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  • khushi_chahal 3d

    When u wish the lights of the stars to be in your eyes sparkling

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    When u wish the lights of the stars to be in your eyes sparkling

  • bhavna_sasane 3d


    A star is that,
    which is so bright.
    So be like a star,
    It shines at night.

    But this doesn't mean,
    to be arrogant.
    Just be what you are,
    And stay elegant.
    A star gives light,
    in a dark night.
    It shows us the way,
    we should choose to be right.
    The star inspires us,
    to not depend on others.
    It tells us to be strong,
    for now and forever.


  • a_franteen_writer 4d

    when the stars
    fool me to write
    nuances of love,
    hope and peace
    i coax them hard
    to shut their mouths
    that were left hanging after
    seeing my audacity of
    tuning in only to zip
    them up in the bags
    of time and throw
    them away only
    to be found in the
    stories of people
    who knew me well:
    the ones who know
    why i bled every night
    every time after
    cutting myself; ajar
    for the Orions and
    Sagittariuses to see
    the real me
    even though i could never
    believe that i were a
    human being
    still humans thought i was
    one of them and burned
    in the illusion of me being
    one; now barely anyone
    knows me.
    so after being thrown
    of the throne
    the most awaited revenge
    was served; cold last night
    when i was forced to read
    stances of faith and hope
    a bloody recital
    of dramatic expressions
    and bloated abominations
    of "claimed" prophets
    either true or false
    but in the time being
    there was no right or wrong
    no cloud of hope or
    literature of the most
    Romeos and Juliets but
    only me, who was
    betrayed by her own kin
    the stars that turned to dust
    made me without the will
    of ever being born
    or living happily.
    so i cut my nerve gently
    the one on my left hand
    to bleed profusely
    and avenge the betrayal
    from my own kin
    forcing me to live

    but now i don't wish for anything anymore; evermore.
    // The starry betrayal//
    - a_franteen_writer
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    The starry betrayal

    but now i don't wish for anything anymore; evermore.
    // The starry betrayal//

  • aditya_jain_07 5d


    Lagta hai bachpan kal hi guzra tha,
    Na jaane tab soch se zyada, kyu mann besabra tha,
    Pagle se sapne bhi pankh laga ke udte the,
    Aur waqt bhi khubsurat sa lagta tha,
    Na koi shikve na koi gila,
    Bas sabko apna sa samjh kar milte the ,
    Lagta hai apna bachpan kal hi guzra tha.

  • hash_sassy 1w

    True love

    Don't loose the moon while counting the stars

  • barbatos 1w

    Let's climb the stairway to the moon,
    Then sit and view the beauty of earths' blue lagoon,
    The moon will guide us as we go wander along,
    With love beside us to fill the night with a song.

  • imrandesk 1w

    Let's break the rules for a night
    Let's steal the moment we're not supposed to live
    Just you and me lying on the valley
    Staring at the vivid night sky
    Fireflies look like falling stars
    Landing and glowing on your hair
    Let me live a hundred lifetimes
    Looking at this glimpse of paradise
    One night isn't enough, neither a million nights
    I will save it in my eyes to dream it every night
    You can go home when the dawn arrives
    And the Sun will never know about this time heist


  • halvis_nirne 1w

    When night falls,
    I look up to the sky,
    Watch the clouds drifting,
    Feel the breeze, the cold breeze of September.

    The stars do find me,
    They do hide behind the clouds,
    And look at me,
    They tell me many different things,
    But all I could see is the blinking.

    Lying below the stars,
    I just wish them to rain upon me.
    So that, I could touch them as if they were fireflies.
    Or feel me above the clouds, up in the space.

    The night never asked me to sleep,
    The stars never asked me to chase them,
    But the breeze made me feel,
    It's calming to lay with them...

