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    Growing up in a bengali family, my life priority or my parents were studies. I love them but sometimes I wonder what if my family's priority was not studies? Back then I always felt like I was still, watching everyone enjoying, pursuing their passion, getting excited about crush, excelling in extracurricular activities, etc. While I was always trying to mix up but could never actually find a place where I belong. Although I had so many friends yet most of my time I found myself alone. I don't know if it was my fault. The only talent I had was studying. I understand things quickly and I used to find a release in studying. Now that I look back, I realise that although I felt I enjoyed my youth, the sad memories piles up a lot more. There is only one friend whom I can actually trust with everything. But corona took away even those happy times we were suppose to share. Like one years friendship was way stronger than seven-eight year's.Somehow along the way I blamed my misfortune on studies, and now I no longer like to study. I want to run away from this studies. But the only thought holding me back is that- the efforts of my 18 years of life will all go a waste if I leave it now. I guess there is no solution to this. And I have to hold onto this single string tighter, till I reach the top. Maybe then I won't envy others life.

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    My aspiration

  • poetrani 47w

    Legend in the flesh

    Enchanting smile curves on her face,
    Like she knew her very own fate,
    What was written for her in the language of stars,
    What was forcasted for her before she opened her eyes and saw this wretched world,
    What was the said on the day of her arrival beside her bed,

    Oh, yes she knew how to sale the ocean,
    It was why she was sent,
    To be legend in the flesh.

  • kushagra_2345 48w

    Having somany feelings for one person can kill you daily #pod #writers #rain #mirakee #2021 #sadtales #sad #abstract #storyofmylife #broken

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    जिनके दिलों में आंग है वोह घर से ना निकले,

    सुना है बोहोत ज़ोर की बारिश होने वाली है .


  • avilik_varnik 55w

    AaMeya, maya.. I recall everything about her..Amaya!. Where are you now? I don't know. I can feel your existence. You're nowhere and everywhere at once. With every breath I take, I inhale you... I am completely lost. It's been a year since I met this amazing woman but there is no trace of her now. It's like she never existed in the first place.

    Meri Amaya.. Dhundoge mere liye usko??

    I travel frequently. I am a writer and a wildlife photographer-ish.. last year I had assignment to shoot near the Dubare Elephant camp. I took this opportunity to take an extended vacation and headed to Mercara. This town it smells of homemade chocolates. I have loved it since I was a child.

    So I am parking it at Raja's seat early morning 8 am. I took to the offbeat path towards the left corner of the place and reaches around the edge I was trying to photograph a very beautiful �� - it had the likeness of Draco dussumieri . I walked a little more towards the edge trying to zoom in for my perfect shot. and I slipped.. but someone grabbed my hoodi and pulled me back. My camera fell from hand and hit my chest. I looked up as I said,' thanks Bro'.

    But wait it wasn't a Broo.. it was her.. her dark eyes were deeper than the abandoned borewell outside my hometown. My heart skipped a beat. I heard someone screaming it sounded like marauders cawing. 'Arrey, paagal aadami hai kya? jaan se pyar kro, photo toh non-living hoti hai!!'
    As I adjusted my focus I realised there were no crows she was screaming at me. What a lovely reprimand...

    Abhi kuch kaam krna pdega, nhi toh bhookha marna pdega.. Chlo baaki kal btauga Amaya ko dhoondhna zaroor..

    #lovestory #mystery #disappearance #fadedaway #pain #life #mysterygirl #photographerboy #writerslove #storyofmylife

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    Meri Amaya


  • brokengypsysoul 58w

    "You should consider abortion as there is a high chance your child will be deformed."
    She was broken and hurting; she didn't want to accept this news
    So many conflicting emotions, pulling her back and forth
    Sickness plagued her fueling her depression
    Finally realising the severity of the matter...she made the hospital appointment.

    One morning after a helpful doctors consult, she decides, "I'm going to keep this baby."
    I don't care; I will love and look after my baby no matter what
    The thought of abortion killed her inside
    She went home after taking the doctors advice for anti-nausea remedies
    She was hopeful, finally accepting, excited to be a mum again
    She knocked on the door, her sister comes to unlock the door and greet her
    The girl looks down and does her sister, shock sets in
    Red blood, lots of it, they look at each other in despair

    First, she had to accept that she had an unwell child, that she may lose the child, or have to make that decision herself. Once accepting to love this child no matter what, she had to accept that he was now gone.

    The nurse had to retrieve the baby from the toilet
    She was unable to look at him, not wanting to accept her reality but asked to keep him

    She sits, and she mourns with her delicate baby in his tiny coffin
    The deformed reality of her baby sinks in; she only wanted to love him
    Heartbroken, seeing this incomplete child that she so desperately realised she wanted
    She then had to accept his fate was never in her hands

    Life is a rollercoaster of emotions; you only realise what you have until it is gone; once you accept something painful, life changes.

