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    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    They got into Ryan's room and Ryan locked the door from inside.
    Timothée: How are you feeling now?

    Ryan: Never been better. Why do you ask?

    "Oh, I came here last night and accidentally knocked on Lydia's window. It was embarrassing", Timothée said with a soft laugh. "Anyways, she told me that you've been having trouble sleeping again".

    "How can someone be so perfect?", Ryan asked himself. He wasn't paying attention to what Timothée was saying. It was just like when they were sitting on that tree two years ago when Ryan kissed him and later made a complete fool of himself by falling into the lake. He couldn't stop thinking about that kiss and Timothée knew that. He could feel Ryan's heart palpitating. "Kiss him. Just kiss him. No, don't. Why does it feel like he can hear my thoughts every time he is around. Just think about something else. Anything but that kiss. Sandwich? Pizza? Oh, come on. Why do I have to be the one to kiss you first? Just kiss me", Ryan was struggling with his thoughts and Timothée could hear it all. He couldn't stop himself from laughing.

    Timothée: Fair point.

    "What?", Ryan was petrified. He was so confused if Timothée heard his thoughts or was he actually speaking out loud and not thinking.

    Timothée held Ryan's face with his right hand and Ryan froze. That touch sent tremors along his nerves. It felt so familiar. He has waited for it long enough that he thought he wouldn't even be able to recognise it if he ever felt it again. Ryan looked straight into his eyes as his heart started beating faster and faster. He felt like it was going to come out of his chest any minute. Timothée started slowly leaning towards him and Ryan stopped breathing. He looked at his lips and closed his eyes. He felt Timothée's soft breath getting warmer and warmer as he came closer. Ryan's soul melted away only to blend into Timothée's the moment he felt the sweetness of his parted lips gently touch his like a feather. Ryan took a deep breath and soaked himself in that moment as their breaths mixed up and made clouds full of hope and dream. He placed his arms around him and finally felt the wetness as Timothée kissed him, first gently, carefully and then deeply until Ryan was breathless. They memorised each other's soul with the pressure on their lips. Ryan started to move towards his bed carefully but firmly holding Timothée and Tim moved along. They reached near the bed but Ryan slipped on the carpet and fall on the bed as he was moving backwards. "God, I'm such an idiot! I ruined it again", Ryan said as he watched Timothée laugh at his clumsy ass. "No you are not and no you didn't", Timothée replied as he sat on the bed, helped Ryan get up and gave him a final peck. "You are perfect"

    Ryan: You are right. It's all these stupid carpets.

    "Right. Stupid, stupid carpets. They should be banned", Timothée said barely controlling his laughter.

    Ryan: I'm sorry for last night. I swear I didn't stood you up on purpose.

    "Hey, hey. I know you didn't mean to", Timothée said carefully holding his hand. "Ryan, umm... we need to talk. There's something that I've been trying to tell you for quite some time"

    Ryan: Yes, we do need to talk but I'll go first. I don't know if you feel the same way but those forty days in that camp with you was the best time of my life and it's weird, good, addictive weird what I feel when I am around you and I can't explain it in words. I am not used to feeling this way about someone and it scares me. You might think that I am crazy but the first time I saw you, I felt like I have known you my entire life. Like I have known the person you are, the real you, not the one you pretend to be when you are around others. You were like a voice in my head and that day gave a face to that voice. So, I know when you are suffering. I know when you are lying.

    "I-I don't know where you are going with this", Timothée interrupted him.

    Ryan: That day in the swimming pool...

    "Ryan. I'm fine. Seriously, I'm fine", Timothée interrupted again.

    Ryan: No you are not. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it right now but just stop lying. I am sorry for shouting at you that day. I shouldn't have done that. But, you - you bring out a part of me that freaks me out.

    "I was in the field for soccer practice late at night. A big match was coming up and I had to make my team win to get into Princeton. I wasn't getting much rest and I guess my brain was tired. It was dark and I thought I saw something and I freaked out, lost control and fall. Some kids were camping nearby and one of them found me. I was unconscious so they rushed me to a hospital and when I woke up, the doctor told me I fractured a bone in my leg. They said I can't play for at least a year. That day, in the swimming pool, I-I was doing my regular exercise as my therapist asked me to. Even the simplest ones were taking too much effort. I was just frustrated", Timothée sighed.

    Ryan: I'm sorry about Princeton. I know how much that school meant to you but it's in the past now. Tim, you-- you have to let it go. I can help you with the exercises if you want.

    Timothée: I have to tell you something. I have already delayed it for so long and I don't think we can afford to put it on hold for any longer. Just promise me you will listen without interrupting me.

    Ryan: I promise I won't interrupt. What is it?

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    ------------------ [Part-1] ------------------

    Timothée was standing in front of Ryan's house. He was having second thoughts but he finally got himself to knock on the door.
    Paige was reading a book and Ryan was sitting on the dining table, eating sandwiches that Lydia left for him.

    "I'll get it", Paige said as Ryan was about to get up to open the door. She removed her glasses and got up. Ryan went back to eating.

    "Mornin' Mrs Finch. Is Ryan home?", Timothée said as Paige opened the door.

    Paige: Good morning love. And who might you be?

    Timothée: Oh, where are my manners. Sorry. I'm Timothée Hiddleston. Ryan's, umm... Ryan's friend.

    "Oh, the same 'boy friend' that made him sandwiches I suppose", Paige said teasing him.

    "I guess, that would be me", Timothée answered in an embarrassed tone.

    Paige: That's a really sweet gesture. Come in. He is inside. And call me Paige. Mrs Finch makes me feel old.

    Timothée: You are joking right? You look so young. If I haven't met you in this house, I wouldn't even be able to tell that you are a mother of 21 years old.

    Paige: Oh come on. You don't have to butter me. I'm already in your team. Save some for Ryan.

    "Yes ma'am", Timothée said as he got in.

    Ryan was at the last bite of his first sandwich when he saw Timothée in his house.

    Timothée: Oh, so you did got the sandwiches. I thought Lydia ate them all by herself.

    Ryan stopped chewing and tried swallowing the whole thing down immediately. He got up, gently coughed as the food got stuck in his throat, drank some juice to get it down trying to make it less embarrassing, only to stumble on the carpet right at his first step towards Timothée.

    Paige: Careful honey.

    "Every time", Timothée mumbled with a gentle chuckle.

    "Sorry. I'm... I'm okay", Ryan said to Paige in a croaky voice. "Tim, what are you doing here? I thought you were in school"

    Timothée: I was. But then Lydia told me that you were up. So, I thought I should come and check on you.

    Paige: Aww. Aren't you the sweetest!

    Timothée: Hey, can we talk?

    "Sure. W- what is it?", Ryan was very uncomfortable talking to Timothée in front of his mom.

    Timothée: Umm, I was hoping we could maybe talk in private.

    Ryan looked at Paige and said, "Oh, yes. I'm sorry. We can talk in my room". He started walking upstairs and Timothée followed him. "Don't lock the door", Paige shouted from behind with a big, cheeky smile to tease Ryan.

    "Mom!", Ryan said in an irritated tone and stared at Paige. "We won't if you promise not to peak", Timothée replied with an infectious smile.

    Ryan was shocked at Timothée's reply. He looked at him and then at his mom, waiting for her to say something even more inappropriate. "I like this one. Keep him", Paige said.

    Ryan: Ugh, I don't even want to be a part of this childish behaviour.

    Paige: Come on. Live a little.

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    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    She was sitting in the classroom when her phone started vibrating. "Hey, look who is up! How are you feeling?", Lydia said as he picked up the phone.

    Ryan: Ahh! I have a sore neck, probably because I overslept. Rest is fine. Hey, were you in my room earlier?

    Lydia: I was just checking on you. What happened?

    Ryan: Oh! Nothing. I just... Never mind. Lyds, do you remember everything that happened last night?

    Lydia: Yeah! What part?

    Ryan: There was this blonde girl in Dr Thomas's office. Blue eyes, probably 15, told me that her name was Leah. Does that ring any bell?

    Lydia: You mean the teenager who stared at me as if I stole her boyfriend a night before prom? Yeah, I remember her.

    Ryan: She did what now? Anyways, she... She knew my name and she said something to me last night before she left. It was weird. I had a feeling like I know her but I had never seen her before last night.

    Lydia: That's weird... And creepy. What did she say?

    Ryan: Tell your friend, we have to meet or it's time that we meet, all three of us or something. I don't exactly remember. There's something else.

    Lydia: What else and why are we even talking about her? She's probably just some lunatic.

    Ryan: Lyds, she did the same thing with me what Owen did last night. That I'm here but I'm not here thing.

    Lydia: You mean that she was astral projecting? Do you think that she's a winged one?

    Ryan: Well, what other possible explanation can there be for what she did? And maybe, she knows about Owen. Maybe he is the friend she was talking about last night. I mean, he was missing for months and then he showed up and the same night she showed up. It can't all be just a coincidence.

    Lydia: Hey, hey! Just slow down okay! Ryan, umm... You were not yourself last night. Are you sure that that's what you saw?

    Ryan: Seriously? Lyds, I was completely in my senses when I saw that girl. I might not remember what happened during the session but I do remember her.

    Lydia: Paige invited me for dinner tonight. We can talk about it after that. Until then, promise me you won't think about it.

    "Good morning miss Roden. Is this seat taken?", Timothée came in and asked Lydia while she was talking to Ryan.

    Ryan: Who's that?

    Lydia: It's... It's Timothée.

    Ryan: Of course he took literature. I have to go now. See you tonight.

    "See you tonight", Lydia said as she disconnected the call. She immediately turned to Timothée and said, "No Mr Hiddleston. This seat is not taken. And... I know that you are the mystery chef from The Grills"

    Timothée: What now?

    Lydia: Oh, don't try to act smart with me. I'm smarter than you. My taste buds remember everything I eat.

    "I still don't know what you are talking about", Timothée took a minute to connect the dots and continued, "Oh, you are talking about the sandwiches. No, that's my granddad's recipe. He used to work at The Grills before he got sick. The chef that works there now has his recipe"

    Lydia: That makes sense. And, I'm... I'm sorry for your loss. I heard he passed away last week.

    Timothée: Thanks.

    Lydia: Were you two close?

    Timothée: Yeah! I mean, we used to hang out a lot. He used to make pancakes and sandwiches every weekend. We used to go on long walks and sit outside the house every time it was raining.

