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  • markus_ 29w

    A poem dedicated to all the those who are suffering in Israel, especially the Palestinians ����❤️

    #stopthehate #freepalestine

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    Rest up Friend

    Our time together has been cut short
    I wish you could have known how many smiles to people's faces you'd brought
    How much fun it was to gaze at the stars
    Look into a telescope to try and spot Mars
    And then geek out about rockets and cars
    While eating cookies straight from one of your jars

    How colorful you made people's lives be
    While suffering inside with the pain we were unable to see
    I hope you find peace wherever you are
    Rest up friend, rest in peace.

  • mariateresa 33w

    Hurt people lash out and hurt others. Looking within ourselves for the truth, can stop the projection of wounds outwardly, what really needs to be filled lies inside. Healing can't be outsourced my friends. Become your own best friend and hero. Healing the self is the greatest of gifts!

    #selflove #healingjourney #stopthehate #theblamegame #strongertogether #weareone #loveyourself #loveistheanswer #loveyourselffirst #feelingishealing #feelyourfeelings #carryingshame #soulhealing #souljourney #hurtpeoplehurtpeople #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee #writingcommunity

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    Hurting people hurt people

    Attempts to drown others in your own negativity and pain
    Only shows selfishness and an ego so vain
    Everything you project outwardly shines back upon you
    Energy never lies, seeing straight through
    Jealousy of what you don't yet understand
    Acceptance of yourself has eluded your command
    Intentional cruelty stabbing, desperately defensive
    Lashing out towards others recklessly, damage is extensive
    Emotional games cry for love and attention
    It's your soul that needs healing to ease the tension
    Understanding oneself is the greatest of gifts
    Easing fear and worry backing away from that cliff
    Dive into your heart, feel what the emotions are saying
    Your own health is deteriorating, what a price to be paying

  • ntombekhaya_oz 43w


    You understand? But wait, You’re not the one who was a 16 year old out there fending for herself in a world full of vultures. You’re not the one who slept on an empty stomach because you didn’t want to feel like a burden to someone. You are not the one who has received hatred from the person who gave birth to you and also half of the world. You're not the one who was disowned by your parents because you are gay .. You are not the one who got raped because they claimed they could "fix you" ... So don’t fucken tell me to understand since shit is not easy for you too. Because you have no clue what I am going through.

  • gloriajeanwriter 79w

    We Are One

    To my brothers and sisters
    Of the human race
    I love you
    Even though I may not know your face

    I hear your cries
    I see the disgrace
    I walk with you
    Though I may be at a different pace

    My heart sits heavy
    Within my chest
    For the hate that is spewing
    Bringing about unrest

    I care so deeply
    For we are all one
    I pray for the day
    When all the evil is undone

    I will not judge your skintone
    Or the uniform you wear
    I will not take your struggles lightly
    I know not the crosses you must bear

    I will pray for endless peace
    To filter through our souls
    And for love to fully replace
    The evil that we know

    Bob said, "One Love"
    Ziggy said, "Love Is My Religion"
    Lenny said, "Let Love Rule"
    Let's break the cycle of division

    This beautiful human race
    Created by God above
    My brothers, my sisters
    Let's remember we are one.

  • gloriajeanwriter 79w

    We have to learn that just because we can't understand something that doesn't make it ok to devalue it.

  • shaliya 81w

    This is ridiculous! I was'nt ready to post anything but seriously this is getting on my nerves. No matter you are an atheist, non believer or ex person of that religion. You don't hold any rights to defame the religion like that.

    It is so offensive, my lord. Not only this person is talking profanities about holy quran but also has the audacity to speak ill about the entire islam and almighty allah. It is super undigestable for me. It is the month of ramadan may allah bless peace and brain on dumb heads like this.

    Even if it was'nt Islam or any other religion, I would'nt approve. I personally feel no one has the right to speak like this. I feel attacked, vulnerable and devastated. If you want to prove your point be gentle and state facts! Saying you are student of science does'nt make any difference.

    People like this are good for nothing. They hate themselves, they hate god and everyone.

    Why isn't Mirakee not taking any actions regarding posts like this. Defaming and talking ill about religion has become legal in this app? Posts like this should be striked and people like this who spread unnecessary hate should be blocked. My heart is completely drenched in sadness.

    I will not blur the username because I want you people to go and visit as well. I never like this confronting moments but this was way too triggering.

    Oh god, stay blessed angels.
    Today I won't be sharing any yellow hearts because posts like this has broken me so much, Ive seen haters but Mirakee was a home to me, when I see the same shit thing happening here, It is heartbreaking.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #mirakee #stopviolence #stopthehate

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    Username:- Apostateprophet
    Bio:- Ex muslim in search of truth

  • dingir 118w


    A blinding storm
    of desire and feelings,
    of heat and lust,
    of confusion and bewilderment,
    which will not cease in its effort
    to destroy your soul
    through harassment.

    Avalanche of wild sensations,
    sudden impulses, mental sedation;
    of youthful emotions
    in constant motion.


  • pstorytellercurry 139w

    Haters Never Prosper

    You say you're a man
    when all I see is a child.
    Spreading unwarranted hate
    sparking unneeded beef
    and causing unwanted drama
    just to stroke your ego.

