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  • smitapatariya__ 34w

    My Words

    We want justice,
    This is our right..

    We were working,
    Every day and night..

    What did we get in return,
    This hurtful fright..

    Now we won't be silent,
    Now we will all together fight..

    You have to respect us,
    Then we will give you a living light.

  • thedeadink 35w

    He assured me, he will fight,
    but the hospital bills gave up on his life.

    She told me she needed to feed her family,
    but those cruel men told it's a calamity.

    He never thought he would be killed so brutally,
    8th June 2018, he wasn't an abductor, clearly!

    Illiterate mother, saved pennies for her daughter,
    June 1, succumbed at acid attack also with a dream to serve the military.

    Are you contented now, you beat that 19 year old to death,
    he just loved your girl, it wasn't a crime!

    She survived your sexual assault,
    You were her batch mate, haven't you played your duty well?

    Publicised her private pictures, after 8 close years,
    ask her if she trust's any boy now, well leave it, she deserved those shame and tears right!?

    Unapologetically banned her wishes & dreams,
    Violence, well portrayed, the ceiling fan holds your lovely lady now!

    Bullied her for her obese body,
    dont you know she's still surviving on therapies, inexplicably!

    Shamed her today, infront of the whole village,
    tomorrow skip that newspaper page, when she lands on moon.

    How many more assaults?
    How many more bullies?

    How many more misunderstandings?
    How many more mishappenings?

    They left the stage with shredded blood & dried up tears,
    Blood and tears which they never deserved!

    Stop blaming the non-human creature next to you,
    How well have you portrayed your presence as a human today?


    When I say stop blaming the system for every damn thing cause you alone can make your country reach the top just by undoing some legit craps, I literally mean it!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #stopviolence #stopbullying #stopassaulting #stoprapes #stopracism #stopsuicides #stopwrongdoings

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    One for the Monsters


  • shamein555 43w

    #Stopviolence #Together #Dedicated to all the genuine gentleman

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    Still Exist

    In a world of violence and chaos
    Amidst the darkness of all cruelty
    The Iris flower blooms in the hearts of few gentlemen
    Bringing flowers and Romance may be absent from their vocab
    No romantic dinners and fairy-tale love
    No fancy cars and mansions to give
    But what would a million currencies and riches compare to a gentleman?
    He was Created uniquely, never the same
    Though the few bring men’s character to shame
    Hurting women didn’t come with the name
    The commoner claims he rules over his woman
    The noble man aims to cherish his Queen
    To all the searching ladies
    The gentleman still exists
    His heart, the iris bloom bears the symbol of courage and hope
    The gentleman’s heart serves as his bouquet to give
    The saying goes not all men are the same
    There’s truth to this phrase
    I stand to be an example to the next generation
    I pledge to protect My Queen
    She is after all my missing rib
    Yes, We Gentleman still exist

  • _iseul 66w

    -"Will the Durga rise this Navratri? "

    I say -
    "She was never asleep;
    She was just waiting to turn herself into" Kali "

  • liii17 75w

    Every Girl dreams of her future to be,
    Love, care and endless Joy's is in each one's bucket list....
    But for some, seldom desires are fulfilled,
    Instead of tenderness, all she receives is abuses and maltreatment.....
    Mental, physical tortures and sometimes scars,
    Will domestic violence have an end in this modern era?

  • tashwing 86w

    If not kind, let's not be brutal either.
    Let's not put mankind to shame. ��
    (In context to the heartbreaking death of an expecting elephant in Kerala, India. She died after eating a pineapple stuffed with crackers, allegedly placed by some locals. The wild elephant left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district, wandering into a nearby village in search of food where she ate the pineapple. The fruit exploded in her mouth and left her in searing pain as she walked around the village for days, unable to eat anything because of her injuries. She eventually died standing in a river.) _________________________________________________________
    #TashWing #natashajain #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #pregnantelephantkilledwithfirecracker #pregnantelephant #mankind #brutal # #mirakee #kindness #stopviolence #peta #wildlife #loveanimals #elephant #standagainstviolence #bloodshed #enoughisenough

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  • shaliya 86w

    Racism runs deep down in this earth. An abstract form of devil which needs to be captured. God has made us in different colours but he had embedded the same beating heart and thoughtful mind in us. Then, what power to we hold to discriminate anyone? To make them feel inferior?, let their voice down? Or take their rights away?

