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  • the_tyrants_pen 1w


    Born at a disadvantage because of the colour of my skin
    Ridiculed and disliked everything I do a sin
    All opportunities stripped away I'm told I can never win
    Nowhere to find solace not even among my kin

    You say I'm worthless but I come from a royal line of kings
    Unlike your barbaric heritage tied by loose strings
    Your history muddied with hate, lies and deceit the only things
    That you peddle about oh for you punishment heaven brings

    I hope you know empires rise and fall
    Your tyranny shall end no matter how long you stall
    All your wicked plans shall meet a brick wall
    Your empire will crumble, on broken knees it shall crawl

    By God after sorrow comes ease
    The grief of our ancestors we shall appease
    Our stolen lands and artifacts we shall seize
    And deaf ears we will turn to your useless pleas

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w


    Don't let me go away from this earth,
    Don't seperate me from your womb,
    Let me breathe within you, my first hearth,
    Don't kill me mom, don't build my tomb.

    I know as a female child, I will take birth and arrive,
    They might submerge in boiling milk or bury me alive,
    I know they will torture you for bearing me, you'd be made to struggle,
    But you should break the chain, you should set an example.

    Don't send me back, I love the warmth of your breaths, divine,
    Your heartbeats are so rhythmic, can you too hear mine?
    I am the rose of heaven godsend to you, don't let me wither,
    It ain't going to be that easy for you, I know but not impossible either.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86.*


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  • cardelljhardy 1w

    STOP! (Time's Up)

    This goes out to the victims who are silent
    This is for the broken hearted.
    The ones that never got started.
    For those who have been the victim of violence.
    For those accused of a catasprohic offense.
    It's time for us to stop
    And be the change.
    To stand up for the harassed and raped.
    For we serve a God who is truly great.
    And together we can end hate.

  • marhaba 1w

    When will it stop
    The tears that flows through my eyes
    The heart that aches at night
    The eyes that's now tired

    When will things change
    The expectations
    The desires...


  • _aradhana 2w

    Dowry is those gifts which are given to the bride from her father's side at the time of her marriage.
    Dowry becomes the system when the groom's family demands expensive gifts from the bride's family. ...
    It is one of the evils of Indian society which has ruined lots of families.so stop demanding for the dowry����

    आज भी जन्में जब एक लड़की,
    तो थम सी जाती हैं उस पिता की सांसे,
    अपनी मुस्कान के पीछे छिपा कर अपना डर;
    सहम सी जाती है उसकी रातें॥

    दिन रात मेहनत मजदूरी कर वह पिता,
    एक एक पैसे को जोड़ता है,
    पर आज भी समाज दहेज की वजह से,
    ना जाने कितने रिश्तो को तोड़ता है॥

    सोने चांदी बर्तनों से तुम करते हो उसका मोल,
    पर शायद तुम भूल जाते हो;
    दुनिया भर की दौलत भी कम पड़ जाए
    क्योंकि एक बेटी होती है इतनी अनमोल॥

    तुम क्या जानो कि कितना टूट जाती है एक लड़की,
    जब उसके सामने,उसके ही रिश्ते को
    जोड़ने के लिए लगती है उसकी बोली॥

    क्यों नहीं कहते लोग कि तुम मांग में सिंदूर
    और गले में मंगलसूत्र लिए आना,
    दहेज ना सही;पर अपने प्यार और इज्जत से
    इस आशियाने को सजाना॥

    एक लड़की भी अपना घर,
    अपने सपने सब छोड़ आती है,
    वो भी अनजान लोगों से निस्वार्थ होकर,
    अपने हर रिश्ते को निभाती है॥
    फिर भी ना जाने क्यों;
    दहेज की आग में लाखों लड़कियां,
    आज भी झुलस जाती है?

    दहेज तो बना एक ऐसा अभिशाप है,
    जिसकी वजह से यहां एक लड़की होना भी पाप है॥

    दहेज प्रथा की वजह से आज भी लड़कियां बनी बोझ है,
    पर बस!अब बहुत हुआ,
    अब बदलना समाज की सोच है॥
    By-Aradhana Agrahari


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    दहेज प्रथा की वजह से आज भी लड़कियां बनी बोझ है,
    पर बस!अब बहुत हुआ,
    अब बदलना समाज की सोच है॥
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  • kb19160 3w


    has this gotten so far
    years and years of begging and trying to
    make it all stop but you men keep trying to
    make us quiet and accept that you’re trying to cover up your actions.
    and it’s still our fault?
    what did we do
    what did 97 percent of us do to you?

  • suhani05 4w

    So , most of the ppl know abt sex-selective abortion.
    It is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.
    It's mainly done in girl child case which means male children are more valued as compared to female children.
    According to me , abortion is a murder.
    No one has right to kill anyone before his /her birth.

    As mentioned above in the poetry , a girl child is telling her feelings to her mother nd blaming her also that her mother is killing her. So .. absolutely no, in most of the cases , the mothers are forced by their family to abort the girl child.
    There is no intension to blame only a mother for the abortion.

    Thnkyou @_aradhana di for suggesting me this topic❤️✨

    #abortion #abort #abortagirlchild #girl #girlchild #mother #motherfeeling #womenempowerement #femalefoeticide #hiphopculture #standbyher #protectgirl #women #saveagirlchild #safety #indiafoeticide #stop #girlabortioninindia #abortionlaw #stopabortion #equality #betibachao #womenrights #childrights #womaniya #raiseyourvoice #fightforyou #femaleinfanticide #womensupportwomen #girlpower #womenpower #addiction #discrimination #infanticide #sexualassault #childabuse #crime #myvoice #voiveofmillion #poetry #poem #writers #mirakians #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld

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    कन्या भूण हत्या..

