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  • the_poetric_blends 5h

    When did I fell For you?
    Was it when we First met or When We First shook hands and I was trembling with all the Sweat.
    When did I fell For you?
    Was it when you first called out my Name Or When I found out our Likes and Dislikes are just the same.
    When Did I Fell for you?
    Was It when you saved me from the Class Fuss or When you sat beside me in the Bus.

    I dont Remember When did I Exactly fell for YOU But for all I know,
    I did fell for You Stronger and deeper.
    I wish U had Read in between the lines,
    Taken Cues,
    And been My FOREVER.


  • _etincelle_5721 7h

    wouldn't stop you ,if you wanna just go ahead and and ignore me more,
    The truth is that , I
    Can't handle this piercing pain anymore

    The flames of a faded fire ,
    inspire and conspire ,
    Numbing ache's attire,
    Aren't you tired of being a liar ?

    Bargaining , for the bedazzled beloved ,
    Breathtakingly ,balancing the blithe unplugged

    Stare deep into the abyss of your
    Encased enigma , that was erased by your deliberate deliemma
    You are not the cigar that
    Eventually finds a way to the ashtrays
    You are the sun dear ,
    Burning benevolently ,
    Blurring out all the ballads of barricades
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  • _mishi 11h

    Freedom is a struggle anyway.
    #write #writing #story #shorts

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    Acceptance is freedom.

  • rishisingh_ 11h

    Ab chije brdaasht ny Hoti,
    Dard Ka aesa badal chaaya hai,
    Ki ab Jine ki chaah ny Hoti.

    Ab teher jaane Ka mn krta h,
    Kuch iss kadra tut Ra Hu,
    Ki ab Dil Kisi ko chahne se b darta h.

    Ab lgta h muh fer Lu Zindagi se,
    Puchu upar wale se,
    Aur kitno ko le jaayega mere sine se.

    Yaadein h unki,
    Sirf yaadein hai.
    Aanshu to kbke sukh gye,
    Muskaan me bcchi to sirf unse kiye hue vaadein hai.


  • vijaylakhsmi 14h

    I was listening to the sound of the river
    I saw a butterfly fly over
    Chasing it i reached a beautiful flower garden
    May it be home of the butterfly

    When i enter to the garden
    Lots of butterfly come out from it
    It was like a dream i never seen
    I ran towards the end of the garden

    I saw a big mountain afar
    It was a jungle full of trees
    Suddenly when i looked to my left
    I got amazed to see a rainbow

    It was like coming out from the mountain
    And spread over the sky
    It was a beautiful scene i was enjoying
    While two rabbits ran towards me

    I hold them in my hand and softly hugged them
    Rainbow brought so much joy and
    Blessing into my life because when i saw
    It make me feel how beautiful life is

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  • shabd_waala 1d

    #शब्द #सपने #Poem #love #story #dreams

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    कुछ शिखवाएँ तुझसे थी
    कुछ मसले खुदके थे।
    बहला लेता हूं खुदको ये कहकर
    की ये तो महज़ मेरे सपने थे।

  • feelshr 1d

    complete in incomplete

    I love him he loves me,
    I care for him he also have care for me,
    Just like lovers we talk for hours,
    without any topic we discussed for so many time,
    We were as unfamiliar with each other as we knew each other,
    We also talked about love and also fight like couple,
    Talking to someone else also causes jelousy,
    our love is selfless and unconditionall,
    He was to me a mentor, a teacher, a prince of dreams, a true gentalman,
    Neither we were just friends nor lovers nor old relationship,
    But there was something that was special just like complete in incomplete,
    There was no demand, no hope. The true spirit in which there is trust, understanding without saying,
    There is no name but,
    I happy with this unfamiliar relationship and he is also,
    We are both happy with this incomplete yet complete relationship.

  • mystical_writer26 1d

    Key:*-used to convey what's going on in his/her mind
    ~text messages/call conversations

    •••••LEAVE ME ALONE•••••
    "Hey um... I'm really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable... I didn't mean to. Just excited and curious you know"

    Saying this Jake sat up on the bed, staring with a look of concern at Anna who still seemed nervous. She sighed deeply before speaking up.