    It hurts. It's unfair. It is a process of emotions but accepting reality is the only way to live in the present

    #pregnancy #loss #abortion #miscarriage #mourning #acceptance #love #storyofloss #hurt #heartbreak #sad #sadstory #sadpost #learning #greif #hurts #unfair #cruelworld #lost #mystory #storyofmylife #trigger #triggerwaring #accept #livelife #lovelife #loveourchildren #nohate #benice #imsad

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    Trigger warning bellow, ft pregnancy and miscarriage

    Read the story bellow


  • mahaa_na 59w

    Rong bilong mi so mi yet bai stretim.
    It's my fault so I'll fix it myself...

  • burried_thoughts 63w

    Hey friend, Do you think you are the hero of your story?
    Wait a minute, don't take pride in your ego yet.....

    Ask your friends and foes, strangers and acquaintances..........

    They say you are the villain of their story
    The only reason for their collapse.......

    What are you now?

  • always_true 64w

    The story of my life

    Even if I'm strong
    Regardless of the high tides that come in my life
    Even when I was breaking...I gave my live and care
    Even when I was drowning in a sea of my own tears
    I gave my love
    When I was bearly holding on
    When no one noticed that I wasn't myself for the longest time,
    Not that I'm back to normal
    But I gave my love
    Not to a specific person but to all the ones
    Who were in need of my love, I gave it to them
    Over and over again
    Even when every minute that I took a breath
    I felt like giving up, I didn't
    Because the love i give is needed
    It keeps me going, knowing that I'm able to give this love.
    Perhaps I should get this love too
    But, unfortunately only one me was created.

  • umorok 68w

    Mistakes and Lessons

    I was taught to be kind
    Which people took the opportunity
    To tamper with, for their own false need
    But it hasn't deterred me
    To function with kindness
    Even to those who wronged me.

    I was taught to be patient
    Which people conveniently labelled me
    As a timid, and congratulated themselves
    But boy, I'm still patient
    For I've found enough reasons to stay so
    Even to those,who failed to recognise me

    I was taught to be generous
    Which people looked upon as a chance
    To liberally exploit me
    But it hasn't discouraged me
    From branching out generously
    Even to those who in their greed exploited me.

    I was taught to be a listener
    Which people took upon themselves
    To define me as a cowardice
    But it hasn't dissuaded me
    For I've valiantly stayed and listened
    Even the tales of those who misjudged me.

    And most important of all
    I have learnt from my mistakes
    And taught myself again
    To be kind,generous, patient and be a listener
    But not let anyone take it
    As an invitation to walk all over me.


  • laconic_words 69w

    You are welcome in the story my life until you act as an character,
    Because am the only writer,
    And love, I ain't accept any director.


  • aalletterr19 71w

    The Struggle

    There are days when I can't get out of bed. Even if I put in so much effort.
    There are days when I'm not sure who I am or who I used to be.
    Then there are those days when I don't want to do anything other than the things I feel obligated to do.
    I know, it's difficult.
    I believe these are the moments when people get desperate.
    So, in desperate times, desperate measures are needed.

  • bubba18 73w

    By unknown writer

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    You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
    - My nan

  • oluwaseunseal 74w

    Lost In Pain

    It's getting harder to hide
    All the feelings I've built up inside.

    It's hard to explain
    Without being considered insane,
    So I've kept to myself
    Until I realized I need help.

    Even the weekends seem to be a chore.
    Putting a smile on my face as I walk out the door.

    Wanting to run away,
    But where can I go?
    Around people or not, I still feel alone.

    I cry all the time now.
    I used to think I was strong.
    Now it's a struggle just to hold on.

    To make it through the day
    Without an odd look my way
    Or someone asking me if I'm okay.

    But maybe it will do me good
    To let someone help if they could.
    Just one hug is all I need.
    Just one person that cares is all I plead.

    And then I might get through another day
    Of waiting for my anger and pain to fade away.

  • mehna_2006 75w

    Story of my life .
    Part .4.
    My preschool days were really good.
    They were good because I was a kid and a person who would be happy for even a little thing.
    Never did I ever think of of how I will be in my life after my preschool.
    ( What an idea of an 4 year old thinking about life after L.k.g) ��
    And that did make my middle school a little hard I guess.
    The funny thing is I was going to a school where my mom was already a teacher.
    And the thing more funnier than this is I was such a cry baby at my first week at school. Just don't ask me . I would be crying because I would miss my mom. Even though she right next to my class.
    And the irony is that I never once complained when I was in preschool . Far away from my mom. But then here I was. Crying a river when I was in the same school as her.
    I would laugh every time I hear someone sharing their school experiences .
    But then slowly I started to evolve from a river to a human baby. I stopped crying but didn't stop complaining to go back to preschool. I guess I liked preschool better.
    I was a really quiet person than I am right now. I wouldn't participate in any competitions ever. I hated everyone there including my mother who would ask me to participate. I never made friends in 1st grade but i was okay in second grade.

