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  • pikeeye 1w

    Cutting a long story short

    There was a long story that is summarised by this short story.
    A story of two but the same stories.
    The full and much longer version of the story, equivalent In height word for word in length will stand upwards to 120 storeys.
    It's a wholly true story but if im honest to be true it's not fully whole as I had to of course given the story title cut it that bit short.


  • likwidsay10 1w


    It was a sunny bright morning and I had some errands to run in town. I grabbed my car keys and purse. I grabbed my sun glasses and put them on. I arrived at town and headed to the first place on my to do list, groceries. As I walked through the isles of the market people were giving me strange looks and I wondered why. I just thought it was strange. Next on the list was send out a parcel. So I headed to the post office and while in line. The people were looking at me strange and I thought how odd. Why? I had few more places to go but as I got home. I entered the front door and glance at myself in the mirror on the wall next to the door. I always check myself out in the mirror to see if look alright. It was then that I realized my sunglasses where missing a lens and me being blind in that one eye. I couldn't see that the lens was gone. I felt embarrassment flush on my cheeks but I had to laugh. So I walked through town with one lens on my sun glasses. Brilliant. No wonder why people were looking at me strange.


  • _soundless_ 3w

    Several times she called their name but not even a single revert she got from anyone of them. This insane act of both the girls, so enraged her,she resolved to make one final effort for, and determined to make a call to Cloe's mother to brief her about all.

    Just while she was dialing numbers on wireline,Pierced the silence,she noted a terrifying bawl from the room way to downstairs and sallied forth. Never having spotted such a grotesque circumstances before, she naturally was terribly frightened and after a second hasty glance at the awful phantom flashed before her. That door was no more unlocked and a blue like beam engulfed the whole space there. Quite unconsciously she trod as lightly as possible inside that room.

    All of sudden she went off into the most Piercing shrieks from Vive's room up there. Petulantly ran up to then, and shockingly found no one there. That all alarmed at first, but when she noticed hall clock struck on 12, she got really agitated and finally decided to make a visit to Cloe's place again.

    On reaching her house she found an abandoned house sinked in huge green grasses rippled ground. The arrival of Cloe's mom surprisingly then baffled her. However she asked about girls, then Cloe's mother hold her hands affectionately and narrated the every single event she went through.

    She told her that whatever she might have seen or heard wasn't real at all. That day also when she came to her place, the all she made off was just an illusion. The moment she was talking with Cloe's uncle was totally unnatural and when she asked her to leave with Vive as early as possible as that was all leading to a satirical happening. But she unfortunately be lated for the same and made Vive remarked by that evil spirit. And next day while she heard that smashing in downstairs was not just a sound of slamming wooden floor but it was Cloe who killed Vive during a game.
    Yes, Cloe was dead too she wasn't alive anymore as she loved to bother Vive, so just took her with and the man she encountered as her uncle was also a bad spirit caused Cloe died years back.

    And she also told her that Vive's body was still there in that room she breathed last and asked her to go there and check for.

    Listening to all this illogical creeps, she pushed her back and rushed towards her house wishing that Vive must be in a deep sleep so might not have replied. Reaching there she was like paralyzed and fell down to her knees. Her lil angel was no more.

    However Cloe's mom tried to handle her and after few days she left that house.

    How hard that was for her to imagine that firstly she came there with Vive and now returning back without her baby girl forever slept in peace. She was literally dead inside broken like anything.

    As she stepped out doors closed by own
    And the story ends here.

    #storytime Part-5

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  • _soundless_ 3w

    Unable to understand this grisly phenomena, she clutched the bed-curtain with feverish haste, and there, in the Grey morning light, the door was knocked so badly as if someone was in hurry for...

    This stifling sensation of nightmare made her paralyzed with fear, with a piteous wail of terror, she stood there up, hid her blanched face with a white dimity scarf and finally unlocked the door. As far as she could ascertain, no one was stirring out there, however, to see if there was any traces left over she was rolling her eyes around, suddenly there leaped out on her from back as she turned her neck by side, someone shrieked out "BOO".... in her ear.

    She just freaked out so loud and fell there on floor. After half an hour she got awake back and pulled herself hard to raise up...Taking every possible precaution against whatever being either heard or seen. She finally decided to leave this house as soon as possible. Infact within hours she had arranged all the required stuffs for and packed her baggage too.

