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  • one_upp1 35w

    The Father That Was Gone

    I hate the thought of it
    But if you call it as it is
    And it's the problem that persists
    Is the monster that exists
    Swallowed up within
    Wallowing about in sin
    Falling down again
    All started as a slip
    All hardships as a kid
    All but pardon what I did
    I'm talking darkness I relive
    Don't make the darndest bit of shit
    The harder That it gets
    Is the farther that I slip
    Slip turns to a fall
    The harder that I hit
    I'm no martyr not a victim

    The father I despised as a kid
    Didn't realize what I missed
    All the trying that he did
    All the crying that he hid
    The lies that he spit
    While trying to make a difference
    Did he fight as bad as his kid
    Was fightin to live with his sins
    Or did he die at a distance
    Despite the times that I missed him
    The times he was missing
    A lifetime of my existence
    A Life time of bad decisions
    Who's timeline am I reliving

    In my eyes
    I'm giving it all that I can give it
    While my father didn't give the smallest bit of shit
    But in my kid's eyes
    They never saw all the trying, trips, n falls
    Or the father their father never got
    Just The problems I didn't solve
    They get the father that I got
    Not the man that took the job
    They get the father that was gone