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    चाय का असली मज़ा तो कुल्हड़ में ही आता है
    दुनिया चाहे कितनी ही बदल जाए
    मोहब्बत का अक्स तो आज भी ज़ज्बातो में छुपा है

    ए दिल, टूटने का दौर सिर्फ तब तक है
    जब तक हमसफर नही मिल जाता

    इश्क मोहब्बत प्यार
    पत्थर दिल कभी नही पाता


  • thewritingbunny 18h


    It's 7:26 now and it's been what.. 31 minutes since I've been having extra beats in my heart. Am I stupid? I'm standing here in a white t-shirt under a hoodie cause I spilt orange juice on my shirt like 3 minutes ago. Damn! I was supposed to do this yesterday cause the gift didn't arrive as planned. As an apology they gave me a gift wrap for free though. Ughhh!! Why are there no stars in the sky tonight!! It's dull. Should I delay? Nah.. Not again! Anyways.. Breathhhhh.. And there she was.. 'Hey' she says..Oh God♥️

    I check my hoodie pocket immediately and damn! The fancy chocolate melted ages ago! Keep it cool.. it's ok! We'll get something at the cafe. 'After You' I said. 'Um.. Where to?' She replies. Dammit!! 'My bad!' and we walk to the cafe nearby. My jokes half hit and half miss on the way and when we reach.. Surprise the cafe is closed. F**k I said out loud in my head and as if someone heard the curses in my head it starts to rain. Ofcourse a stray banner comes flying and sticks to my face. And there we were. Infront of a closed cafe waiting for it stop.. the rains.

    'I got ya something' and I get the lil wrapped box.. a lil soggy from the rain. She opens it up and I face palmed myself. It's the wrong book!! Another copy of the one she already owns! Oh why!? She laughs and dig into my pockets for redemption. It's a kinder joy. 'Also this?' accompanied by the most awkward smile ever. And as it drizzles on it's the 3 of us then. A lil elephant she immediately names counts as a person now.

    'Let's go out sometime? Like go out go out?' says me, at the end of my patience before I get struck by lightning next.
    'It's what.. your 3rd attempt now' she giggles and hands over the half the kinder joy left.
    'Yeah.. I don't count now'

    And then we laughed.. All 3 of us.. as the skies above clear over.. not noticing the rainbow above.. Cause ain't that the best? And that's how it should be and is gonna to be.. where everything is wrong but that's just right.. A blurry line that we'll walk forever.. You & me as ice bear watches over...



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    Kiri was terrified looking at her own reflection in the mirror. Her constant fear of growing old was coming to life. Some of her hairs had grown grey, her skin had left the charm of youth. She began noticing all the changes. "Time overtakes everyone", thought she as she was flabbergasted with the changes of old age... It dawned upon her to use her elixir for life and spin the wheel around to stay forever young!

    But alas, Kiri knew that some things couldn't be mended. Meddling with her own thoughts and thinking about nooks, she did not want to age so fast and go into the most tough phase of life where the body becomes home to a thousand health issues and even the close ones turn their face to show a strong back! She needed, she needed a way out to escape the old age - where will I find the secret to not grow old??

    Mingled with these thoughts, she stepped out in the verandah to have a look at her beautiful garden, the rose plant had withered away, not able to stand the tough sand storm that took pla yesterday evening ... Life .. life and death is a part and parcel for every living non-living thing! As Kiri digested this fact slowly, she moved towards her secret tunnel, climbed upon the trap door to disappear into the dungeons that existed below her house, which only she knew about!

    Kiri stepped into the dungeons which was full of wierd creatures and foul smelling stuff, even human carcasses and skulls that had kept her alive till date, she feared only the Power, the power which had cursed her of being alive for a full century to witness the whole uncertainty of a human life! As she was just a decade or two away from completing the tenure, old age had come into place

    Kiri then noticed her whitening hairs ..just a few to be measured on fingers, but she dreaded the last days having witnessed how humans had lived their old age to a great extention. She cut her thumb with a slit, dropping of a few ounces of blood, added a skull she had procured from nearby, mixed it with a few bones, added spiders into it and started concoction of a wierd smelling mixture. It kept boiling on the large earthenware kept on the old-fashioned stove.