    But sooner she realized that it was already 10 in morning and Vive wasn't still out of her room. It seemed strange and worried too, as she had not been noticed since the whole night.
    On reaching Vive's room she found it so very shocking as she saw Cloe was there playing with Vive. Her reaction was like "seriously..."

    Cloe was there in their house for whole night and she wasn't even aware of and neither Cloe's mom asked about her. That all seemed so unnatural also strange that she called both the girls whooping like anything but no response from them...

    To be continued...

    #storytime part-4

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    [Part -4]

  • _soundless_ 4w

    Not showing much concern for...she decided to leave for bedroom as it was already too late, eleven of night.
    By half-past all the lights were out too. So she left it all for next morning and went to the her room upstairs.

    After a while, she was awakened by a curious noise downstairs, it seemed sounded the clank of smaking wood, like if something is beaten hard enough. She got up at once, struck a match and looked at the time. It was exactly 12'O clock. That strange noise still continued, she put on her slippers, took a torch out of the wardrobe and opened the door steadily.

    Tottered down the stairs wished to make it sure that 'it was just a coincidence, she might have heard something else'.

    On reaching the out of that room she found nothing rattling down there. Slamming her hand over head she turned back then. At the same moment she heard stifled shriek of laughter proceeding that door. Seized with fear, which, under the circumstances she rushed to the bedroom as hard as she could go, and laid under her bed till next day she found it all calmed over there outside.

    Quiten down herself and determined to make a call to the house owner for a visit next day...

    To be continued...

    #storytime part-3

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    [Part -3]

  • _soundless_ 4w

    Quite unconscious of what it really signified, Glued to the spot, she began to feel panicky. "What a monstrous weather" she murmured.While having an unending conversation with Cloe's mother, interrupting in between she drawled "It's getting late...we must leave now." And just tottered off to that spooky place frightfully.The storm raged fiercely all that night.

    The next morning, however when she stepped in kitchen for preparing breakfast and stuff. She found a terrible stain of blood over the slab right before the stove...showing of sanguineous stains was popping up like something crime connected with. So she called cops for the discernment of what she all had been went through.

    On reaching the spot cops found nothing alarming like, as it was just a stain of ketchup Vive told have spilled off last night. Though it was all just a silly misunderstanding she had and foolhardy guess to a condition of abject terror, she was in intense fear of all that took place that night.

    For the rest of the weeks, however she never encountered such affairs with, the only phenomenal existence of phantasmata was ever removed of her mind.

    And certainly it was so very strange, as the door of the room downstairs was autolocked at night and the windows she used to keep half close were barred too...

    To be continued...
    #storytime part-2

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  • _soundless_ 4w

    It's a matter of late 90s when all this took place...

    Cloe was a little girl back then, used to visit that place every evening. Basically it was her friend Vive's house where she used to stay in with at max 5-6 neighboring house. That place was quite isolated to be called.

    So that was December eve, when Vive asked for a visit to Cloe's place as she was getting bored there. That was the very first time she got a chance to visit her friends place. Vive's mom wasn't even aware of her absence as she left without informing to her. As soon she realized there was a pin drop silence in adjoining room she called out for her but no response. She rushed towards neighboring places they were supposed to play, even asked to her friends but were not to be found. She appeared panicking as Vive never did the same earlier. Finally she decided to go to Cloe's house directly for the confirmation.

    While walking along the way she encountered a tall man wrapped in a white woolen shawl completely. As it was quite dark and lil foggy out there so she couldn't see his face plainly. She was already so tensed so completely ignored him until he crossed her. All of sudden a deep low voice she heard...whispered like "your lil girl is at our place..." Not realizing what just happened she looked behind but shocked as...NO ONE WAS THERE...scared like anything she literally ran towards Cloe's house.

    Reaching the spot she found Vive playing there comfortably with Cloe. She was relieved tho but still scared of all incident. Seeing her in such condition Cloe's mom asked her..."Is everything alright?..." She narrated the whole incident to her also mentioned the man she encountered, to Cloe's uncle she met at the same spot...and suddenly her eye stuck on a piece of photograph hanging on wall there Cloe's mother told he have passed away years back...but he's the only man Vive's mom talked few seconds ago...

    To be continued...