    Im deeply heartwrenched. What in a world have we started living in.! What sad days is being enveloped into, Are we really becoming so blind and cold hearted!

    This needs to be stopped! Everyone has the right to be heard! All colours of life matter!



    Stay blessed angels��������

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #blacklivesmatter #stopracisim #stopdiscrimination #stopviolence #right #unity @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Don't let the colour of your skin
    depart you from humanity,
    Let's stand together for love, faith and unity.

  • parihar_sahab 87w

    ������������ ������ �������������������� ��������������
    ɪs ᴘᴏᴇᴍ ᴋᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴᴇ 2018 ᴍᴜᴢᴀғғᴀʀᴘᴜʀ sʜᴇʟᴛᴇʀ ʜᴏᴍᴇ ᴄᴀsᴇ ᴋᴇ ʙᴀᴀᴅ ʟɪᴋʜᴀ ᴛʜᴀ..
    आज फिर कांपे थे हाथ मेरे ये लिखते वक्त,
    किन लफ्ज़ों में बयां करूं उन सब का दर्द..
    शायद उम्र थी उनकी 7-10 के बीच,
    नहीं पता था उन्हें कि वो हैं दरिंदों के बीच..
    दर्द को बयां कर पाने की कोशिशें उन्होंने बहुत कीं,
    लेकिन वहाँ मौजूद लोगों ने उनकी आवाजें दबाने की साज़िशें बहुत कीं..
    इंसानियत से भरोसा सा उठ गया आज,
    इंसानों में हैवानियत का चेहरा दिख गया आज..
    क्या आवाज़ें नहीं सुनाई दी होंगी किसी को,
    या आवाज़ों को निकलने ही नहीं दिया गया..
    जानते हुए भी सब लोग क्यों अपने मुंह मोड़ कर चले गए,
    क्यों उन बच्चियों को जानबूझकर हैवानों के बीच छोड़ गए..
    बातें तो बहुत बना लीं कि बेटी पढ़ाओ बेटी बचाओ,
    पर मैं यही कहुँगा कि अपने बेटों को इंसान बनाओ..
    क्योंकि जिनके साथ ये सब हुआ वो आप में से किसी की बेटी,किसी की बहन या किसी की पोती के हमउम्र थीं..
    हमारे देश को क्या हो गया ये मैं नहीं जानता,
    क्यों रोज़ आती हैं खबरें किसी के रेप या मर्डर की मैं नहीं जानता..
    मैं नहीं जानता कि आखिर क्यों पूजते हैं हम भारत माता को जब रोज़ किसी न किसी देवी के साथ अन्याय हो रहा,
    मैं तो ये भी नहीं जानता कि उनके घर वालों पर क्या बीती होगी जब जब उन्होंने ये सब सुना होगा..
    आज लिखते वक्त इंसानों से घिन सी आ रही है,
    उन सभी दरिंदों से हवस की बू आ रही है..
    उन बच्चियों की आवाजें कानों तक सुनाई दे रहीं हैं,
    उन दरिंदों की दरिंदगी न जाने क्युं दिखाई दे रही है..
    आखिर कब होगा देश का कानून सख्त,
    क्या लोग यूँ ही दबे रहेंगे हर वक़्त..
    फांसी चाहिए दिखावा नहीं,
    न्याय चाहिए छलावा नहीं॥
    #wantjustice #stopviolence #justice
    #dilkejazbaat #bharatdesh #mentality
    #shameonyou #nyaydo #hangthem
    #womemcell #writersnetwork #writer
    #poet #shayar #indianpoetry

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    दर्द जो शायद कभी बयां न हुआ

  • shaliya 89w

    This is ridiculous! I was'nt ready to post anything but seriously this is getting on my nerves. No matter you are an atheist, non believer or ex person of that religion. You don't hold any rights to defame the religion like that.

    It is so offensive, my lord. Not only this person is talking profanities about holy quran but also has the audacity to speak ill about the entire islam and almighty allah. It is super undigestable for me. It is the month of ramadan may allah bless peace and brain on dumb heads like this.

