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  • yourarmy 7w

    Today I am trying to Ink
    The feeling that I feel under my fat
    the stories crypting under a thick sweater
    Experiences holding its breath under an ocean of green tea.

    Yes, I am a girl
    Overloaded with mass.
    Yea, I am a girl who often seen as a teddy bear
    Who never fails to attract the bulliers towards me.

    I often make fun of me
    In front of others, so that they don't get a chance
    I starve in the name of the diet to cut that extra fat
    I try to stay alone because I am tired of trying to get fit in the lot.

    No, I don't eat leftovers
    No, I don't need a gunny bag outfit
    I don't need sympathy and suggestions
    I just need friends to accept me for who I am

    Why can't I wear a sleeveless dress
    Why can't I dream of a prince
    Why can't I jump in joy
    Why I am your funny toy

    Stop calling me fatso
    Stop comparing to elephant
    Stop lame jokes about changing the door
    I pity you, How your heart is so poor.


    #stopbullying #fatso #fatme #chubbygirl #extrafat #weightloss #whyfatty #beingchubby #beingfat #fat @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill

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    Hey, Fatso


  • angels_halo_shines 13w

    For my son, Brian Jr. but to me he will always be my Bub. As I write this tears dripping down, I realize how blessed I am. For my kids, they picked me to be there mom. (That’s what is said, I didn’t know until recently.) I am blessed.

    #empath #empathmind #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #bully #stopbullying #blessed

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    Impressionable World
    (part 2)

    My last post was written in a twisted sick plot almost brought upon my son. He was bullied, for just being himself. Cuz he doesn’t know how to be anyone else. The other kid snatched his phone from him during school. The other kid didn’t get enough I guess during that incident. So, he went to his house, took out his gun, loaded & with back up ammunition. He then was on his way to find my son. And Thank you God my son was a young man that stayed in the house, cuz who even knows if he had been out and crossed paths with that boy.

    That same boy got stopped by our local police enforcement. During the time the police searched him they found the gun, loaded and more ammunition. And the boy said he was on his way to find my son. There was a court date and my son had to attend. At that time he was 15, so for the next 3 years there was a restraining order issued. For the other boy to stay away from my son.

    It’s been 4 years. I was looking on our clerk of courts website, I came across that same boy. I could see the hatred in his eyes. The hatred that burns it you look too long. He is a 19 year old black American young man, serving 60 years to life. He has 1st degree murder charges, manslaughter charges and others. I sat in silence as I thought to myself, I knew that boy would have done what had intended to do that day. And I just thank God it was stopped. Because in a matter of seconds who even knows. I still have my son, I am thankful. I am blessed. We all are. He’s a big teddy bear with big brown eyes, so full of curiosity and drive to do better. For himself and those around him.

  • angels_halo_shines 13w

    Impressionable World
    (Part 1)

    Too many fake personable expressionistic narcissistically characteristics in close proximity.
    Unbearable to me almost always.
    I have to the old, gotta remove myself from it all. Immediately. That’s never fast enough, unfortunately. To be impressionable, why isn’t being yourself enough? Why put a mask on, for people to see a characteristic of your choosing, version of you? I see this in many people, unfortunately. Hiding your most unique ideas & pleasures mostly because you are afraid of the judgement being passed.
    So what. I say let them pass their judgement. It shows there empty personalities & narcissistic madness going on inside their minds. All they know is how to flip on a button for their mask mode.

    It must be a simplistically rationalization for them. It isn’t for me.
    I won’t ever understand it. Masking mode, it’s not for me. I don’t know how to be anything else but myself at all times. We all have our characteristic traits. The ones that define us. The ones that make us our unique selves. Uniquely us. In a world that is so fast to throw judgements on another being. Some push & push more until a small child can’t tolerate anymore. As they were as tolerant as they could have been given the circumstances. Imagine being bullied & bullied until you wanted to die. I wonder how those children are raised.
    Maybe in a home where judgement day was every day for them. So hey we can take it out on someone else just like dad does me. That’s not who they are. That’s who they have become. A learned behavior. Hiding behind a mask to bully another being.

