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  • _poulami_ 117w

    Feel it or not !
    But yes, we're changing
    Cold, to the moderate to the extreme hot
    It's time we should check immediately where the glaciers are ranging .

    Up into the sky,
    I can no more find my doves fly .
    Are they all lost ?
    If yes! Why then at the same time ?
    Or something have keep them away
    To reach the heights.
    Way back from my home, I find some black huge demons
    Figuring towards us ,
    To smash on us with the heavy poisons rather than the shower of soothing water.

    The cities and the towns uprising tremendously
    Not only with the economy,
    I find them carry behind some extraordinary beautifications
    Tons of garbage exposed and the highly consumed fumes.

    Not the end, humans.
    Deep down the waters, I find something fishy!
    Of course, the fishes won't make something sound fishy.
    But the matters that's happening really concerns them too.
    Deep down into the cold waters, we find a world unexplored.
    But unfortunately, even they are dumped with loads.
    Stucked plastic around their neck won't let them live.
    Chocked oils into their throats creating a havoc,
    Threatening them to stay away from swimming across and dive.

    It's high time humans,
    Feel it or not,
    We are exploiting.
    The scenerio is alarming.
    The living systems are exhausting.
    The world is changing !

    #water #pod #saveearth #pollution #shortstory #alarming #marinelife #stopplastics #ceesreposts #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Feel it or not !

    We are exploiting.
    The living systems are exhausting.
    The scenerio is alarming.

    The world is changing !


  • srinidhisridhar 195w

    #stopplastics #change_begins_with_us #we_change_world_changes
    Destroying nature is destroying future
    One step towards a better future

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    Submitting ourselves to the villainy of plastics !!!!
    What are we ??? Educated morons ????