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  • devilfish 13w


    I touch a sunset and it’s warmth
    Freezes as it is my still memory
    Washed out in cool tones
    Indistinct and undefined
    Can I find my home?
    I call out of the conch it echoes as my home is hollowed
    My hollow home
    My heart as it follows it crashes like a comet into my throat
    I’ve always wandered the shadows of thought all alone
    These words comfort me because without these pages to translate my soul they can be there so at least you can if you want to find this one place
    Then welcome back
    I write so my thoughts don’t scare me with unfamiliar concepts
    I don’t want the truth to haunt my morning depth
    Coffee cakes and daisy’s midnight breath
    In between wires sparking my steps
    It’s not going to be of value if it doesn’t resonate in your head as something you can understand and it’s just like I’m stressed
    I’m a mess
    I’ve seen dark days
    I must confess I pray at the feet of my passion and love to see these things livened with ink and my thoughts that dance like flames behind my eyes
    Dancing inside as tired as I am wise
    Crystalline cracks up and down your white pearly composure and time to think over is all that I need tenderness will be my green clover
    Just get here, I’d like it if you’d just come over
    Come over
    Start over…

  • devilfish 13w

    Red Ribbons

    So inviting
    You like it
    I feel it
    See, it’s vibrant
    I’ll walk you off a cliff of reinventing the past
    I’ll be your island
    I’ll be your Midas
    I know you see me
    I’m inviting you to pull into my vibes
    And I’ll move it to you
    The feeling it struck like lightning
    Chaos and it’s violence
    They vibrant
    When we already walked and scuttled barefoot as a matter a fact
    The way they shattered you’d think we were hit by a semi in a compact
    I don’t remember exactly to a precision all the dates I’m bad at math plus my memories don’t come fast
    I’m still whip lashed by the eyelash I made a wish and I never asked to be ripped from the only things that even mattered to be burdened by life’s chaotic apathy in it’s smug shrug
    As it pulls out from me
    The rug
    My tears are filling up these pages
    These aren’t just mugs
    You fill black coffee with
    Like charcoal in stockings of Christmas
    I missed this
    But death crossed my heart out
    Like a pencil to a flimsy list
    I bleed crimson blood bliss
    I cry as I split into fragmented starlights that water rose in gardens where they were kissed by Dewey mists
    Happiness won’t ever be bliss
    If you were just here and this memory lives like It lives in me
    The same emotions that I can’t quite understand
    The same erosion the pollution of a wound they just left open
    As I was bartered by chance
    And eroded by the sand
    How much can a human life endure how much one can be capable is an evil to understand
    No man would wish to ban even the most unholy in the land
    To this dystopian romance
    Where Joanna won’t stop loving you
    A narcissistic slow dance
    We keep taking vyvanse
    Disillusionment I like it
    How the movement of your skin
    Makes me want to tell you
    To slowdown and you go fast
    I bite that
    and they keep hitting like they missed
    I kiss my cyber halo with a cold gun
    To seduce me with it’s sudden kiss
    I dance with my pain
    I sing with my pain
    I bathe with my pain
    I cycle my mind through this process stage by stage phase by phase
    Day by day
    These pills I have to take
    Or else I make bad decisions
    And I stray from my control over my past I have no debt I haven’t fully paid
    My beds are made my truth is said
    It’s no deeper than it seems
    Truth is déjà vu
    Is so weird I just can’t put my finger on it
    I don’t know honestly how I could explain
    The scars they just remain
    I’ll remain aware of my perspective
    I can’t lose it
    I can’t play
    The game
    No time to contemplate
    To revise what I have made
    These decisions in my wake
    I’m but a man
    But I can bend the moonlight and purge the world out of my veins
    As I erupt in fiery rain
    My body hurts so I rain
    My mind it runs from me
    I’m afraid in these dead bodies
    Mine start to feel that mine have hollowed out
    The same
    The dead body is me with my own face
    I’m in tune
    I’m insane