    "It's alright. I guess I'm far more introverted than I expected myself to be. I dunno if this could be introvertedness but it's just that I'm bad at this.... Like most other things. Umm... I guess we need to slow down a bit and look out into the creepy call stuff...?"

    Jake gave an exhausted look and rolled his eyes at the mention of the creepy call. He looked at her with a sigh while she looked pretty much confused. Anna sure was clumsy, not-so-perfect, kinda dumb, but she sure was clever when it came to making someone listen to her. She shook her head slightly and sat beside him, picking up the magazine lying on her bedside table. Jake didn't expect this, sure enough he stared, once at her and once at her magazine, alternatively.

    "So... What you doing..?"

    Anna continued to gaze through the pages while answering him, "reading this magazine. I thought you could see that"

    Jake rolled his eyes and stood up, saying that he would leave if she didn't have anything to say or do. Anna looked up at him and brought up the topic of the creepy call person, again.

    "NoOOoo.... Come on! Let's do something fun. Like--"

    "You didn't get homework from school?"

    "Ugh don't be my mom Anna! Come on what happened? Why're you so dull today?"

    "I'm not, Jake. I'm just worried about that creepy call person but you don't seem to be worried at all. So I'm trying to get into something better, like reading"

    "Seriously? Why? Why can't we just do something interesting like--"

    "Like tracing up that phone number? Or trying to find who it was?"

    Jake looked pretty much annoyed by now. He wore his shirt and left the room while Anna shook her head and got back into reading only to find out she couldn't help but break down in a few seconds. She loved him. But she couldn't afford to be with him because if her life would be in danger, so would her parents' life be and possibly all the people she loved. Even Jake. She curled up on the bed sobbing while a call interrupted her. It wasn't her cellphone, it was Cindy's! She sniffled and looked at her cellphone.

    *Well... She must have left it here.. I guess that's why she came and maybe she's still at the back door.... Who's this calling... though..*

    Anna picked up the call from the unknown number.


    "Well I told Jake to leave but he instead just blew up on me and I cut the call telling him that he will regret it. I dunno how far this will go but sooner or later they will try tracking meh. I guess I'll change my number soon then give you a call. Don't worry, you'll definitely separate the two so that you two can stay together haha. Good luck Cin. I gotta go. See ya tomorrow at the park at four. It's still four, right?

    *Who is this... Damn... Was it she all this time?.... What..-*


    "Yeah. Uhm. We will meet at four."

    "Cool. See ya Cindy"~

    Anna broke down and it felt as if her heart shattered into a trillion thousand pieces. Betrayed, denied, rejected, lonely, angry... She felt all of it at the same time. Her tears weren't even visible anymore, she had trouble breathing. It was her all along. Her best friend, at least that's what she thought her to be, left her and betrayed her. She noted down the number of the caller and deleted the recording from Cindy's cellphone. She was clever enough at this matter. washing her face, she looked into the mirror and took a deep breath before going down to the back door, to find Cindy.

    "Oh hey Anna! Jake just left and I was about to go back to you. Everything okay? He looked kinda sad. Looked like he was about to have a break down... Oh by the way I left my cellphone. Did you find it?"

    "Oh... Um.. yeah. Here... Don't worry were completely fine. He said he needed to talk to his parents so he just left early."

    "Ow.. okay. I'll see ya then potato!"

    Anna gave a smile and waved while Cindy left, looking pretty much normal. Little did she know what was about to come on her.
    @pakhi1738 @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #thetalecalledleavemealone #story #writing #storywriting

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  • vijaylakhsmi 1d

    Closed doors, moonlit night
    She was looking at the stars from the window
    Was searching somebody to talk to
    So came near her window and talked to the stars

    Dried lips seems somehing to say
    Drank her own tears like she is thristy for years
    Nobody knows nobody listen nobody cares
    So she has hide herself in a protective layer of her
    own plight

    Night has a very good relationship with agony
    Because nobody can see your darkness in the dark
    She has evrything but was so lonely
    Nobody was there to listen

    Her face was glittering in the moonlit night
    And tears drop down and seem like a pearl
    For the first time she wanted to listen to herself
    For herself what if nobody cares

