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  • srinka_ghosh 26w

    ������ ������������������ ������������ ���� �������� ��������������.

    ���������� - I give you the seeds of leadership and passion, sow and water them well. Use your action influenced life to pioneer mankind and help them transform for good. Therefore, i gift you with the virtues of pride and dignity.

    ������������- Your job is to secure one's trust and faith. I purposely made you stubborn so that you never deviate from your goals. Therefore, i gift you with the virtues of patience and intelligence. Use them well.

    ������������- Open mindedness is the most admirable trait i moulded you with. You are sent on earth to socialize and spread happiness among all. Hence, i present you with the virtues of curiosity and knowledge .

    ������������- I made you with a really big heart so that you can serve as a friend for those who need. You are creative and selfless, aimed to nurture. Thus, i Gift you with good imagination and excellent memory.

    ������ - Dont misuse the qualities of being fearless and determined,your soul purpose is guide the race, inspire and help them shine. Hence i gift you with enormous wisdom and inner beauty.

    ���������� - I deliberately made you a perfectionist so that you can analyse others and help them realize what they actually deserve. You are emotionally cold but can probe into other's emotions. Hence, i gift you with practicality and modesty

    ����������- I give you the balance of judgement and assign you with the most difficult task of maintaining justice and peace among humans. Yes you read boths sides of a story before judging the book and hence i gift you with inner charm and the power of diplomacy.

    �������������� - You are attributed to see through one's mind, you are actually a healer in disguise sent down to encourage the discouraged and bring the best out of them. Hence, i gift you with strength and emotional depts.

    ����������������������- People are gradually losing their faith on me, so i assign you with the task to bring it back. Fill their life with fun and joy, make them believe on their individual potential. Therefore, i gift you with never ending freedom and optimistic vision.

    ������������������- On your shoulders i leave the responsibility to teach mankind that life isnt easy and achieving dreams without hard work is not possible but they aren't impossible as well. Hence, i gift you with strength and ambitious insight.

    ����������������- I sent you down with a purpose of making the world a better place to live. Yes, its ok for you to tear the rulebook as your step would always direct towards advancement . You are not supposed to stop spreading humanity down there. Thus, i gift you with intelligence and uniqueness.

    ������������- I give you the most difficult of all tasks. You are suppose to collect all sufferings and return them back to me. I give you a heart that is selfless but can sense the pain of others. You will help people to discover their inner world.Therefore, i gift you with enormous kindness and creativity.


    Feel free to mention your zodiacs and let me know if you can relate ����


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    Ps. - if you cannot resonate.. Lemme know that too.. No worries in that case i will delete this soon ✌

    Picture credits to the rightful owner ��

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    A tale of star signs!!


  • _riaa_ 41w


    She's beautifully unique

    Filled with compassion and mystery
    A magnet to so many for her
    kind heart and empathy
    She's always helping those in need
    The healer, because she's so motherly
    With wild explosive emotions
    Like the waves of the sea
    That's because this girl
    Was born a Pisces


  • sruty_dey 42w


    A bit secretive, a bit of aloud.
    In between the quest being private and fame,
    Lavishing honesty,trust and pain,
    Sensuous desires and fire to gain.
    You find a friend and a fiend together here,
    All you need is the patience to bear.
    We are that bitter weed that will make drool over,
    Want more and more,
    You go around the world but you won't find
    Our that lucrative taste beyond.
    We will make you go crazy in want,
    We are the boss, we hold the wand.

  • wildicephoenix 42w

    I'm not alone,
    I live with my innerself;
    the inside me talks,
    the inside me walks,
    My inner companion
    in this untrustworthy world.


  • wildicephoenix 42w

    Stop chasing things
    which are not meant for you;
    Instead, look for something different,
    something you never wish would amuse you.


  • hallgd 42w

    Sagittarius through and through I am

    A sense of humor along with an uncanny wit to boot lies within my core, I love to make light of things, uplift others and much, much more.

    I am smart, and disciplined, but on occasion can be unhinged. Yes, but just a tinge. I am open, honest, and to the point, I'll always seek a friend over an enemy because what I love most of all is not division but unity. With me you get what you see, because this is without a doubt definitely me!

