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  • dimic007 3d


    Pointed towards the bubble.
    Without any trouble.
    Jumped to capture, it got a rupture.

    It scattered to drops, ended all the hopes.
    Tried tying with ropes. But couldn't stop.
    As soon the drop tried to reach the ground, it vapourised.
    To surprise, i paid the price.

  • hendrico_melkin74 1w

    #Stop Addicton

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    Addiction is a puppet master,
    Leading his puppets to believe its fun and cool,
    But soon they become his fool.

  • afza147 4w


    I wish my time stop today
    Coz I'm scare to live another day

  • miss_jyotii 5w

    यकीनन तुम्हें कुछ मालूम नहीं...
    और खुद को तजुर्बेदार कहते हो,

    अड़ाते हो टांग अपनी दूसरों के मसलों में...
    और खुद को समझदार कहते हो!


  • shreevarshini_srivatsan 6w

    Don't get mad at others. The problem is with you. Don't expect things from them.

  • abhi_man 7w

    #This post is a shoutout to all those people who are experiencing the same shit that i mentioned below on a regular basis..
    #stop punishing yourselves you deserve someone better❤️koshish krke dekho...

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    What is the point in saying sorry to someone if you keep repeating the same mistake every next day?
    What is the point in saying that 'I respect you' when you keep disrespecting the same person each and everyday?
    What is the point in saying that you love me if you can't respect me?
    If all you know is ki main hi theek hun tum nhi...
    Then you're in a toxic relationship...
    Relationship is about 'US', Not 'ME'...

  • rangsyahi 8w

    कमबख्त घड़ी

    समय का साथ किसने छोड़ा
    वो जो समय के साथ चल नही पाया
    की वो जो समय से आगे निकल गया?

    जिंदगी चालू होते ही बाल सफेद हो जातें है
    जवानी के रंग कागज़ पे ही नजर आते हैं
    खट्टी बातें शहद जैसे लगने लगती हैं
    और मीठी बातों पर आसू घिरते हैं।।

    समय का साथ छोड़ने वाले हम कौन है
    ये कमबख्त घड़ी कभी हमारा था ही नहीं ।।

  • quotesvibes_amna 8w

    I dont know how to start this i mean what to use..But,I hope you will read it till end and share it�� please its my humble request, do read it full..
    Also, Its not particulary only for BTS but also for other international idols��.

    Dear/? BTS Haters��...

    Firstly, there must be a valid reason to hate someone. To hate someone or to like someome is common...But still yaar look at these guys..Do you have any valid(tukta) reason to hate them...No! ...
    Few Indian Haters, this is for you...you guys say wierd reasons, i mean that your comments are Unreasonable they don't even have any sense.
    Like they dont look like you..What the hell! brothers they are koreans and every country has own looks, colour...etc. Noone looks same, i mean waha sab log aaise he hote hai..

    And let me tell you
    Firstly=They have no problems in looks.
    And secondly=Looks doesn't really matter, their Talent, Passion, Attitude, Heart, Nature, respect to others, is whatmatters��....

    One more reason they say is, They dont understand their language.
    Lol!�� I mean what is this senseless thought...dear, wait..
    It is not necessary you must understand every language.. And secondly its not something you must hate them..Arre! matlab speaking korea is their mother tongue, obivously they will firstly sing song for their own country..i mean even we Indians do same na..No korean people say us that..No! we hate Indian singers..becoz they dont look like us or they dont understand indian language.
    Shame on u guys��

    The thing i want to say is Sab country ka alag culture hota hai, language hoti...waise tho pure korea mei log korea baat karte hai..tho kya Aap sab korean logo ko hate karonge?����...

    Please be thoughtful...
    Agar aap kisi ko pasand nai kar sakte atleast dont humiliate them��...please..

    Aur..aur ye mei Army�� ke taraf se nai..ek common Human ke taraf se bolri hu..
    BTS are not only Idols, they are also a true Inspiration...How can u hate them��...Chalo! i am not saying that everyone must like them, but atleast respect them for their talent����please..

    Thanks if u read this..��
    I wrote this today, coz..aaj meine BTS ke baare mei bohot suna, jo sahi nai tha��..

    #Stop your unreasonable comments
    #share this

    © quotesvibes_amna

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    “Why Hate”?

    Read full if you start!

  • devilfish 8w

    The Fog

    Between the bedsheets of baby soft skin
    Burned a fire from satan’s sin
    The fire was started by him
    Started when we were just kids
    Bloody baby bibs
    And eyes that would ripple into chaos
    As reality conducts it’s rat race
    The part that burdens my heart
    Is the time that it takes
    To break a child down with systematic hate
    I see how you obfuscate and how you gaslighted us phrase by phrase
    Had me question what I even had to say because it shorted my circular circuits with wires that frayed
    And a story that could fill endless page after page
    But a tongue with words that I can’t say
    And a werewolf’s howling pain to the moon for her watery rays
    Could heal the burden of my burning haze fog condensed wounds
    I’m in pain
    The doldrums of different things
    With truth that comes boldly my way
    My brain is not the same
    I’ve read the studies
    I’m trying to help myself in every way
    Different doctors in hope I can grow my strength and put down my hands
    I won’t drown and complain as I pulled the plug on the sink I’m sorry I’m a broken record I’m empathic and I’m drained I’ll never be the same