    The mixture's killing smell fulfilled the dungeons atmosphere and Kiri was having a wicked smile, a truly brutal smile on her face as she prepared it! She added a few of very rarely found ingredients, a bunch of powders to give it some taste, animal skin and kept giving continue rotationals with a big wooden spoon to the mixture in the pot. As the stew was prepared, a devilish laughter spread in the dungeons, Kiri broke into a bit of musing laughter!!

    She took a cup of this syrup and let it cool down, opened the hidden and closed covers of the dungeons ; invited a giant snake that lived in the dungeons along with its enemy, the mongoose who came crawling and making a typical sound as they were friends with Kiri! She welcomed them with all hearts and gave them their share as they drank to their heart's content that concocted mixture. She was filled with a bream of a bit confidence and ability to face the approaching phase of life; decided to not leave the place until she fulfills the assigned duties.

    Kiri then stepped out from the dungeons, returning to her house, ready from the concoction and prepared to face anything that comes in life witha bit more bravery. The Power was watching all her actions and smiling to himself, feeling a bit proud of how much she had Learned in just one punishment! A few more years and the faithful would be back to serve the Lord again. Kiri knew that she had tasks to finish before she lets old age grip her and was determined to fulfill her master's desires to lend and mend the wrong doings on this planet before she returns to an infinte service of the Lord.

    Kiri realised that every norm, every living being is assigned with certain karmic duties and responsibilities, and cannot leave just abandoning them and must fulfill it to set an instance in this imperfectly perfect world!

    Learning - Just follow your karmic cycle, leave everything to the Lord! Believe!

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    ...Kiri was terrified looking at her own reflection in the mirror. "Time overtakes everyone", thought she as she was flabbergasted with the changes of old age... perfect world! ...


    Learning - Just follow your karmic cycle, leave everything to the Lord! Believe!
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  • darkmoon696 2d

    This is part-4 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And don't forget to guess what's the plot gonna be like in the next part, in the comment section.✌️ Happy Reading!!❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 4

    I walk out of my room and progress to the basement with the noises continuing along with a soft banging at the basement door. These daunting noises make me think if there is someone in the basement and I rush to the garage to get a baseball bat along with a torchlight to defend myself. Just as I commence my return, the power goes off, so I continue walking towards the basement with the torchlight on.

    As I reach the basement entrance, I find that the door is wide open and the lock is shattered on the floor. I hold the baseball bat firmly and move slowly into the basement onto the steps. As soon as I step inside, I sense a rotting smell in the air which makes me nauseous. “Ahh..what died in here”, I say, as I cover my nose. I shine the torchlight across and check if there’s anyone in the room excluding me.

    Walking slowly, with my hands held onto the walls of the room, I explore further and that’s when the torchlight goes off. “Aha!! What a perfect time for this bloody light to malfunction”, I exclaim in a sarcastic tone. After a couple of tries, the light finally comes back on and as I shine it on the wall infront, I see a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life....


  • jpwriter 3d

    My Inner Strength
    I will not be moved,

    It's give or take
    Too much to loose

    Haunting calls
    Melts holes in me
    Erodes my will
    Let go of me

    Twisting the rules
    All for my pleasure
    Chastity belt
    Broken Forever

    I crawl on all fours
    She plays the criminal
    Yet I will serve the time
    Far too critical

    Locked on all doors
    Never too minimal
    Hurt beyond find
    Remarks of pitiful

    Fingers like hard steel
    She slits my weakness
    Even with guards still
    She see my meakness

    She repeats this
    and they keep me
    Her tongue a vipers 
    leaking secretly

    Slippery snake
    Fangs trained to please me
    So in they sank 
    until it eats me

    Slips into my vault
    She violates my alter
    She is the occult

    Spilling forth my sins
    Her crucifix she releases
    My head falls away in bliss, 
    Crushing me to pieces

    This is the troubled scene
    A victim of her double guillotine


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    Me wada toh nhi krta
    Ke umar bhar
    Tere sath reh jaunga,
    Magar haa jab tak zinda hu
    Tera hokar reh jaunga