  • wordsofsh 42w

    I'm a Capricorn

    Call me stubborn
    I'll discrad it as your opinion
    Yes I'm hard working
    And talk about none
    Expect from me
    Highest degree of loyalty
    I'm a Capricorn
    With a strong mind,
    And a mild heart!

  • surefire 42w

    //All the pain and the truth
    I wear like a battle wound//
    -Warrior by Demi Lovato

    She is like wildfire
    untamable and fierce.

    She is apricity, a home
    for destitute strangers.

    She is a warm muffler
    wrapped around the neck of her lover.

    When she is left alone
    she roars like an injured lioness,
    and I am air, enveloping her scars.
    I am earth, healing her paws.

    She is a lighthouse for the submerged
    and a hurricane for those who betray her.

    She knows how to protect
    her territory and pride.

    She is an August born warrior
    she is a lioness, a Leo
    she will bow down to none.

    For the Leo I am in love with

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  • wildicephoenix 42w

    After my sorrow, I'll glow
    Like after the night, I'll be the cockcrow.


  • wildicephoenix 42w


    : abstracts and wonderful designs-
    sometimes, what it means
    hidden beyond lines,

    :in beautiful curves,
    in simpler wondrous moves,
    you may find peace
    like how mountainlakes
    make their curls.

    it's terrifying,
    you'll never know what it means,
    you'll never realized til you appreciate...


  • wildicephoenix 42w

    My Motivation

    The sun setting beautifully,
    Whilst I'm broken tearfully.

    Now the afterglow awaits patiently,
    Whilst I'm making my different story.

    I'm tired of being hurt, now I'll change,
    Telling myself I'll be better than yesterday.


  • wildicephoenix 42w

    Thank you for everything Mom��✨..
    You're the best!��

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    You're the reason of my blessed existence
    and see I'm beautifully scattering my wings in borders of the world;
    You're my beloved firefly on my darkest sky
    Who lightens the path, watering my land of dry.

    You're always there, always ready to care
    when I need someone to lean on- a pillow after my sorrow,
    You're sheltering me, telling me
    that after my rain, I'll shine as a rainbow.

    You're my one and only mother,
    your genuine love makes me strong and I'll always treasure;
    Without you I'm a withered flower,
    Without you my petals slowly becomes weak and uncovered.

    Your comfort is what I always find,
    Your smiles makes me longingly hungry of your presence all the time,
    You're the most pretty among all the girls-
    My very own sweet loving mother.


  • childauthor_345 42w

    In the remaining pages of tears
    Nowhere the glee full of fears
    Shrinking forehead clears
    Pretty of loving bears

    Below the roof of rid presence
    Inside the womb of essence
    Gloomy glance of absence
    Mixing the love immense

    Blessing symphonies of path
    Carving moon celestial bath
    Rose grown behind wrath
    Plateau of sweet flath

    Synchronous high skycraper
    In between folded wrapper
    Pottering poetry shaper
    Human's love trapper

    Beyond the brightest pole star
    Stood strong under scar
    Eager earth joining bar
    Loved lagged bizarre

    Grounded aries jumped down
    Lifting vigro to glam crown
    Lying leo scripting town
    Waving cancer to noun

  • wildicephoenix 43w

    It so good to be a selenophile

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    Dear Lovely Moon,

    You amuse me with your crystal shines,
    With your beautiful chords playing
    with the orchestra of the night,
    More than your glow,
    I see happiness in you.


  • ethereal_soul 43w

    Aries... From where it begins

    Passionate, motivated and confident leader.
    Build society with cheerful disposition.
    Wears the crown of determination
    With fire as an element.
    Completion of dreams, is for what we meant.
    Loves to imagine above the sky,
    But grounded our thoughts are.
    Trying to find patience,
    And an Aquarius....for whom they were waiting for.

