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  • januchandrababu 21w

    Story of ved and Chanchu

    This is the story of two close friends who started loving each other but they're never meant to be together forever
    Ved and Chanchu were PU friends, they're not so close in the beginning but Ved and Chanchu started to bond well day by day, week by week, year by year and they got to know each other better than others. Chanchu loved ved from day one but ved never loved Chanchu the way she loved him but still, he had feelings for her but
    Chanchu always had a special place in ved's heart maybe that's why they got together after 7 years.
    [ December 30 2020 ]
    It was 7:00 AM maybe in the morning, Chanchu got a call for ved, She was the happiest person in the world when she got a call from ved.
    Chanchu: Hello!!
    Ved: Are you free!?
    Chanchu: I have office but why!?
    Ved: Nothing, I thought of meeting you!
    Chanchu: ohh!? Are you sure that you wanna see me!?
    Ved: Of course, I'm but why should I not see you!?
    Chanchu: Okay fine come, I'll take a leave.
    Ved: Now are you sure about this!?
    Chanchu: Of course I'm.
    Ved: Okay then see you soon get ready.❤️
    Chanchu: Okay baby❤️
    See you soon
    ( Some unplanned memories gives you the best memory )
    ved and Chanchu created that unplanned beautiful memory together with love which remains forever in their heart ❤️
    After that they both created lot of unplanned memories which forever remains in their heart but after all that cute love love thing there comes the real test Chanchu use to love ved to moon and back but ved use to never bother about Chanchu but still, he use to love her but not much as her, She use to always love ved even though she is angry on him but destiny wanted ved and chanchu to meet get close physical and emotionally but never wanted them to be together forever.
    One fine day ved get to know that chanchu is suffering from the last stage of blood cancer till he tells her that how much he loves her she was gone forever!!
    But Chanchu always wanted to know how much ved loves her, how much he feels for her, how much ved wants her in his life.
    Chanchu wanted to marry him, love ved forever and Chanchu wanted to make kid's with ved but every wish that Chanchu wished for remained as just wish!!.
    After Chanchu left this world ved got to know how much Chanchu loved ved and How much feelings ved had for Chanchu, He got to know that no one can replace her
    • • • • • •
    Ved never knew that Chanchu is gonna be soo special for him one day and ved never knew that his Chanchu is gonna just remain in his memories forever but not in his life.
    Ved was just left with chanchu's memories!!