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  • lettersinink 6w


    I wake up as the first ray of the sun touches my face and run to the backyard. The clouds have enveloped the sky, a slight wind plays with the leaves. There waits my Mozart; a tiny bird with yellow beak and crimson red plumage. She looks at me, her daily audience and begins with the voice test. Slowly she dwells into notes - high and low ,casting magic with her chirping sweet voice , holding me mesmerized. I stand there astonished with tears lining my eyes and a slight smile on my lips as a memory surfaces, of him holding me close and saying "I'll be there with you as long as the songbirds sing.....".


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    Song of a bird

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 7w

    Story Time

    I had a lot of stories to tell,
    And the stars stood listening.
    But they all were jealous of her,
    For all my stories were of her.


  • bharnij_borah 10w

    This wasn't at all unexpected; the falling of the leaves in the autumn, falling of a meteor in the horizon leaving traces of beauty in our eyes for a while, the falling of cherry blossoms in spring, the Californian sunset, a nebula explosion.

    Beautiful things don't last forever, it endures only for a while leaving an ever lasting impact on the soul, and a feeling of everglow.

    God knows for how long I've loved you. But, your love, somehow shrunk in the gap between us, as if it was all meant to be. The gap grew wider and the darkness grew darker each day. Distance parted us, took you far away. Wished I could go back in time, to the fall we met; to fill out the gap with poetries and melodies of joy, with our love. The hole inside me is expanding each day.

    We held hands, promised to explore the dark side of the moon. Now I'm standing here, speaking to the sky of the promise you never kept.

    Since you are gone, the feeling of everglow is lost in the horizon. The nebula never exploded, neither did the cherry blossoms fall. The autumn never arrived. The meteor was never witnessed again. You are the story I shall never tell. You are the poem never written. You are the feeling I shall never feel again.

    The sky tell me of you, that you are fine wherever you are. The moon radiates the feeling of everglow every night, to hide your absence. My heart shall continue looking for you every night, every tomorrow. The stars will speak to me of you every night when the quietness grows darker, that you are happy in your promised land.

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersofmirakee
    #pod #storytime #miraquill #MirakeeWorld

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    The stories we never tell.

    You are the story I shall never tell.
    You are the poem never written.
    You are the feeling, I shall never feel, again.

    - bharnij

  • manisha_baranwal 10w

    शौर्य - हेलो
    विधि - कैसे हो?
    शौर्य - कुछ सुनाओ plz
    विधि बिना किसी सवाल के ही उसको अपनी नई कविता सुनाने लगी....

    बहुत तलब थी कि आज फोन पर बाते करेंगे,
    फोन भी किया, बातो का सिलसिला भी चला,
    खाना - नाश्ता, उठना - बैठना सब बाते चल रही थी,
    दोनों तरफ मुस्कुराहट भी बहुत थी,
    परेशानियों का सिलसिला शुरू हुआ,
    बचकानियो का सिलसिला शुरू हुआ,
    शुरू हुई उम्मीदों का दरकार,
    दरकार का लगा रहा दरबार,
    लगा कुछ तो वो कहेंगे,
    आज बहुत दिनों से नहीं हुआ है उनके मीठे लफ्जो का दीदार,
    पर आज भी खामोशी से वो इश्क़ किए जा रहे थे,
    सब महसूस होते हुए भी हम उनको और उनके रूह को छुए हा रहे थे....
    फोन रखते ही दोनों ने एक आहे भरी,
    मुस्कुराए और एक दूसरे के अस्को को खुद के करीब पाए....

    हमेशा की तरह विधि खामोशी को तोड़ते हुए बोली
    कैसा था मेरा कविता?
    "बहुत सुंदर, पर..."
    "पर क्या शौर्य?"
    "पर ये कविता मेरे लिए लिखी थी न?"
    "नहीं तो,"
    "हा! मै ही तुमसे आज कल सही से बात नहीं कर रहा हूं इसीलिए ये मेरे लिए है न,"
    "सब जानते हो तो, क्यू सवाल करते हो शौर्य..."
    "Sorry विधि, आज कल ऐसा ही हो गया हूं मै",
    "कोई बात नहीं, सब ठीक हो जाएगा" ये कहते हुए विधि मुस्कुराने लगी...

    #hindinama #writtersworld #हिंदी #poemlovers #poem #storytime #story #shortstory

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    शौर्य - हेलो
    विधि - कैसे हो?


  • _fallen_angel_ 12w

    I am an abandoned building with a few birds visiting me after sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times im left to dwell in solitude.