  • sahil_poet 3d

    Mera dil

    Mujse mat pooch
    mere baare me,
    Shyd tumhe jhuth hi lagega
    Agar puchna hai kuch
    toh mujse aake mil,
    Or pooch le
    Meri rooh se,
    Ki kesa hai mera dil ❤

  • muskaanbhatt 3d

    That's why relationships are always better than friendships❤
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    A short summary of a real story

    So, it's a true story which happened back in 2017,when I was in my 12th standard, so I was having a friendship with two girls from the ending of 2015,we met in a coaching center which we joined for studying our 10+2 classes , so the first year everything was going good, we 3 had a great friendship, we enjoyed so much that I forgot my school besties and I use to space myself from the other students too, so with the time everything was going well, we used to come and go together, sometimes we used to go to each other's house to drop each other, everyone in center used to give examples of our friendship, we everytime used to argue with others just to sit with each other on a single bench,then that year passed and we got promoted to 12th standard,then more and more students joined, new students, and one among the new students was my neighborhood boy not exactly the known close one but he was living in my area, so as usually I was not that much talkative to boys nor I like to talk to stranger boys, so I didn't ever talked to him there but we both knew we belong from the same area, so days passed , then 2 months passed when the thing happened,(I was single that time waiting for my soulmate,so I wasn't in that state of falling for any random street boy),therefore I didn't fell for any trap so moving on that boy of my area proposed one the new girls of that then batch, as already I was knowing his history of relationship as I had already seen that boy with some another girl from my area and now he was proposing other ones too in the same time, so that girl whom he proposed asked me "can you muskaan please tell me" about this boy who lives in your area, I said how can I say anything, we live in a same area but he is neither my close neighbour nor belong from the same lane in which I reside, I had just saw him in my area from that I knew he also resides in my area, and nothing I know more then this about him, so she said okay but inside I was saying to myself that did I lied to her about him that I know he is already dating a girl and on the other hand he is trying to get this new girl too who is now my new friend too, so I was thinking this thing for the whole day even after when I came back to home, then the next day when I again went to my coaching class, there I saw already my old 2 friends and that new girl talking to each other, and from that time everything changed in that friendship of mine, I came close to them and said what are you guys talking about they said (that new girl) I am talking about the boy of your area, I was like what again! she said yeah I am going to accept his proposal today, so that time I also got to know that one of my friend who knows that guy because he was his ex bf's best friend, here I understood something is cooking, so I directly talked to that new girl and told her listen, don't fall for his trap he is already in relationship with a girl as I saw him with her in my area , she was like no you are lying and I am going to tell him about this that you said all this, I was like okay go ahead, I am not afraid of anyone as I am trying to save your life from that guy who is with many, then one my friend told me why are you saying like this he is my ex's friend and also like my brother, I told so what, truth is truth, then when we got off from the coaching, then in the parking I saw a big group of boys and that new girl and both of my girl-friends too present there and talking about me, then that guy came to me and said what rubbish had you talked about me, I was like whatever I had said that is true and I didn't lied and tried to save a girl from the trap, he was like too much, he said a lot, I can't explain, I was broken because at that time I thought God is this what speaking truth costs? I am like crying and dying from inside, I tried to do good but anyways, at that moment those two friends of mine whom on: I spend my every single penny, whom I gave everything, I shared everything, I did so much for those two friends but at that moment those two behaved like my rivals, instead of supporting me and becoming my sheild as they knew little bit how bad that guy was but still they supported him, didn't remembered our years of friendship,they talked against me, where I was hoping they will support me against a big group of boys, they changed the ways, didn't thought about our friendship just because I was their friend (a girl) and they were one of my friends ex's besty and her new mouth said brother means a so called boy, and my another friend also betrayed because she ganged up with that new girl whom he was proposing, they betrayed me because I was a girl and he was a boy, so boy's friendship means a lot to a girl more than a girl's friendship, later on she accepted his proposal of trap, and I broke off with my so called betrayal friends, from then I never indulged myself in any friendship, I don't trust these friendships otherwise I was among those girls who used to make friends (girls) every single day.
    After few months that boy left her like a trash after getting all the benefits from her and she realised her mistake of not believing me and those two friends of mine ganged up with those boys and never ever we talked from then but later on those two friends got their karma's, and what they got, you will read that in my upcoming book .