  • devilfish 13w

    Concrete Desert

    Instead of a tumble weed
    You see isolated people
    They used to be a part of humanity
    Now the rest of the world’s silence
    Becomes their cruelty and their endless life of crippling pain
    As if human life could be shoved into projects and use poverty as a weapon
    To let our blood run as we slip quietly into the drain
    Look at what we have to our names
    No help
    No hope
    A carriage on the sidewalk as the mother is attempting to exchange with strange men to feed herself
    To fill the family’s plate
    Because people have been subjected to a systematic process driven by rage
    Another Wall Street didn’t match up to the drawing now they can’t paint a pretty face
    Disgusting how history reared it’s ugly face to give them back their just place and stop the rage
    Subversion while you pick off their plate so hopefully the next generation will wane
    Hoping their hunger can weaken them
    Now we fall just like rain
    Evaporating before we hit the window pane
    I’m struggling to find the world’s heart
    But I believe it’s not going to beat again
    As I watch the war zone of an urban unspoken tragedy
    A curbside with bodies peeking out from tents with bodies terribly atrophied they were so scared and so tired I run these nightmares constantly those poor eyes I can see
    I know the eyes are the door to the only hope we know
    I have shelter
    I see your pain
    I’m so sorry
    I feel your pain
    Don’t you worry
    I cannot bear to see the sight
    But I must not stick my nose up in Privilege
    I only have my effort
    My hands
    My love
    I would part the ocean with my will if I can I’d make the whole world still just to hold you in my hand
    And give you a heart that’s filled
    And eyes that are hungry to see
    Hands that are quick to help
    A mouth that is always compelled to speak truth
    Feet that would take me to wherever I wanted to
    And a mind that has torrents of thoughts on currents that swell
    A tsunami of emotion
    The deepest well
    No words can raise my heart to the skies
    Too rattled by the dystopian Hell
    Too compelled to sing to the hurting
    By heartfelt broken strings of tied of lullabies and my empathic heart has been so horrified
    I feel your pain I feel your pain I feel your pain


  • devilfish 13w


    I stopped needing more than the needed person needed me
    I have my own mouth to feed
    An ego to please
    Now the only time I love myself
    Is when the people I loved stopped loving me
    The one’s that didn’t leave
    I left because I couldn’t sleep
    Knowing any part of their life was darker because I didn’t leave
    And now my ugly storm of chaos and life has struck the Earth like a contagious disease
    After maturing and learning I know the only way I’m going to love me is if I take the time alone to know myself
    How painful it was, writhing uncomfortably and my anxiety causing me to confuse myself as everyone watched as if I were a car crash you struck a match and watched me burn as you stepped out of the way and watched blankly as I watch you turn your back
    You just left me in the aftermath

  • pallavi4 18w

    A far cry

    The world finds it easy to talk about
    The diseases that plague it readily
    They comfort those who are suffering
    And for them find compassion and empathy

    The discussion about mental health however
    Is one most people are uncomfortable around
    Even if they know someone is suffering silently
    They choose to close their eyes and misinformation is abound

    Somehow depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide
    Post traumatic stress, personality disorders
    Eating issues , obsessive compulsive disorder
    Schizophrenia for all for jokes, fodder

    The stigma attached to these diseases
    Is so great that no one wants to address
    The underlying issues that surround these problems
    And conveniently live instead in digress

    If someone in the family is undergoing
    Through these serious mental health issues
    Folk either brush them under the carpet
    Or for tears simply hand out tissues

    Admission that one has a problem itself is hard
    And said that it treats 50% of the disease
    Addressing the problem headon requires
    Making one feel loved and at ease

    Although some people today are trying to make
    The conversation around this issue more comfortable
    The effort is still a far cry from what is required
    To harness more understanding for the vulnerable

    The ease with which we are able to talk about
    Normal bodily health issues should be
    The level of normalcy that needs to be awarded
    To all mental health troubles as a guarantee

    Lending an ear and being sympathetic
    When a hand is extended for help ensures
    A chance towards wellness and happiness
    An opportunity to be so much more

    Only then will we truly be able to make good
    The lives of everyone in the world for sure
    Mental health is as important as the physical
    And should be allowed to be brought readily to the fore


    13th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • rhythmic_beats 30w

    Let them live in peace and not live in pieces. The mind and soul will always be ignorant about the rule of gender as they feel freedom out of this boundary.