    Now dont be mistaken, I haven't always been lonely like this. I've had my days of glory. Basking in the warmth of summery hues ive been a force to reckon with.

    Let me tell you my story. It began in 1980 when I was a newly built structure. I was the first eight storied building in the locality. Shiny and sturdy as I stood, I was the talk of the town. The older and much smaller structures held me in awe, like a role model.

    I housed several famous celebrities because of my picturesque view. Yes, i faced the sea. The lobby boasted of the best Hangouts. There was always a hustle bustle around and I was was proud that i stood tall enough to accomodate them all in.

    I remember the time when the city was affected by the biggest and stormiest weather. It was a catastrophe! The entire city was submerged in a deluge. Being precariously close to the sea, we were put on high alert for tidals. Oh! the waves lashed at my fences but I never gave in. I held fort. I held my people safe, they were my own. Braved tough weathers and tough times, but always stood my ground.

    People came and went, time never looked back. I went from being a famous name to a time beaten structure. The sea breeze took its toll over a period of time, weraing out my beams causing parts of me to fall apart. My people did their best to fill in the missing pieces . They called in the best workmen in town. I was made anew albiet for a brief period of time for I knew my iron beams were corroding within.

    Thats when they had to take a final call , with a heavyheart ofcourse. They decided to leave till I was reconstructed upon. I wont blame them, for I was too weak to hold them safe. They bid farewell, but not without scribbling loving and heartfelt farewell messages on my vast walls. I felt truly decorated, like a veteran war soldier.

    And suddenly I was bereft of all the familiar sounds. Nothing seemed the same after they left. Loneliness hounded me like the devil. Until a stray walked in one day and made me his home. Then a few birds started visiting my open and airy structure. The constant chirping slicing through the humdrum. Children sometimes too came, looking for a cricket ball that strayed way beyond thier playgound.

    I've finally found my peace among them. I feel old and worn. I know my time has come. But I wont fade like a star. I'll be reborn like a butterfly. Sparkly and bright. Till then Ciao. Keep me in your best memories.

    Much Love.
    Starlit Towers.

    #wod #firstperson #miraquill #writersnetwork #story #storytime #starlittowers #pod

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    STARLIT forever...


  • sheslamss 12w

    My Perfect Stranger

    I remember
    The third of November
    Like it is yesterday
    We were nothing but two strings of fates
    Passing by
    Side by side
    With only a little shove to bring us closer

    I still remember the sparkle in your eyes
    Head thrown back with laughter
    How I solemnly swore I'd make you mine then
    As the night was when I let my feet drag me to your side
    Hope etched so deeply onto my face
    One would say I was it
    Only for a cold no to put as back where we started
    Two strings of fate floating in space
    Praying that someone would entwine themselves to them

  • minsangtamang 12w

    Story Time

    " This lake reminds me of Veronica , Her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake . I feel her here more than anywhere else . The soothing voice which rings in my ears , the beautiful smile that she puts up , the attitude which she Carries, the mysterious silence pressing against her lips , the grace and charm that she has . The graceful steps that she takes . Her glossy skin , her slender eyebrows . Her hair was midnight black and it plunged over her shoulders. She had honey sweet lips . They were lilac soft . She had an bubbly personality. She wore gothic clothes in a rebellious way. She had Sculpted figure. Her luminous heavenly white teeth flashed as she paused at me with her film star nails . Filed to perfection" I was mesmerized !!!

  • jewelskhan75 12w

    I killed a girl

    "This lake reminds me of Vernoica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anywhere else."

    I watch her closely, her azure eyes in the sun blinked faster than they used to and everytime they did, her lashes; long and curled, lowered like rain.

    "When she spoke, she spoke of the stars and how she wished she could ride them all around the sky." She let out a soft chuckle and shook her head in reflex to which a drop teared from her liquid eyes.

    I wanted to hold her and tell her it would all fall in place but I couldn't for she had not remembered me, yet.
    Heck, she hadn't remembered her ownself.

    "This lake-" her gaze lifted from the ground over to the stretched 13 feet deep lake in which we had dipped only the tips of our feet to savor its rawness in the scorching sun.

    "-this is where we spent our last evening." Her eyes were teary but her smile remained.