    When does bullied get their chance? Because they are who they are. There are no masks available. See they were not raised to hide behind who they aren’t. They are who they are. Period.
    So be it. I mean if others can’t deal with it, just leave them be. It’s so very simplistic a young child can understand. We have teenagers & young adults bullying the innocent & vulnerable. Just so they can feel better about themselves. I mean I guess. Then they go home to the alcoholic dad, that then bullies them. Night after night, day after day. Intoxicated, ferocious, subsequently attacking behaviors. Such behaviors lead to self hate & a need for control. To control all they can because without it they feel powerless. A hatred built off their own fear, but seeming superior & almost grandiose.
    Nobody knows what goes on inside a childs mind when treated that way. Most can speculate. Some may know but too afraid to speak up. Keep that in mind next time you feel the need to bully someone. That it could be you on the other side of that fence. How much could you take? As much as you have given of yourself? I know that answer but I will let you ponder on that. Bullying is ignorance. Just because it was taught to you doesn’t mean you do onto others. Make it end. Do get help, someone will listen to you.

  • sulagna2019 28w

    When you bully others and try to hurt them at their soul,
    You actually showcase your standard, which is under their sole.

  • drine_the_poet 33w

    As technology advances
    People forget
    Be mindful of what you type
    While hiding behind a screen
    Real feelings exist
    The world is drowning in hate
    Choose kindness...

  • ecstaticbloom 33w

    Nobody deserves to be bullied. Bullying kills.
    If you are a bully please stop.
    #stopbullying #nomorebullies #saynotobulling #bullyfreezone #nobulliesallowed #bullieskill #theedgeisnotfar #bulliespushus.

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    Letter to my bully.

    Dear Destiny,
    It doesn't matter how bad you feel.
    Don't hurt others to make yourself feel better.
    Thousands of people feel worse than you on a daily basis.
    Trust me, we are all sick of your excuses.
    We've all got our demons, we've all got our battles.
    We don't go around hurting people when we feel bad or when we are I'll treated.
    That one hurtful word you told me shaped my life.
    I fight everyday to prove to you and myself that I am more than you said I was.
    I didn't have anything to prove.
    But you made me see it that way.
    You told me I wasn't good enough.
    But the truth is I am.
    There are thousands others like you Dear Destiny.
    You think hurting me will make you feel better.
    It might.
    But have you thought of the thousand others you've pushed to an early grave?
    I may have survived but not everyone is as strong as me.
    I leave you with this words to see if they'll speak to your conscience.
    I want you to see that you could have attended my funeral it I hadn't stood up for myself.
    But not everyone is like me, Dear Destiny.
    Not everyone can push past the hurt you and your brothers and sisters in arms cause.
    I wish you a happy life Dear Destiny.
    I would love to wish your children bullies like you. But I won't, because they're innocent and they don't deserve what we went through at your hands.
    Live your life to the fullest Destiny.
    I really hope you've changed...

    Yours sincerely.
    The object of your pranks and hurtful words.

  • thedeadink 34w

    He assured me, he will fight,
    but the hospital bills gave up on his life.

    She told me she needed to feed her family,
    but those cruel men told it's a calamity.

    He never thought he would be killed so brutally,
    8th June 2018, he wasn't an abductor, clearly!

    Illiterate mother, saved pennies for her daughter,
    June 1, succumbed at acid attack also with a dream to serve the military.

    Are you contented now, you beat that 19 year old to death,
    he just loved your girl, it wasn't a crime!

    She survived your sexual assault,
    You were her batch mate, haven't you played your duty well?

    Publicised her private pictures, after 8 close years,
    ask her if she trust's any boy now, well leave it, she deserved those shame and tears right!?

    Unapologetically banned her wishes & dreams,
    Violence, well portrayed, the ceiling fan holds your lovely lady now!

    Bullied her for her obese body,
    dont you know she's still surviving on therapies, inexplicably!

    Shamed her today, infront of the whole village,
    tomorrow skip that newspaper page, when she lands on moon.

    How many more assaults?
    How many more bullies?

    How many more misunderstandings?
    How many more mishappenings?

    They left the stage with shredded blood & dried up tears,
    Blood and tears which they never deserved!

    Stop blaming the non-human creature next to you,
    How well have you portrayed your presence as a human today?