    Maybe it's difficult for us to accept this kind of change but it's more difficult for them when they have to live with opposite personalities at the same time that too for lifetime!

    PS. Don't know if this really fits for the challenge or not.

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    #transgender #societalissues #freedom
    #cage #prison #boy #girl #life #decisions #poetry
    #rhythmic_beats #wod #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork ♥️

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    Though I have one BODY
    But I'm opposite.
    A boy by SEX
    And a girl by GENDER.
    To whom I should surrender?
    To the hormones; my psychosocial urges?
    Or to the genital organs
    As society would discriminate me
    From a normal human being?

    From childhood I was fascinated by
    My mom's saree, the colours, the patterns,
    The beauty of variety of dresses
    And ornaments.
    I have seen the night sky draping itself
    With many stars of twinkling colours
    And at last wearing the most
    Precious pendant: the moon!
    I have seen the sky wearing
    Clouds as bangles coloured by
    The magical sun.
    I have seen the sky wearing
    Rainbows as earrings.
    No! I'm not allowed to enjoy this
    Because I'm a boy!

    But how I will convince by SOUL
    Who is ignorant and dumb
    About the stigma called gender?
    I forcefully need to prison my soul
    Behind the bars of societal norms
    That your body is the only thing
    Need to be alive and the freedom
    And state of heart and soul is
    Either neglected or murdered
    Just because you are not allowed
    To do different, to be different
    And feel different.

    I love long hairs which
    Flows like a waterfall
    Around which the butterflies
    Sing their lovely poesies.
    Yes I'm strong and soft hearted
    Just like my mom who becomes
    A warrior and a charming queen
    As the fraction of situation changes.

    What do I do when opposite
    In the me have started a deadly war!
    Who will win the battle?
    Who will lose the battle?
    These thoughts triggers myself a lot
    And my neurons itself gives
    Shock treatments every moment
    When I step out of my room
    And have to live like a puppet.

    The intensifying storm started
    Destroying myself and each day
    New bruises sprouted which was
    Deep and dark as the black holes
    Where no one wants to enter,
    Not even me!

    I couldn't tolerate the same poles
    Of magnet as they constantly
    Repel eachother more stronger each time.

    Finally I removed away all heavy toxic
    Polluting thoughts and succeeded to
    Overcome the storm by transforming
    Myself to a girl as per my soul's need.
    Yes now I'm a perfect deaf to the society
    As my soul no more hears their compulsions
    But my silent, alive and playful smiles
    Are now enough to make a roar
    That keeps on echoing the bravery
    And choice of my decision.

    Now I have became that sky
    Who embraces beauty of
    Both day and night
    Without any limits.

    I may seem like swirling cluster
    Of messed particles
    But don't forget one day
    It transforms to planets,
    Galaxies and universe too!

    After all I have to live my life,
    No one can live my life for me,
    No one can feed my soul with
    Their commands as
    Only universe synchronizes
    With my soul and no one has ever
    Dared to alter the algorithm
    Of the universe!

  • arya_ballal 33w

    The silenced wrath inside of me, excruciating,
    Excruciating to a point where nothing seems painful,
    Painfully painted ashed black transforms into an ivory of its own,
    Its own caustic essence forms a luminous mixture of treacheries,
    Treacheries plunging onto the graves of an undying body,
    An undying body is what is left of me,
    Me who has started feeling pleasure in this undying pain,
    Pain that cuts and spreads like a stigma through me

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @_create_23
    Image credits- pinterest

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    I've been hurt so badly,
    That I've started to find pleasure in pain


  • palak_bansal 45w

    Attention Seeking.