    She has learn to stand on her own
    Dont wanted to cry her whole life
    So she listen to her inner voice and
    Decided to end her sorrow with another pearl

    And by counting number of pearls
    She was amazed to see
    And decided to live her life freely without
    Any hidden secret and didnt wait anyone to come
    And understand her as she was now loving herself

    #mirakee #wod #farcry #story #shortstory #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #pen @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    A Far Cry


  • _himwrites 1d

    Intercity express! Part 1

    The train no 12345 is ready for departure from platform no 2. Passengers are requested to take their respective seats. Announcement in the background was creating disturbance.

    Hello, where are you !?
    I am at platform,
    Where? I can't see you, she replied in haste,
    Ah! You are at platform no1, come fast at no 2.
    Oh! I am sorry! Give me 2 minute.
    Somene is wearing kurta and cute smile too,
    Oh!! You can see me? But I can't, where are you?
    Come! And find me...
    You are everywhere my dear...
    .now don't do poetry here..

    The first glance of her, make me feel like jack...
    Covered with smile, full of energy,
    Hey!! So finally! the day has arrived,
    Looking so beautiful, I am so glad we met in this style...............................................................


  • stayonce 1d

    Everyone's life is imperfect
    But as long as
    There's an opportunity
    To change what's unjust,
    We definitely won't give up


  • pearls_of_sunshine 1d

    My dreadful experience

    I felt like being in between fire,
    Couldn't able to understand anything,
    I informed mom and dad,
    They contacted the doctor and started using it like the doctor prescribed.
    Two days went some how,
    But one day from morning I was getting cough and sneezing, my throat was like burning, couldn't able to understand anything,
    I was feeling like getting heat from my body,
    Being not able to understand anything in the fear of corona,
    I almost asked my parents to "don't come near me, be in distance from me " but wasn't able to voice them . It was like my mind and heart were in conflict. I don't know how my day went. My dad sat beside me and started to wipe my face and hands with wet cloth, my eyes were burning. 
    If not for my heart that day I would have almost shouted at my parents to be in distance from me, because the latter day when I told the same to my mom she had given me strength by her positive words " Don't worry nothing like that will happen , even if you are affected with covid also we will never leave your side. ``Those words had given me a much needed strength. 
    Although I have that confidence that if I am affected with covid - 19 also I can fight with it and defeat it, but I worried for my parents. But after listening to my mom's words I felt like a heavy burden has been left from my heart. 
    At that time each minute was like each century to me.
    A dreadful experience I can say.
    My insecurities almost lead me to the stage of shouting at my parents who stood beside me every minute .
    I am glad that my mom explained to me and stood beside me, otherwise I don't know what I would have done also .

    That's all about my experience.

  • mystical_writer26 1d

    Key:*-used to convey what's going on in his/her mind
    ~text messages/call conversations

    •••••LEAVE ME ALONE•••••
    It was a warm sunny afternoon around 3:30pm and Anna was sleeping peacefully and looking much more groomed than while sleeping at night. While Anna was sleeping, Jake wished to give her a sweet surprise. Jake who used to stay not too far from her home, came up and realised her dad was sleeping. He entered through the back door and reached up to Anna's room. He tried being as soundless as possible and opened the door to see her sleeping. He went up close to her, with flowers in one hand. She wasn't as beautiful as you'd expect other highschool girls to be, but she was graceful enough if you would see her close. Smiling to himself, Jake kept the flowers on her bedside table and took a seat near her slumbering self. He leaned over her, closer and closer. All he ever would want is her to be happy and safe, even if that meant they couldn't even be friends.
    Just then, Anna woke up, wriggling in the bed with her eyes closed and then sitting up half-way, to kiss Jake. He was still blushing hard while holding her close and smiling through the kiss and Anna moved her fingers through his hair.

    "Hey Anna Cindy here I think I left my cel-"

    Cindy out of no where popped up at the perfect moment to ruin their kiss.

    "Sorry, I'll just wait outside.. uh.. hehe"

    She left out in a hurry while Jake and Anna stared at each other before giggling. Life seemed sweet and perfect for the first time in some months.