  • 300roses 43w

    A cancerian woman

    I'm symbolised by the crab,
    aloof on the exterior,
    but beneath my shell,
    I crave for love,
    yet afraid to embrace it.
    Insecurity surrounds my world,
    My claws are my defence,
    if people gets too close,
    I would wield my claws
    to deter them.
    I fear letting anyone into my world
    as I may end up getting hurt.
    My shell is my refuge,
    When reality stifles me,
    I would shrink back into
    my shell & hide.
    Avoidance is my means of escape.
    Often, I lack confidence,
    I never feel good enough.
    I couldn't even accept a compliment
    graciously as I feel I'm not worth it.
    That's me, deep down
    under my cold, hard shell,
    I'm a cancerian woman.


  • _____vnaaa 43w

    One such scene came
    in this universe,
    everything was different,
    not knowing how many
    creatures were born out of it,
    one being was a human being.
    The human came in the form of moss,
    then in a shape.
    Slowly, he developed
    his own love and created
    a sweet world.
    Today we have a different form of it,
    make our name in
    every corner of the earth.
    We would be called human beings,
    if nothing like this would
    have been a deserted ruins.
    #starsign #aries #writernetwork #wod #writerstolli #mirakeeworld
    #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #writercommunity

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  • eldiinosby 43w

    Truth of Taurus
    वृषभ का सच

    Is this Taurus Man not a male God?

    True, he is,
    but in the Zodiac Taurus is associated with feminine values.

    My nature is extremely sensual,
    but I was branded a bull and taught by society to only be sexual.

    The Taurean Male experience has been to know that I have feelings
    I just learned not to feel 'em

    To know what it is to receive love,
    I just feel more comfortable givin it

    My version of nurturing
    Is to give you trail by fire.

    Ya'll call me a stubborn ass
    But it's everything that I am
    That allows me to make it through situations no other Zodiac can.

    To not care what you say,
    Imma stick to my ways,
    and do so alone,
    Maybe dissappear to the woods for days
    and see what mother nature has to say.

    There, is where I was told,

    To deny my feminine side was to deny the moon a chance to shine.

    To deny my feminine side was to draw a thick line
    Between me and the Trees, The Birds, The Bees, The Waters and The Beasts
    As these come from the mother
    And nature itself is a feminine thing.

    To be whole,
    Of Heart and Horns,

    I had to learn to embrace the feminine.
    To deny my feminine side
    Was to live a life less than half alive,
    And so I started mastering water as I had too much fire in my eyes.
    I found my twin flame to be an Aquarius,
    So I suppose she'll teach me Air all in due time.


  • _____vnaaa 43w

    #love #vina #mirakee

    To talk to you
    about my heart,
    But the mind was
    speaking to stop.
    Where have you been,
    will you sit with me and ask me
    Will leave you as far as
    you want to go.
    how to tell him,
    you are in your heart
    and asking where to go.
    I like your simplicity
    Which made a knuckle
    for me with my scarf.
    Where have you
    met me since
    My eyes have longed to
    see you.
    #starsign #aries #writernetwork #wod #writerstolli #mirakeeworld
    #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writercommunity

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    To talk to you
    about my heart


  • _____vnaaa 43w

    #vina #mirakee
    कुछ बातें हैं जिसमें खो जाती हूं
    वो जो मेरी किताब हैं ना
    उसे पढ़ते-पढ़ते मैं सो जाती हूं।
    क्या याद करना है
    ये मैं भूल जाती हूं
    माथे से लगा कर चूम जाती हूं।
    पास देख कर मुस्कुराती हूं
    ना मिलने पर सब पर चिल्लती हूं।
    उससे एक पल दूर ना रह पाती मैं
    इसके पन्नों पर मोर के पंख रह जाती मैं।
    मेरी दोस्त बन जाती है
    अनोखे बोल बतलाती है।
    उसकी बातें मुझे मैं हर बार भूल जाती हूं
    वो जो मेरी किताब हैं ना उसे पढ़ते-पढ़ते मैं सो जाती हूं।

    #starsign #aries #writernetwork #wod #writerstolli #mirakeeworld
    #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writercommunity

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    कुछ बातें हैं जिसमें खो जाती हूं वो जो मेरी किताब हैं ना उसे पढ़ते-पढ़ते मैं सो जाती हूं।