    We haven't shared
    even a single word.
    Yet somehow, someway
    you saw and found a reason
    to turn me into an enemy.

    Perhaps you're just drowning.
    Drowning in your jealousy.
    After all, I'm walking
    on a path to greatness.
    Now, you on the other hand,
    you could be something great,
    but instead use your energy
    to hate on me instead.

    No one got anywhere
    by hating on people.
    This is a truth
    I had to learn the hard way.
    And yet, it seems that you
    aren't willing to learn at all.

    All I have to say is this:
    What a damn shame.

  • babygirl7 139w

    17 shades of pain and the first one is for the fame. Lord knew they would be missabela with millions it's a shame.the second is for the poor. The ones who sleeping on the floor they go no money so they are going door to door. The 3rd is for the abuse there skin is always black and blue and even if it heals there minds are permanently bruised . The 4th is for all the hurt the ones who have been done all the hurt but they are just so in love so they r trying so hard to make it work.the 5th ones is for the loss the ones who were never taught so now they think it's all their fault. Number 6 is for the missing another
    Mother just wishing that the world would be a place where she didn't fear for her children. Number 7 goes to heven. Number 8 is for depression. Number 9 is for the kids without no guidance the ones who are always drinking or smoking or fighting. Number 10 is for the people without no farther figure because he treat you just like a joke like a comic figure. Number 11 is for them boys on the streets, that r eating licks so they got food to eat. Number 12 for those in jain, hoping they will get bail bc they made one dumb mistake and know they feeling luke they fail. Number 13 for the children just look at the world that we live in. Number 14 for the parents bc they know that they can't fix it. Number 15 is for the kids that r suicidal just living on a cycle they don't get notice but i bet you if they die there going viral. Number 16 is for those with cancer just hopeing do find an answer and number 17teen is for the rest and for u all i just hope the best keep your head up and stay strong when your taking the delvels test, you don't know what's next.����


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    Plz read my song it would mean alot

  • lab_13 152w

    No wall

    The wall must be built we can't allow terrorist to flood our country as refugees. The people who say this are also pro-life. When you turn away a refugee you close the door to a great potential. The child needs a good country to grow with, this includes his/her parents. Why throw such greatness away. The United States raped those countries in which the people seek to flee. Cutting off resources and trade not allowing a proper government to grow. The conservative American is pro-life but is a hypocrite, as they clearly don't believe all life should have the potential to grow in the best setting. I am an American white man. But I am a child of the earth in that I know we are all connected by our inner God to the truth. Borders are a lack of universal brotherhood and progress. The world is one for all, and all is one.

  • phatswordswithpurpose 167w

    "Excuse me I'm allergic to beef,

    Couldn't even beef if i try to achieve."


  • poeticsoul1 219w

    Playground Politics

    It's almost as if you must walk on eggshells
    Tiptoe carefully along the land mine of feelings
    Anunciating words slowly
    As not to be perceived as racist
    We're easily offended by everything
    Ignoring our priorities
    God first
    Love everyone, regardless of color
    Regardless of differences
    Stop hating everyone who isn't like you
    Erase the lines dividing ethnicities
    Let's think like children do
    Can't we all just be friends?


  • ashleigh 225w


    What is it to you?
    It occurs with a blink of an eye
    What makes people see everyone else so differently?
    Is it the skin tone?
    Is it the way they talk?
    The way they walk?
    I dont know
    Its okay if people aren't the same
    Why you acting in denial?
    We were all made to be different, to stand out
    Love one another, for how they were made
    Like them for them
    Not where they came from
    Not for what their worth
    Just face it
    Stop hating
    Dont dislike them
    Befriend them


  • beautifully_broken_sara 225w

    love must win

    we are all human
    no matter our tone
    love must win
    no hate condoned

    stand with black lives
    we must protect
    honor each other
    with love and respect

    raise up our children
    so history won't repeat
    the sins of our fathers
    the hate we'll defeat


  • inmybedinmyhead 225w

    ⬜⬛◾ Reality's weight ◾
    ◾ Painful watching you spread hate◾
    ◾ Two died for YOUR sake◾⬜

    -Black and White ◾◽⬛

  • the_regularteenager 250w

    I Am a Muslim

    All these years i have been living,
    As one of you.
    Now i'm being titled as an immigrant,
    Banned from the soil on which i grew.
    My religion teaches the same as all others do,
    Yet i am cornered and forced to bid adieu.
    Muslim by faith, human at heart,
    Still we are being asked to depart.
    Racial discrimination,
    Is a battle long fought
    Sadly, it is still a waging war.

  • unavoidable_darkness 252w

    Why ?

    Why is my love a fucking crime ? If love is the most beautiful emotions of all ,then how come two boys or two girls love is disgusting ?


  • sweetscripts 270w

    To my friend who took several pills just to end her life years ago. Thank God she survived

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #stopthehate

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    The Rebel

    She's drinking whiskey every morning instead of drinking coffee.

    She's not fond of accessories but this time, she wears bracelet just to hide the knife scars on her wrist .

    She loves playing charades ; the part where she have to act and pretend that she's okay. 

    The once innocent is now a rebel and i guess all the people around her are to blame.