    "Hey, Was that Ryan on the phone?", He said after a little pause.

    Lydia: Yes, it was him.

    Timothée: Is he not coming?

    Lydia: Oh, he umm... He -- he just overslept. It's better if he stays at home for a couple of days and just rests.

    "That's not good", Timothée murmured as he got up with his bag.

    Lydia: I'm sorry. What was that? I couldn't hear you.

    "It's, ugh!... It's... It's nothing. I just need to talk to him about something", Timothée said as he started moving towards the door.

    "But it's snowing out there. It's not... safe to drive", Lydia shouted behind him.

    Timothée was about to cross the door and leave the classroom when Miss Beatrice, their literature teacher came in. They almost collided.

    Miss B: Watch where you are going young man!

    "Good morning Miss B. I'm so sorry but I've got. See you next week", Timothée said without even giving her a chance to say something.

    "Oh, I will see you next week and you better get your ass in here with a logical explanation Mr Hiddleston", Miss Beatrice shouted.


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    ------------------ [Part-1] ------------------

    "Thank you for letting me stay at your place last night. I'm sorry for sneaking out like this but I have to get the headlights fixed before school. See you in Literature. P.S.- I made some extra sandwiches for you and Ryan", Lydia read from the note that Timothée left for her on the fridge.

    "More like, see Ryan in literature!", Lydia mumbled as she stuck the magnet back to the fridge. She looked around and found some sandwiches on the dining table, carefully placed on two separate plates. Lydia got closer and saw that one of them had a ketchup smiley face and the other had a heart. "Huh! looks like I know which one is mine. So smooth Hiddleston", Lydia said with a smile on her face and clicked a picture of the one with a heart. "Look what your boyfriend left for you, AT MY PLACE", she texted Ryan with "at my place" in all caps to tease him and poured some orange juice in a glass. She waited for him to see it and call her for some juicy details but when that didn't happen, she kept the phone aside and started eating. The moment she took the first bite, her taste buds detected a familiar taste. She took another bite just to be sure.

    "No way. He is the mystery chef from the Grills. This is insane", Lydia said and picked up her phone again. "YOU ARE THE MYSTERY CHEF AT THE GRILLS??!!", She typed in all caps again but didn't send it thinking that she'll ask it in person when she sees him in school. She wanted to see the look on his face when he finds out that she busted him. She went upstairs to get ready for school. She opened her closet and picked out an off-white, cold shoulder, woollen top, a pair of blue jeans and black, laced boots. She got in the shower and as the warm water gently hit her head, she felt her muscles relaxing. She closed her eyes and for the first time in a long time, she didn't have much in her head to think about, to worry about. She was excited to go to college and not to read some shitty history books but to study the thing that made her apply for college in the first place.

    Literature was always her go-to happy place whenever she needed to get away from her thoughts and the outside world. She remembered the time when her mom got her hooked up on the Harry Potter series when she was little and she didn't step out of her house for days, just so she could read them all. She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and picked up her phone to see if she had any text from Ryan. There was nothing. "Hey, you up yet?", She texted him again and tossed her phone on the bed as she got dressed. She didn't want to overthink Ryan's condition and everything that happened with Owen the other night. She decided to enjoy a normal day, just like before everything started falling apart.

    She came downstairs to make herself some coffee as her daily routine from the past six months but realised that she didn't have to force her eyes to stay open anymore. Owen was back. He was hurt but he was there and that's all that mattered to her at that moment. She packed her bag, drank some water, picked up her phone and car keys. She knocked on Ryan's house holding a plate of sandwiches covered with another plate. Paige opened the door.

    "Good morning Paige", Lydia said as she entered the house.

    Paige: Good morning love. Oh! Someone's chirpy today. What's that in your hand?

    "This is a sandwich that Ryan's boyfriend left for him at my place", Lydia answered out of reflex but soon realised what she just did as she saw Paige's confused face. "I'm sorry. Did I just say, boyfriend? I meant boyfriend", Lydia said, trying to cover it up before it got out of hands.

    Paige: Why would he leave sandwiches for him at your place? That's weird!

    "Uhh! I know what you are thinking or what all this might sound like in your head but it's a long story and a funny one,.. that I would love to tell you with every single juicy detail but I-- I am running late for school. My first lecture today is with B. How fun is that! Haven't seen her in a while", Lydia just said anything and everything that came to her mind to make Paige stop asking questions about that stupid but insanely delicious sandwich.

    "Is he still sleeping?", Lydia decided to stop making it awkward for both of them.

    Paige: I checked on him half an hour ago. He was sleeping then. He is probably still sleeping or he would have come downstairs.

    Paige noticed the changing expression on Lydia's face. "You are overthinking again, aren't you?", She said with a motherly concern in her voice.

    Lydia: What if he is not just sleeping?

    Paige: You mean if he is having another sleep paralysis attack? I would have seen it when I went into his room.

    Lydia: You are right. I am just overthinking it. He is all right.

    Paige realised that she wasn't really satisfied with her answer.

    Paige: You should go see him for the peace of your mind.

    "That's exactly what I was thinking," she said and started running to the stairs but realised that she might wake him up with all that thumping so she tiptoed through the rest of the way. She carefully opened his door and went inside. He was sleeping like a baby. "Maybe whatever Dr Thomas did last night, actually worked", she thought. She picked up his jacket that was lying on the carpet, placed it on his study table and tiptoed her way back downstairs. Paige was in the kitchen, making herself some green tea.

    Lydia: He is just sleeping. Huh! That's progress, right?

    Paige: I hope so. Hey, come home for dinner. It's been a minute since we last had a meal together. I'll cook your favourite.

    "That's so sweet of you. I'll be there", Lydia said with a big, cheeky smile and left for college.


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    Lydia was in her room, scrolling through some old family photos in her phone. She looked at the time and realised that it was almost midnight. She locked her phone, placed it on her side table, turned off the lights and was about to lie down when she heard something on her window. She ignored it the first time thinking that it was just wind but she heard it again. She turned the lights back on and got up.

    "Ryan, is that you?", She asked but didn't got any response. She opened up the window and looked down. Timothée was standing in her lawn.

    "Tim? What are you doing here?", Lydia said slightly bending over the window and sticking her neck out.

    "Shit! Wrong house.", Timothée mumbled to himself.

    Lydia: What? I can't hear you. Wait, I'm coming down.

    "No, you don't... have to", Timothée said but Lydia was already gone. He saw the porch light turned on and then the front door opened up. Lydia came out and closed the door behind her. Tim went to the porch to talk to her.

    Timothée: Hey! I'm really sorry if I woke you up.

    "No it's fine. I wasn't sleeping", Lydia said covering herself up with an oversized woolen shrug. "What's up? What are you doing here so late?"

    Timothée: Umm... I- I... Ryan once told me that he-- he lives here. It was so long ago. I must have messed up with the house number.

    Lydia kept looking at him, waiting for him to finally answer what she actually asked.

    "I'm sorry. The thing is that -- umm... Ryan and I, we uhh, we were supposed to meet tonight. He said that you two had something else to do first. We decided to meet after that. I waited for him but he didn't showed up so, I just came to see if he was okay.

    "That's so sweet of you to drop by to check on him. He lives next door", Lydia said pointing towards Ryan's house.

    "Right! Well, thank you for that. It was lovely meeting you again", Timothée said and turned back to go to Ryan's place.

    Lydia: Tim! I-- I don't think you should go in there right now. He had a rough day, a rough week actually. He hasn't really been sleeping quite well.

    Timothée looked worried after hearing that so Lydia said, "But he will be all right. You can talk to him tomorrow"

    Timothée: Are you sure that he is all right?

    Lydia: I hope so. He is just having nightmares.

    Timothée: Right! Was he... Did he looked upset about anything today?

    Lydia: No. I don't think so. Nothing in particular. Why do you ask?

    Timothée: Just asked in general. I should go now.

    "What happened to your car?", Lydia enquired as she saw the broken headlights.

    Timothée: Oh, it's-- it's nothing. I just had a little accident after school.

    Lydia: An accident! Are you hurt?

    "I don't know. I might have sprained my shoulder a bit. It's hurting a little", Tim said as he stretched his neck a little to the left.

    Lydia opened the door and said, "Get in". Timothée was surprised for that sudden invitation. He didn't understood what was happening.

    "What are you staring at? Get in. There's no way you are driving in this condition. Storm is about to hit and if you can brake those headlights in broad daylight, do you really want to take chances with your limbs and your pretty face when it's completely dark and snowing? Besides, Ryan will kill me if something happened to you on my watch!",

    Timothée: Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to be a trouble.

    Lydia: It's a big house Hiddleston. Not as big as the senator's house, I believe but I won't even know that you are here.

    "Well, if that's the case, you should really think about getting some security", Timothée smirked.

    Lydia: It's very funny Tim. Now get your exotic ass in there. Not everyone is insomniac. I need to sleep.

    "How did you... Uhh! Never mind. Of course he told you", Timothée said in an irritated tone as he got in. Lydia followed him and locked the door behind.

    "You have a lovely house", Timothée said as he picked up some books from the couch and placed them on the table to make some space for him to sit. "Way too many books but I guess, that's how every nerd's house must look like. See, I haven't been to many"

    Lydia: Oh, these are for a side project that Ryan and I were doing.

    Timothée: That's interesting. Do you need any help with it?

    Lydia: No. No no. We dropped it. It was getting exhausting. Anyways, that's the kitchen, if you need anything, and right there to your left is the guest room. You can sleep there. It has an attached washroom.

    Timothée: Fancy!

    Lydia: Make yourself at home. Oh, and there's a first aid kit in the cabinet. You'll find a pain relief spray for your shoulder. Use it if it's still hurting. You'll feel better.

    Timothée: Thank you. I really appreciate it. Now, I think you should go get some sleep. After all, you are not an insomniac.

    "Touché!", Lydia smiled.

    "Goodnight Lydia", Timothée said as he got up to go to the guest room.

    "Goodnight Tim", she said and walked away.

    Timothée lied down on the bed and started thinking about everything that happened earlier. His argument with Leah, Ryan listening them talking and then the bright light were all just flashing in front of his eyes. He had no idea how much of it Ryan actually heard and that was bothering him a lot. He then told himself that whatever it is that he heard or saw back in the Limbo will just help him in explaining his part and making Ryan believe in all this crazy stuff. It calmed him a little. He closed his eyes and sighed before saying, "Leah? Are you there?"

