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  • moon_at_heart 3h

    Her eyes look like unheard stories.
    Long lashes swept away the shattered crystals,
    Remnants of broken hope and dreams.
    Heavy lids spoke of lonely nights spent with
    Agony for company.
    Tiny creases formed around each shiny orb
    Relaying unspoken emotion formed by experience.
    The crow feet in the corners told tales of laughter
    Long since passed,
    But the greatest story was told by the deep reflection
    Hidden deep within the dark depths
    Of her unrelenting gaze.
    A story that told of sheer determination
    And that whispered, "I am a survivor."

  • realityvision 3h

    How our desires starts and ends?
    #desires #start #life #realityvision

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    How our desires starts and ends?

    All our desires starts with thoughts, once desires are achieved then all satisfaction ends with thoughts. We travel our life journey with thoughts, keep your thoughts pure and strong to have safe and happy journey in life. Have a nice day

  • wtf_ankrit 3h

    If you are reading this I hope you're fine.
    Just wanted to make sure that I wanna move on from you.
    No matter it will be hard for both us. But I'll try to remember you in my bad times , the moments what we both have shared . The reason is nothing to move on but sounds seems quite as well as. Sorry for the fake promises what I said , what I shown , what I feel to you .
    I know you loved me more but in my phase the situation forced me to left you at your worst when you needed the most. I know that now you'll hate me more but...anyways
    Sorry for everything , if you reading this it's an prank letter to you krisni . Hehe wanna make you fool when you come back , ahhh the pagal ladki I got such a damn pretty yaar. Love you more @kri_k_sni
    @writersnetwork #miraquill #love #start #wod

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    Break up

    Finally I have decided to move on from this path, this fake dreams , and the undesirable love what I have shown to her.


  • i_shukriya 3h

    His smile, my day begins
    His touch, 'm in paradise
    His voice, my music
    His care, feel never to be fine again
    His jealously, feel so reliefed
    His promises, wanna feel it again
    His stubborness, want to fulfill all
    Those letter, want to read again nd again
    His pictures, want to see every second
    Those fun together, want never to end
    Those silly talks, gonna kill me
    Your aroma, gonna feel it
    You are my starting and my end too
    My love pie and my cutepie too.
    My soulmate and my hero too
    My all secrets were known to you
    My happiness and silence were around you
    You are my hope and my motivation too
    You are my guide and my friend too.
    Still I am happy because its all about you

    It hurts,break me here, now speechless and emotionless too.
    I thought it would last forever, I was wrong.

    #phrase #share #start #wod

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  • mylcebon 4h


    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    sometimes she sits quietly
    her hands clasped in her lap
    And ankles barely touching.
    The silvers in her amber,
    Pine-gum irises crack and sparkle
    Like veins of a dying
    Leaf when the winter
    Sunlight first rapes in the morning.
    Head tilting, corners of her mouth twitching,
    Perspiration at her temples,
    She lifts her fan to hide her wolf smile
    So only the gleaming,deal- tree eyes
    Are left to do the damage.

  • ariamz 8h

    "And yes, don't be afraid to smile again after the night that you've spent crying. Because when there is rain, there'll be a beautiful rainbow and same to you, after your pain a new stronger, firmer, happier and satisfied version of you will come. Just always remember, a mistake is not an ending. You can always start a new beginning."

    | this isn't the end.


  • river_stgrey 10h

    #start #wod I've wanted to do a play on John Donne's For Whom The Bell Tolls for a while, and the prompt today leant itself to it.

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    Where the flowers bloom in poppy spring
    The shells and bells conspire to sing
    They quietly do not seek to know
    For whom the hymnal cannons toll:

    On scabbing feet, in broken eyes
    Behind which sadly fury lies
    A blast of waltz goes round and round
    Commits young bodies into the ground
    and Death, himself, there walks in pain
    Of that which shares in his domain:

    That newborn Blood beside him sighs
    In ecstasy of artillery skies

    His ever-march of "left, left, left right left"
    Has boots in bloody mud be set
    And from whose lips in choir sing
    And machine gun bones in trenches ring:

    A note on Death in treble clef.


  • poetryly 11h

    #start #wod
    Pic credit - Print from the Fine Arts America post on Pinterest


    When flowers bloom at night,
    they hopefully, wonder will the Morning glories make one of their rare appearances with them tonight?

