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  • bonitasarahbabu 5w

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    A mix between sunshine and thunderstorms,
    Between heavenly bliss and hellfire,
    And between sugar and cinnamon
    This is who she is.
    She can be the sweetest person you meet,
    Or the saltiest individual who you have ever faced.
    Her attitude towards you,
    Depends on yours.
    She fights for the underdog,
    And is the voice for the voiceless.
    Remember, she may be quiet,
    But she knows a lot more that you give her credit for.
    Don't misuse her or take advantage of her,
    For when she leaves, she leaves with no forwarding address.

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  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * 22.10.2021; 12.34 A.M (Malaysia)

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    Storm; Stomp ~

    My angry outburst is like a thunderstorm.
    I want to throw a tantrum, as my feet stomp.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • asha_george 6w


    When the sun is bright and the days warm,
    When dreams are dreamt and hopes are high,
    When lulled into the summer’s charm -
    The days are busy, the nights go by.

    When the sky is clear and the wind whispers:
    “Go live. Go fly. And love yourself.”
    “But this must be done,” a voice mutters,
    And you choose to survive instead.

    It’s when the clouds gather and the sun
    Is dimmed, that vision meets sight
    ‘The hours are spent, the race is run,’
    You ask, ‘But where is the will, the might?’

    The gale blows and shrieks, you can’t ignore -
    It’s wailing call, it’s rattling tone.
    The storm spews and soaks the core
    The soul stirs. A groan. A moan.

    The dreary downpour drenches you cold,
    But you are awake to feel the chill -
    The deluge will flood and will soon unfold
    A fertile mind, a sprouting will.

    The noise of the thunder will let you scream,
    Your troubled thoughts and secret fears.
    The lightning flashes your real dream
    The rain wipes away those trickling tears.

    And everything the storm uproots, it takes,
    The eye of the storm closes to rest.
    And the teacup that it was swirling in, breaks
    The sun shines brighter after the tempest.


  • angels_halo_shines 6w

    Brewing About

    Lost in the wreckage the storm has now passed. Memories last lifetimes. The people within them when the memories are built upon, unfortunately do not last. As much as we wish upon a star it’s just not possible. My heartaches, it’s broken in so many pieces. Taken advantage of time, I plead guilty. I am at fault. Lives are busy trying to just stay afloat. And you are a failure at seeing the worst before the end. I am at least. Storms they pass by, taking their dark cloud that was formed with them as they go. The storms that are inside of us, they stick around. Brewing about. We can’t let them out, that would be to simplistic. Taking turns & carrying the dark clouds that follow them. Consuming so much energy you once had built up. Thinking you were doing so good. Then there is that eye of the storm to tear you right back down. Showing you just how weak you really are. Until it passes you are at a standstill. Standing. Waiting for the worst. With so much fury & fright you just hold on the best you know how. As you weaken, tearing you away piece by piece. It will take you years to rebuild. Rebuilding to heal all the wounds you have hidden away. Putting on a smile so nobody needs to worry. I’m guilty. I’m guilty mom, as you have taught me to do so. The strength I have never seems to fail me. It may now as I am starting to weaken. I hate to admit I am. I can’t tell a lie, as you see now firsthand. I will try to do the best I can. I promise.

  • bclark2681 6w


    You are a beautiful storm
    That I want to drowned within
    Pour over me, choke my breath

  • iam_ssk 6w

    "His Eyes Were As Calm As Ocean,
    Hiding The Storm Of Emotions."


  • pallavi4 6w


    Something was strange today. The cold breeze brushing past my face had numbed my senses. The floor beneath my feet seemed to be cold and clammy.

    I moved stealthily towards the bedroom on the first floor of the quiet house. He hadn’t noticed me standing near the dinning table laying out dinner. He had simply unlocked the house and quickly bound up the stairs for the first time without flinging his laptop bag near the front door. There was no “honey I’m home” today.
    Something was definitely amiss.

    Only when I switched on the lights of the corridor at the top of the stairs, I noticed the droplets of blood forming an unmistakable trail till the bedroom door. What could’ve possibly happened ? I was drenched with sweat and awash with fear. Was he hurt ? Had he hurt someone? There was no way to know other than to ask him. Maybe he would simply tell me himself. Offer some sort of explanation. I slowly opened the bedroom door and stood there in the doorway, listening to the shower stop and the curtain being pulled to one side. The trail had followed his path till the bathroom door, which was shut. A sudden terror clutched my heart. Oh god please let him not have hurt someone , I prayed .

    He walked out of the bathroom wearing a robe and with a towel in his hand, rubbing his hair which was wet from the shower. The laptop bag I noticed had been flung outside on the table beside the bathroom . It had a blood stained handprint on it. He however was extremely nonchalant. He greeted me with a wink and a smile and kissed my forehead. Then while whistling, he began to get dressed. There was no mention of the blood.
    Not a word.