    Leah was pacing to and fro in her room, trying to muster up some courage to go and knock on the door she was about to knock on earlier that day before Ryan accidentally summoned her and Timothée to some alternate reality. She heard Timothée calling out to her but she decided not to respond. She was tired of all the melts and nightmares.

    "I know you can hear me. It's okay. You don't have to respond. I just wanted to apologize for what I said earlier. Whatever happened today with Ryan, it... it wasn't your fault. I should have given you a status update when you called out to me a couple days ago and I should have already told him everything. I know that a lot is at stake right now and all this is so new to you. You are probably still adjusting to all these sudden intrusions in your thoughts, all these strange voices in your head but it will get better. You are already doing so much better than me and Ryan. And about telling Owen that you are the last activated empath for the trio, I know it's difficult but Leah, you are a strong girl. You'll figure something out. I'm already so proud of everything you've done so far, how you are handling all this. Don't overthink it. Just tell him. I'll explain everything to Ryan the moment I see him tomorrow. We both have waited so long for this. Let's get this over with now. Try sleeping, if you can. Good night", Timothée said as he closed his eyes.


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    ------------------ [Part-2] ------------------

    Tim woke up in his black SUV with a dull pain in his neck and right shoulder. His heart was racing and he had some trouble breathing. He saw the airbags, tried to push them in to make some space and got out for some fresh air.

    Leah opened her eyes and found herself lying in her bed. Her head was hurting because of the fall and her vision was blurred for a minute. She got up and sat there for a while with a bunch of pillows supporting her back.

    Ryan suddenly started taking deep breaths as if someone was choking him and then woke up with a jerk only to fall down from the couch. His head slightly brushed against the table and he immediately pressed it with his hand out of reflex. Lydia, who was earlier roaming around in the room because she was anxious, came running towards him.

    Lydia: Oh my god! Are you all right?

    Ryan: W- what? Yes, I... I'm fine. My head is hurting. What... what happened? Why am I...

    Lydia hugged him really tight without even letting him finish.

    Lydia: Don't ever do that again.

    Ryan: Okay. Do what?

    Lydia: Shut up!

    "Welcome back son! You freaked us out. Let's get you up", Dr. Thomas said as he helped Ryan get up. "How are you feeling?"

    Ryan: Umm... M... My head is hurting. There's this weird vibration up there and... And I'm a bit dizzy. My heart is pounding. I-I-I don't know why.

    Dr. Thomas: Hey, It's okay. You are safe. What did you saw in there?

    Ryan: Screams, umm... dark... darkness.

    Dr. Thomas: Screams? What screams?

    Ryan: It was all dark. I- I couldn't see anything. People were screaming and they were in pain. I felt it. They were in so much pain. And there was this weird scratching, like.. like when a rat gets trapped in a box and it keeps scratching, trying to get out, only it was louder. And then it all just stopped.

    Dr. Thomas: What else?

    Ryan: I... I don't remember anything after that. It's all so hazy. I need to sleep.

    "It's okay. We are going home now", Lydia said staring at the doctor. She helped Ryan get up and Dean helped them get to the car. Lydia drove him to his house, got him upstairs to his room. Ryan lied down on his bed, Lydia pulled up the sheets on him and turned off the light. "Goodnight", she said as she kissed him on his head, silently closed the door and tip toed downstairs.

    Paige had woken up when they opened the door to got in and was waiting for Lydia to come downstairs. "Is he okay?", she asked with concern in his voice.

    Lydia: He is fine. A little tired. He just need some sleep.

    Paige nodded and followed Lydia to the door. "Goodnight", she said.

    Lydia: Goodnight Paige.


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    #BetweenTheWorlds �� Find all the chapters (that I've posted so far) here!!

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    ------------------ [Part-1] ------------------

    "Ryan! Can you hear me?", Lydia said in a brittle voice.

    Ryan was now lying unconscious on the couch and Lydia was sitting near him. Dr. Thomas was thinking about ways to bring him back from wherever he was in his mind. In 27 years of his career, he had never come across a case like Ryan's. He knew that whatever battle he was fighting in his dreams, were the same he was avoiding in his real life. His brain was putting up barriers in his memories to protect him from something and the more he was avoiding them, more it was getting worse.

    "Lydia. Hey, umm... I think you should give him some space so he can breathe", Dr. Thomas said wiping the sweat off his face. He kept looking at the clock every now and then to monitor the time he was unconscious for.

    "It's all my fault. I should have... I should have never forced him to come here today. He said he was really tired. I should've just let him sleep", Lydia said in a breaking and choked up voice.

    Dean came closer to her and said, "I need you to be strong for him. He'll be all right. It's no one's fault Lydia. Not his, not mine, and definitely not yours. I already checked his pulse. He is stable now. It's almost like he is in a deep sleep, like when he gets sleep paralyzed for a while after having a nightmare. It's just that. He will wake up soon" but he wasn't really sure if that was actually what was happening. He was hoping that it wasn't anything serious but he was also simultaneously preparing his mind for an emergency call.

    Ryan was roaming around in darkness, completely lost and afraid. He was looking for a way out when he heard a familiar voice. He followed that voice to a place that wasn't as dark as the one where he was before. It was still hazy but he could see someone standing.

    Leah: What the hell Hiddleston! What's going on? Why am I here?

    Timothée: It wasn't me. It's Ryan.

    Leah: What's wrong with that dude! I told him that all three of us need to meet soon but this is not how I meant it.

    Timothée: Excuse me! You did what? When?
    Leah: Well, like an hour ago. I met him at the doctor's place.

    Timothée: What doctor? Wait, Dr. Thomas? Oh, so that's what he meant when he said he had some plans with Lydia. But I thought he stopped seeing him!

    Leah: Why is he doing this? And where the hell is he?

    Timothée: Wait. Why were you there and why the hell did you talked to him?

    Ryan could see them arguing at this point and he tried to speak but he wasn't sure what to say so he choose to just listen. Tim and Leah were so into their conversation that none of them noticed Ryan was there.

    Leah: Hey, what's wrong with everyone? Why does everyone just keeps blaming me for shit that I'm not responsible for! If I remember correctly, last time we met, you were the one who asked me to tell you whenever I was ready. That's exactly what I did. I asked him to tell you that it's time. We need to meet.

    Timothée: Leah!... I said, "tell me" not tell Ryan to tell me. There's a difference.

    Leah: But what difference does it make if I tell you or I tell him, ehh! He is just as much a part of this mess as both of us.

    Timothée: It's different, okay!

    Leah: How? Just explain that to me.

    "Because..", Timothée took a little break before completing that sentence. "Because he doesn't know anything"

    Leah: I'm sorry, what? I don't think I got that right! What do you mean he doesn't know anything?

    Timothée was silent as if someone punched him right in his voice box.

    "Oh my god! I can't believe this. I can't believe this", Leah said with her hand placed on her head as she started walking back and forth and then stopped to complete what she started saying. "You still haven't told him, have you? Hiddleston... You.. you just had one job and you couldn't even...", Leah started shouting at Timothée out of frustration.

    Timothée: I was going to tell him tonight. He was avoiding me. He was acting all strange. What was I supposed to do? Kidnap him, tie him to a chair and just what, blurt it all out and fry his brain? It's all your fault. If you hadn't acted all smart and...

    Leah: Great! And here we go again. Just because I am a sweet little angel, trapped inside a 15 years old body, everyone gets to treat me like a freakin' baby.

    Timothée: Don't... Don't take it personally. You know I didn't meant it that way.

    Leah: Oh, but you did! You are just like everyone else. Just have some guts to accept the real reason why you didn't told him about all this. You had enough time and you still didn't.

    Timothée: You want to know the actual reason. Then listen. I couldn't tell Ryan why he had to go through all that pain every single night for the exact same reason you still haven't told your precious uncle about your nightmares. And yes I know that you still haven't told him. And yes I could have told him when he came to see me the last time but I didn't because it wasn't my place just like it wasn't yours to tell Ryan whatever you told him today.

    Leah: Don't overreact. I didn't told him anything that he didn't already knew.

    Timothée: Yaah! But you said something and whatever it was, that's probably the reason why we are stuck here. Whatever this place is! Wait, this is not Ryan's melt! It's different. I haven't seen this place before in his dreams.

    "Tim, what is happening?", Ryan said in a wobbly voice.

    "Ryan?", Timothée said looking in the direction from where he heard Ryan's voice and then immediately looked at Leah.

    Ryan was confused and exhausted. "There were these really loud voices. Peep... people were screaming. So much pain and then... Then it j... Just all went quite"

    Leah: Actually, exact opposite of that.

    Timothée: What do you mean exact opposite of that?

    Leah: The screams... That your boyfriend is talking about, they didn't went quite. They became louder and crossed your hearing range. I'm surprised he is even standing right now after hearing that.

    Timothée: Any idea where are we?

    Leah: My best guess is that we are in a Limbo of some sorts.

    Timothée: A Limbo? You mean like Purgatory?

    Leah: Sure. If that's what you want to call it. We need to get out of here. Hey you, Finch! Get us out of here.

    Timothée: Leave him alone. He doesn't have any control over his... his abilities.

    Leah: But we can't wait forever. He is the one who got us stuck in here. He'll have to get us out.

    Timothée: There has to be another way.

    Leah: There is no other way Hiddleston.

    "Shut up", Ryan mumbled.

    Timothée: Then stop blaming him. It's not his fault and you know that.

    Leah: No it isn't. It's your fault, you lovestruck coward.

    Timothée: Hey, if you hadn't talked to him it would have never happened.

    Leah: I didn't knew. How many times do I have to say this, I didn't knew that he had no idea about all...

    "Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!", Ryan shouted with every last drop of strength he had left in his body before he fell down to the ground. Timothée tried running towards him but a blinding bright light suddenly came out of nowhere and Tim and Leah covered their eyes with their arms.

    Leah: Time to go ho...

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    #BetweenTheWorlds �� Find all the chapters (that I've posted so far) here!!

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    Dr. Thomas: You went to see your brother? How did it go?

    "Well, it's not like we could have had any argument. He is six feet under so... I was the only one talking", Ryan said trying to make it less uncomfortable for himself but the sadness in his voice and in his eyes was really hard to hide. He had tears in his eyes but he managed to stopped them from coming out. He clicked the roof of his mouth with his tongue, trying to speak further but his mouth suddenly went all dry and he was having difficulty breathing. Dr. Thomas saw him taking deep breaths and offered him some water.