    "Wanna try it again, love?"

    "Um.. I guess no... I gotta go to the washroom, wait up here, I'll be back! Uhm..thanks for the surprise though. I didn't really expect you in my room so early"

    Saying this, Anna, who was pretty much blushing now, swept past Jake and moved downstairs, locking herself in the bathroom. She was happy and it felt heavenly. Never before had she felt the way he made her feel. But she was scared, for the creepy man was still probably behind her since Jake hadn't quit highschool. Sighing out of relief and smiling a little while thinking about that amazing kiss she had a few minutes back, she went back upstairs to find Jake shirtless again with a bold confident look on his face. Seeing her, he gave her a cheeky smirk and gestured her to lock the door behind her.

    "SHUT UP! YOU'RE-"

    "Shhhhhhh cool down"

    "What- whatever. Okay you're hot but- you're just not allowed to do whatever now get dres- dress up- dressed up and then let's just see about my- I mean that person who's following me or whatever!"

    "Looks like you don't want me to get dressed tho"

    "Shut up, else I'll-"

    Jake got a call which interrupted Anna's sentence. It was an unknown number and Jake was pretty much sure it would be the creepy man.


    "Jake, leave Anna's lodging right away or you die. You f***ing aSShol*, SHE'S MINE. LEAVE HER PLACE YOU BASTARD OR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DIE SOON"


    "you will regret this"

    "I won't, you wi-"~

    "That aSShol* just cut the call"

    "Show me"

    Saying this, Anna was about to take the cellphone from his hand who moved it away and pulled her towards him by her wrist. She squeaked a little and tumbled down on his shirtless body. Jake enjoyed it, pretty much not the shy guy he used to be. Anna who felt terribly uncomfortable due to her not-so-perfect figure, moved up quickly, looking nervous.
    @pakhi1738 @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #thetalecalledleavemealone #writing #storywriting #story #ceesreposts

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  • undefined_writer 1d


    Today I am going to share with you the complete story of Mama Shakuni.

    This interesting story begins with Gandhari's father Maharaj Subala. He was the king of Gandhara kingdom. It is a matter of those days when Gandhari was just a princess and she was not married, then some astrologers advised Maharaj Subala that there was a fault in the fate of Princess Gandhari.
    The drawback was that her husband was bound to die sometime after her marriage. Therefore, to remove this defect, Gandhari's first marriage has to be done with a person who does not have the grief of dying. For this reason, Gandhari got married with a goat and after marriage the goat was sacrificed.
    Maharaj Subala kept this thing a secret. Although all this happened because of her fault but Gandhari had become a widow in the social view.
    After some time Ganga's son Bhishma Pitamah proposed his son Dhritarashtra in front of Maharaj Subala. Maharaj Subala accepted the marriage of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Both were married with pomp.
    Then no one knew the secret of Gandhari's first marriage. Then one day Bhishma Pitamah came to know from somewhere that Gandhari was a widow before marrying Dhritarashtra and how her first husband died is also a mystery.
    When Bhishma Pitamah discussed this with Maharaj Subala, Maharaj Subala told him the whole incident. Knowing this, Bhishma Pitamah got very angry but he did not express his anger. He did not break the relationship with Maharaj Subala but increased it further.
    Bhishma Pitamah called Maharaj Subala and his entire family to himself. Pitamah decided to gradually kill Subala's entire family in return for this deception.
    Maharaj Subala had about a hundred sons. Grandfather gave the whole family a large room where food was sent daily for them. Gradually the amount of food reduced. Earlier food used to come for all the people, now it used to come only for some people. After a few days it started decreasing even more.
    In this way only one person's food was sent. Only a little rice was sent to that person's food. Maharaj Subala understood that this was a ploy to kill them, so he fed that food to his youngest son so that he could take revenge by staying alive.

    Maharaja Subala's younger son was very intelligent. His name was Shakuni. Maharaj Subala did not give food to any of his sons, due to which gradually all the sons died.