    Even if it was'nt Islam or any other religion, I would'nt approve. I personally feel no one has the right to speak like this. I feel attacked, vulnerable and devastated. If you want to prove your point be gentle and state facts! Saying you are student of science does'nt make any difference.

    People like this are good for nothing. They hate themselves, they hate god and everyone.

    Why isn't Mirakee not taking any actions regarding posts like this. Defaming and talking ill about religion has become legal in this app? Posts like this should be striked and people like this who spread unnecessary hate should be blocked. My heart is completely drenched in sadness.

    I will not blur the username because I want you people to go and visit as well. I never like this confronting moments but this was way too triggering.

    Oh god, stay blessed angels.
    Today I won't be sharing any yellow hearts because posts like this has broken me so much, Ive seen haters but Mirakee was a home to me, when I see the same shit thing happening here, It is heartbreaking.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #mirakee #stopviolence #stopthehate

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    Username:- Apostateprophet
    Bio:- Ex muslim in search of truth

  • illahism 92w


  • illahism 92w

    यूं ही भीड़ में शामिल, तुम भी हो जाओगे
    फिर कभी इस गड्ढे में, तुम भी गिर जाओगे


  • the_passionate_poet 106w


    आजाद हिन्द के कर कमलों ने सिखाया तुम्हें चलना है,
    फिर भी इस देश को बांटने के लिए तुम्हे लड़ना है,
    जे.एन.यू के आंगन में चौरंच जो तुमने गढ़ा है,
    घबराओ मत कन्हैया, वो तुम्हारे पाप का घड़ा है।।

    माता के भजन को तुमने आजादी से जोड़ दिया,
    जे.एन.यू को राजनीति के गढ़ में तुमने मोड़ दिया,
    आजादी के रोटी तुम्हारे पुरखो ने खाया है,
    देश विरोधी बन कर तुमने "बेगूसराय" गवाया है।।

    साम्यवादी सोच ने सिर्फ राष्ट्र गति को रोका है,
    तुम्हारे आजादी को हम सब ने मिलकर टोका है,
    राष्ट्रहित में समाहित रहो कन्हैया, ये मा भारती तुम्हारी हैं,
    फिर भी अफजल को अपना गुरु मानोगे तो अब बारी तुम्हारी है।।

    हिंसा करके कर रहे हो तुम सरेआम बर्बादी,
    और चंद भीड़ को अब भी चाहिए आजादी??
    आजादी नहीं रहती तो तुम न कर पाते बर्बादी,
    बिन आजादी मर गए होते, जैसे मरा था "बग़दादी"।।

    अपने जुबान को तुम फ़ेंक दो काट कर नाले में,
    वो किसी काम का नहीं जो, "भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे" बोलता हो नारे में।।

    जय हिंद।। ❤️❤️❤️

  • secretdoorsunlocked 110w

    One nation

    Bina samjhe ki kya sahi hai kya bhala hai ,
    Ye ufaan najaane kaise bhadta chala hai.
    Chand behoshon ke kartut se aam insaan is aag mein jala hai

    Ye khel aaj ka nahi sadiyon se chala hai,
    dharam aur daulat ke is chaal ne najaane kitnooo ko chalaa hai,

    Yeh desh aur iskaaa samaan ,badi qurbaniyoo ke baad ayaa hai ,un shaeedoo ne dharam ke liye nahi balki apne desh ki aan aur shaan ke liye apne pranoo ki ahuti di.

    Wo shaan jo ab tak kayam hai , chaloo ise milkar hamesha kayam rakhte hai ,aur fizul ki ish nasamjhi ko apne jehnoo dimaag se gayab karte hai

    Jai hind

  • the_passionate_poet 110w

    अगर देश जलेगा!