    "Thank you", Ryan said as he gulped down the entire glass of water in just one breath.

    Dr. Thomas: So, you feeling any better now?

    Ryan: Yes, thank you.

    Dr. Thomas: How did you feel after visiting your brother?

    Ryan: I'm... I'm not sure. It felt like someone took some weight off of my chest but the nightmares never stopped.

    Dr. Thomas: Ryan, have you been seeing things lately that aren't really there?

    Ryan was taken aback after hearing that question. Memories started flashing before his eyes from when he saw Dylan that night getting into an accident, when he saw Owen earlier that day and then Leah in that office. He knew he couldn't tell him the truth because it would have meant something really bad as Leah said. He could feel it inside him that something else was going on. Something that was probably beyond any scientific explanation but he himself didn't knew what it was.

    Ryan: Umm. No. No. Why did you asked?

    Dr. Thomas: You asked us earlier if we could see Leah or not. That's a little unusual, don't you think? I mean, it's not really like asking if someone else want pizza for dinner.

    "You do realise that you still have a terrible sense of humour, right?", Ryan said trying to avoid that question for just as long to figure out a logical explanation for his stupidity.

    Dr. Thomas: And you are doing it again.

    Ryan: Doing what again?

    Dr. Thomas: Stalling! Look son, I've known you since you were seven. I know when you don't want to answer a question. You don't need to change the topic for that. Just say it and I'll move on to next question.

    Ryan: Dean... Uhh! It's... It's not like that, okay. I just don't know how to answer that question right now. I mean, I can answer it if that's what you want but I'm not sure if it will make any sense. I don't even know if it makes any sense in my head.

    Dr. Thomas: It's okay. Completely fair. We will come back to that question some other time. How about we try tapping into your nightmares again?

    Ryan: Oh boy! Here we go again!

    Dr. Thomas: I know you don't like it and that's probably why you started skipping our sessions but we have to give it another try.

    Ryan: I told you I don't remember any of it.

    Dr. Thomas: That's exactly why we have a procedure.

    Ryan: But... Agh! You know what. Let's do this.

    Dr. Thomas: Are you sure?

    Ryan: Start it before I change my mind.

    Dr. Thomas: Great! You know the drill. I'll start the metronome, you clear your head. Just focus on the ticking sound and try to think about your nightmares. Whatever you see or hear, any image, any sound, anything, even the tiniest thing, just keep telling me and I'll write it down. Focus on the rhythmic sound to come out of your thoughts. Also, remember, start tapping your foot to match the rhythm of the pendulum before you enter your thoughts just in case the pendulum stops or if you are not able to hear it. Any doubts?

    "I don't think so", Ryan said with a reluctant voice.

    Dr. Thomas: Hey! You've done this before. You can do it again. Just don't overthinking it. You'll be all right. If anything goes wrong, I'll be right here with you to pull you out.

    Ryan nodded and Dr. Thomas started the metronome. The moment Ryan heard it ticking, he started tapping his right foot on the ground as Dean asked him to. He closed his eyes and tried clearing his head. It took him some time but he finally managed to tap into one of the memories of his nightmare or at least that's what it felt like. It was completely dark in there and he could hear distant scratching, screeching and screaming. Those screams were deafening and Ryan could feel the pain in every single one of them. His ears started hurting from the loud voice and his brain was not ready to take all that pain at once. He started screaming with both his hands covering his ears and the tapping became faster. He just wanted to get out of that horrible place as soon as possible but he wasn't able to focus neither on the metronome nor on his foot. Lydia heard his screams and came running inside.

    "Oh god! What is happening to him?", Lydia asked Dr. Thomas as she held Ryan with his arm.

    Dr. Thomas: Miss Roden. I appreciate your concern but you can't be in here. You are not helping.

    "Not helping! He is in pain. Can't you see that? Bring him back. Bring him back please", Lydia said with tears rolling down her eyes.

    Dr. Thomas: He need something stronger than just this ticking to come back. It wasn't supposed to go like this. Get aside. Hey Ryan! Son, can you hear me?

    "He is not responding. Why isn't he responding?", Lydia was now holding him really tight to make him feel that she was with him because he was still screaming. "Make it stop", she shouted at the doctor.

    "I'm sorry. I... I can't. He has to fight it out", Dean was now freaking out.

    Lydia: Ryan! Ryan! I know you can hear me. I want you to focus on my voice. Just focus on my voice okay! Ryan... Ryan... Ryan... Just come back to me, please. Ryan!

    Ryan was still in that dark place when he heard Lydia screaming his name. The moment he heard her, the voices screaming and screeching started diminishing and everything around him started shaking and fading. When the voices became almost inaudible, he felt like he was in a different place but it was still so dark. He could barely see anything.

    Lydia: He stopped screaming. But why... Why isn't he coming back? Hey Ryan. Ryan!

    Timothée was in his car, driving to his appartment with some packaged snacks in the backseat that he bought from the supermarket after school. He was thinking about his date with Ryan later that evening when the light in front of his eyes started slowly fading away. Everything started to become dark.

    "Bloody hell! Not now Finch. Not now. Shit!", Timothée said right before he lost control over the steering wheel and his car smashed into a tree on the side walk. The snow that was collected on the leaves of the tree came onto the windshield with a thud and the airbags opened up preventing his head from hitting the steering wheel. The sudden pressure from the airbags left him unconscious.

    Leah was standing in front of a gigantic, white and golden fairytale door, trying to muster up some courage to open it and go inside. She finally lifted up her hand to knock on the door but before the knuckles of her tiny fingers could touch the delicate design of that wooden door, everything in front of her eyes started fading away leaving just complete darkness behind.

    "I know I said let's meet but this is not what I m...", Leah fell to the ground, completely unconscious before she could finish her sentence.


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    #BetweenTheWorlds �� Find all the chapters (that I've posted so far) here!!

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    Yeh jo peeda hai mere antarman ki,
    meri aatma ko kachote jaye hy,
    chaka-chaundh har taraf faili hui,
    phir bhi andhera mujhme samaye hy

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    Lydia parked the car in the parking and they both got out. Ryan opened the glass door to a building that was as white and clean as a hospital. They went inside and stopped in the waiting lobby outside Dr. Thomas's office. The lobby had a couple of grey couches and a glass table with a wooden frame.

    Lydia: So, we are here!

    "We are", Ryan said as he breathed a sigh of exhaustion.

    Lydia entangled her fingers into his and said, "don't think too much about it. Just go in there and do as he asks, okay! You'll be all right. Besides, I'll be here the entire time. You can step out of that room if it gets out of control and I promise we will leave without any argument"

    Ryan: Hey, are you sure you are okay? I don't want to leave you all alone after what just happened.

    "Oh, so now we are using my love life as an excuse to avoid an uncomfortable doctor's appointment. What are you, 12?", Lydia said trying to laugh it off. "I'll be fine Rainy. Just go"

    Ryan nodded and walked towards the door. He looked back at her before he knocked. Lydia smiled at him as she sat on the couch. Ryan went in and Lydia picked up a magazine to distract herself.

    "Oh, Hey! You.. you are not Dr. Thomas", Ryan said to the woman sitting on his therapist's chair. She was busy looking into some papers in a file.

    "No I'm not. Hi, I'm Dr. Quinn. You can call me Caitlin. And you must be Ryan", Caitlin said as she shook hands with Ryan.

    Ryan: Umm, you got that right. But, I'm.. I'm confused. Where's Dr. Thomas. I was supposed to have a session with him.

    Caitlin: I'm well aware about your appointment with him. He will be with you in a moment.

    Ryan: Okay. I hope everything's all right.

    Caitlin: Oh, yes yes. He is just attending one of my patients.

    "Is that something psychologists do very often?", Ryan asked out of curiosity.

    Caitlin: I'm understanding your confusion at this moment Mr. Finch. Let's say that I was having some trouble with this patient's case and Dr. Thomas offered to help. Consider this as a comparing notes kinda situation, just in case I missed something.

    Ryan: If it's going to take him some time, I can ask him to reschedule our session. It won't be a trouble.

    Caitlin: Oh, no. You won't have to do that. They'll be out any minute now. Make yourself comfortable.

    Ryan looked around in that room and took a few steps towards the couch but stopped in the middle. The teal couch that was meant for the patients was empty. Ryan remembered the first time he was in that office with Dr. Thomas for his session as a kid, he asked him about the peculiar colour choice. It didn't quite go along with the interior and the grey walls of that room. Dr. Thomas told him that it was a symbol of hope and belonging. The people who think they are different than others or they don't fit in at a certain place can find a perfect home in the most unexpected place. He was right. That day, it felt like that couch was customised just for that room.

    He saw a girl coming towards him from where Dr. Thomas was but he didn't saw her opening the door or actually coming from that room. Ryan felt like something wasn't right. She looked a lot younger than him. Blue eyes, blonde hair, probably 15 or 16 years old. He kept looking at her until she stopped right next to him.

    Leah: Ryan! So we finally meet.

    Ryan was confused as he had never seen that girl before in his life and she knew his name.

    Ryan: I'm sorry. Do I know you?

    Caitlin: Did you said something love?

    Leah: I'll suggest, you just listen this time or she'll think that you are a completely gone case. Now go on. Answer the lady. She's waiting.

    Ryan was still looking at her, completely bewildered. He felt a really strong and strange connection with her, like he knew her but someone or something erased his memory. Even though his brain was all messed up to make any sense out of what she said but a little tingling voice inside him was softly screaming that he can trust her.

    Ryan: No. It's nothing Caitlin.

    Caitlin went back to her work without saying anything.

    "Good. See you soon", Leah said and just disappeared into thin air without giving Ryan a chance to say anything.

    He was shocked and was trying to wrap his head around what just happened. He had so many questions in his head and was beginning to think if she was just a hallucination when the door finally opened. Dr. Thomas came out of the room, followed by the same girl. Ryan was literally gasping the moment he saw her again.

    Ryan: What the hell!

    "Now, is that any way to talk to a little girl, Mr. Finch?", Leah said in a clear, British accent.

    Ryan: Who are you and how do you know my name?

    Dr. Thomas: Ryan. You look upset. What is it?

    "Tell your friend, it's time. We need to meet. All three of us. I can't wait to sleep without these freakin' nightmares", Leah said as she went to the door and grabbed the knob to open it. She turned back and said, 'I'm Leah, by the way" and left.

