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    She was a princess and her father's daughter
    She was brave and daring
    She had trained her whole life
    Ready for the moment she'll be crowned queen.

    But, alas!
    Fate did not allow it
    As she was struck with a horrible revelation
    One that would change her world forever.

    "You cannot be queen of this land." her father said to her
    She was born in a land
    Where females were deprived of their birth right
    The right to ascend the throne of their ancestors.

    They were stereotyped to be weak and incapable
    And therefore, their incapabilities will bring bad luck
    The land will be in disarray
    And external wars will bring them all to extinction.

    The day they dreaded finally came
    Even without her sitting upon the throne
    War came to them sooner than they could blink
    Everything was lost as they were caught unprepared.

    Fear did not stop the princess
    She gallantly led the army to war
    And on top of that, she led them to victory
    And shamed them all.

    They accepted her
    But now, it was her turn to reject them
    "I have shown my strength and prowess
    Now you want me?"
    She scoffed at them and abdicated their throne
    She left the land, turning deaf ears to their pleas
    Now the kind was without an heir
    He had neglected his daughter and stereotyped her
    And now, she was gone
    What was he to do?

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    Raising new stereotypes about men is NOT "raising awareness about how your man should be". It's all a CHOICE.
    Stop telling people what they have to choose. THEY KNOW.
    STOP PRETENDING to be a mental health care provider. YOU AREN'T.



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    Do you heard about AYESHA from Ahmedabad?

    You must be, if not she committed suicide on 25th last month releasing a video as her husband tortured her brutally.

    is MENTAL TORTURE a big think?

    Okay we'll get into this later.

    Have to seen dove's new Ad

    Is there a Correlation between the two?

    Okay lets take one more example:
    Few days back one family came to my house for my rista.
    My father told me to apply BB Cream to look white and he said

    "Apan ko kisi bhi halat me apne aap ko pasand karvana hi hai iss bar. Aur unhone aap se pucha ki ap shadi ke bad padhyengi ya job krengi to apko "haan" nahi bolna hai, apko bolna hai jese apke ghar me hoga me vesa karungi"

    That uncle asked my father-
    Shadi me aap kitna karcha karengy?
    Or apni beti ko kya kya dengy?

    Ahh! Can you now see the correlation!

    Every girl has been told:

    "Bardast karna seekho"
    "Ladki ghar se dulhan banke jaati hai par vapis अर्थी mehi aati hai"
    Etc etc.....

    1) First correct this "BARDAST" meaning and set a limit.
    2) Dont push your daughter's into a Marriage where her worth is not weighted
    3) Accept "TALAAK" as an option. Do not think what others will say.
    4) take "Pre-Matrial counseling" to fill those missing gaps.
    5) Compromise and adjustments are part of every relationship but that's not a thing of only one partner.
    6) As a parent , Make your daughters Believe that you'll be there no matter what.

    As a girl what can you do?

    1) Observe thoroughly
    2)Talk straightforward
    3)check whether there's possibility of Compromise! If yes, is it from both the sides?
    4) Do not marry someone when you're heart is saying No.
    5) where DEMANDS are first, you first and last option should be always NO
    6)You can never be without an option remember that and allah is with you.

    **jiski jaha kismat hai,
    rista wahi hota hai.
    Talaaq ke bad bhi,
    Dubara nikaah hota hai**


  • wisdomirror 12w


    Don't Look For Something
    To Fight For
    Instead Look For Something
    To be Happy About

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    वो चांद नहीं चांद का दाग है।
    वो उजली सुबह नहीं एक काली रात है।
    वो मचलाती हंसी नहीं एक भीनी आंख है।
    वो जलती लौह नहीं बुझे दीपक की राख है।
    वो खिलता चमन नहीं उजड़ा बंजर वीरान है।
    वो सच का दामन नहीं झूठ का शमशान है।
    वो नेक कर्मों की गिनती नहीं पापों का जंजाल है।
    वो अनूठे वरदान नहीं शापों का काल है।
    वो कोई किस्मत नहीं बदकिस्मत का आज है।
    वो गर्वित भलाई नहीं बल्कि आरोपों का ताज है।
    शायद वो इंसान ही नहीं तुम्हारे समाज में,
    बस तुम्हारे जर्जर विचारों के बीच बची हुई "एक लाज" है।



    Subject : I have written this poem for those who on based upon their shabby opinions form a point of view about another without knowing the whole truth and reason.

    Like many people point a finger at a girl's short dress, when a boy is with a girl, at interracial marriage, when a girl is out late at night, at others without knowing the truth.

    But I request all of you whenever you get the time, ask these people that who has given the right to determine right and wrong to them. Who has given them the right to impose their mindset on another.

    The person in front can also point a finger at you, but perhaps s/he knows that there are two laws for truth and falsehood, one man-made and one natural so instead of pointing fingers at you, s/he trusts those laws.

    #Mirakee #Stereotype #Society #Thinking
    #Hindi_poem #Hindi #Girl #Woman #Equality?

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    क्या है वो?

    आईना ना दिखा ए जिंदगी,
    वजूद में मेरे पहले से लगे दाग बहुत हैं।

  • pepper_16 23w

    Stereotype and Imagination!

    "I wonder!! How come there are so many interpretations about a single thing, with the help of few words. You know..what I mean..writers or painters use the same words and colours respectively..but end up with a piece of art that gives a different meaning to the topic. How??" .

    "Because each one of us have different imagination and interpretation!"

    "No!! There are very often times when we say, you imagined the same as I did. There are people who have same imagination!"

    "That's not imagination. That's a stereotype they visualise. Often!"