    When I say stop blaming the system for every damn thing cause you alone can make your country reach the top just by undoing some legit craps, I literally mean it!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #stopviolence #stopbullying #stopassaulting #stoprapes #stopracism #stopsuicides #stopwrongdoings

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    One for the Monsters


  • _rakhi 48w

    Abhi yahi shweta suicide kar
    le bully hone par to yahi public ke halat badal jayenge jazbaad badal jayenge.

  • buditalent26 67w


    You cut me with words .
    You shove me against the walls .

    Your excuse?
    My ego is too big .

    Well then .
    I just build
    My ego

    So you can't get through.
    So my fragile heart won't
    Break .

    But I do question truly
    If it is my ego
    Who is too big ?

  • princyhannah 70w

    Because education now is not what it defines itself to be.

    Education - The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
    (From the international depository Brittanica)

    We cannot push people near the cliff and blame them if they fall..

    (Kind Reminder: Please reach out to the student community and to your beloved people)

    #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthmatters #suicide #mentalillness #selfcare #suicideawarness #ptsd #love #suicideawareness #endthestigma #depressionhelp #depressionawareness #selflove #recovery #mentalhealthadvocate #bipolar #stopbullying #loveyourself #youarenotalone #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthsupport #bekind #therapy #anxietyawareness #covid #bhfyp

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  • smily_aina 81w

    30th June 2020 (6:55 AM IST)

    Thanks @writersbay for the prompt

    #smily_aina #stopbullying #ceesreposts
    #smilyn_creates @writersnetwork

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    When The Bullied Becomes A Bully

    Poor in grades, ridiculed by all
    Not the teacher's pet, not cared for at all

    Be it at school or at home
    He was scolded for his grades
    But when he came back wounded
    Neither the teacher asked, Nor the family cared

    They all thought he always lied
    For his own sake, things he would hide

    At a game of football, his favourite sport
    Beat by his seniors for declaring foul
    He would bear it all each day
    For a chance to show his crazy goal

    Classmates bullied his diffident trait
    Broke his pen and tore his notes
    Calling names, tripping him down
    Numerous deeds to make him frown

    Passers-by, turned their eye
    "It's just a squabble, why interfere"
    They took it all as child's play
    But for him, memories so drear

    Later he repeated the things he went through
    As a norm, he inhibited gradually
    As they say, it came true
    The bullied himself became a bully


  • ishnoorkaur 83w

    In these difficult times, let's be kinder, compassionate and empathetic towards others. #stopbullying


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    The darkness of the night,
    Holds all the unheard cries,
    Silence laughs too,
    The mockery tears through,
    Tears trace a trail,
    Towards an abyss of all forgetful tales.

    The dreams have slowly sublimed,
    Now only nightmares knock the door of mind.
    Once beautiful- now hauntingly beautiful place,
    Courtesy to which every morning starts with cold sweat on the face.

    In the bright sunshine,
    Or the white moonlight,
    In those cacophonous wind chimes,
    Hearing those toxic things all the time.

    All the names you take,
    The horrible wordplay,
    And then you boast,
    Of all those cracked jokes,
    Have you ever thought that words are the one that can hurt you the most?
    Their sword cuts straight into heart,
    Scarring the deepest parts.
    Those sly smirks,
    Crawl straight up to the nerves.
    Those predatory eyes,
    Send a shiver down the spine.

    All seeds self doubt that you have sown,
    Into someone's insecurities have they grown.
    Bullying is no less than murder,
    Slaying of a confident soul,
    Letting it fade away into clouds of doubt,
    For physical wounds can be healed,
    But a scarred soul isn't easy to treat.


  • varshasingh___ 83w

    He never knew...
    Selflove is most important thing but its not easy to love yourself when you not sure if you deserve to be loved
    With so much marks on my face..
    With this heavy body..
    People says call yourself beautiful but its not easy for me to call myself beautiful in front of a thin girl with a shining face.
    Yes i doubt, i doubt every day ..i always am afraid of people judging me in anyway.
    Selflove is not easy when you are bullied every day.
    #selflove #stopbullying #oldschooldiary

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    I always doubt if i love myself or not ..and he thought i only doubted his love

  • munazza 84w

    I am ashamed to say I cannot remember all of the names of innocent black people who have lost their lives at the hands of white hate in recent years. And if I stare at the page long enough, I might start to imagine my own name printed there like a premonition. Throughout my time being born and raised in America, there has rarely been a moment when I am not aware or wary of my race. I am not black because thick lips and golden brown skin appear to be trendy at the moment or because I decided to be. I am black because I am. My blackness is evident and loud. It is one of the first things you see when you look at me. And it could one day lead to my death.