    Ryan: Someone please tell me that you too saw that arrogant, little brat or I'm gonna lose my shit!

    Caitlin: Of course we saw her. She's my patient that I was telling you about earlier. Huh! It's funny though. I've never seen her talk like that. You must have really offended her.

    Ryan: But I've never even seen her before now.

    Dr. Thomas: I think you should sit young man. We have a lot to talk about.

    Ryan sat on the couch.

    "I'll let you boys talk now. I have to go. Still so much work to do. See you at home", Caitlin said to Dr. Thomas as she kissed him and left.

    Ryan: Wait! Is she...?

    Dr. Thomas: Yaah! My wife. I know, way out of my league right?

    Ryan: I... umm I'm sorry. I didn't meant that.

    Dr. Thomas: Ahh! Don't sweat it. It's okay. Now, enough stalling. You've missed 3 sessions. You want to give an explanation for that?

    Ryan: I know. I'm sorry. I just had a lot in my mind.

    Dr. Thomas: Ryan, last time I checked, that's exactly why people go to see a therapist, not avoid them.

    Ryan: For what it's worth, I finally did what you have been asking me to do ever since the accident.


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    #BetweenTheWorlds �� Find all the chapters (that I've posted so far) here!!

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    Rains and Stories

    Pitter patter of rain,
    Are they telling a tale?

    A happy tale of two,
    Who watched the rain too.

    Content in their own story
    Of warmth, love and glory.

    And maybe somewhere far away,
    As the trees and plants sway,

    It's our story they tell,
    Is it going to end well?

  • naaz_ke_alfaaz 4w

    Loving you

    Tumhare mana karne par bhi tumhari fikar karna,
    Baton me khayalon me har wakt tumhara hi zikr karna,
    Han sab kehte hyn ise pagalpan mera,
    Par mujhe bachpana sa lagta hy mera tumse ishq karna♥️

  • vivekjhawar 4w

    Train ki journey, window wali seat, haath me ek khoobsurat kitab padhne ko
    Aur khoobsurat mausam, dheemi barsaat
    Aur kya chahiye bas safar me❤️

    Dheere dheere train chalne lagi aur thodi der baad next station aagaya UKSHI STATION (Maharastra).
    Jaise hi train station pe pahunchi wese hi tezz barsaat shuru hogayi aur paani khidki se andar aane laga.

    Kuch boonde baarish ki mere kapdo pe kuch kitaab pe aake girgayi.
    Main khidki band karne laga, jaise hi main khidki band karne laga, wese hi mera dhyan bahar khadi station pe ek khoobsurat ladki pe gaya.

    Jo itni tezz baarish me waha bhigte hue khadi thi, Usne apne haath aage kar khol rakhe the, aur wo baarish ki boondo ko apne haatho me rok rahi thi aur chehre pe ek khoobsurat muskaan thi, baarish me bheegne ki shayd...ya shayd wo ek Khushnuma insaan thi...shayd

    Aisa bhi lagraha tha, jaise wo kisi ke intezaar me khadi thi udhar,
    Aur itne me train chal padhi waha se..
    (Kash kuch der wo train waha aur ruk jaati) kher,
    Train uske saamne se hote hue nikli aur aage chali gayi, main use piche mudkar dekhta raha jab tak wo station nikal na gaya, kuch der baad barsaat bhi dheemi padne lagi..

    Par aage pure raste man me bas main wahi soch raha tha ya man usi taraf bhaagraha tha.
    Naajane kyu wo ek chotha sa sheher apni taraf man ko khinch raha tha ,Jyada kuch to samaj nahi aaraha tha, bas itna zaroor pata tha ya shayd kahin padha tha ki ����

    "Jab bhi hum kisi khoobsurat sheher se hoke gujarte hai , to waha ki kuch khoobsurti apne saath le jaate hai, Aur apna kuch hisaa wahi chor aate hai", shayd us dafa mere saath bhi aisa hi hua...Bas ek baat ka malaal tha ki
    (Kash kuch der wo train waha aur ruk jaati) , kher choro....


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    Wo Train Ki Journey....wo ladki❤️

    Kuch hissa waha chor aaya hoon
    Badle me,
    Kuch baarish ki boonde,
    kuch chhinte, aur
    Kitaab ke panno pe pade
    Un chhinto ke nishaan,
    Apne saath leaaaya hoon

    Nahi jaanta..ki
    Behad khoobsurat kon tha
    Wo baarish , wo sheher,
    Wo khooshboo , wo mehak,
    Wo train ki khidki,
    Wo uspe pe padi meri najre,
    Wo thehra hua waqt, wo lamha,
    Ya wo ladki khud,

    Nahi jaanta...ki
    Wo baarish ki boonde,
    Uske haatho me ruk rahi thi,
    Ya Mehaz uske haatho se guzar ke...
    Apni manjil zameen pe
    Pahunch rahi thi

    Nahi jaanta...ki kyu
    Man pareshan tha...kyu
    Dimaag ke pass na koi
    Iska samadhan tha,

    Nahi jaanta....ki
    Wo Haqeeqat thi..ya
    Mehaz ek itefak tha...ya
    aankho ke saamne ek shabab tha...ya phir
    Din ke ujale me dekha hua
    Ek khoobsurat khwab tha

    Bas jaanta hoon to itna ki
    Agar wo ek khoobsurat khwab tha bhi
    To shayd us khwab ka kuch hissa
    Main apne saath....Chura laaya hoon,
    Aur uske badle me
    Apna kuch hissa waha chor aaya hoon ❤️

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    Ryan was in his room and was completely out of energy. He didn't had the strength to move his limbs. His mind was tired as he didn't got any sleep the other night and then had to read tiring ancient history all day long with Lydia. He knew that it was almost time for them to leave for his session with Dr. Thomas and Lydia might already be on her way to drag his lazy ass out of his room. He was lying in his bed and the light from the window was hurting his eyes but he didn't wanted to get up to pull the curtains. He heard a knock on the window. Lydia was sitting outside on the ledge, trying to open the window but it was closed from inside. Paige locked it to make Lydia understand that she was serious when she said that she might get hurt if she kept climbing such height. Ryan sinked his face in the mattress and covered his head with a pillow like an ostrich trying to hide from all his problems.

    "Oh, Go away. Go away. Just go away", Ryan shouted covering his ears with the same pillow in frustration. He wanted all the voices in his head to just leave him alone for a minute.

    "Ryan... Come out. We need to go", Lydia was now knocking on his door.

    "I'm tired Lyds. Can't we reschedule it?", Ryan said as he opened the door and headed back to his bed.

    Lydia: I thought we were over this. You can't just keep ignoring your sessions by finding different excuse every single time.

    Ryan: I'm not making an excuse. I haven't slept a bit in 30 hours. I just need to close my eyes for a while.

    "You can do that in the car. I'll drive. Get up", Lydia said as she pulled him by his arm and got him out of the bed.

    "Ughh! You know, I sometimes wish I had never met you", Ryan said out of frustration.

    Lydia: Well, the feeling is mutual, genius! Now, chop chop. We need to get going or we won't make it back before the storm.

    They both enter the car and Lydia starts driving. Ryan sat there with his eyes closed and head resting on the window while Lydia was trying really hard to just focus on the road and not think about anything else. Her brain was tired just as much as Ryan.

    Lydia: You can get in the back seat and lie there if you want. I'll wake you up when we reach there.

    Ryan: No. That's not necessary. I'm fine. Just keep driving. Let's get this over with.

    Ryan was trying to kick all the thoughts out of his head but he was miserably failing at it again.

    //Ryan and Timothée ditched the treasure hunt because Timothée wanted Ryan to show his secret place. They were sitting on a tree near the lake. Timothée was talking in his peculiar accent and Ryan was looking at him. The way his eyes moved when he looked at Ryan and then at the sunset, his lips, those faded red lips, the way they moved with every word he spoke. He was trying really hard to resist the temptation to kiss him. He was having a hard time wrapping his head around all those weird and alien feelings he had every time he was around him. He had never felt this way for any other guy. He tried really hard but in all the confusion and chaos in his head, he couldn't resist it any longer. He kissed him for a fraction of a second and the moment his lips touched Timothée's he realised what he has done.

    Ryan: I am so so sorry. I don't... I haven't...

    He didn't knew what to say. Timothée gently rubbed Ryan's face with the back of his hand and said, "don't resist it", as he leaned towards him to kiss him back.

    It was all moving too fast and Ryan wasn't used to feel what he was feeling. He lost his balance and landed right in the lake.
    Timothée couldn't control his laughter and said, "You really are the clumsiest person I have known in my life so far, Finch". He jumped in the lake with him.//

    Ryan was thrown out of his thoughts when Lydia applied the brakes. He opened his eyes and said, "are we there yet?"

    Lydia: No. It's just a signal. Do you need some coffee or hot chocolate? We are almost there. It'll help you keep your eyes open.

    "No more caffeine for me today. I need to sleep and so do you", Ryan said rubbing his palms to warm himself a bit.

    Lydia: Hot chocolate it is then! I'll get some from the shop at the cor...

    Lydia stopped in the middle of the sentence. Her expressions completely changed within a fraction of second. She looked confused and surprised.

    Lydia: Did you said that?

    Ryan: No. Everything all right?

    "Yaah! I just.. I thought I heard something. Must be in my h... That! Did you hear that?", Lydia was now freaked out. She was restless and looking around for someone.

    "Hey Ryan! Please say that you can see him", Lydia said pointing to a man standing on the other side of the road in front of an pawn shop.

    Ryan: Who? That crazy dude who is just wearing a shirt in this storm? Wait, is that...

    Lydia didn't even waited for him to finish that sentence. She got out and started running towards him without even closing the window. But she heard something again. Her head was hurting and she covered her ears to try to focus on the voice in her head. It was Owen.

    "Please get back in. I'm... I'm not there. That's just a projection", Owen's voice in Lydia's head said.

    Lydia came back and got into the car. She closed the window and again tried to focus on the voice by closing her eyes and clearing her mind.

    "What is it? Is he in your head again?", Ryan said in a tensed voice. "What is happening Lyds? Talk to me"

    "Hey!... I'm.. I'm so sorry for disappearing like that", Owen said in a quavering voice.

    "But you are bleedin'... Why... Why are you bleeding? Why aren't you healing?", Lydia said barely controlling the tears from rolling down her eyes.