    एक बेटी अपनी मां के कोख से अपनी मां को कहती है-
    "क्या डर शब्द से मेरी मुलाकात करवा रही हो..
    जिंदगी की शुरुआत डरने से करवा रही हो..?
    या कहीं..तुम जीने का हक मुझसे छीन रही हो..
    एक लड़की हूं..इसकी सजा तुम दे रही हो..?
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    पर डर शब्द से मेरी पहचान तुमने करवा दी..
    दुनिया को देखने की मेरी इच्छा अब तुमने मरवा दी..।।
    इस दुनिया में मेरा अस्तित्व होगा या नहीं..या बस एक शरीर कहलाऊंगी..।
    'तुझे तेरी मां के कोख में ही मार देना चाहिए था'- बार-बार यह सुनवाई जाऊंगी..।।
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    सबसे अनजान..पर तेरी जान..
    अब मरने के लिए सक्रिय है..।
    क्योंकि अब रोशनी से ज्यादा मुझे अंधकार प्रिय है..।।"

    समाज की आंख पर तो पर्दा है..।
    पर एक मां तो देख सकती है कि
    एक बेटी का उसकी कोख से बाहर आना एक स्पर्धा है..।।
    निर्दयता को ये समाज दे देता है मात..।
    एक बेटी के जन्म से पहले ही करवा देता है
    असुरक्षित शब्द से उसकी मुलाकात..।।

  • its_aryan 4w

    Never ending story

    Just when you think it's over,
    It strikes back and take you to the start again,
    And you can not even do a single thing.

  • purpose1992 5w


    Depression and Trauma or any other mental illnesses are not joke. It must be taken seriously.
    Some elders think that it is just an act, or someone who has it is just over reacting on the situation. STOP! It is not!
    Let us open our eyes in this case. There are a lot of people out there who are afraid to speak because of the judgment that they might get to others: just like it is their fault why they were being molested or why they experienced the traumatic events in their lives.
    Whenever a person talks about how they're feeling and open it up please don't invalidate them. Just listen and don't say any judgmental words against them. Lastly, don't mock them.

  • nofilterthoughts 6w

    Raising new stereotypes about men is NOT "raising awareness about how your man should be". It's all a CHOICE.
    Stop telling people what they have to choose. THEY KNOW.
    STOP PRETENDING to be a mental health care provider. YOU AREN'T.



  • eccentric_eesha 8w

    You must not stop until you
    achieve your desired goal.

    © Eesha

  • official_vivek_mishra 8w


    Nowadays Spotify have more ads than music.

  • nomadneversettle 9w


    I would be wrong to say that I won't need you. I'm the guy who's losing you but still wants to follow you. I want to run till my heart stops following you. I wake up I hustle and try to stop to think about you and I hit the bed thinking about you. My love still in search of you.

  • ayush_09 10w


    A piece of stone in my shoe
    When I walk it hurts me too
    Don't have time to take it off
    It hasn't vigour, to stop
    Already decided to achieve the top

    Firstly, it hurt me most
    But with the time I knew how to control
    It went away when I changed my role



  • bleeding__words 10w

    Stop It Now!!!

    Those who only bring religion into debate when it suits them are the ones who have defamed religion the most.
    C'mon now why do you use powerful examples only to reason your deeds? How come you tactfully ignore religion when its about right of others?

    The creator never would ask you to spread hatred and take revenge. No he would never ask you to misuse the power you are blessed with and mistreat people.

    Everything we are blessed with is a validation that he wanted us to lead life with happiness and ease. DO NOT justify your shameful acts with religion..It's your deed Own it!! Stop misleading people. The creator of us all is nothing but gracious and merciful..

    Know that when you have nothing, you still have his numerous blessings!!!

    Be kind...Judge less Listen more!!

  • arahm_darkwing 11w

    Yes we're the same,
    You have your own darkness and so have I
    But the difference is,
    You chase away yours while I embrace mine

  • teenpoet 11w

    I'm back after a li'l break.....
    #onlyme #stop

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    It's only me

    My life is like a mess now
    Nowhere seems light,
    Everywhere it's dark.
    I can't see anything,
    I feel like gradually losing everything.
    But wait......
    I can't let this to happen
    I have to stop this
    'Cause it's only me who can do this.

  • hk55555 11w

    Stop Judge Me

    Stop Judge me
    Bloody Hell !
    I am cursing you because you don't stop judge me
    You stop judge me on basis of my metromonial status
    You stop judge me on the basis of my degrees
    You stop judge me that I born to do this
    You stop judge me on the basis of my religion
    You stop judge me on the basis of my dressing
    You stop judge me on the basis of my money
    You stop judge me on the basis of my clothes
    You stop judge me if I don't want to bear a child
    You stop judge me on basis of gender
    You stop judge my decision
    You should stop this
    Bloody Hell !
    Stop Judge me
    Bloody Hell !
    I am cursing you because you don't stop judge me

  • inked_at_3am 12w

    Stop explaining yourself to people because those who know you won't need an explaination and those who don't know you won't care for an explanation. So stop explaining !!!

  • vmkhan7 12w


    Stop telling me that "I am wrong",
    Bcz it will prove that loving you was my wrong decision.