple
    And prayed to call her for help.
    She didn't answered,
    Because the affair was just a scam.
    A scam to break the royals,
    To shatter the castle of trust
    They shared
    And to show them
    Where they belonged!
    Princess stayed in the temple
    For nights,
    Helpless and hurt.
    She finally lost hope,
    Wandering around in confusion.
    With blurred vision
    From all the tears,
    She found herself
    Standing by the creek.
    Medusa was waiting for her
    Hiding in the shadows.
    She decided to give her some privacy
    To process her thoughts.
    The princess looked like walking chaos
    In the moment
    But still so simple.
    Same deep, big, shiny eyes,
    Same long golden locks,
    Same innocence dripping
    Down her face.
    Medusa waited for her to calm down
    But lost patience after a while
    'cause she was still searching
    For princess's beautiful smile!
    She couldn't see her despair
    So decided to retrace her steps back
    But stepped on a twig instead
    "You don't always need to hide, you know",
    The princess said wiping her tears.
    "You knew about me this whole time?"
    "I sensed your presence from your shine"
    "My shine?"
    "Your reflection in water, Medusa."
    "You know who I am?", Medusa asked Desperately hiding the snakes on her head.
    "You are still beautiful, inside out.
    I hope you know that"
    Medusa smiled for the first time
    After a really long time.
    With her pale skin,
    Finally gaining different shades of pink
    Her eyes lit up
    As she took a step towards her love
    "I missed this smile"
    "And I, thy eyes"


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    A stranger

    Each one's way of expression differs. Inking your thoughts in a creative way is the only method to remain active. You lose track. Your believers feels you less superior, sometimes. You lose your dear ones. Bloom not like a sunflower. Storms makes you bold. Turn your stubbornness optimistically.

    Yours truly
    An ardent believer

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    Daily strangers

    What is it about those strangers you meet daily, during your commute, or during those regular errands you make? They are simply strangers but still a part of our lives in some way or the other. These are people we greet daily with a smile or just eye contact, if not any of them we just acknowledge their presence without them knowing. While we have other motivations to look forward to our days, even these people have their contributions. And then one fine day our paths, commutes and places change, and we have to find these new micro motivations, we miss these old small parts of our lives for a while until we get accustomed to our new lives. It leaves me to wonder if they are going to miss us for a while. How a small portion of life, which sometimes may seem irrelevant can positively contribute to our day.

    Austin Dias

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    I know that I've been writing these little fantasy dream sequences a lot for a while now, but one of these actually led to something really amazing. I am so excited to share that one and it's entire journey with you guys. It's still a work in progress so, you'll have to wait for it. Meanwhile, here's a piece I wrote somewhere in the mid of March but never got a chance to post. Happy reading!


    Every time I breathe
    My heart catch hold
    Of the ice and pieces you left
    And every moment
    That I spend
    With you
    Feels like a Déjà vu
    I look for you, everywhere,
    When love doesn't feel right
    But you loving me,
    The way I do, is all I want
    People change, I know
    And I see you changing
    Every single day
    But it all still just
    Feels the same
    The same old love
    With the same old faith!
    Can't it just fly away?
    I want you just for myself
    I want you to live inside me!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave,
    Oh love!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave
    I just wanna see
    One last trick
    With magic rolled up your sleeves!
    'cause every time I breathe
    I breathe you in
    For we need
    Something to break this ice
    Between us, that's unseen!
    Can't they just fade away
    I want you to read my eyes
    And tell me
    What my heart desires
    Just like before
    I'm living every moment
    You wanted to forget
    All over again
    For it feels like
    A long lost, sweet pain
    And I know,
    When this mirror of dream breaks
    It'll again just leave a stain!
    I don't wanna hide
    If you are by my side
    You kept looking
    For someone to love
    When your love
    Was hiding in the plain sight!
    It is our destiny, is what they say
    But wasn't destiny, what we left behind!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

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    Though he is a great personality, still I would communicate informally my views & feelings. As ultimately he too is a sweet soul who might await an informal welcome, reciprocation of thoughts, exchange of experiences & many more.
    So here I present my till not KNOWN Stranger informal letter...