    "She kept telling me about the score she had built in her academy and how she was not happy with it. She told me how she had set her heart on painting and how her father had tore down every bit of her last canvas to ruins. She told me about the growing plague at the back of her spine which weakened her with every new sun. She told me about her lover who had cared for her more than he had known to care for himself, looked after her and loved her more dearly than anyone. She told me how she felt she had kept him stuck with her, a girl so broken she believed he would bleed had he held her longer than the sunrise."
    I flinched.

    Her auburn hair reflected the beams of heaven and had turned a darker orange. The soft tears rolling down her cheeks shone even brighter under the light of the morning sun.

    "She was not happy, Jake. She was not happy so I had to-" Her voice broke into a sob and she cupped her face in her palms."-I had to kill her."
    Her face rose from her palms after a long shrill cry.

    I wanted to gather her in my embrace, tell her she didn't kill anyone. I wanted to plant kisses on her forehead and stroke her hair telling her it will all be okay. Just like I used to, before she had drowned, before she had forgotten herself, before she believed she had killed herself; my Veronica.


    Veronica was in her early twenties when one evening, she had decided to end her life by drowning in a lake which was a mile away from her home and also, her place of solace. After the jump, her body was recovered after 2 days, surprisingly; alive. After gaining consciousness, Veronica had it on herself to believe that she had killed a girl. The description matched none other than her ownself.


  • ernestdelapena 12w

    The shadow that cast light

    This lake reminds me of Veronica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anywhere else.

    But to be honest to myself, in a deceitful world...there was nowhere else. I remember sitting here many nights, bleaching the air around me as those nights bled into years. My internal compass spun orbits around the dreams i had of her. Every direction was a stretching eternity. Unknown but ever-present, like the lake and the depth beneath. The shadow that cast light..

    Veronica, just thinking of her name constricted my veins. She was the fifth chamber of my heart, the place that holds our deepest of emotions. Now abandoned , leaving nothing but handprints pressed against glass, still waiting for her. Lamenting breaths exhaled as i always felt her with me. A false hope continously replayed her image. I would catch a glimpse of her reflection from the cooling lake, her profile etched into the clouds, nature would whisper her name, and even raindrops would remind me of her footsteps. Those raindrops falling on my skin from the storm above. And with the arcs strobing across the violent sky i call out her name like thunder. The shadow that cast light.

    Veronica. I would say it in a way that made every letter of her name as important as the name itself. I would let her name carry every wish I ever made. When the vibrating air collected her name, there were no echoes. Her name held the life I sacrificed. Lifting all heaven, I would never see her as beautiful as the night she stood over me as I was lowered into the earth. I could feel her fire through the ground, through my resting place and into my heart. The shadow that cast light.

    This lonely lake where I sit, as a ghost. She sits next to me as she did when we could still hold each other. Her hand inside mine. She turns her head towards me and for the first time her eyes find mine. She smiles and with a tear she whispers, "I'm ready to come to you, please wait here for me....I love you". I watch her walk without fear into the arms of this lake. Its welcoming aqua embraces her. Then, her hand again in mine, I feel her. I hear her voice. My love is whole again. Death is not the end. The shadow that cast light.


  • amileen 12w

    Stumbling over the trash can in pitch dark night, the creature looked around with his toad-sized big, black doe eyes. Parting ways with his companions, the alien decided to explore the new blue-green planet alone. He noticed something black coming towards him, it had four limbs on which it was running, wagging its furry outgrowth at its back and tongue out with saliva dripping. The alien wondered what it was, soon it approached the alien and sniffed him and started to make loud barks suddenly. The alien was surprised at its olfactory sense since no one could see the alien as he had put on his invisibility waist belt. After barking for the while, that four legged creature passed through him.

    He looked up in the sky to find only one shining white butter ball unlike his mother planet where there are atleast 20 of them. The grey coloured creature walked out of the dark alley to explore more and ended up in a busy street where he found two-limbed animals like him. Multi-hued, different shaped, various types of fabrics wrapping their figures in unique ways. He wondered how diverse creatures were on this planet unlike his where everyone is dwarf sized. He saw some vehicles on which people were riding, they were different from his planet. And he felt something sticking under his nose, something powdery.... Maybe dust?