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    Every night....
    They use to stare up at the sky while talking to each other via phone
    She: (with excitement) Hey! Look at the sky... a star is moving. Make a wish make a wish.
    (She and he wishes the same)
    After somedays....
    She stare up into the sky with tears in her eyes
    This time...
    She: (Pondering deeply) Why does not at least one star move today?
    (Unknowingly wishing that he would also think about her...)
    And he, somewhere, looks up into the sky thinking about her...
    This time, star did not make the wish come true.... Love did...

    P. S. Love did not separate them... Life and caste did....

  • curious23 33w

    मेरा भी हाल कुछ तेरे जैसा है ऐ आसमां तेरे रोने से लोग खुश होते हैं और मेरे रोने से मुझपे हस्ते हैं

  • _peripatetic_ 35w

    The flower is not sacred 'cause it's touched by her,
    May be she is form high origin but yet she bleeds blood.
    Teach her some manners teach her a lesson
    She's out during the times when the muscles are tight around her bosom .
    Keep all boys away ,
    don't let her be seen .
    She can loose her virginity,
    thereby committing a sin .

    That's the past ,the history how women were treated ,
    Do you really think now it's better and they are greeted ?

    Till date menstruation is dirty and impure
    A girl will be
    And impious
    To perform religious
    If she does it during her periods.

    Pads are wrapped in newspapers in shops ,
    Bras are hidden in the bottom drawer box.
    Panties are not displayed in public
    Is this the end note
    of "the women empowerment topic"?

    Women sleep alone during those times
    Having ache in the stomach and left untouched by even those who try to fuck them without consent

    Yet they say ;
    The time finally came during the 90's and around then
    When the women finally became
    equal to men.

    Really that's what women became?
    Equal to men ?
    Even being treated like shit by other women.
    The one's who are jealous
    And shockingly of same sex
    of homo sapiens !


    #feminism #womenempowerment #women #female #gender #equality #writersnetwok #mirakee #pod #society #stereotype #fakefeminism
    @___7___ ♡ u.
    P.c: original owner

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  • yuki_writes 39w


    Even a hairstyle is named after boys, so when a girl has to make her stylist understand to what length she wants to chop her hair off, she actually points that she wants to look like a boy.

    "Boy cut for girls"- stereotype smirked.


  • m_chand 46w

    I am a female.
    I watch news everyday.


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    Tu kar vahi jo hai Sahi..
    Tu kar vahi jo hai Sahi..

    Ho tamam ungliya uth rahi..
    Har bat pe.. Har kaam pe..
    Par dhyan tum Dena na Jo vo kahe
    Kar ye nahi, kar vo nahi!

    Tum khud me hi khushaal Ho..
    Hai kya kisi se raabta
    Vo bta rahe, Jo khud nahi hai jante
    Kya hai sahi kya hai Nahi..

    Tum ho galat..vo kehte the
    Kehte h aur rukenge nahi
    Tum has ke aage badh jana
    Jo kho diya kuch bhi Nahi,
    Jo paa liya hai vai sahi!

  • passerby_ 58w

    They Say...

    They say decent is the number of people you allow warm your bed at night under the discreets of rumpled sheets;
    They say cool are those who don't make a sound in the face adversity, their silence heavier than a thousand sirens;
    They say righteous are the fervent crowd in the space of a church, the ones whose mistakes never get out;
    They say success is the one with the most money, the one who can buy their way out of life's misfortunes;
    They say talented are those born with natural gifts as if those ones never stay up all night trying to perfect their craft;
    They say beautiful is Caucasian with silky golden locks and blue eyes with a soft voice and a kind smile,
    They say there's no such thing as perfect yet there's a definition for it; there is a standard we all must live to.

    Maybe in our next lives, we'll learn to live better but in this current one; everything is just so fucked!


  • andyswift 64w

    PS: Don't care if you think m not!

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    Am a girl in my own way!

    Do I always have to dress up a certain way,
    To look like a girl?
    Am I not a girl if I don't wear make up?
    Why should a girl be defined by only those standards?
    Why can't we just be ourselves,
    N be happy in being
    Non popular
    And an introverted girl,
    Who hates make up!!

  • amina_writes 67w


    A society is a group of people
    living together as a community,
    People who are knotted tightly
    with the threads of humanity.
    No, this is not what I believe,
    Maybe the word society is what
    I have always misconceive.
    Since my adolescence I have seen
    Society in a stereotypical way,
    Where people are interpreting
    the words you will say.
    For me the word "SOCIETY"
    is a group of people always
    judging you for your deeds,
    The one's who will not set you free
    until you bleed.
    The people who will raise questions
    on your dark skin tone,
    Today, I will tell you that I'm happy
    with the color of my body that I own.
    The people who will judge you
    by the amount of fat on your skin,
    Tell them my dear it is biologically
    related to your kin.
    The people who will label you
    with the names based on your clothing,
    Those eyes piercing your soul,
    will give you a hard bloating.
    The people who will tell you
    to keep your mouth shut,
    Don't tell your disastrous past
    or you will be called a SLUT.
    The people who will cut your wings
    and not let you fly,
    Don't be afraid my child
    your struggles will surely pay you high.
    This society will not let you live,
    Either you are good or bad
    Just believe in the one who is
    THE ALMIGHTY and don't be sad.

  • rrrrooooo 70w

    A fool I am, they said going against the tides of this world.

    An idiot I will be till I triumph all the challenges!

  • sanketspeaks 73w


    On every turn of Life they will define a stereotype, Everyone will force you to become one, otherwise they will try to scare you by isolating you,

    All you have to do is to keep doing it your way,

    They will always have something to say, first they will talk to you, then they will talk about you and after you succeed they will talk for you......


  • aerwyna 78w

    The funny thing about depression is, it doesn't give a fuck about what you're thinking. And it doesn't give you the right to decide.

    Sadly, people doesn't even bother to check deeper. First thing that comes to their mind is you only want attention.