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    I fell in #love with a #storm of a #woman.

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    .50 - "Storm. My Storm."

    Dark clouds gather, flash and rumbles abound,
    The storm is here in her beauty with bright.
    Walking with grace to turn my head around.
    She's a dark skinned lady for whom I'd fight.
    You can't miss her, her style is like lightning
    Her voice is the sound of thunder breaking.
    It's only pleasure falling, when she rains.

    When she's wet, it's like a romp in the rain.

    Your voice to me invites,
    Body poised for delights.
    Your wet to me excites,
    Passion poised to ignite.
    My dear dark storm, I'm glad that you are here,
    From far I sense you. Come rain on me, dear.

  • sonu99 20h

    Obstacles in life appear as devastating cyclone but when we learn to dance in the rain with joy neglecting all traumas the catastrophic storm gets departed and comes a new beginning with beacon of hope from the sun's rays.

  • porcupine 2d


    A stormy night
    Lightning and thunder
    Deep into the dark
    Wind is howling
    Things like this
    Make me wonder

    Picture not my own

  • annonymous_trouble 1w

    Like the smoke that gushes,
    Like the wind that rushes,
    Like the water that hushes,
    She's a fire that burns bushes.

    Her smile; impeccable
    Her innocence; immeasurable
    Her elegance; unimaginable
    She is Ms.Impossible

    Her eyes feigned fire,
    But they are just crystals of sapphire.
    Step ahead with caution,
    Cause darlin' she's a hurricane in mid ocean.

    She's the chaos;
    That calms his storm,
    Cause anything less will only add lighting to the rain.

    She's the lighting,
    To his thunder
    As anything less will just make a sound.

    Like the smoke that gushes,
    Like the wind that rushes,
    Like the water that hushes,
    She's the PERFECT STORM that puts out burning bushes.


  • annonymous_trouble 1w

    Like the smoke that gushes,
    Like the wind that rushes,
    Like the water that hushes,
    He's a fire that burns bushes.

    His smile; impeccable
    His innocence; immeasurable
    His elegance; unimaginable
    He is Mr.Impossible

    His eyes feigned fire,
    But they are just crystals of sapphire.
    Step ahead with caution,
    Cause darlin' he's a hurricane in mid ocean.

    He's the chaos,
    To her thunder
    As anything less will just make a sound.

    Like the smoke that gushes,
    Like the wind that rushes,
    Like the water that hushes,
    He's the PERFECT STORM that puts out burning bushes.


  • author_san520 1w

    Our Kingdom

    Within your eyes , rages a furious storm

    A tempting oasis of black .

    Your soul owns the wisdom of the sages,

    But deep inside , a freedom it shall always lack.

    So come join me in my quest-

    To free our confined hearts.

    For i hear the knell announcing the end of times that were best

    So For us a new Kingdom i shall start.

    However, under these oppressing lies ,my soul is trapped

    But the hope of a better future lets it sore.

    And even though i know our time has elapsed

    I can feel myself to the melody strapped.

    But soon under the sky, azure blue

    The kingdom falls apart , the one i built for you .

    Because i built it in my dream, fickle as it is-

    Could only comprehend the momentary bliss

    So now it is gone

    Like a gust of wind.

    To the land of the lost

    Where my soul exists.

  • krishnaraj 2w

    As I looked through the window
    I see,
    The dancing of trees
    To the rythm of wind
    On rebellious sound of heaven
    And flashlights from beyond,
    Sparkling the countless drops
    Hailing down to the mother Earth's chill.

    On a stroll through the streets
    As silence lured into the air
    I see,
    Dead leaves and heavy trunks,
    Once home of an ecosystem,
    Descended down seeking it's roots
    Or maybe The Root.

    They don't cry nor laugh,
    The ones still standing,
    Rather assure the fallen
    Of times to come.

    The time just passed by
    Makes me feel confused
    Was it the dance of joy?
    A farewell to the fallen?
    Or a reminder to us on nature's
    Game of balance.


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  • sandeep_indraganti 3w

    Poetry is the Heart's way of Expressing the Unexpressed.
    Celebrating Worlds Poetry Day.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #Real #Thought #Trance #Voice #Sooth #storm #Glance #heart #dance #touch #soul #depth #presence #peace.