    Talking about mental health is not attention seeking, looking for sympathy or feeling sorry for oneself. It's a necessity. The toughest part about overcoming mental health issues is having no body to talk to about it. It being considered a taboo.It so many times even costs life. And yet we belittle the ones talking about it as sympathy seekers! Yes we seek attention. Not for ourselves but for the issue of mental health. It's high time we start talking about it.


  • avatarable 58w

    Beauty and the Beast

    "The world will accept us. Everyone loves the story of Beauty and the Beast", he said.

    "It's different, when the girl is the Beast", she murmured.


  • mantrapelangi 60w


    Sungguh laknat tabiat mereka
    Menolak keberagaman
    Menolak ketidakserupaan
    Menolak adanya perbedaan
    Antara sawo matang dan keling
    Antara belo dan sipit
    Antara bangsawan dan fakir
    Antara si pintar dan si dungu
    Antara si sehat dan si cacat
    Mereka yang tak pernah berkaca
    Melihat warnanya sendiri
    Tapi asyik mengalun stigma sesuka hati
    "Sungguh mereka adalah pencela ulung."
    Begitu ucapku
    Dan pada lain waktu
    Ludahku kujilat sendiri


  • withluv_ammu 61w

    It's funny how the society Makes you do
    What you never wanna do.
    When you want to stand up straight,
    They put you down a million times.
    When you want to be comfortable,
    In your loose t-shirt and a messed up bun.
    They say you look shabby,
    When you are comfortable being fat,
    (Hey ,we can like being fluffy,you know)
    They say you have to lose weight.
    When you get thin,
    They say you look hollow.
    When you want to be an artist,
    They want you to be an engineer.
    When you talk, you are named arrogant.
    When you don't, you become rude.

    And somehow after all these repeated
    Droning, you end up becoming
    Something you are not.
    And if we don't resist it,
    We become twisted beings
    Who will do the same to others.
    The social stigma never ends.
    Raise a barrier against them ,
    So that you don't drown In the flood.
    Save yourself first.
    Sometimes it's good being selfish.

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    The social stigma never ends.
    Raise a barrier against them,
    So that you don't drown In the flood
    Save yourself first.
    You can save others next.
    Sometimes it's good being selfish.


  • harshitheadara 64w

    I stare straight and far
    into the horizon of the sea
    To clear my distorted mind,
    to unblur a picture I was unable to see

    A picture made of countless pieces
    of memories, joined into a puzzle
    Memories of you and me that play
    some sweet, some bitter, but all were made to dazzle

    Society's speculations family's rejections
    friends' misconceptions being the bitter ones,
    I will abide to stand hard
    to complete a journey we started once

    It's hard, the state that we dwell
    State that's portrayed "out of the norm"
    But still I want a life together
    A little cool and a little warm

    I will arrive stronger this time
    To embark us on a new way,
    To prove everyone who oppressed
    that all are humans first, whether straight or gay

    --harshith eadara

  • journeytopeace 64w


    Is it Transient,or Perpetual
    that Stigma of loneliness,
    real or surreal?

  • zephyr_of_fire 69w


    I've cut my teeth for good intentions
    Bowing down to your crude inventions
    You say it's all in my head
    But how can that be when you're there instead
    Filling my mind with common misconceptions
    This is my dread and the result of your rejections
    A product of your imperfections
    The voice I once had is dead
    Because of your interjections.


  • thoughts_to_words 70w

    Rolling Stone

    It was a rolling stone
    wanting to be calm... and find a home
    But no one wanted to absorb
    the frantic speed with which it rolled
    It struck those hard surfaces
    Alas! In a false hope
    It got deflected...and thrown out
    Here and there and everywhere
    Calmness and peace thus
    remained an illusive friend
    Someday it ceased to be a stone
    What happened?
    Oh no they never really cared
    They did mourn a lot though
    Anyways it lay there in happy repose
    But again...
    It ceased to be a stone