    "He can heal? What is happening? Why is he in your head and not coming here to talk to you? Lydia? Can you hear me?", Ryan said, all confused.

    Lydia was shaking by now.

    Owen: Hey, hey! Just calm down okay! I'll be all right. I just need some time to heal but before I go, I want you... I want you to tell me that you are gonna be okay.

    "Yes, yes. I'm.. I'm fine. But tell me what's going on", Lydia said wiping the wetness from under her eyes. "I'm fine, I promise. Just tell me"

    "See you soon", Owen said with a faint smile as he disappeared into thin air after loosing control and falling to the ground on his knees.

    "No. No no. Please come back". Lydia started crying as soon as she saw him fade away. Ryan held her in his arms.

    Ryan: Shh! Lyds... Everything will be all right!

    Lydia: I know. I know. I'm sorry.

    The signal was green by now and the cars behind her started honking. Lydia turned the ignition on, drove around the corner and stopped in front of a cafe.

    Ryan: I'll get it. You wait here.

    Ryan got out of the car and went inside the cafe. He came out with two covered mugs and gave one to her. They drank the hit chocolate while it was still hot.

    Ryan: I can drive if you want.

    Lydia: It's okay. I'm fine. I can drive.

    Ryan: Are you sure?

    Lydia: I'm fine. Also, it's not like I can let you drive when you can barely keep your eyes open for a minute and that too in this weather. Roads are all slippery. I want to get back home in one piece.

    "What for? You don't need to read any more of those torture books" Ryan said to make her feel a little better.

    Lydia: Touché!


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    Writer’s Block?
    In a way, everyone of us is a writer or a storyteller.There are philosophers or thought-provokers within every single one of us. Because we’ve got this beautiful gift of life resting inside our head, where millions of neurons are working their magic all the time. Incessant waves of thoughts sweep over all of our minds. What makes the writers in the real world different from the rest is that they actually write them down. We, the rest of the group, just never do.
    In words of Christopher Hitchens, “The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.” Write your thoughts. Tell your stories. Argue with your opinions. Share your experience. Inspire.

    @mirakee @writerscommunity
    #pod #storyteller #readwriteunite

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    In words of
    Christopher Hitchens,
    “The grave will supply
    plenty of time for silence.”

    Write your thoughts.
    Tell your stories.
    Argue with your opinions.
    Share your experience.


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    �������������� ������ ������������


    Lydia was not ready to give up on Owen and finding some answers about his whereabouts. Ryan didn't wanted her to go through this all alone, especially when her condition was getting worse by every single passing day. Ryan texted her, next day in the morning right before she was about to leave for college.

    Ryan: wait for me.

    Lydia: hurry up!

    Ryan: 5 minutes.

    Ryan comes out and asks Lydia if she was okay.

    Lydia: Never been better. You?

    "Me too", Ryan said with a faint smile as Lydia stared at him for a while.

    "Are you sure?", Lydia asked him as they both got into the car.

    Ryan: One hundred percent. I got some time to think last night and I have come to a conclusion for the peace of my mind. I met Tim under very unexpected circumstances the first time and the second time was a bit unexpected too if you think about it, I guess. We got together the first time and if it is supposed to happen again, it'll happen, no matter how much I ruin it or how much I run from it.

    Lydia: So, that's your brilliant idea? Oh my god. I can't believe it. You are such an idiot. You can't just leave it all on fate. You have to make efforts if you want it to happen.

    Ryan: Lyds, I'm fine. My mind is finally at peace after all the overthinking and bickering and blaming myself for everything last night. Don't mess it up all over again.

    "Sorry. Latte?", Lydia said handing over a steel, vacuum bottle to him. "I made some for you too, just the way you like it. Your eyes are screaming that you didn't got any sleep last night.

    Ryan: At least, I didn't had to deal with the nightmares.

    Lydia: Hey, one problem at a time. We'll figure something out.

    Ryan: yaah!

    Lydia started driving. Ryan played songs from their favourite band and they jammed along like some carpool karaoke the entire way without having another conversation about Timothée, Owen or the mystical snow. Lydia parked her car in the parking and headed towards the student's library. Ryan started following her.

    Lydia: No class?

    Ryan: No class. At least not until we find that winged one. We can catch up with what we miss later. Also, remind me to chop off his wings when we find him so he doesn't fly away like this again.

    "Come on then. We've got a lot to read", Lydia said barely controlling her laugh.

    "Yay! So much fun! I can't wait", Ryan replied with a fake enthusiasm.

    They enter the library and Lydia directs him towards a section that she was yet to read. She gave him a huge book from there and asked him to search for anything that was related to their mysterious snow storm. She took a couple of books for herself and placed them on the table. They both started reading. Three hours into reading and Ryan got up.

    Ryan: I'm going to refill my water bottle and stretch my legs a bit. Do you need something from the canteen?

    "Just some coffee. And here, fill this up too please", Lydia said as she lifted her empty water bottle.

    Ryan nodded and headed out. He went straight to the nearest water cooler in the University and started filling up their bottles. He was almost done when he heard someone shouting.

    Timothée: No. No no no no no! You sick loser.

    Ryan followed the voice to the swimming pool and stood frozen at the entrance as he saw Tim in the pool, fighting with the clear, chlorinated water. His heart was bleeding watching Tim in such bad shape. He wanted to reach out and just hug him and tell him that everything will be all right but watching him being so vulnerable and "not strong" was something that Ryan was not used to and it made him hold his step back. He couldn't just leave him alone there and go back to the library either, so he just decided to stay there for a while just in case he needed help.

    Timothée: You don't have to stand there hiding. I still don't bite.

    "How... How did you even knew I was standing there?", Ryan said, acting surprised as he came out of the shadows. This was not the first time Tim had sensed his presence.

    Timothée: I could hear your thoughts.

    Ryan: What now?

    Timothée: Your pity thoughts about me. They were even louder than my screams.

    Ryan: I'm sorry. I didn't meant to intrude in whatever you are doing here. I just heard you shouting and..

    Timothée: You don't need to give me an explanation.

    Ryan: I can help you with that if you want. You don't always have to do everything on your own.

    "I'm fine, Finch", Timothée said as he struggled to get out of the swimming pool.

    Ryan: Okay.

    But he was not really fine and Ryan knew that. It was making him angry. He tried controlling it because he knew that he was not the only one hurting and he didn't wanted to make it worse but he couldn't control it anymore.

    "You know what Timothée Hiddleston, it's not okay. No, it's not okay. You always do that", Ryan said with a bit strong voice.

    "Do what exactly?", Timothée said with a fake smile on his face, trying really hard to be strong, to be the Tim he knew from that summer camp. He wanted to be anything but this, a broken mess who needed help.

    "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You think that you can always pretend that you are funny and strong and you don't give a shit about people, that you don't need anyone's help even when you do. You don't let people get too close to you and if.. If someone, somehow manage to get into that heavily walled and guarded like a fortress heart of yours, you push them away", Ryan blurted it all out in just a single breath, constantly pointing at Tim.

    Timothée: Let me guess. This is what you think I did to you.

    Tim was still calm. Ryan had never seen him shouting or getting angry. It was almost like he didn't had that emotion built in his system.

    Ryan: You damn well know what you did to me.

    Timothée: I waited Finch.

    Ryan: What?

    "I waited for you in that camp an year after we met. You were supposed to come but you didn't. You never came", Tim said with still his usual calmness in his voice. His voice was so soothing that it made Ryan's heart slow down.

    Ryan: Lydia was sick, Tim. I couldn't leave her alone. That's why I skipped the camp next year. But what about you? I asked you to stay in touch the first time and you said you didn't wanted to ruin the memories of the time that we spent together by talking meaningless shit on texts. That was a perfect excuse to avoid me, to avoid what you felt near me for another year.

    Timothée: I meant that. You clearly have a lot in your head. So, how about we catch up and clear the aur a bit over a milkshake? Today, after school?

    Ryan: I have some other plans after school with Lydia.

    Timothée: Miss Roden. 'Course you do!

    Ryan: I'm not lying and it's nothing like that.

    Timothée: If you say so! How about after that? 8 pm?

    Ryan: The storm will arrive by then.

    Timothée: We'll ditch the milkshakes and order some hot chocolate then. Big deal!

    "That's not what I meant", Ryan said but then he looked at Timothée's face and that mischievous smile saved him some explanation. "You little smug. You think you're so clever, ehh!"

    Timothée: See you at 8 then? The Shaw?

    "It's a date! N.. not a date. I... I didn't mean it like that", Ryan said as he retraced his steps back outside and almost stumbled over a floor mat.

    Ryan's heart was pounding when he left. He almost didn't believed that he just had a proper conversation with Tim and that too without stuttering. Well, almost without stuttering. He stopped at the canteen on his way back to the library for Lydia's coffee. Lydia was still reading when he saw her. Ryan placed his coffee and water bottle on the table near her books.

    Lydia: You took your time stretching those legs.

    "Sorry about that. I'll get back to my books now and you Miss Roden, take a little caffeine break", Ryan said sliding her book away.


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    It started snowing again. "Lydia was right. It does have a pattern", Ryan said to himself. He was driving Lydia home and noticed that she was busy looking up something in her phone. He really wanted her to think about something other than Owen but it was difficult to not think about him when the snow everywhere on the way back home was a constant reminder that something wasn't right. After waiting a while for her to put her phone away, he finally decided to break the silence.

    "I met Timothée today", Ryan said as he took the final turn towards their house. They both lived on the same streets in the adjacent houses.

    "I met him too", Lydia said still scrolling down her screen.

    Ryan: You met him! Where?

    Lydia: In the library.

    Ryan: And? Hey can you please just put that stupid phone away for a minute. I am trying to have a conversation here.

    "Sorry. What were you saying?", Lydia said as she kept the phone on the dashboard.

    Ryan looked at her dead in the eye.

    Lydia: Okay, fine! I was sitting in the library. He saw me and came to say hi. We catched up a little.

    Ryan: He remembers you too! What did you guys talked about?

    Lydia: He said that he was happy to see me there, that I got into my dream college. I asked him what he was doing there. He told me that he was a student too. I asked him why haven't I seen him there before. He said that he was on a medical break. He got injured during his soccer practice right before he got his acceptance letter from school and now he is here to catch up on what he missed before the finals. I said, "see you around then". He nodded, smiled and left. That was it.

    Ryan: Oh, that's not good, is it? If he is a student, I'll see him again.

    Lydia: I thought you wanted to see him again.