  • deep13gk 1w

    7 September 2021


    In this large of darkness
    One star is shinning to
    Heal so many wounds
    Or for stealing their discourge

    For those
    Who's slowly drowning
    In the darkness

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To tell him their secret

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To steal away their all sorrow

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To play with them

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To give them new courge
    Like how he's still on his
    Even after huge strom clouds

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To accompany them
    In huge dankness

    For those
    Who's waiting
    To saw their loved
    Who went to his place

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To help them to give them
    Direction of correct way

    For those
    Who's waiting for him
    To give them black
    Blanket which is full of
    Happy Dreams so that
    They can sleep peacefully

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    In this large of darkness
    One star is shinning to
    Heal so many wounds
    Or for stealing their discourge

  • meghna_thakuria 1w


    Countless stars singing in the sky
    Secretly watching me
    The night came, making the world glow
    As if the time stopped for a minute
    And I was still waiting for it to show
    The stars sang me a song
    A calm music was played behind my back
    It was telling me to sleep
    I was awake watching them smiling at my face
    I gave them names
    But I forgot to call them
    as they all looked same
    I was sitting in the folding bed
    The wind like kissed me
    on my cheeks
    There was a cold feeling
    One star recited a poem
    Dedicated to me
    I was listening and fell asleep
    The night passed by
    Birds woke me up as Stars took their place
    It was a nice, calm night
    But not able to say it to them
    And I am writing a poem dedicated to you...
    ( Dear stars )

  • poetrani 1w


    If someday stars start falling like rain,
    Then there would be galaxies
    in your feet!


  • czarcasm 1w


    A hunger not satisfied by silly little words
    I breathe you in as the sun sets over your shoulder
    The caressing hand between my thighs
    Excited me, hoping no one was in sight
    The reflection of light against the water
    Sensually encircled each one of your muscles
    Making my mouth dry Id need more than water
    I need your skin on top of mine

    Kisses marked invisibly on my skin
    Makes me grab your hair
    Oh god please do it again
    I don't care if someone hears my moan of passion
    You are the master
    And my appreciation, always vocalized
    Making me grow even more frustrated
    When you say I can't touch you

    Pin my arms above my head, then
    Your skin is too tempting for me to hold back
    I lust for you as moisture crawls down my thigh
    Tickling with promises just in sight
    I'm just hoping we both can last until the night

    Yet here we both are
    Laying beneath the rising moon
    Gasping breaths, writhing bodies
    Both fighting for a moment if control
    My nipples hard the rub against your chest
    As I protest to my sudden stop of movement
    I want to be able to place my nails mark upon your skin
    But you won't relent
    Driving me crazy with a passion unfelt from any other

    My whimpers increase as your hand goes down
    Before settling between my legs
    You know I want you
    That much is evident
    By the moisture upon your fingers
    As you taste the beautiful essence of me

    My skin all the more heated
    When you finally enter me
    My cries loud enough to be answered by an owl
    The stars watching over us unabashed
    And I reach my tipping point
    Explosion of colors and sounds I lose myself
    Completely with just your hand
    You've made me cum
    But I know that you are far from done
    As you finally truly enter me
    My walls welcoming you in with tears of joy
    I'm finally able to catch my breath as you stare into my eyes
    So beautiful the lovemaking of ours
    That I can in a way
    Thank the stars

    Fevered skin pressed together
    My shirt pulled up, chest exposed
    I arch my back in endless bliss
    As you degrade me, I'm your whore
    The sound of the contact of skin
    Makes me bite my lip
    Because I feel those feelings rushing back
    And I can't help but moan louder.
    Slowly losing control with you our moans almost in perfect symphony
    I bite your neck as we both let go
    Enjoying the warmth of our juices within

  • czarcasm 2w

    Only human

    Wind ruffled his hair in the midnight breeze
    And he took in a deep breath
    It was peaceful and he was at rest
    Standing there beneath the moon
    Today had been long
    The challenges close to breaking him
    But he had stood strong

    The crickets around him in perfect symphony
    Playing him a song in tune
    Told him he had done good
    As if someone was watching over him
    A frog before him interrupted the night
    And he had to look down at
    The solitary figure
    Alone tonight, just like him

    The stars above him glimmering so softly
    They were a beauty indeed
    He always came here when he needed to think
    Looking up at the sky eyes slowly
    Getting heavy
    Stars, galaxies, and planets remind him
    How small mankind was
    For it was the stars that reminded him
    That he was only human