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    You know its Real
    When their Tiny Thought puts you in a Trance

    You know its Real
    When their Faint Voice Soothes your Storms

    You know its Real
    When their Brief Glance makes your Heart Dance

    You know its Real
    When their Slight Touch Reaches your Soul's Depth

    You know its Real
    When their Mere Presence Beings you Peace


  • princyangelina_n 3w

    There are times, I thought if I can just ignore that it doesn't exist, I can just live happily. Am I not a fool? Will the truth becomes false just because I don't want to accept it? Just because I turned around and ignore it?

    It took me years to finally see what's before me, the Judgment for my sinful life, the wickedness of my heart, and the problems. But this is the moment I saw the God who stood before me so that I can defeat all of them and be victorious.

    The Bible says that God is fighting our battles (Exodus 14:14) and He never lost a battle for nothing is impossible to God (Matt 19:26).

    I have no strength in me to overcome the troubles and I can't sit back and shut my eyes and wait for them to consume me. Rather, I'll let my eyes see. What I see is trembles me and the fear covers me as a dark cloud. But the word that God has put in my heart says "Fear not! For I never leave you nor forsake you", so I'll stand facing the truth even though my heart can never bear it for I am weak. And I see the storm pass through me and not kill me nor destroy me. And I see the hands that bore the nails around me to protect me.

    How can I not cry and praise you, Lord for what you are doing in my life? Your love is so much more greater than the love that I ran for in this world. Who can forget the peace that you've given us every night? Who can forget the strength that you've given us everyday? I did. Now, I don't want to. I can't do this alone. But You can, Jesus. So I trust you and believe every word that you've spoken.

    I can see the storm roaring like a lion before me. But I smile. For I'm witnessing my Lord defeating my troubles and giving me the victory.

    #jesus #love #storm #truth #testimony

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    I Thought
    I could
    My Eyes,
    The Storm

  • vegiisaur 4w


    Find the chaos that calms your storm.
    Anything less will only add lightning to the rain.

  • pakhi1738 4w

    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her grandmother's room. She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner. Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs, all looking like someone just took them out straight from a broken hearts museum. A museum to store memories that made her grandma cry and smile at the same time until her last breath. They smelled of love and her precious tears.
    They were from her grampy. He was a handsome sailor who died 40 years ago. He was madly in love with grandma and she told her that he used to write her every time he went to the sea. He told her everything about the places he visited, the people he met on the way, the terrible food he had there but most importantly, how much he missed her. They met in high school and decided to stick around for some time while all their other friends left that small town to study in their dream college. Grandma got pregnant after a couple of years with Jane's father and Grampy got his dream job as a sailor to see the world. He wanted to stay back with grandma and help her through the pregnancy but she insisted that he shouldn't give up on his dream. He kept surprising her by visiting her every now and then and they would go visit their old spots to freshen up some old memories and fabricate some new ones for the parting days. They would make their own fairy world with them and all their kids travelling together some day and how they would complain about being home sick every month. Grampy died after his ship got caught up in a really bad storm and grandma decided to never leave that town.

    Jane, with her shaking and wet hands, opened up the jute thread. In that moment, she remembered how every time she asked grandma if she could read those letters, she would just laugh and say, "well, of course love. But only after I die. Till then, these are just mine".

    With tears rolling down her eyes, she opened up one of those letters. It was dated 17 February 1869. That was the last letter he wrote. It was old and a bit worn out at the folds.


    "My beloved Paige,

    I am in London right now. Yes, you guessed it right. I am visiting the beautiful Buckingham palace, first thing in the morning. I still clearly remember you told me how much you loved London after you returned back from your last field trip back in school. Now I see why these streets fascinated you so much. Oh, my love! In this moment, I can give up anything to be with you and to be able to hold you in my arms. This, touring around, visiting all these beautiful, remarkable places all over the world, it's all completely meaningless if you are not with me. I miss you so much. I have decided to come back to you and be with you for rest of my life. I had so much to tell you when I began writing this letter but now I am getting carried away with the thought of being with you, forever!
    See you soon my love!

    Yours and only yours
    Finch S."


    Jane sat there for a while with that letter, held close to her heart, tears rolling down her eyes and a faint smile on her face. Having shared such an important part of her grandma's memory, she felt even more close to her in that moment. She finally gathered enough strength to say her final goodbye to her sweet grandma. She got up, went to the open casket to tell her how much she loved her, carefully placed her favorite lilies in her beautiful, pale hands and read all those letters to her one last time.


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  • nixiefiksi 4w

    Standing on the edge of a cliff,
    with a choice to jump or to step back.
    The blowing wind is so strong,
    that it feels like like a raging storm
    ready to push me away.
    My heart is so heavy,
    that jumping seems to be the best choice.
    But my body still has the will,
    the will to stand the mess and stay alive.