    हिन्द की अखंडता ही, हिन्द की ताकत है,
    कोई इसे यूं तोड़ देगा, किसकी भला हिमाकत है।
    हिन्द के प्रेम के तुम एक प्रमाण हो,
    हिन्द के हो, क्या हुआ जो अगर तुम मुसलमान हो।
    दो रोटी छीन लो हमें ये स्वीकार है,
    भाई हो तुम ये तुम्हारा अधिकार है।
    दो गाली दे दो मुझे, मै माफ करना जानता हूं,
    दुनियादारी के चक्कर में पड़े हो, मै तुम्हें पहचानता हूं।
    अनजाने में दो थप्पड़ मार दो, ये भी चलेगा,
    मै चुप नहीं रहूंगा अगर मेरा देश जलेगा।।

    आजादी के बाद से ही इस देश ने तुम्हे अधिकार दिया,
    अनुज मान कर हर गलती को हमने भी स्वीकार किया।
    सेना-पत्थर, पत्थर-सेना, हमेशा तुम करते थे,
    कोई निर्दोष की जान न जाए, सेना वाले डरते थे।
    कहीं पे दंगा, कहीं पे पत्थर, कहीं पे अभी आग है,
    इस वक़्त हिंसा के लिए उस पूरे कौम पे दाग है।
    शायद इन दंगो से तुम्हारे आका का दुकान चलेगा,
    हम ये बिल्कुल नहीं सहेंगे अगर हमारा देश जलेगा।।

    कहीं पे खालिद, कहीं पे बानी,
    पुरानी हो चुकी ये कहानी,
    राष्ट्र विरोध के बदले खा लो तुम गोली सीने में,
    गद्दारी के साथ, कुछ नहीं रखा है जीने में।।

  • wongto_langa 110w

    I am a human

    And I belonged to religion called kind,love and peace,
    Not to the religion who demolished the families, and communities.

  • theeuphoric_soul 112w


    Was told to keep shut,
    you valued society's remarks more than my wellbeing.
    But this did not hide,
    the society was made aware,
    I got some respect.
    "Some" respect.
    Still , I had no voice.
    Now when that "some respect" has been ripped off me,and,
    the animals turned into demons,
    the very society advises to keep shut , be confined to rules which torture my existence and offers some other "solutions" unabashedly .
    You forget that I did not victimize myself.
    The ones who tore my soul were not forced to touch me.
    I am sure now,
    There is no one to save me.
    And that settles everything,
    Where the devil does not work,
    There exists a woman
    And this woman will blow the conch of destruction
    Destruction of the demonic mentality
    Destruction of the fake superiority
    Destruction of the notion of women being weak

    Do not forget
    Take it as a warning or a threat
    If a woman plans to destroy
    There will be no bloodshed
    But no new blood shall be created.
    Your existence will never be known,
    Nor will you get by your blood , cremated.

  • to_be_come_me 121w


    The pig's screaming out of the cage,
    The transporter giving no space.
    It's scared of what his home should be,
    The nature he could never see.


  • the_innersoul 133w

    The violence can take many forms – from domestic violence to trafficking, from sexual violence in conflict to child marriage, genital mutilation and femicide.It is common to tamper with women ,Domestic violence was also, Violence , #Rape by relatives
    and we as a society said.....
    ‛‛shhh..kuch mat bolo .’’
    ‛‛ shh...just keep silent ”

    �� looking for a rhyming on it ....
    sorry for that , its not any poem ..Its a harsh reality
    (कभी कभी दर्द और कड़वी सच्चाईयों को शब्दों में पिरोना मुश्किल होता है )


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    @mirakee @unspokengirl @vinitrip @divyanshisuthar @sillypoet @polyphony @thehiddenwriter @unheard_girl

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    कुछ मत बोलो

    अब सच बोलने से डर लगता है
    कही कोई सुन ना ले ।।

    (read caption)

  • hinata_ 134w

    There is so much around we don't know about.
    It hurts watching refugees fighting for their roghts in other countries.
    They miss their homes, cities, grounds and even most of them have to leave their family behind or lost in blast and violence.
    Give them love and support and environment where they can feel like home.

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    Stop violence

    Violence will do no good to you and others.
    It will only create more chaos.


  • vgshayar 134w

    सभी जख्मो का इनके लिये
    बस पैसा ही एक लेप हो रहा है
    ओर क्या फर्क पड़ता है इन सरकारों को
    कोनसा इनकी बहनों का RAPE हो रहा है