    He woke up under a tree from his deep slumber when the star of the milky way hits its rays on his eyes. He had never seen this huge a tree in his life. There were many gigantic trees after he crossed the crowded pavement last night. A sweet sound surrounded the arena when he looked up to find something flying with its feathery wings, thanks to his eyes which can adjust themselves in microscopic and telescopic way as per the need. He followed the path shown by muddy region between the trees to end up at the bank of huge whitish blue plain in front of him. He stepped on it and felt he would drown in it. He inferred it wasn't meant to walk on. He then slowly touched with his long fingers.
    Something cold and unexplainable feeling. It melted in his hands. What was this unknown feeling?


  • seraiah_smiles 12w

    This lake reminds me of Veronica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anywhere else. Now, however, as she disappeared from her usual spot in the green, open field beside the lake, all I can see is a scarlet rose occupying where she was. This fiery, lovely flower reminds me of her too. Its misty but certain reflection on the lake under tonight's bright moonlight makes me hang my mouth wide open. It moves me to marvel more than ever before. The kingly sun, which shines its life-giving rays made it grow. The wind and the rain nurtured it; the air enabled its essential photosynthesis, while the waters aided in its further fortification. The earth gave it its nutrients; as for the flower, O, she made it her own. Veronica, scarlet rose... I keep thinking... Still, perhaps, nay, indeed my daily supplication of watering this rose helped too. The Sky caressed the Earth, and the breeze blew. A petal from the scarlet rose flew. The petal hovered towards me, catching my eyes. Then I just suddenly knew that deep within I hope to catch it too... Lest it swirl to the ground, to be trampled and buried. If the Force asked me what's my choice and will approve of it, with all of me I'd say, "I'll take the chance to seize it; I want to." The next thing I know is that the scarlet petal is now in my hands. Gently, I keep it in the pocket of my crimson shirt, close to my heart.

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    #storytime #wod

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    "The Clutched Scarlet Petal"

  • sproutedseeds 12w


    "This lake reminds me of Veronica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anywhere else" ...because this the place she cried for the stars and tried to catch them reflecting in the water with her innocence of her tiny fingers while her big balloon was
    left to flow into the water unknowingly.

    This place resonates with her cry for the blue balloon, her favourite colour.

    This place resonates with
    her nimble feet splashing water
    and her voice shouting with joy
    as though she achieved a dream.

    Every where her chirpy voice is fluttering,
    in every ripple I can see her reflection,
    the wind blowing my head with her memories
    of innocent talks...

    Is it a dream??
    Can I get my Veronica back!!!!

  • the_wanderer30 12w


    This lake reminds me of Veronica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anywhere else and it brought me back to a memory lane which made my lips twist into a sad smile. It feels surreal to think that she isnt here, with me by my side with that sweet smile on her face.

    She giggled to every joke of mine and whimpered to every misery of mine. I found my vulnerary in her voice and everytime she spoke, it made me breathless. Her touch felt like brushes of feathers on my tanned skin. I had once forgotten time and space as I sat in this very place, gazing into her cerulean eyes as they sucked me in with no mercy.

    Listening to her melodies hums and basking in her harmonious aura was all it took for me to kick my concerns and drown in her. Her words had been shooting and her embrace made me fell protected and cherished. And I had intended to keep her away from the evil eyes of the world. It wasnt a safe place for an angel. I wanted to hide her away from every single soul. But i wished someone had asked me how would a devil protect an angle when he was her dominant threat.

    I was too foolish to not see it. And it was my fault that i had lost her to the twist of destiny. I have no one to blame except for me. While I sat here reminiscing her warm embrace, she resided in a cold place, her form colder than ever. My sin had caused me, you my love. If only I had not been selfish. If only i was contented from seeing her from far. If only I had been a bit more early, I would have been blessed me with her soul searing smile forever.

    But now all that was left of her was the locket fisted in my palm. It was a mother's gift to a daughter. It was her life. She gleemed in happiness everytime i showered her with compliments of it adorning her delicate neck and her adding more beauty to her late mother's belonging. She would blush crimson and make me feel the happiest man the world had ever came to see.

    The jewelry that once meant life to her now resided in my palm, mocking me for my pathetic state. All i was able to do was to sit there and soak it with my trickling tears. This was the last piece of remembrance I had of her. It torn me into shreds everytime I took a look at it. But i was a masochist, I wanted to feel the pain pierce through me. But i felt nothing. Her absence was soul numbing.

    The sun slowly drowned into the bank of the lake, as i sat there drowning in her evergreen memories.

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