    I was both shaken and stirred. So many questions were in my mind but refused to form words . Jittery I turned on my heel and walked downstairs . The nagging questions about the drops of blood on the floor and the laptop bag refused to leave my head. As I finished laying the table and the dinner, cheerfully he bounded down the stairs and sat down to eat, talking about his day and work . I on the other hand was completely lost in my own thoughts and oblivious to what he was saying . We finished eating , washed up and headed to sleep.

    As I slipped into the warmth of the blankets , the storm inside came to a head and my thoughts refused to stop pacing. He on the other hand quietly got in on his side, picked up the book by his bed and began reading . As though nothing had happened. Should I be scared? What was he hiding ? Whose blood was that because he seemed to be unhurt? What should I do?

    Scared of the man I’d married just a couple of months back, I fell asleep unsteadily and dreamt of deers being chased and hunted. There was blood everywhere in my sordid dream and a strange end to an even stranger evening.


    20th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • crystal_snow 6w

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    Thank you for the ❤️ WN(17)

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    I wish I could wear a royal cloak of golden hope.
    I wish love would streak my hair red with baby hearts and braid it.
    I wish I could hold hands with faith and walk on a carpet of October leaves.
    I wish yellow flowers of happiness grew next to my pale lips.
    I wish baby pink blossoms of kindness would weave a dress for me.

    All I never wished to see was a storm of hatred evolving in my eyes.


  • piu_writes 6w

    I have seen his stormy eyes and God how I want to drown in them

  • blinganshu 6w


    The sky looks scary
    It's vastness tempts me
    To leave my house and
    Fly higher than highs,
    The sky looks scary
    The white clouds entices me
    To make a home up above
    The rest of the world,
    The sky looks scary
    The Red and Vermilion coaxes me
    To keep staring at it from dusk to dawn
    To make it my only muse,
    The sky looks scary
    The raindrops falling on my face cajoles me
    To forget everything and follow my destiny
    To not care about the uncertainty,
    The sky looks scary
    The birds flying over my house woos me
    To step out of my haven and
    See the heaven that lives outside,
    The sky looks scary
    The twinkling stars and the shining moon inveigles me
    To not fear the dark
    To never hide my light,
    The sky looks scary
    The wind, the lightening, the hail persuades me
    The dark clouds are enough to hide everything
    One storm is enough to destroy everything,
    The sky looks scary.
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    One storm is enough to destroy everything
    I am finally convinced
    The sky... is scary.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 6w

    #refrain #stormc
    All Rights Reserved
    20 Oct 2021 2.59 am

    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    ❖// Error foe-0-foe

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    Counting beats and throwing stones
    Masks have mirrored psychic core
    Pretence prompts to strip empathy
    Venomous verses slipped of tongues
    Biting, beating, testing patience and past

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    They dug bones out of bod with wounds
    Stealth of stirring lives under gloves
    Anastasia acting against, curtaining cruelty
    Syringe of stigma and x-rays pile up
    Forced offerings of organs and odes

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    Favoritism fuels formulas across globe
    Appointments and arrangements fails
    OP opts only options, organised crimes
    Nepotism, vile of tainted opportunities
    Lists keep getting longer while loyal loses

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    Another arrogant act where bills play poker
    Dollar dollar falling as autumn leaves
    Recipients roll in fake names and numbers
    Corrupt is every system, every storm
    Self-centered stages and singularity soars
    Clock in for pay, clock out for pay, fill till casket

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    Limits don't matter even at echoed laments
    One touch, one border, they cross cards
    Age and acquaintance ignored, even relations
    Blood and bond plundered, a maniac's muse is bane
    Booms plucked as buds as well as burials

    A veil of shame over butchered trust
    Humans humans everywhere humans
    Even as footprints over the moon
    Yet not an ounce of humanity found
    Bestiality detected in every diagnosis
    Spares no life alive, seeks war every way
    - Error foe-0-foe / shame not found / -


  • nirvanabharga0 6w


    You're my mighty fasten of valorous-will,
    while sailing through my stormy soul.


  • queen_butterfly 6w

    It's been long.
    #refrain #ceesreposts #stormc #epistrophe #season

    EC, huh?��
    Thank you for the read WN❤️

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    the season of regret~

    And its always been like this, the silent hues of vertigo, orange on a fading skyline. It's always been like this, twenty five degrees and still in uniform. It's always been like this, chasing after regrets only to be left in the dawn's dust, leaves wilting and settling on the soil bed.

    We haven't left home in a long while, eating happiness as takeout while the soft amber glow of the evening extends a hand to caress our shoulder blades, to enforce us into a dull slumber on the soil bed.

    Forgive me, but it feels like I'll never make it out of here, senior high school on an overexposed film, strumming guitar chords in the hell storm of this calamity. The classroom lighting up in spite of the mid summer rain falling on the soil bed.