    Ryan: yaah! Two years ago. Not now.

    Lydia: but why?

    Ryan: Lyds, I saw him today. I couldn't even stand straight in front of that guy. Leave alone talking. Plus, I think I kinda already ruined it. Leave it. I don't want to think about it right now.

    They reached home. Ryan parked the car in front of Lydia's house. They got out of the car and Ryan helped her get up to her room. Lydia sat on her bed and took her shoes off.

    "Get your feet up", Ryan said and pulled the sheets over her. He sat down on the bed and placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature.

    Ryan: At least, the fever is gone today. I'll be downstairs looking up your stupid books about that other world's history. Call me if you need anything. And please just get some sleep, okay?

    Lydia nodded. Ryan got up and asked her for her phone.

    "My phone? Why do you need my phone?", Lydia asked with a confused face.

    Ryan: Because, I don't trust you. I might have gotten you away from those books but I know you. You'll just start looking something up on your damn phone. So, come on. Give it to me.

    "Idjit!", Lydia said with a faint smile on her face and gave him her phone.

    "Hey Ryan. When was the last time you went to see Dr. Thomas?", Lydia asked him as he was about to leave.

    Ryan: My therapist? Umm, a week ago. I told you before I left, don't you remember?

    Lydia: I do remember that. But it's funny. You know, I called him today before leaving for the library. He said that you have been missing your appointments with him from last 3 weeks. What were you thinking?

    Ryan: You called him? Where did you got his number?

    Lydia: I took it from your phone when we had last sleepover at your place. And don't try to change the topic. I am serious Ryan.

    Ryan: I know. I'm sorry.

    Lydia: where did you go last week then if not to see him?

    Ryan was freakishly silent.

    Lydia: Please say you didn't went looking for Owen.

    Ryan: What? No! God no. I went to the cemetery, to see Dylan.

    Lydia kept looking at him, waiting for him to explain his carelessness. She was even trying to figure out the right thing to say to him if he doesn't speak up. After an awkward silence of about a minute, Lydia was about to speak up but Ryan beat her up to it.

    Ryan: Look, you don't have to tell me that Dylan would have wanted me to take care of my health because I already know that. I know that I can't just keep using him as an excuse for everything but I feel like I am suffocating everytime I am sitting in that office, thinking about all the good memories because it just makes me miss him even more. I don't know if therapy is what I need right now or if it's even helping me but I promise that I won't miss another session. I'll ask Dr. Thomas to reschedule the session next week.

    Lydia: Umm, I already did that. You have an appointment with him tomorrow, after school and I'm coming with you this time and next time and the week after that and the week after that. I can keep saying it for another 5 minutes.

    "No, I got it. But you really don't have to do this", Ryan said with a smile on his face.

    Lydia: I wasn't asking.

    Ryan: Aye aye caption!

    Lydia: come on. Now sail away sailor. I need to sleep.

    "Sure thing", Ryan said and left the room. He came downstairs, sat on the couch and picked up a book from the table. Lydia had been crazy obsessed with finding out some answers that she didn't even bothered to place the books back in their place. They were all just lying here and there. Some were on her bedside table, some were on the guest room bed, and a whole bunch of them in the living room table. Gosh! They were everywhere. It made Ryan's head spin since he was not a huge fan of history. He simply followed the moto, "let bygones be bygones" but he still tried reading some of it for her.

    Ryan: What the hell is an Alferaeo centurae? Is that a centaur? I am not sure if I even want to find out. Manticore! Are they even real? I can't do this. I need a break. God Lyds, how can you even read all this nonsense for hours?


    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    #BetweenTheWorlds �� Find all the chapters (that I've posted so far) here!!

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    �������������� ������ ������������


    Six months later...

    Ryan was sitting in class and waiting for Lydia but she never came. This was not the first time she had missed the morning lecture in last six months. It was almost becoming like a routine that was freaking Ryan out. Lydia used to get up early and leave alone for college. She then went straight to the student's library and sit there for hours digging into some ancient books on town's history and the time when the two worlds collided, trying to figure out the possible reasons behind that untimely snow storm because Owen was MIA ever since they last met.

    Ryan couldn't focus on what Mr. Anderson, their zoology professor was teaching. He was just waiting for the bell so he could go to the library and check on Lydia. Mr. Anderson had marked their papers and Lydia had barely managed to pass it.

    The bell rang and Ryan hastily packed his stuff. He held Lydia's paper in his hand so he could show it to her and make her study for the finals, though he knew it was not going to work. He ran out of the class and when he reached the corridor, he hit someone. All the loose sheets of Lydia's paper came out of the folder and were now all over the floor. Ryan said sorry without even looking at the person he just hit and started picking up the sheets.

    "Are you hurt?", Timothée said as he sat down to help Ryan pick up the sheets.

    That voice! It made Ryan freeze. His heart started pounding. He wanted to look up so badly but something was making him hold back. It was fear. What if it's not him? What if it's him? He finally looked up and what he saw sent chills down his spine. He lost control over his body and brain for a fraction of second. It was him. He coughed with his mouth closed, tried swallowing his saliva to force some words out of his dry mouth.

    Ryan: Oh, Tim! Hi!

    Timothée: Still clumsy, Felton?

    "He remember me! He remember me! How does he still remember me?", Ryan's brain was sending millions of question waves and he was freaking out. He even felt like Timothée could hear his thoughts so he almost apologized for even thinking. He wanted to say something soon so it doesn't feel like he was being rude for not answering.

    "Just around you.", Ryan said and he immediately regretted saying that out loud. "Not that! ", he said to himself. It was their inside joke but it's been two years since they last saw each other and there was no reason for Tim to remember that. Before he could mess it up any more, Ryan thought it was best to just apologize and run away from his sight.

    Ryan: I am so sorry. I didn't meant that. It just came out. You probably don't even remember.

    Timothée: It's okay. Relax.

    He was about to say something but Ryan couldn't handle being around him any longer so he stopped him in between.

    "I need to go.", Ryan said as he picked up all the sheets, picked up all the sheets and literally ran out of his sight. He was out of breath by the time he reached the library. He was panting with one hand carefully resting on his heart and another on his knee because he felt so weak to even stand. He wanted to hide in a closet and never come out but then he saw Lydia. She was sitting on a chair with at least 6 books spread in front of her on a table and her hand was supporting her head as if her neck was too tired to hold it up any more. He almost forgot about his meeting with Tim in that moment.

    He went near her and said, "Still no word from him?"

    Lydia was startled by that sudden voice.

    Lydia: umm, I'm sorry. what? No. What time is it?

    She picked up her phone to look at the time and said, "I missed it again. I'm so sorry. I just lost track of time." She paused for a while and just sat there with her head between her hands and eyes still staring at the books.

    Lydia: I don't get it. It's been 6 months. He has never been away for so long.

    Ryan: Maybe he is just watching you again like he did before, waiting for the right moment to come out and have a little chat.

    Lydia: That doesn't make any sense. Last time when we met and he told me that he kept looking at me once a week, I made him promise to at least say hi or give me signs that he was around. But he hasn't done that.

    Ryan: Maybe he just forgot.

    Lydia: How can he just forget that? That too every single time. 24 weeks Ryan. 24 weeks. And this stupid snow. It still hasn't stopped.

    Ryan: But you like snow.

    Lydia: I did, once. Not ever since it came out of blue. And there's this weird pattern to it too. Have you noticed? It comes and goes at the same time every single day. Maybe you were right. Maybe this is the reason why he is away. Maybe he is responsible for this. It might have happened accidentally and now he might be figuring out a way to make it stop.

    Ryan: You are way too obsessed with this. It is consuming you Lyds. You don't eat properly, you don't sleep much, you spend all your time either on your phone searching for god knows what or in this ancient section of this library that no one has probably visited in past 100 years.

    Lydia: I have so many questions Rainy. And that's it. Just questions. I have been looking at this snow for months and I looked up every single book in this stupid library for some answers. Still nothing. Maybe, I just need to start it all over again. Afresh, all from scratch and this time with a different approach. Or maybe, I just need to get myself in some trouble. That's what made him come to me the last time. Maybe it will work again.

    Ryan shook her up and said, "wake up Lyds. Please get back to reality. Stop this madness. Can't you see what it has done to you? You are thinking about hurting yourself as if it's nothing."

    Lydia: Should I just go to the other side and see if he is okay?

    Ryan: Remind me again why you can't just call him or text him to see if he is okay?

    "I already told you this.", Lydia said and then paused for a second. "I can't because he doesn't have a phone. Queen is obsessed with keeping the two worlds apart. So she doesn't allow anything from this world into theirs.", she said in a single breath as if she was tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

    Ryan: Exactly. And you are thinking about going there! Can't you see how crazy that is? What you need right now is some rest. Come on. Let's take you to your place and get you some sleep, shall we? Then, when you wake up, I promise I'll help you find some answers for the peace of your mind.

    Lydia: you are right. I can use some sleep. But what about rest of the lectures for today?

    Ryan: We can worry about them when you have rested enough to keep your eyes open for 5 minutes straight.

    Ryan helps her get up from the chair. They both get down to Lydia's car and Ryan asks her for the keys. Lydia stares at him for a while and then took out the keys from her bag and gave it to him saying, " Don't scratch it."

    "I won't", Ryan said. They both got in and he started driving.


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    Ryan and Lydia came downstairs after cleaning Ryan's room. Paige and Louise were all done setting up the tent after getting into a few arguments every now and then because Louise was not doing it right and "right" was of course the way Paige wanted it to be. Snacks were ready, projector was ready, lights were dimmed and the rubber stars on the ceiling carefully pasted into different constellations were shinning bright. Dylan was obsessed with stars. Louise did it for him on his 6th birthday all by himself.

    Lydia: wait, what? We were just talking about combining camp night and movie night. Who stole my idea?

    Louise: told you we were fun too.

    Paige: did you both finished your chores.

    Ryan: we just did.

    Paige: okay then! Come on. Fries are getting cold. Who want some lasagna?

    "Me!", they both speak up together.

    Paige: It's in the oven. 2 more minutes, I guess.

    "Beeeep", it was the oven.

    Ryan: I'll get it.

    Ryan leaves and Paige shouts behind him, "Use the gloves. It's hot. Don't burn yourself."

    "Got it!", Ryan said from the kitchen as he was about to open the oven without the gloves.

    Lydia sat down and started looking around inside the tent.