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    KNOWN Stranger

    This is really beautiful to be able to wish you Happy Holi at the very first correspondence. The idea of expecting a reply to this greeting really arouses my senses, for this could be extremely special. If ever I get an opportunity to confront you, I would definitely like to know 'How our COUNTRY'S MOST BRILLIANT OFFICER'S COMMUNITY celebrate this festival and can the circumferencing civilians join them or vice-versa?'

    You owe great seats of importance in your Council and definitely for the Nation, being an IFS. You are very precious entity as you play the role of representation on the behalf of our country, that is, you present our identity globally. Showcasing all the possibilities of Indians and wisely judging and directing or manipulating the stigmas Indians are posed with.

    I could have enjoyed a pleasant in- person meet with you but GOD had planned something different for me on 27th March 2021.

    No issues, for I am feeling good to write directly in an informal tone to an Ambassador, Dr Deepak Vohra.

    As I only know a little about you my letter is an address to a known stranger. Stranger because interaction had never been there and until that I am a stranger to you SIR.

    But yes I would be glad to introduce myself in brief.
    My name is Madhur Sankhla. I am an undergraduate student of Kamla Nehru College, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I'm pursuing Psychology, Sociology and English literature as my optionals for 3 year graduate degree program. And is intently wishing to meet you soon, to know more about your life story and success story as well, from yourself personally upon a meeting.

    Awaiting to meet you soon Sir.

    Yours Eager AWAITER

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    Dear Stranger

    I actually don't know you, neither do you know who I am. We know nothing about each other, starting from names, looks to what we entail. But I want you to know that you are beautiful and you are appreciated. You don't have to know by who because not every question has an answer.

    I don't know what you are going through right now, but I promise it is going to be alright, maybe not today, but definitely some day in future. Just have hope and be positive.
    I want you to know that it is okay not to have everything figured out yet, you are human and it is only natural. And yes, you are allowed to make mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself. Mistakes paves way to success.

    Dear stranger, know that you can't do it all alone. And you can't always be right, you are not perfect and it is okay to slip and fall. Ladders don't have a single step, you have to keep walking.
    That bad attitude, habit, behavior and anything you are trying to stop takes time, so don't blame yourself because you couldn't do it right, every right story has multiple wrongs beneath if you check properly.

    Finally dear stranger, even I haven't figured things out yet. I am still learning, I get hurt and ashamed of myself sometimes. I get betrayed and I do betray people. I am not honest to myself sometimes, I hate myself other times. I think too much, care too much and expect too much. I love way too hard and get heart broken almost every time.

    But stranger, I always get back up when my knees go down, my inner strength keeps me going and I know I will get better, everything will get better some day. So dear stranger, take a deep breath and wear a beautiful smile. You are magic and powerful, maybe not today, but you will realize your hidden potential someday. And you will be grateful for a moment like this, because it became a pathway for the hope you held on.

    Lastly, if no one has told you today, well I am telling you: "I love you and you are awesome". Cheer up beautiful soul.

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    Weird that we ran out of things to say to each other
    Everytime I see you now, feels like the first time
    You're slowly becoming a stranger

  • tuckerdinnes 2w

    Dear Stranger

    sometimes people judge you
    deciding you're cold and angry
    the scowl of your face
    and stiffness of being

    hiding the truth of your life

    perhaps you're exhausted
    from carrying a load of loss
    the weight of pain
    so heavy on your heart

    perhaps you've learned
    to cage your spirit
    protecting your tenderness
    keeping life at arm's length

    perhaps today you'll open
    accepting the invitation of
    another stranger's smile
    stepping out of separation
    to taste the possibility of connection


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    Dear Stranger

    Being human is hard. And that is why we're all gathered here. We find solace in words. I think, somehow, it makes us less lonely. To read and to be read. Just to write even... talking to an imaginary audience.

    I think if you had a day like mine and survived it... you are good enough. You are strong enough. You are enough.