    Its always summer here, the air greasy under my fingertips, stuck a season away. Too near the equator, too far from dreamland. We stand in sweltering humidity, clothed in our thinnest jackets, averting our eyes to the light of tomorrow. Hoping to become a fire rooted in the night sky, falling towards the soil bed.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll pick up the phone to call you, tell you how the days are passing too fast to count. Take out the regrets slow-cooling in the refrigerator and whip up a feast. I'll imagine that you will be right here, and that we will devour everything that once made the road hazy and dulled the smell of this moist soil bed.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll call you, and maybe my head won't hurt as much anymore.


  • fellowtraveller 6w

    Note : loosely connected.. Might not make sense!!!

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    He was a pirate
    Mothered by the Sea
    Fathered by the Sky
    Armoured by the waves
    Scarred by the wars

    He a son, a warrior, a pirate
    The knight guarding the waves
    The human bred by the ocean
    He a God, a devil, a pirate

    Wielding the sails with his tales
    Which were quiet old, but none told
    He brewed stormy symphonies
    Waves his violin, shores his harmonies
    for his bride who will be dead by dawn

    Amidst a dark sky above his ship
    She blooms whispering stardusts
    For the man, who awaits her in his dock
    Brewing the storm for a forlorn story

    The story of a pirate and his moon..


  • nandini_5 6w

    Your bad days will be over soon ..
    'Cause storm don't last forever


  • writersbay 6w

    Word of the day : Storm

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    The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous
    and the storm terrible,
    but they have never found these dangers
    sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

    Vincent Van Gogh

  • nemesis_here 6w

    When My Alchemy Ended And Chemistry Began

    A little girl in purple tunic
    With two braids over her shoulders
    The moment I saw you
    That glimmer in your eyes
    You looked at me, then beautifully smiled
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    Years passed and we met again
    Close, in a group
    But not too close to be friends
    But well, you were a social person
    You initiated that chit-chat
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    A few years later again, we met
    Now I see a teen girl
    A wheatish complexion, hair little longer
    That same smile, those same eyes
    You recognized me, and then you said that "Hi!"
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    Another year passed, we met
    Wait...this can't be just a coincidence
    Then I did the best thing of whole of my life
    This time I took a step forward
    To invite you over, and you said "Yes."
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    We were together, always
    inseparable like the stars and the night
    We fought a few times
    We cried many times
    But we always held each other's hands
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    I experienced something I never knew before
    A love and friendship that was so pure
    The moments, all so perfect
    A life too good to be true
    And your presence made the dark around me fade
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    Perhaps a gate to my emotions opened
    And I started feeling everything
    I was happy for sometime
    But then I felt weird, dark as if something was wrong
    But you held my hand, hugged me tight, and I cried
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    I knew this storm was coming
    And I still wasn't prepared
    I tried to ignore, avoid and suppress
    But that wrath from inside still appeared
    You were still there by my side, I was fumbling
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    Something happened then
    I would burst out one moment
    And completely shut down the next
    I was too insecure to utter a word
    And you cried, probably too tired of my acts
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    Then the thinking began
    with a scarred heart and a messed up mind
    I was too ruined, imperfect for you
    That's what I had to decide
    I moved away, cutting that thread off
    That's when my Alchemy ended, Chemistry began.

    It's been so many years now
    And I'm reminiscing our parts
    Everything that happened
    Our wandering aimlessly, cast
    I remember not all of it
    But still a lot of it
    Amnesic, I might not have pictures in my mind
    But all those emotions are still intact

    I loved you too much
    That was my strength
    But I didn't know what was happening to me
    I was drowning deep somewhere
    Couldn't even ask for help
    And I never wanted to see you suffer
    I did that all, and it hurts like a sword
    I'm not even worthy of an apology, I know
    And I'm confused totally
    Oblivious to what I should do next
    Will ever again come the moment
    When my Alchemy would end and my Chemistry begin again?


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 6w

    This is for the one's who refused to burn! ✊

    ~Hail ye sisters of the light
    The witch shall rise tonight!~

    Empowered ones, in beauty born
    They are the ones you shunned with scorn
    But now they come to set wrongs right
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    Gaia's keepers, pure and true
    Whom never posed a threat to you
    In their demise, you did delight
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    Omniscient ones, from ancient days
    You failed to understand their ways
    You silenced them and stole their light
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    At home, you sit, all safe and warm
    Not knowing you've unleashed a storm
    You'll soon be wracked with chills and fright
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    You slandered them with baseless lies
    Behold the truth now, in their eyes
    The time has come, it's their birthright
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    Why run and hide, you hapless hounds?
    'Tis much too late, the truth abounds
    Your reign now ends, give up the fight
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    With fiery flames, you sought to shame them
    You failed, for you could not contain them
    Your wicked ways bespeak your plight
    The witch shall rise tonight!

    Rise oh sisters, claim your glory
    Share with us your fated story
    You're free at last, your path shines bright
    Oh the witch did rise tonight!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/20/2021

    #refrain #stormc #writersbay #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill

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