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  • bharathkoli 5d

    Yaara vena nambunga ana edhana onnu solla vandhutu keta onnumilla nu soldravanga nambadhinga...
    #Becareless #Besafe #Staystrong

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    Random Karuthu

    Nothing is nothing but nothing is something

  • suhani05 1w


    हालात कैसे भी हो..
    हिम्मत जरूर रखना..
    डगमगाना भी जरूर..
    पर फिर सही वक़्त पर संभल जाना..।
    अंदर से टूटा हुआ महसूस करोगे..
    पर अपनों के चेहरे देख कर मुस्कुरा देना..।
    सब खतम-सा लगेगा..
    पर अपने सपनों को याद कर..
    अपना हौसला बढ़ा लेना..।
    हालात कैसे भी हो..
    हिम्मत जरूर रखना..।।

  • berries_54 2w

    This is the second version #staystrong

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    The Way She Looked

    Her family was poor
    Not enough to complain
    But enough to see
    challenging days
    Days with one plate and
    nothing more
    This she knew she could
    change for sure
    The way she looked?
    She overflowed with

    The weak juggles school
    She rides the waves of the
    days by
    Almost paying attention to
    what is being said
    Listening to an audio of her
    Report cards filled with A's
    Proud because the
    textbooks did not leave her
    The way she looked?
    She looked exuberant

    The weak juggles work
    3 - 10 she worked each day
    Homework, to and form, both ways
    She served hot plates
    Both skirt and hair frayed
    Shoes and clothes painted with stains
    Body panting with many pains
    The way she looked?
    She looked exhausted

    The weak juggles family welfare
    Dinner, breakfast and lunch she provides
    Except herself she does not supply
    Through her mind
    the day plays
    As today is an extension of yesterday
    She slowly decays
    Life set to replay
    The way she looked?
    She looked torpid

    Life set to replay
    Body sustains the pains
    And collects new stains
    Hair, health and hygiene all
    remain unmaintained
    As paralyzed legs cannot
    She steps up to the plate all
    life long
    How does she look?

  • berries_54 2w

    This is the first version of this poem

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    We were poor,
    Not enough to complain.
    We saw our fair share of
    "those days".
    Days where one plate was
    all we could afford.
    Days where dreaming filled
    the gap in our core.
    I don't want to live like
    this...we shouldn't have to

    I don't want to live like
    this...we shouldn't have to
    Those words they say
    The way they attack you
    Just because they have
    We can make it, if I try
    I must

    School is another world all
    on it's own
    Here, society doesn't care
    about the weak
    Being poor doesn't help
    The only thing that speaks is
    Surely money isn't going
    to speak for me; but, I can
    never let them see

    Another reason for them to taunt
    To say those words that
    haunt and fuel my sleepless
    At times like these I cram at
    Too strong...too proud to

    It's only better to suck it up
    and try
    Try harder to show that we
    are more than the money
    that flows
    Graduating isn't the family
    Making it this far is a
    blessing everyday

    Working extra jobs to make
    end meet
    All this work and home to a
    pile load of homework isn't
    easy; but, I'm not doing this
    for me

    This is for my family
    I'm the older one
    There is no time for fun
    when your brother stays
    Unemployed and the other
    hanging on meant that I had
    to do something

    No time for sitting around
    Seeing the smile on their
    faces when I make a full
    coursed meal
    That is enough for me
    Yet, I sense that I am not
    making them happy

  • berries_54 2w

    This is the 3rd version #staystrong

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    I can't stop now
    They need me
    I can't sleep
    I can't eat
    It's okay
    It's not for me,

    Long hours
    Minimum pay
    Returning home to an
    empty fridge
    It's okay
    It's not for me,

    Perfect grades
    Black rings
    Messy hair
    Rising early
    Made it before the bell
    It's okay
    It's not for me,

    Open shoes
    Nothing for lunch
    Nothing new
    It's okay
    It's not for me,

    "Are you ok?"
    "Do you need any help?"
    Why do they think I can't do
    this by myself?
    I can
    It's okay.
    It's not for me,

    Is it okay?
    It's not for me,
    It'S fOr theM

    It is okay.
    Now I see,

  • anshanujeet 2w

    आँखों में सूरज लेकर जन्मी थी,
    चरणों में किरणें लेकर जन्मी थी,
    यज्ञ से यग्नसेनी जन्मी थी।

    हृदय में अग्नि लेकर जन्मी थी,
    मुख पर तेज लेकर जन्मी थी,
    यज्ञ से यग्नसेनी जन्मी थी।

    संसार की सारी अपवित्रता लेकर संसार को पवित्र करने जन्मी थी,
    सारे अन्याय सहकर संसार को न्याय दिलाने जन्मी थी,
    यज्ञ से यग्नसेनी जन्मी थी।

    युग परिवर्तन का कारण बनकर जन्मी थी,
    एक कुल का विध्वंस करने जन्मी थी,
    यज्ञ से यग्नसेनी जन्मी थी।

    अधर्म का नाश करने के लिए जन्मी थी,
    धर्म की पुनः स्थापना करने के लिए जन्मी थी,
    यज्ञ से यग्नसेनी जन्मी थी।
    ~ Ansh Anujeet
    (Ansh Anujeet Singh)

    Yagnaseni or Draupadi as we know her is someone who’s character has inspired me to stay strong all through life even when the worst happens.
    #draupadi #yagnaseni #mythological #indianmythology #staystrong

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    ~ यग्नसेनी ~

    // Read the caption //


  • berries_54 2w

    Tainted Blood

    Shut Up!
    Be Quiet!
    They silence me...