  • she_wrote 72w

    I need my own God .
    I need my own God who bleed profusely ,
    To my mother's shock, my whining could be heard by neighbours around.
    I saw neighbourhood aunty closing the door of her balcony when I demanded my mother about the God who bleeds profusely.
    It wasn't just a demand ,
    I wanted him to realise I genuinely craved for strength when the period was unbearable and my scarlet heart diminished with each passing moment on "those days".
    When it first began ,
    I was told that it was like "signing in" in the world of Womanhood
    Just like Facebook ,
    Wish I had knows it does comes with creeps like cramps and orthodox beliefs
    I heard my aunt say, "we are women , our spirit of womanhood can endure anything life throws at us".
    I wanted to ask, didn't it hurt her spirit to sleep in isolated hut in the farm and endure everything in seclusion?
    Strange enough ,
    My thoughts wander off to Panchal Kumari
    Who bled profusely when she was dragged to the court of men,
    She was the queen, slave they called her , whore it sound to many
    But she was human, vulnerable before those who humiliated her womanhood
    I wanted to ask was she also expected to endure anything?
    Maybe she didn't endure and her vengeance led to the end of an entire Yug.
    Back to present
    My voice was loud and clear
    I wanted my own God
    So, to calm my senses
    Mother told me about the bleeding Goddess in Assam,
    The Scarlet fluid didn't hurt anyone till now
    Mighty men bow before her , no hesitation it seems to me then
    Even grandfather has paid a visit to her in his youth
    Yet my mind had still managed to confuse
    Then why men of the family abhorred the blood , stained or not it still hurt their pride
    My thoughts wandered off yet again
    I couldn't understand what mother tried to make me believe
    Was she telling me am I the goddess?
    Or was it my womanhood so strong that it could end this Yuga?

    I left the thought and prayed that day
    I asked the cosmos for a god of my own , who knew of moon cycle and extend its blessing on those women who were expected to endure everything in the name of shared womanhood.

    Kanchan Balodi

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    I heard my aunt say, "We are women, our spirit of womanhood can endure anything life throws at us".
    I wanted to ask, Didn't it hurt her spirit to sleep in isolated hut in the farm and endure everything in seclusion?

    Kanchan Balodi

  • julyhues 75w

    When she's not heard

    Unheard shrieks, a walking disguise
    Are most of the common married women look-alikes
    They swallow pain, not an inch would they drain
    Talking pains to outside shatters the "image" of the family
    Till when will they choke inside their own chimneys
    Mocked at, no serenading they bear constant diatribe
    Some jump off the balcony
    Some think of suicide
    This is not only the story of slum side
    The modern homes with modern men like these are infinite
    These women carry a shallow smile
    With a faint hope, they will someday change
    Their husband, little did they realise
    For such men, wives are copyright ©️ prize
    These women feel a deep shame of guilt
    To even let the undue demands down
    In their own thought well they submerge till drowned
    Someone tell these men, self-respect matters and consent is a must
    The fine particles of misogynistic dust
    Need to settle lest their families bust
    Relationships like plants need space to breathe
    Undue force uproots roses with weeds
    These women need to shoutout loud
    Not to the world, in the mirror, they need self proud
    Self-respect can never be compromised
    Wrapping lust in love is disguise
    Bold is beautiful, your body you own
    Don't give it away easily to a married old school moron

  • jodi_writes 78w

    Grandma and JJ: A conversation

    JJ: Grandma can you do something for me?

    Grandma: Yes, what would you like me to do?

    JJ: I want you to do something for me.

    Grandma: Ok. What is that something?

    JJ: I don't know.

    Grandma: Well, when you know what that something is, let me know.

    JJ: Ok. Thank you Grandma. I love you sooo much.

    Grandma: I love you sooo much too.


  • jodi_writes 78w

    This virus has given us a new calendar. Hours are cloudy. Days are like weeks. Weeks are like months. The new plan is about not having a plan. Everything is meshed together as tears drown and hearts are broken.


  • jodi_writes 79w

    I don't know what's next. My motivation is almost non-existent. I eat but don't taste the food. My sleep has been a mixture of deep meditation (which leaves me with truths I would rather not have at the moment) and feeling sleepy at crazy hours. I move as if I'm a robot. I am somewhere. Lost. Alone.