  • danaha 5w

    A lonesome

    Amidst the storm,
    I stand
    a lonesome

  • bubba18 5w

    Among the clouds within my head. I hear the thunder I see the lightening. I feel the pain. But thought ceases.

  • gaurangig 5w

    Parched Rain

    The thirst of the rain is greater than any
    He yearns for the earth for months so many

    To be with her, he makes an arduous journey
    Planned by him after a lot of Sun's blarney

    He takes the burning path for himself,
    It's a lonely road, without any help

    Over hills and mountains and valleys and vales,
    He tugs alone, gathering many stories to tell

    He changes, he moulds, he takes many forms,
    Sometimes, he is a rimjhim, at others he is a storm

    But he knows his destination and he goes ahead
    Making everything fresh and green in his stead

    The earth is eagerly waiting, he knows
    And she turns all fragrant with her petrichor

    The parched rain's thirst is finally quenched,
    When in his embrace the earth is drenched!

    The day they meet is a fantastic day.
    For millennia, they have taught us true love's way!


  • beingpoetic17 5w

    She came as a sirimiri
    Stayed like rhimjhim
    And went like a storm

  • pakhi1738 5w

    They say you are free
    To do whatever you want
    If only it was true
    'cause now here you stand
    Trying to breathe in the air
    But breathing in chaos instead

    They say you are stronger
    Than you know
    When they know
    Nothing about you
    They don't understand
    What you're feeling,
    What you've been through
    They tell you that they care
    But no one ever really sees you,
    For you!

    They don't know
    That you keep yourself busy
    By burying your head in stories
    'cause it help slow down
    These unbearable voices
    That keep you awake
    When you're trying to sleep
    And won't let you wake up
    In the mornin'

    They say you were meant to be
    A doll from their dreams
    The one, born to fly
    So why do you feel suffocated
    All the damn time
    And would rather prefer dying

    So why do you feel like
    Locked up in a coffin,
    A coffin of their expectations
    Deep down the ocean
    Drowning you
    over and over again

    They say, you doubt yourself
    You underestimate your worth
    Then why does cutting yourself
    And bleeding to unconsciousness
    Sounds much easier

    It's funny, how they keep telling you
    You are ruining your life
    But never really care!
    You make heroes
    Out of the survivors
    Searching for hope
    But when it's you,
    It hurts way more
    And you know,
    God! You know,
    You are just another
    Ticking time bomb
    Waiting for one last blow
    To give up and finally explode

    You plug in your earphones
    And hurt your ear drums
    With the loud music
    All day
    To flush out the noise from your brain!
    You keep ignoring people
    Who really care
    'cause you're afraid
    You tell them
    Everything's all right
    When you just wanna say,
    "I'm not okay!"


    P.C.- @azureabyss

    #hide #fear #silence #smoketrail #hope #readytoletgo #pain #fall #heartbeat #palpitations #storm #anxiety #frozenheart #semicolon #thegirlwhowrites #poetess

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  • lone_ranger97 6w


    They come, They go, They break you, They build you, Reshape you. They come when you aren't Ready, but leave when you are Stronger to face Life.


  • pakhi1738 6w

    Five years,
    And it still hurts the same
    You hold on to that one last picture
    As all the other memories fade
    Painting your own hell
    In your head
    This whole time!
    A hell to hold you
    And scold you
    For eternity!
    As you dig your nails
    Into your sensitive, cold skin
    Trying to ease that aching
    Of your frozen heart and,
    And that burnin' in your brain
    Finally burning you to the ground!
    So much anger and hate
    Inside of you
    That it hurts when you
    Look into the glass!
    Holding up your neck
    With your cold, shivering hands
    You still patiently wait
    For you to explode some day
    'cause you know you will
    You hide it all inside of you
    Bundling it up
    In your heart beat
    Like a storm!
    A storm, To carry you far away
    Tossing you all over the place
    Making all that pain
    And anxiety bleed away
    You don't talk sense
    You've lost your mind
    Feeling so small
    And just waiting to fall
    You don't really talk much
    'cause you don't really hope much
    And you know
    Oh, you know
    You're still ready to let go
    Of this dying smoke trail
    But the only thing that's changed
    Is that now you grab your pen
    And showcase your pain!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

    #hide #fear #silence #smoketrail #hope #readytoletgo #pain #fall #heartbeat #palpitations #storm #anxiety #frozenheart #semicolon #thegirlwhowrites #poetess

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