    Go Away!
    They don't want me...

    You're Annoying!
    You're Ugly!
    You Stink!
    You're Trash!
    You're Dumb!
    Why don't you just die!

    Maybe I should take their advice...?

    You're Beautiful!
    You are my Life!
    You are Loved!
    You're Brave!
    You are Safe!

    What I want to share today
    Is that you shouldn't let
    The bad things take
    Your joy away

    There is always a rainbow
    After the storm
    And I wanted to remind you
    To stay strong

    Don't taint your blood
    For those that did you wrong
    Don't waste it on the things
    That make you frown

    You Can
    Become The Light
    That Shines
    Over All of
    The Darkness

  • lotusamo 2w

    Be Positive

    Be kind and treat everyone with politeness even those who are rude to us and make them realize how it's beautiful to be good with everyone.


  • jai 2w

    Once a decision is made.
    There is no good or bad !


  • dilsewrite 3w


    Stop ! Being a victim of your circumstances as they are impermanent.

  • jai 3w

    Say NO to suicidal thoughts

    Please support my writing by repost and follow.

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    #karma @mirakeenetwork

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    Never end your life for person .
    Because you may get an other person
    But you will never get an other life !

    Life you got is more worth than the person you met !


  • lotusamo 3w

    Best way to stay happy is to be busy


  • shayari__art 3w


    एक लड़की पर भी हज़ार पैहरे होते हैं
    चांद की रौशनी के पीछे भी दाग़ गैहरे होते हैं
    हर किसी पर भरोसा मत करना
    क्यूंकि , दुनिया में ऐसे बोहोत से लोग हैं
    जिनके एक चेहरे के पीछे हज़ार चेहरे होते हैं

  • shayari__art 3w


    महादेव को तू अपना कुछ इस कदर बनाएगा
    उस भोले की छाया में , जो तू चाहेगा
    वो खुद तेरे पास आएगा........

  • shubhshivaya 3w


    Kya apne anjaan ban ne lage hai?
    Matlab zindagi jeene lage ho.

  • _cryptic_soul_ 4w

    अजब कशमकश भरी जिंदगी
    जो चुनेंगे, वही बनेंगे।
    #life #thoughts #confusion #staystrong #believe.
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    नफरत करें या प्यार से मना लें
    खुदा पर छोड़ दें या खुद संवार लें
    थोड़ा इंतज़ार करें या चले जाने दे
    सफर जारी रखें या बस थम जाएं
    झूठ बोलें या सच पर कायम रहें
    बोलें भी या खामोश हो जाएं
    होशियार बनें या बचपना रहने दें
    बगावत कर दें या यूं ही सहते जाएं
    फिराक हो जाएं या अपनों में खुशी ढूंढ ले
    ज़ार ज़ार रो लें या बस मुस्कुराते जाएं...

  • sam_thoughts_78 4w

    {No Limits}

    There are no limits on what you can accomplish except the limits you place on your own thinking

  • jai 4w

    You may know it today or
    tommorow or never !
    But the truth is

    "It's all connected " and
    "Everything happens
    for a reason " !


  • earl_maurice 4w


    In her hair dance the bones of Kings and heroes, no more than trinkets now.

    In her eyes lay the pleasures of all the world. Her voice speaks beautifully of what we all want, or believe we deserve. Her lips are poison, the kind that many taste.

    Her poison doesn’t kill swiftly, it gets deep inside of you and takes root, slowly working it’s way over time, years perhaps.

    Her breasts hold no sustenance, only the milk of sin. Between her thighs lie the gates of hell, and the heat that burns within.

    She takes the girls and makes empty promises, spinning tales of what they can achieve, and of how they can be her sisters, if they say her words and agree.

    To the boys she vows to make them men, with pleasures they’ve never known, if only they will bend the knee and worship at her throne.

    The girls have become whores for her, the boys are men indeed; but not the men that God intends. Instead, men filled with greed.

    She is, and has been, and will be the death of all who court her, and entertain her whims. She
    uses them to feed herself, then
    leaves them to the wind.

    Jezebel, Oh Jezebel, the
    Devil in the nude. She
    offers fools gold to
    steal the souls, and
    feast on them as food.


  • rchefiee 4w

    some day we will find what we are deserve for.
    or maybe we won't
    or maybe we will find something much
    greater than that.