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    We sing or listen in
    The name of love or heartbreak,
    Either if the lyrics and nodes of
    Music touches and rocks us.
    So we do and settle in the demense of memories and find the way to heal the pain or either
    Let break ourselves more.
    All the stories we hide in ourselves or we start
    Sharing with a strange too just to release the
    Burden of pain though long
    We carry in our chest.
    All the kind of stories
    Some hide in the tears,
    Some in the smiles,
    Some in their play list,
    Some In the poetries,
    Some detriment themselves in the
    Name of depression, so some starts writing
    And performing gazals in the bars,
    So some listen relating their story
    Sitting and drinking wine in the bars at night.
    Some of their rooms with cigarettes revels the stories
    Some find hanging and going cafe and being foodie.
    So the city lights let you fall in love, Heartbreak and heals you.
    The most traumatic and woebegone leads some stories , that are Burried underneath the soil
    At corner of city.
    So at the end of the day everyone of us
    Turn brood after getting such panics and strokes,
    We turned untawwakful and back to our
    Own room and feel unutterance of single word
    Thinking of those vulnerable stories
    By different mankind's.
    So we tuck ourselves and conquest of what we are been trapped so far.
    So even in the busy schedules we do the things we love just because it reminds of us what we are and the cities shore like waves of happiness hidden inside us.
    Even if nothing works out we simple go and pray to the god for felicity for life.


    #storiesthatreflects #lifestories

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    City of lights,
    Where we fall in love,
    Heartbreak and try to heal.