    Louise: what do you think? Do you like it?

    Lydia: Are you kidding me! it's perfect. You guys even found coco. Aww. I missed this. Come here.

    Paige and Louise came closer to her and they hugged. Meanwhile, Ryan came back holding the glass tray of lasagna with the gloves.

    "Group hug? Without me? Make some space people", Ryan said and started moving towards them.

    "Ryan, the tray!", all three of them shouted together as Ryan was about to hug them holding that hot tray.

    "You clumsy idiot!", Lydia said and Louise and Paige started laughing.

    "Ha ha ha. Very funny.", Ryan replied as he placed the tray on the floor and then went in for a group hug with the gloves on.

    "What's that light in our camp?", Ryan said as he removed the gloves and went in. Louise was about to speak up but Paige hushed him and said, "let him go."

    "Coco!", Ryan shouted with happiness in his voice. "Look Lyds, it's Coco." Ryan almost had wet eyes by now as all the memories from their childhood started coming back all at once.

    Coco was their first cat. She was a gift from Melissa, Lydia's mom, to Lydia but Ryan and Dylan loved her so much that she decided to share her with them. After she died, Louise got them a customised rubber glowing toy that looked just like her because Ryan wasn't eating anything and just kept crying. She glowed in dark like those stars. Dylan hid her after he got into a fight with Lydia and Ryan but by the time they started talking again, he forgot where he hid her.

    Paige: Louise found her in one of the christmas decoration boxes.

    Louise: Okay, enough of Coco for now. Which movie?

    Lydia: "Harry Potter".

    Ryan: Not again! How about "Croods"?

    Lydia: you are definitely not fun. I would have stuck with "Harry Potter" but I don't have my wand right now.

    Ryan: If that's the case, I have our laser swords in my room. How about "Narnia"?

    Paige: I think I have had enough violence in my house for today. We are watching "Madagascar".

    Louise: God! You are such a kid. Please, let's just settle on one. How about "Despicable me"?

    Paige: Yaah, you are so mature!

    Lydia was looking up at the stars for a while now as Louise and Paige were arguing.

    "Are you all done?", she said and got up to play a movie. She came back and sat right next to Ryan. Everyone was waiting to see a name on the screen. The screen started and Ryan couldn't wait anymore. He fast forwarded it to a few minutes until the name finally came. "Star Wars". Ryan and Paige almost started crying as it was Dylan's favourite movie. They grabbed their snacks, a bucket of pop corn and marshmallows.

    After the movie was over, everyone had tears in their eyes waiting for the people around them to disappear so they can silently roll down their cheeks. Paige got up first and took the empty bowls to the kitchen. Lydia and Ryan followed her with the half empty tray and plates. Ryan kept the leftovers in fridge and Lydia stayed behind to help Paige.

    Lydia: Hey Paige, can we talk?

    "Yes sure love. What is it?", Paige said wiping the tears from her eyes.

    Lydia: I am sorry about earlier. The way you found out about Owen. I should have told you.

    "Lydia", Paige said as she held her hands. "I don't know what exactly Melissa would have said to you but she would have wanted you to be safe. Do you think he is the right guy and you will be safe around him?"

    Lydia: He is always nice and sweet around me. He was the one who saved me that night. He saved my life twice actually. I think I'll be all right.

    Paige: well then, I don't have any problem as long as you are safe.

    "Thank you. I really needed to hear that.", Lydia said with a smile on her face.

    She went back to the tents and Ryan was already in. He was lying down and looking at Coco holding her in his hands, trying to knock down every single bitter sweet memory related to that cat and Dylan that was coming in his head. Lydia got in with him. She kept staring at Coco and Ryan without realising what was going inside his head. When she saw that he was having hard time breathing, she said, "Are you okay?"

    Ryan: yes, yaah. I'm... I'm fine. Thank you.

    That tent was too big for all three of them when they were kids and now with Dylan gone, it felt even more empty. Paige tried to fill up the space with all the extra cushions but Ryan was almost suffocating inside.

    "I can't. I'm sorry, I can't. It's too soon.", Ryan said and got out.

    Lydia gave him a few minutes alone and then went after him. She saw that the front door was open so she wore her jacket and took Ryan's jacket with her.

    "The snow storm finally stopped!", She said as she gave him his jacket. "wear it. It's literally freezing out here."

    "Thanks", Ryan said as he took the jacket from her and wore it. After an awkward five minutes pause, Ryan said, "I'm fine. I just needed some fresh air. Go inside. I'll be there in a minute."

    Lydia: you don't have to do all this if it's hurting too much. We just thought that doing things like before might make it hurt a bit less.

    Ryan: stop trying too hard Lyds. I'll be all right. I am dealing with it at my own pace. You can't just fast forward the part where it hurts the most.

    "I know. I'm sorry. Just come back soon, okay!", Lydia said rubbing his arm.

    Ryan: I'm right behind you.

    Lydia gets in. Paige asks her if he is okay.

    Lydia: He is fine. Just needed a minute.

    Ryan comes back and gets inside the tent. He lies down.

    "Good night", Lydia said as she placed her hand over him.

    Ryan: Good night.


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    Ryan had a smirk on his face as he was about to raid Lydia out and Lydia had a "you better not open your mouth Finch" look in her eyes.

    "Lydia is dating Owen Felton", Ryan said, stressing too much on Felton.

    Lydia said, "Oh, you are so dead Finch!" and jumped right at him. She tried shutting his mouth with her hand so he doesn't spit another word out of it but it was already too late for her. Paige had already heard it the first time.

    Paige: Felton? Oh, you are in so much trouble young lady! And hey, no death threats in my house either. Get off of him. You two. In a line. Now!

    Ryan and Lydia immediately stopped fighting, got up and did as they were asked to do like scared puppies.

    Paige: Lydia, you are going to do the dishes today after breakfast and lunch since you are stuck here with us until the storm stops.

    Ryan started laughing.

    Paige: and you, young man! You'll vacuum every carpet in this house and then you'll clean up your room.

    Ryan: that's not fair. What did I do?

    Paige: you know what you did. And if you don't, think about it when you are completing your chores. Am I clear to you both?

    "Yes ma'am", Ryan and Lydia said together.

    Paige: Ahh, I need another coffee.

    Louise: you sit down. I'll make it for you.

    After he was done making coffee, Louise said, "who want some healthy pancakes, ehh? "

    "You are gonna make pancakes for us? Yay! Will we survive after eating those?", Ryan said with a fake excitement in his voice and a nervous smile on his face.

    Lydia: don't be such an asshole. I'll help him. I have my mom's recipe.

    Ryan: you had her recipe this whole time and you never bothered to share it with me when I was ranting about how much I miss her pancakes every single morning before school!

    Lydia: I'm sorry. I didn't wanted to make them on my own.

    Lydia helps Louise with the pancakes. All four of them eat and then Lydia gets up to do the dishes as she was asked. Ryan started vacuuming the carpets and after he was done, he went up to his room to clean it up. It was a complete mess up there just like his brain.
    He has had these terrible nightmares ever since he was a kid. He used to shout out of pain every night. Sometimes he used to get up with a feeling of being choked by something, other times he would just get sleep paralysed and couldn't move a single limb in his body for a while. He started seeing Dr. Thomas and with the therapy, his nightmares started to go away. He became more calm and wasn't afraid of going to bed anymore but after that terrible accident, losing his twin brother got him back to where he started fighting that mental battle as a child. He kept it to himself and that was partially the reason why he didn't wanted Lydia to sleep over last night.
    He was lost somewhere, probably in the nightmare he had the other day. He started arranging his closet and almost dropped his guitar when Lydia came in and stopped it from falling.

    Lydia: Are you okay?

    "I'm fine. Just leave it.", Ryan said as he took his guitar from her hands.

    Lydia: You stopped playing.

    Ryan: I needed a break from everything. Didn't felt like making music.

    Lydia: I never appreciated you enough for it but you are really good at it, you know? The songs you write, the way you feel when you hold this Guitar, the way you make others feel when you play. You just get into some other world.

    Ryan: And that world started to freak me out. I don't belong there.

    Lydia: I know about the nightmares. You want to talk about it?

    Ryan: Probably not. Dylan gifted me this guitar to help me get better. It helped me to calm down. But now he is gone and maybe, I just don't want to get better.

    "Hey, It's okay. Take your time. I get it. Just know that I am always always here for you when you need me. I know, I haven't really been emotionally available for a while with everything that's been happening and I also know that I can't use it as an excuse for being a shitty friend but as I said last night, I am here now. This time, to stay forever. I am right here, okay?", Lydia said as she held his arm with both her hands and when she was done talking, she hugged him. "I am so sorry that you have to go through it all over again. I'll find a way to get you out of it. Maybe, Owen can help."

    Ryan looked at her with an eyebrow raised up and Lydia said, "or maybe not." And they both burst into laughter.

    Lydia starts helping him in cleaning his room amd arranging all his stuff.

    Ryan: so, when are you going to see him again?

    Lydia: Owen? I don't know. I'm not sure if he even knows that.

    Ryan: can't you just like text him or something?

    Lydia: Queen doesn't allow phones or anything else from this side in their side.

    Ryan: Seriously? And you are expecting that one day, she'll just allow you to enter the palace or even the kingdom??

    Lydia: Hey, not helping Finch. One problem at a time please.

    Ryan: You are right. Hey, Lyds!

    Lydia: what?

    Ryan: I'm sorry for earlier. I shouldn't have told them about Owen.

    Lydia: It's okay.

    Ryan: No it's not. That's why I am made to do all this cleaning. My parents were best friends before they started dating in high school just like your parents and they still follow their friendship rules. So no raiding each other out, no spilling secrets. That's what they have taught me and I should have respected that. I should have respected our friendship. That boyfriend thing just came out by accident but I should have handled it instead of telling them about Owen. I got us both into trouble.

    Lydia: It's okay, Rainy. I should have told them earlier just like I should have told you. I was thinking about how to tell them last night. I was going to tell them today while camping but when it came out like that, it freaked me out a bit. I wasn't prepared. But anyways, you just made it a bit easier for me so, thank you.

    Ryan: So, we are even then?

    Lydia: we are even. Now let's just clean it up fast so we can go have some fun downstairs. I am dying to see what they have set up downstairs. Maybe we can just combine indoor camping and movie night? What do you say?

    Ryan: you are a genius, you know that right!

    Lydia: Oh, I know. But I like it when you tell me.


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