    Not that I had anything much happening to me today but sometimes nothing happening is very hard.

    So if you are there... lost like a cloud without moonlight, I hope you find some solace in these words...


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    I am proud of you for making it this far
    I know it wasn't easy, blood, sweat, tears that you poured out to be here right now.
    Now you are at ease.
    Goodbye and have a good rest


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    Isn't it strange to write a letter to strangers! You don't know name, locality nothing.
    But sometimes it's better to write such letters as someone may seek love, hope, & solicitude in its solitude.

    My #LetterToStranger, To Whoever Finds This.
    Drop a ❤ if you can relate and convey your suggestions without any hesitation. #Stranger
    Dear Stranger,

    Everyone covets for the gift of serene sunshine & rapturous rain
    But ever wonder, Will these be awarded without any pain !

    Neither dark night passes away peacefully nor breeze sings lullaby always
    Dauntless soldier fights against any adversities coming across its voyage.

    Steer ship of your life towards land of dreams, not to halt through storm & scream
    Leaving the darkest nights of terror, rise & sail until it became a half-remembered dream.

    None can shatter your zesty spirit into pieces
    Ride waves of joy instead being buried under the sea of sadness.

    I'm a stranger to you like a lighthouse to sailor
    Guiding with light of love, hope and solicitude even in solitude, when the sky is paler.

    You're the sailor of your life.
    Your journey & story are important.

    Hope to see you on the other end of Universe.
    Mr. Stranger

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Covet - Strongly desire, Serene - Calm & Peaceful, Rapturous - Joyous or Blissful, Wonder - Feeling of amazement, Breeze - Gentle wind, Lullaby - Gentle song, Dauntless - Fearless, Adversity - Hardship or Unpleasant situation, Voyage - Journey, Halt - Stop, Scream - Make a loud cry, Shatter - Break, Zesty - Pleasing, Bury - To cover something, Solicitude - Care & Concern, Pale - Less colour *
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @mirakeeworld

    #Sailor #Sailorc #Lighthouse #Lighthousec #Gift #Serene #Sunshine #Raptorous #Rain #Pain #Dark #Night #Breeze #Lullaby #Dauntless #Soldier #Adversities #Voyage #Ship #Land #Dreams #Scream #Dream #Zesty #Spirit #waves #Sea #Sadness #Light #Love #Hope #Solicitude #Solitude #Journey #Story #Sky #Universe #wod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #pod #mirakee #writersbay #ceesreposts

    Background Image credit to the rightful owner

    Heartiest thanks for the kind visit @writersnetwork. I'm on cloud nine ����

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    At the end of the day, we are all strangers to our own graves. Death has been awaiting our presence, life kept lying to us all along. She couldn't handle the responsibility she was entrusted with, our dreams were jewels she couldn't afford. She gave up sooner than we did and look how it all turned out.

    © Sweedle

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    #gratitudec #stranger .

    Happy holi ����...

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    Dear carved love ,

    Smallest moment of even a minute captures a huge background with both impacts and aspects inked with proverbs and sometimes hanged on sudden interjections .

    In this vast world where calamities , disasters and hope - drowning situations got birth by the womb of homo sapiens' dominated elements .

    Beside of the see - saw seeks , the seconds of gratitude never lack and lagged in my diminished shades life accompanied by negligible efforts in front of delighted aura .

    The chain of instances arrived with the blank bleeding verses wandering for an ink compiling my ignited imagination , I found mirakee to express withered tales and efficiently I decorated a dozen Proses .

    A heap of goals I postered after stepping inside the application with some aspirations to enhance and embellish slightest skill of joining pieces with devices to incarnate a poetry and it looks very well going after the repost of writersbay and editor's choice . That moment was so fascinating and delighting and capturing and carefully stored in the bottom of my heart .

    And the queue of my joy raise where , the place is very near to my healing beats not the heart . The regret and over regret being forgiven is the greatest achievement ever I attained in the bridges of hurdles of my sonic prints .

    Tri-moments binded here but it's also necessary to be thankful of each individual who nailed their assets in your thorny path to transform into soothing carpets .