    That's how my 1st grade went ..


    4th part ✔️

    I forgot I wrote this series.
    Sorry for the late update on this.

    @mirakee @margaret_anita @shrey2310
    #storyofmylife #life #me #kid

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    The story of my life .
    Part IV.


  • anubhutiyadav 81w

    My story

    Acceptance is the key heard it thousands of time but I guess life taught me the hardest way possible.

    I have had mild acne for the last few years. But back in January 2020 it reached its peak. There was not even a single pinch of clear skin on my face. From home remedies to expensive products I tried almost everything but nothing seemed very effective.

    It felt as if everything is just about this acne. Every day waking up and making up my mind for going out used to take so much effort. I think I had this constant fear of being judged. and sometimes I just wish I could have a good conversation with people.

    I realized, I was expecting others to accept me when even I was not accepting myself. So just one day I stood in front of the mirror and told myself,” You’re looking beautiful, yes you look beautiful “. From that day something changed, I felt a little light and happy and a little less bad about myself.

    I still get breakouts now and then, I have acne marks, my skin is not completely healed yet. And I’m still on medication and with all the other medicines I take a pill of self-love every single day. Things are going quite well.

    So stretch your body a lil every day, have a clean diet and get proper medical care, and with all that don’t forget to love yourself.

    With whatever you’re struggling in life, I know it must be really difficult for you but trust me it will get better. Do some research about it, talk to someone, or just talk to yourself, if it is needed, get the proper medical attention. No matter how hard it seems today, “this is just a phase, you will get over it soon”.

  • mehna_2006 82w

    The story of life started when i opened my eyes.
    The moment i opened my eyes , all i saw was light .
    A little bit much for my liking.
    Now i think i was a born vampire.
    But at that time i had no senses so yeah no comments.
    Everything went so quickly . Really fast.
    It was like a video that was fast forwarded.
    All going in rounds and so so.
    The only sound was my own cries.
    I guess cries of annoyance.
    Now when i think of it , it is funny.
    My cries must have annoyed a lot of people i'm telling ya.
    But still , it was memory.
    A memory i don't know how i remember.


    Ist chapter of the story ✔


    #storyofmylife #life #me

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    Story of my life.

    CH. 1


  • shadowwriting 86w

    Khuli aankhon se khwaab toh nahi dekhe kabhi,
    Lekin usse jarur dekhta rehta tha.


  • shadowwriting 86w

    Woh Ladki bhi ek ajuba thi,
    Khud bhi jalti thi,
    Aur jalati bhi thi..


  • ajikobiseun 88w


    "I caused it" That was the first thought on my mind as I saw his dead body while watching the video, "I could have prayed, I could have love him more, I could have warned him, I could have stayed in school longer, I could have talk to him" My mind kept on rambling on what I could have done to see him alive.

    The painful thing is I dreamt about everything but I thought it was an ordinary dream, I believed he won't go as far as going away from home to swim in an unknown river.

    "George" I kept trying to call him, even though I was watching how they found his corpse in the river through the video because I could not bear seeing his dead body. I wished he could just stand and say it was just a joke. "How could he be the only one to die in the midst of 27 students"

    His death was so painful, December 2019 was my worst year, I watched my mum cry and bawl, I watched my father get old and tired within the three days they were finding his dead body in the river. I had to be the caretaker, I had no time to mourn or cry, I just have to be the one who has to give others hope while I was the one hurting most.

    Cross over to 2020 was so sad, my parents could not help crying in the church, people still had to pet them. I kept thinking how will 2020 be like since my brother death has taken most of our happiness.

    But the saying when there is life, there is hope kept me going, I was scared my mum might deny God because she kept asking "Why me God" while I kept blaming myself for my lack of prayer and love and something told me your love and prayer could have saved him, you saw the vision before it happened for a reason but you were to careless to care.

    We got into 2020 and I knew this is another phase of life, I have learnt but how will I deal with my lessons.

    My parents became stronger, they prayed more, serve God more, Love him more and I thought if it was my child can I be as strong as them but the thing is we will all fall and fail many times, most times we will be the one at fault but we just have to know we need to rise again, those pains and guilt might want to weigh us down but we have the power to say No.

    I went back to school February and took things seriously but my parents got overprotective but the thing is we got stronger as a family, l started learning to forgive myself and I allowed myself to love people more and include them in my prayer and when Covid-19 came, I thought what if Covid-19 would have been another cause of his death, what if he has died during the End SARS protest, what if he has been shot one day.

    It is true that my Love and Prayer could have saved him, that is why we need to love and pray for our loved ones, we need to care and never be scared to tell people we love them and never be too occupied to pray for them.

    Experience is the best teacher either good or bad, let us grow past it. Life is too short to spend it on anger and what if

  • quotescribe 91w

    Isn't it true

    You can be a writer of
    your own story

    I can be a perfect writer
    of my own story

    Other can only write lies
    on other's story

    People are there just to
    enjoy the story