  • sasha_the_moon 9w

    #stop harassment #dont touch me #respect girl #we are not toys

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    Why is it so difficult for some monsters to understand that some women or no women may not enjoy being touched by strangers. Yes Iam a very "my bubble is my bubble " kind of person, I do not like being touched by strangers or even sometimes people I'm close with who pretend to be saint but they aren't. I stayed silent about it since many days may be some years also because I felt like I was the problem instead of everyone else. Casually touching me on the shoulder, tapping me on the back, grabbing my head deliberately during a laugh.All these dirty intentions or yours they make me feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious. And I shouldn't have to send out a special message for people to understand that they need to respect my personal boundaries. Cause you have no right to play with me both in physical and mental way. You creepy monster just think before you put hand on someone's or whatever .

  • _poetry_army 13w


    They are considered as gods
    But you consider them as robots

    They are on the frontlines to save your life
    You pay tribute to them with knives

    Ten years of devoted study are wasted
    Because the politicians,and illiterate are trusted

    The PPE kit are already suffocating them
    The white aprons are now changing red

    Due to fear they will start ignoring your loved ones
    Don't treat them as god , at least treat them as humans

    Seeing the crime everyone keep mum
    But think will you do the same , if the doctor will be your

  • aesthete_foreverr 13w

    Stop waiting for someone who don't deserve your time!


  • raman_writes 13w


    अभी देगा वो पीछे से आवाज़ और मैं ठहर जाऊँगा ।

    अक़्सर यही सोच कर मैं सफ़र में बीच में नहीं रुकता ।।


  • sheikh_huzaifa 14w

    Na ruk tu
    Na tham ja tu
    Na haar maan tu
    Abhi kaafi udaan barni hai
    Aaisay tu haar nahi sakta hai
    Manzil tere qareeb hai
    Itne mehnat tu nai kar liye hai
    Ab auska phaal b lay lay
    Akhri samay pay jab qamiyabi tere nazdeek hai
    Tu durr mat ho ja
    Na ruk tu
    Na tham ja tu
    Na haar maan tu......
    #never #stop #give #up #flew #lose #dignity #close #much #hardwork #done #take #your #fruit #at #last #time #when #success #is #near #you #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • raman_writes 15w


    रमन ये तेरी रज़ा है तू मुझे रोके या जाने दें ।

    भला तेरे आगे मैंने कब अपनी मर्ज़ी चलाई है ।।


  • gouravation 17w


    Donot stop when life turns around,
    Donot stop with wind round and round,
    Donot stop when you hear annoying sound,
    Donot stop chasing passion profound.

    For you are special, as your name,
    For you deserve care in selfish lane,
    For you need fame, as you hustled for the same,
    For you are glowing star, you got Nuclear Flame.


  • tia_writes_ 19w

    All about girls.....

    The first boy who held my hand.
    told me boys don't want to hear about vaginas bleeding . Younger me could smell the misogny vaginas only meant to be fucked breast only meant to be sucked. Mouth only meant to blow
    It's true. I know
    My waist meant to be compared to an hour glass
    My voice only meant to quiver. "Ugh please fast "
    Yet. I am silenced
    For all we boil down to his sexual interactions
    Not just me, my mother, sisters, friends all quicken their pace post 8:30 in the evening. My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often.
    Nirbhaya and more left forgotten
    We don't want to be another of india's daughter.
    Do we? So i wear my jeans long and tops high
    Don't show my cleavage or hint of my thighs . Don't want to be mistaken for wanting it. Cause if i wear less. I am more than just flaunting it. I am risking it. Risking not mt verginity but my life . My hymen should be sacred told to keep it till I'm a wife. If not i'm whore, a slut a skank and more not as pure as i was before . 15 yrs old laxmi didn't like 32 yrs old guddu back and guddu dealt with it real maturely he made her the victim of an acid attack .
    We are girls , women , human not a burden. My male friend to drop me home because his privilege will protect mine. I am sorry dad for i was catcalled in my uniform in the age of 9 . This isn't an all men thing i know. Trust me i do but the men i can trust are only a few. At the age if 12 my bra straps were sexualized. At the same time we don't get damn sexual rights . So what i am trying to say here is
    I am sorry i was brought up in a family where my brother taught me wrong from right where my mother believes in our generation to better the world . Make it slightly easier for each and every girl. Thankyou for i see men suporting women.........


  • broken_soul9 19w


    Even though u don't care about me anymore, I can't stop loving you

  • _cryptomanic_ 20w

    I don't know who needs to hear this but I don't think social media is a platform of agression, judgements and humiliation but of appreciation, encouragement and opportunities.

    But some people are always there looking for trouble.
    They make such opinions which hurt the feelings of others, demoralise and discourage them to the extent that they be afraid to further make any announcements and posts.
    There's no need to feel hurt by such insecure people. They all do so because they are lacking by themselves, and since they are insecure about themselves they try to impose their insecurities on others picking at their flaws and try to make others low by their judgements.
    This might be common and probably everyone knows it but I'll still say this again
    " Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect"
    Thank You.

  • pranpuri 20w


    If he get stop dont think he is stop
    He is just in planing to do great n world changing