    Remind again , what you've is somewhere a dream of any person or even a crowd . Just be satisfied , sometimes independent but dependency is sometimes generous too . Inherit courtesy .

    And finally I want to say that , there is nothing worst than a single tear whose cause is the submerged step and nothing great than being background of any shining smile .

    Beware of the waves of covid and take precautions regularly and necessarily .

    Keep smiling and helping .

    Your anonymous fellow

    Past poet .

  • francesnwadike 2w

    My dear stranger(my diary)

    Week 1:
    Hello stranger! I am sure you know nothing of me as I know nothing of you.
    Staring at you have become my hobby each time I set my eyes on you.
    I see that you love your morning papers just as you love your morning coffee and also,that chair at the park just beside the waterfall.
    Week 2:
    Hey stranger! I see things aren't going too well for you these days and you are unhappy about it but I assure you that everything will get back to normal and you'll be happy again.
    Week 3:
    My stranger,I call you mine because I have grown fond on you even though we haven't met and you are one person I don't know yet I know so well,yes you are my stranger cos every time I walk along down the street I see you. It's like the universe agrees.
    Week 4:
    Dear stranger! I see you smiling often now and it makes me happy cos I know that my prayers came through for you,I am glad to have known you my stranger. I'm moving now and I am glad that even though I may never see your face again, I know that I last saw you a happy person.
    Goodbye stranger! I know the universe will keep you safe and happy for me.

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    #wod #stranger
    9'21 am

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    Dear stranger,
    I would like you to know that you are calm just like the silence after a big storm that is sent to stop the hurricane created by loved ones. And a sad truth is we often get hurt by the people who were supposed to be a healer.
    When they say expectation leads to the disappointment I say expectation gives hope teaches us to hold on but then again, why does expectation betray just like lovers in war wanting to be together, but end up going far from where there's nothing that would bring them back. I question myself, why would you seek warmth at the highest peak when your skin is made of fire? why would you want to rain on dessert when you are living in equatorial regions? why would you fall for a person who isn't willing to catch when enough hands are waiting for your touch? why would you want a career in literature when your parents have enough money for your medical fee? Certain things in life are precious they just remain precious you can neither get nor forget.
    My wants, my needs and desire are handcuffed by the rituals and codes.
    In the process of being a good daughter. I'm failing to be a good human. In the process of making good images in society. I'm losing myself.
    Hey, stranger. You are the best quite different from the people who pass judgment way faster than they breathe.
    To the stranger who made me a home and to the love who destroyed my home. One taught me how to live in a cracked house and the other showed me a way to build a new one. In a way, I adore you both at the end what matter is how happy you were at the moment.

  • yoyowrites_ 2w

    Dear stranger,

    I write this letter to you because I think you are very special. Correction... YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL. We might have crossed path in life or maybe never have been but though my eyes could not see, I can feel my soul entwining with yours in ways I have never felt before, strong enough to make me write something I have learnt over the summer so you know how far I have come. Are you doing alright in that lonely dark room you have had for years? Are you debating whether you should go with your plans or go with what your family has designed for you? Are you happy being you? or are you compromising your sanity by mingling guiltily with the crowds just to fit in? I hate to admit it pal that most of us wear thick skin to cover our insecurities because deep down inside we seek validation and don't want to be considered as an outcast. We atleast vie for attention in some forms or another. If you think the world is being unfair to you because of what you see around you, I want you to think again if everything you see is the absolute truth. You are allowed to feel lost in this crazy race for accomplishments but sometimes hoarding such worldly things may not serve you lifelong happinesses. I have learnt that I should just be myself, prioritize what I love to do first and take things slow but should never give up on life or on my ambitions even if I'm to fall thousand times over. If you are like me, I hope you know you are not alone out there. Can I be your friend today? I'm too awkward to share my story with anyone. Sometimes I felt like no one wants to listen to my rant but I know you are kind enough to listen to mine. If you are reading this, with a sincere heart, I wanna say THANK YOU.
    And I'm proud of you for being you.

    With love,