  • darkmoon696 3d

    This is part-3 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And also feel free to take a guess in the comments on how the next part's going to go.❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 3

    ..Until one day as I am laying comfortably on my porch swing having my espresso, I get a call from my colleague regarding her visit to my new house. I am excited to meet her as it’s been a long time since I met anyone from my workplace. The following day, Lexi, my colleague, visits, and we celebrate our reunion with some drinks and we have a great time sharing our thoughts.

    ‘Time flies by, talking to you David.’ Lexi says, taking a glance at her watch. ‘Well, it’s always a pleasure to have a couple of drinks with you, Lexi.’ I say, gazing at her brown tensed eyes. I can easily figure out from the look of her eyes that she has been tensed for quite a while but I don’t want to enquire her and make her uncomfortable.

    ‘Well, the pleasure’s mine David. Thank you for this day, I should get going now’ Lexi says as she starts to pack her handbag. I drop her off at the bus stop at the corner of the street and return, realizing that I need to rest for a while. So, I go straight to my bedroom and take a five-hour nap.

    I wake up at 10 in the night and have a bunch of biscuits for dinner before I sleep again. Exactly at 2 in the morning, I wake up from the weird eerie noises coming from the basement, which is locked up, by the previous owner for some reason. I walk out of my room to the basement...


  • flying_colors0125 3d


    Only you can write your life story.
    In the journey you might get pen of different colors, design and shape. They only help you to write but can't decide what will be written in your story.

  • vb_ke_blogs 3d

    Sache naam ka rista humein
    Pyaar se jodh deta hain
    Har kadam zindagi ko
    Nya modh daita hain


  • saifulkhan 4d

    Adhura Ishq

    Bahot dur tha unke dil ka pata,
    Ishq mei unke ham bhi kahi the lapata.
    Ishq behad hai unse kabhi socha na tha,
    Unko bhi mohabbat hai hamse,
    Is baat ka bhi hai hamko pata.
    Hona hai ek isme hai ham dono ki manzoori
    Magar beech mei aajati hai bahot si majboori.
    Chahta hu unko puri shiddat se,
    Bass dua hai ke hojaye ham ek,
    Afsos wo aur ham kabhi ek nahi honge ,
    Is baat ka bhi hai hamko pata.
    Sab pata hote hue bhi,
    Na jane kyu unse ishq behad kiya,
    Aur aakhir mei muskaan liye bade pyaar se
    Unko Alvida kehkar mei chal diya.


  • deep_feeling 4d

    Hum to jee rahe the apne ek tarfa ishq k guroor me,
    Do tarfa ki chahat ne guroor bhi tod diya or dosti bhi.

  • in_fragments 4d

    Happy not-even-a-solid-month-until Halloween everybody! ������ Here's a horror story for you anyway ����‍♀️
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    (Bite) A Zombie Left Behind

    Overcome with a harrowing
    and unearthly childhood affliction-
    as a young girl, she had something taken
    from her heart; a bite that caught the meat
    between sharp and slimy teeth-
    a piece of her eaten
    by a monstrous predator. Now,
    an adult, with a man who loves her,
    she cannot kiss him
    without her lips going cold;
    she cannot express her affection
    without thrusting her life into limbo;
    she cannot make physical love
    without her body turning gray,
    her skin peeling off her hands and face,
    her insides rotting and falling out
    of the hollow hole between her legs.
    A zombie, dropping chunks
    of skin and sex organs
    onto the floor as she runs,
    bloodying the wood with her footprints-
    naked in the autumn soaked forest,
    she loses a piece of a finger,
    a knee, a small intestine winds itself
    into the hands of tree branches.
    She quickly snaps it off of her body
    like a strand of loose thread
    and continues to race, to kill
    the feeling of dread spreading
    between and up her hips,
    the memories causing her body
    to destroy itself like a disease.
    She lays what's left
    of her languid tendons down
    into a pile of damp
    and freshly fallen leaves,
    and wept as she fell into
    a fetal position, the detached limbs
    like ghosts she could still feel
    pressed against her chest and stomach.
    The stars shone bright above her
    as her heart began to bleed,
    and she knew it would be over soon.
    She then stopped crying
    and listened to the world of the night;
    listened as her skin fell to the ground,
    her blood drained away
    like a hose against the grass,
    her heart as it finally plopped
    loudly, heavily, out of her cracked ribcage.
    She released one more
    distraught exhalation
    before her mind and soul expired,
    her eyes closed into sweet death,
    leaving a trail of body parts behind.
    Her lover follows, but never finds her...