    Maharaj Subala became very ill and was on the verge of dying. Then he called his son Shakuni. When Shakuni went to him, he took out a stick from under his bed and hit Shakuni hard on one leg. Shakuni was surprised and asked, "Dad, why did you break my leg?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Sakuni son, this leg will remind you what the aim of your life is.”
    Shakuni asked, "What is the goal father?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Son, till today we have kept you alive by feeding you. All your brothers died because of hunger. You have to pay them all. Bhishma Pitamah destroyed our entire family, you have to take revenge for that. He is very much in love with his son Dhritarashtra. You have to destroy all the Kauravas of Dhritarashtra. After my death you will have to meet Maharaj Dhritarashtra and apologize and say that forgive my father for whatever he did and then living with him will destroy his family. I will give you a solution for this task. After I die, make two pieces of my bones and use them for gambling. I will always be with you as that person. Whenever you want the number, the same number will come out. From today the end of Kauravas will be the goal of your life. Saying this, Maharaj Subala gave up his life.

    Shakuni made two pashes from his bones as per his father's order. Bhishma saw that all his sons had died along with Maharaj Subala and saw that only Shakuni was left alive. He asked Shakuni whether he wanted to go back to his kingdom of Gandhara or stay in Hastinapur.

    Shakuni apologized to Pitamah at that time and decided to stay in Hastinapur. So the grandfather made him the king of Gandhara and then kept him with his Kauravas. Shakuni's maternal uncle met the Kauravas and started filtering in everyone's eyes. First of all, he snatched the throne of Hastinapur from the grandfather and gave it to Maharaja Dhritarashtra, due to which Dhritarashtra's eldest son could become great himself in the eyes of Duryodhana.

    Duryodhana formed a deep relationship with his Shakuni maternal uncle. Shakuni had completely controlled his nephew, so much so that Duryodhana used to follow his every move by asking his maternal uncle. And like all the times, Mama Shakuni used to give him such intimate thoughts that would make Duryodhana happy and with that trick he started fulfilling his every wish.

    Similarly, Shakuni Mama made his nephew his pawn and made him stand in front of the Pandavas. He had made a way to reach his goal with the help of Duryodhana. All the time he is just looking for the opportunity. One such occasion had come when the Kauravas and the Pandavas were in their vale stage, they were taking education in the ashrams of Guru Dronacharya and Guru Kripacharya.

    Every day there were small and big fights between Kauravas and Pandavas. Queen Kunti and Queen Gandhari would explain to them that it is not good to quarrel with each other like this. The root cause in these quarrels was the hatred of the Pandavas in the heart of Kauravas.

    to be continued...


    So basically this is the story of Mama Shakuni from ancient text on MAHABHARATA written by me.
    This is only the first verse of the story.
    As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

    PC- Pinterest

    #story #mythology #self #happy #mahabharat #author #writer

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  • charithaburri 2d


    You might only listen or read out my story but I have been through it.....

  • hiireath27 2d

    जिस्म बेच कर जो रोटी लाती है,
    ऐसी मां आखिर क्या कह लाती है ।
    दुनिया की नज़रे बेशक नोच खाती हों,
    ज़िल्लत भले ही बोझ बन जाती हो,
    मेरी नज़र में वो तपस्या कहलाती है ।

    न जाने कितनी चादरें बदल चुकी,
    टूटे जज़्बात निगल चुकी ।
    देखा था जीवन का जिसने सपना,
    बेच चला वक़्त ,जिसे मान बैठी वो अपना।
    आखिर हिमत कहां से आती है,
    मेरी नज़र में वो तपस्या कहलाती है

    रोज़ आबरू उसकी लूट जाती,
    रहम भी रहम को बुलाए,
    अब वो न चिखे चिल्लाए ।
    विवेक, जो देख न पाए वो अंधा कहलाय,
    पैसे मिले तो धंधा बन जाए ।
    सोचता हूं ,वो खुदसे नज़र क्यूं न मिलाती है,
    मेरी नज़र में वो तपस्या कहलाती है ।
    Pc- Google

    #writers #hindi #story #humantrafficy #women #ink #pen #truth #facts #mirakee #mirakee_assistant #girl

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    जिस्म बेच कर जो रोटी लाती है,

    ऐसी मां आखिर क्या कह लाती है ।

    दुनिया की नज़रे बेशक नोच खाती हों,

    ज़िल्लत भले ही बोझ बन जाती हो,

    मेरी नज़र में वो तपस्या कहलाती है ।

    (......read in caption....)