    Reminiscing how the glorious flowers occasionally bloomed at midnight, giving
    the predicables an unusually fright.

    When they didn’t consistently conform to
    what is populous believed befitting
    or timely right.

    Instead of being swept in admiration by
    the beautifully floral delight or in sympathetically awe considering
    what caused this unusual nightly sight.

    Pathetically, they reacted
    irrational and out of pure naïveté or purposefully with spite.

    In return, the Morning glory delicate petals basking in the heavenly moonlight begin to wilt under their frigid stares,
    steadily being devoured by their contemptuous frostbite.

    Up till this present day,
    only the empathically few are privilege by happenstance to glimpse these Morning flowers blossoming before the dawn’s
    pinkish light.

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  • badhandwritingguy 11h

    Her smile is a lie :)
    Coz she is tired of crying
    Tired of collecting the broken peaces of her heart
    Tired of looking at her phone
    Tired of waiting for his knock at her door
    Tired of feeling alone
    Tired of her lovely life
    N she is tired of explaining without speaking a word :)
    So she prefers to lie with a wide smile on her face :)
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #start #wod #poetry #writeup

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    Her smile is a lie


  • wilmaneels1 12h

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    The ones if they knew would be spoken about for days
    But she doesn't reference them
    Those stories are a gift to herself
    Because not everyone deserves a front row seat
    Only those who played a part
    Will know; only they will feature in the archives of her heart
    Unheard stories that played a major factor in who she became

    You got to admire her spunk
    When others saw something worth moving on from
    She became a magnet of that meant for her

  • aryaa_anand 12h

    her eyes looked like unheard stories
    bloodshot reminding her of the choking choices


  • aryaa_anand 13h

    when flowers bloom at the ends of an oasis
    the desert dances to the music of the mirages


  • aryaa_anand 13h

    | the rain is falling camouflaging the tears drowning her soul. |


  • aryaa_anand 14h

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @heartsease @fromwitchpen

    #start #wod #ceesreposts

    // your fierce fallacies ruined me yet I fell for them. //

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    your smile is a lie that showers fallacies in my life and ironies in my poetry.


  • shradhanegi 14h

    Your smile is a lie so real
    yet reality is where i heal
    your smile is a lie revealed after
    hiding the deceive and smirking
    my heart stuck in the trap disaster
    my soul ambushed by a smile lurking
    You wear lies all over walking around
    flaunting that material smile unbound
    my eyes, only witnesses to this crime
    a lie fatal for the heart also not sublime.


  • kasishakespeare 14h

    Let go and move on

    Your smile is a lie
    And it creeps me out big time
    It even goes with your evil look
    It's a fake smile
    That was the look
    I saw with my eyes when you said
    It's time we should break up
    And your eyes said a lot that time
    They were shining, I guess that meant that you still loved me
    But maybe it was also a lie
    I guess true love's vengeance
    Is just letting go


  • euphoriccree 14h

    Death Of Your Undying Love.

    Your smile is a lie,
    But true were my cries
    When you played me like a dice
    I couldn't even suffice
    I thought our love would never die
    And I know I tried
    To make us last
    But you made me your past
    And you're getting over me so fast
    Who could ever have imagined?
    That your love for me could end
    And you'll leave my wounds for me to tend.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • artemiswrites 15h

    The rain is falling
    softly, like a Ghazal sung
    by the blue heavens

  • lovesunflower20 15h

    #start ⬅️maybe

    I did write but it wasn't good enough to read right?

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    Is this feeling called love?

    Two lovers found A-
    faint cup of heartbreak
    Together with sleepless sorrow
    Wrapped in- guilt flowing with the wind
    In raindrops by the trees they whispered agony...!
    Imagining this is how heaven mat Earth
    Is this feeling called love?

  • jaylinestarr24 15h

    The moth

    When flowers bloom at twilight.
    The heart refutes the night.
    How barren it's the desire with longing for the light.
    His life will be required no battle left to fight.

    Drunken by the fire are tears of melted wax.
    Come closer to my cradle inside you can relax.
    Your journeys almost ended.
    Those wings I'll warm so tender.

    How charmingly you dance.
    I'll give it one last chance.
    A pity, it's too late the twilight was your fate.