    Written by: Michaella Henry

  • munazza 84w

    plzz take care of yourself and those around you .. stop bullying in the name of jokes and degrading people. Text your friends, your relatives, if you are not on good terms, try to explain the situation, make them understand, listen to them also, their issues, say positive words, say nice words, even if you can't do it still ask them to call you in the time of need. This is just one life, we are living in post- great depression era, try to be someone who becomes a source of goodness. Try to be someone who bring smiles on faces, remind them of God, remind them of their value, remind them of their beautiful existence. Ask them if they need money, share your food , spread love, share happiness and be there when they need a shoulder to cry and a back to hold on.


  • theafricangirl 86w


    You know that girl you called a freak because she always stayed alone, she has insecurities just like you

    You know that boy you made fun of because he was crying, he's lost more than you can imagine

    Let's talk about that girl you condemned so you could fit in, she's trying to live with the long term scars you left for her to treat

    What about, the girl you called proud because she didn't speak to you, people have slayed her trust so much she forgot the word

    Don't hurt people you don't know, with words you don't understand it's weight.
    We all have our shortcomings, but we also have our talents to.
    The problem is we allow the latter to overshadow us ❤

  • popo_smile 86w

    I have seen many good people struggling from cyber bullying or bullying in general. On the outside they may seem fine and happy but inside they are struggling. They struggle through all the criticism people throw at them but alas they can't anymore. For them their last and final option to end this is through suicide. Suicide is never an option but they were forced to take just because of some who couldn't see how happy they were. Jealousy burns deep in all of us but to let it consume us it only leads to destruction.

    Good people are slowly leaving earth and some people with their heart miss them a lot. We miss those kind souls.
    #stophate #stopbullying

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    Does it take gravity for good soul to fall from heaven?

  • idinnaf 95w


    Dik damai itu tentang kau dan aku bisa saling berbagi rasa sakit
    Bukan tentang kau yang bisa menahan rasa sakit lalu menjerit setelah dicubit

    Dik damai itu tentang kita yang bisa berbagi tawa ditengah luka

    Dik keadilan itu terasa sakit
    Saat timbangan berat sebelah walau hanya sedikit

    Dik kebenaran itu tentang kau,aku,dia dan mereka berani bersuara ditengah senyapnya dunia

    Dik apa kah kau mengerti arti dari semua itu ?
    Arti dari kedamaian , keadilan dan kebenaran ?

    Tak apa lah jika kau tak mengerti .
    Aku mengerti sebab kau masih kecil dik .
    Terlalu polos untuk memahami arti dari semua itu .
    Tak apa dik , menagislah.....

    Biarkan saja luka itu tetap ada , biarkan saja tanggismu membasahi pipi menetes kebumi
    Tak apa dik tumpahkan saja semua nya
    Menagislah sekerasnya sampai angkasa mendegar gema mu

    Tak apa dik . Kita semua sadar bahwa hukum memang kadang suka bercanda
    Selalu bisa membuat kita tertawa meski
    kita teraniaya
    Kadang juga hukam bisa membuat kita tercengang meski kita terguncang
    Kadang membuat kita terngaga walau kita tengah terluka

    Tak apa dik
    Hukum memang dibuat seperti itu , menumpulkan yang diatas
    Menusuk tajam yang kebawah

    Tak apa dik biarlah ...
    Hujani hari mu dengan air mata
    Bahasi saja bumi ini
    Banjiri saja tanah ini
    Sampai kau benar-benar sembuh dari semua luka ini


  • white_coal 96w

    प्रिय दुश्मन

    जिन परों से तू उड़ता है
    वो यकीनन तेरे बाप के है
    मैं चलता ज़मीन पर
    लेकिन कदम अपने आप के है


  • thinking_hat 102w


    The sound of slap silenced the world around,
    The rustle of pages filled the void as the embarrassment pervaded the gaps of the now diminishing self confidence of the victim,
    The dominant bully triumphs over the miniaturised courage of the victim and the stains of memory paint themselves on the mind for eternity.