  • porcupine 2w


    Looking into your eyes reminds
    me of gazing into the clear night sky
    and seeing thousands of stars
    and wishing I could visit each star

  • thoseunspokenfeelings 2w

    #Thoseunspokenfeelings #Stars #Inspiration

    She was the another star...!��

    ©Unspoken Words

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    The Stars Of The Darkness

    There was a happy little girl.
    Then she grew up and turned in to a monster.
    She had strong whole day.
    And her emotions come in the dark night.
    When the night is 3 a.m,
    she scared to death.
    Her darkest side came alive.
    No one knows inside of her.
    Every night, she stays in her room.
    In that period, one day,
    She was sitting in the floor in the room. The door was closed. The window was opened. The lights were turned off. The moonlight was coming in her room.
    At that time,
    she was drawing something.
    Maybe about her any dark past or painful memories.
    a drop of tears fell into her drawing book. She didn’t know, why the tears came into her eyes?

    She looked on the sky from the window for a while.
    Then she started drawing again. Her room was filled with drawing, art.
    While drawing, she was listening to music.
    After a long time, she stopped drawing.
    And listening to the lyrics of the music.
    In every dark of the night, she always listen to the music.
    Try to to feel it.
    She always feel the music deeply.
    In that night, she lost her self
    in the music, while listening to the music. When she listened to the music, the lyrics faded her away, she closed her tearful eyes with her painful dark memories.
    she stopped listening music.
    She went to the window.
    And looked at the sky.
    She saw,
    there is many stars and only one moon.
    Suddenly, a question came into her mind. That,
    'Why the stars are shining so beautifully in the Dark Sky/Dark...?'

    She thought about it a long time.
    After thinking for a long time.
    Then she realised that,
    "Stars can't shine without Darkness".
    Then she realised that fully,
    she is not worthless, she is an another star of her Darkness World.
    Then her tears were disappeared from her attractive beautiful eyes...!

  • _the_isolated_writer_ 2w

    Be my moon

    In the night full of beautiful stars, be my only moon I'll be there by your side both in rain and shine. I'll adore you the same when you'll be adding yourself bit by bit to become wholesome and when you'll be loosing yourself bit by bit and be feeling low. And I'll love you even on the days when you'll be not be present!


  • seraiah_smiles 2w

    Don't worry.
    When we die,
    we'll become
    that will shine
    eternal, saintly,

  • smily_aina 2w

    He adores words weaved by her

    Her compelling charm imbibed in those

    Those that shine as shimmering stars

    Stars each fall fascinated by her smile

    Smile, that captured million hearts

    Hearts of mirth and misery alike

    Alike yet different, constrained but free

    Free in a world just she could see


  • fizahfiz_ 2w

    The wind waves it's goodbye,
    The clouds are gone,
    The stars and moon,
    Left me alone.

    The sun is bad,
    It hurts me in broad daylight,
    The moon talks to me,
    The wind whispers,
    The stars understand me,
    Under the sun everyone forgets me.

    The trees make me feel alive,
    The moonlight makes me feel happy inside,
    The stars keep me company,
    And the wind hugs me,
    The clouds become my bed,
    At all those times I am sad.

    The moon loves me,
    And the stars care,
    The clouds stay with me,
    When boone is there,
    The wind talks to me,
    And beards my words.

    The moon goes, and
    Stars do too,
    The clouds stay
    But with the sunlight,
    They forget me too.
    The wind stops talking,
    Leaving me alone.

    The clouds comfort me,
    The wind kisses me,
    The moon looks at me,
    Ever so beautifully.

    The moon fades away,
    The stars leave too,
    The wind stays,
    And clouds do too.

    They come back to me,
    Making me happy.
    I love them,
    Just how much they love me.


    #freeverse #free #moon #stars #clouds #nature #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Nature is FREE

    Allow yourself in the freedom,
    To enjoy His gifts in life,
    And the whole of nature and its beauty.

  • bad_habit 2w

    There is so much beauty
    in letting go of pain,
    watching stars turn into butterflies
    before they fly away......