    And when he returns, she is home-
    bones reattached and cheeks as red
    as a freshly picked apple,
    as alive as she was the morning before...

    Sobbing together, he kisses
    her warm forehead
    and apologizes again and again
    for the curse her body was under
    before he could ever help her.
    She drifts off to sleep in clean sheets,
    while her heart beats and remembers,
    holding on to the infernal bite
    her mind is not ready to find; only then
    will this miserable transformation,
    this routine of torment and ritual
    of violation end. Until then,
    she moves through making love
    as an archaic zombie girl-
    confused, anguished,
    and haunted by the life
    that was snatched away from her
    too fast.

  • smillleey 4d

    I have writen a short story in three parts.
    Here is the link of blogger if anyone wanna read it.
    In advance thanks for reading

    #story #blogger @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • theglasseyedworld 4d

    The respect you deserve will stay


  • saqibm_01 5d

    //'// ()

    .' ' ' () . , .
    e ' . , p ' .
    , " , ' () . , ". .


  • jpwriter 5d

    The Second Fallen Angel

    A second angel fell beyond repair
    Helpless, tired, wounded, scared
    Within the drift a mist caught the air
    Wondered, salubrious thoughts that cared
    Conjured arduous efforts faired
    Diluted confuting the devil's lair 
    Protruding the signal of beware 
    If & when the gods did care
     Secluding the truculence that life is bare


  • edward_3355 5d


    Eyes wide in wonder
    Which none could plunder
    Content with trifles
    And smiles which one couldn't stifle

    Blinders tore horizons asunder
    Ignorance grew blissfully sweet
    Used to the bitter taste of discontent
    Cursory creases traced by lips

    Puppeteers became the puppets
    In plays staged in an erstwhile playground


  • manazscorpio 1d

    The Story

    Hey there, hope you're doing great. I'm Mintu Gogoi, an Assamese boy of 19 years old dwelling in Kurkani, a small village of Assam. So unlike other's since childhood, my life hasn't been full of joy and happiness. Sometimes it feels very unfortunate to be born in this village because strange incidents occur very often. One such story is about my classmate Biplab.
    One evening while I was returning to my home from the local market I came across Biplab's house. Before that day also I had seen and visited his house but that evening was different. As I was about to pass by his house I noticed that his body was hanging from the fan. I got spellbound and astonished to see my friend hanging. As I was about to call the police someone hit me with a machete on my head. As such, I got fainted instantly. The next time when I opened my eyes I was lying by the side of a pond. It was morning time and the entire area was filled with fog. The only thing that I noticed was Biplab's body lying inside a car that was sinking in water. I wanted to run and recover but I can neither move nor run as if someone was holding me from the back. And in that way, the body of Biplab along with the car got sunk. Suddenly, I felt as if someone pushed me from back and as a result, I fell into the pond.
    This time when I opened my eyes, I noticed the doctor and my parents discussing something. As soon as I saw my parents I shouted.

    Me: Mom and dad( whining)

    Mom: Beta(Son) are you okay?

    Mom then started crying incessantly.

    Me: Mom.Dad, what had happened to me?

    Dad: Beta you had woken up after 4days.

    Me: What the F....(astonished)

    Mom: Yes Mintu beta. You had been in paralysis for 4days

    Then abruptly Biplab's incident popped up in my mind.

    Me: Mom and Dad what had happened to Biplab?

    Dad: Who??

    Me: Biplab my classmate?

    Mom: Beta there's no classmate of yours whose name is Biplab

    In the meantime, suddenly my sister Rani came with a notebook in her hand.

    Rani: Mom and Dad he was writing a book in which he created a character whose name is Biplab. He had immersed himself in the story so deeply that he started to think that there is a character with the name Biplab who is his friend.

    Me: Then what had happened to me that day.

    Rani: I don't the actual incident but from the police investigation I got to know that you were staring at someone's house and then you suddenly fainted and fell on the ground.