  • jai_writez 2d

    Wife is cute
    When she ia mute
    Husband is honey
    When he give money.


  • lafz_by_anurag 2d

    जिंदगी थी आसान बचपन में
    तब ना थी नफरत मन में
    बस था बहुत सारा प्यार
    माना इसे शांतिमय सँसार
    ना धर्म का भेद
    ना जाति की सेंध
    तब ना सोचा करता था मैं
    अब सोचकर थम जाता हूँ
    ऐसे कैसे बदल गया सब
    ज़िंदगी कैसे पलट गयी अब
    पहले हामिद लगता साँचा था
    जो माँ के लिए चिमटा लाता
    लगता था दुनिया है बड़ी अच्छी
    पर लगता अब मिथ्या है सब
    बस थी वो कहानियाँ ही
    जो हैं यथार्थ से परे।
    #lafzbyanurag #writers #writersofinstagram #happymothersday #writerscommunity #poetry #writer #writing #writingcommunity #love #writersofig #quotes #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poems #poem #words #poet #art #life #thoughts #shayari #instadaily #poets #loveyourself #yourself #story #followforfollowback #bhfyp #writerslife #sad #bhfyp

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    ना धर्म का भेद
    ना जाति की सेंध
    तब ना सोचा करता था मैं
    अब सोचकर थम जाता हूँ

  • anishmathew 2d


    പ്രപഞ്ചത്തിലെ ബുദ്ധിവികാസം പ്രാപിച്ച കീടമാണ് മനുഷ്യൻ.


  • dreameryader23 2d

    Jotted this when things were unfathomable between us. Now that he's gone I can at least share it here. #lover #heartbreak #betrayal #writingcommunity #sadending #life #love #prose #story #writersnetwork

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    a note to my lost love

    26.12.2018/babe, I can never imagine being alone without you in my life. For we've grown together in these past years. We've been through ups and downs but we both know that this was a part of our life. I can't thank you enough for being such a perfect partner. Never had I seen such a beautiful soul like you.

    I've got plenty to jot when it comes to describing you, babe. I kind of feel weird when I relate sad things to us, but you know it already how I like to compare  different situations in our world. haha jokes apart, babe you know how much I love you❤️. I know I get stubborn sometimes but I like it that way when I'm with you. I get childish seeking more attention and affection from you, not willing to share any of it with anyone, (not even with your mates). Oh, babe, I love you so much.

    Your love has changed me for a better person, I feel lively, except when we clash amongst us. You've taught me to live my life, you've respected my decision(in whichever way), supported me throughout. oh lord thank you for bestowing me an angel like you.

    Although I do disappoint you sometimes say in most cases but you need to understand as well that despite this we've got our life as well say being independent. At times I get caught up with some work which is why I declined most of your invitations which was completely unintentional. It is what it is. (This was what we had to  improvise).

    This year has been the worst for you and I am sorry for everything that I've caused you. You're grandpa's sudden demise, your girlfriend cheating on you, even though she loved you immensely, what not? I know you got broken there but thankfully we could cover it all at some point.

    How could I forget that night when I got hit hard on my cheeks LOL (that was funny when I think about it now). but at that moment I was literally broken. After all, I got what I deserved.

    Time passed by...

    I tried my best to gain your trust back and was happy that I succeeded in it too. soon holidays approached. we made plans to go on a trip to Mussoorie.


    explored every new cafe, tried different menus (that's when I had my first prawns). How do I forget the night when we made love gazing out at the perfect city view in front of us. Those chilled glasses where I held myself to hold on. (That was a dream come true moment).  Also, venturing out for night walks on the mall road, grabbing each other tightly(as if someone would kidnap us). And later,kissing eachother goodnight.


    On opening my eyes I saw you sleeping peacefully next to me (reminiscing). That's when I kissed you and woke you up❤️                                                    

    01/01/2019.  Thank you for being the perfect soul that I lost. I love you.