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    Story of barely months,
    Burning to die out just another night;
    Intimacy of eons,
    Like the star that never truly dies

    You can move on,
    Just like you do every time;
    Just like I run away too, farther,
    Until we fall back, there’s just no reason or rhyme

    Adorned with gifts of love,
    You look beautiful, with someone else;
    Alas you have to face me again,
    Even if we are just made to be each others’ hell..

    Here’s a bouquet of dreams,
    Of all that makes you human, the soul underneath;
    She makes your heart a home, I know
    But dear, we are the story never meant to reach an end..

    Yearning time and again,
    Maybe we will be just a faraway dream;
    Even if abandoned at times,
    In the sky lies our world, full of colours only we could see…

    Goodbye, until we meet again,
    To live our momentary love stories, to be hurt again;
    Moments those shine when we cry for us;
    Burning and blinding the whole world away..

    I hope your love for her, stays,
    Making new dreams, a new home of yours;
    But you can’t purge me away, honey
    We are built to ruin each other, we are the star-crossed lovers..

    I’ll pray you are happy with her;
    But there is a cost to be paid,
    For the primal emotions we become in our world,
    For the deal our souls made with the stars, when we sealed our fate..

    You can’t escape your destiny,
    We’ll meet again, and the clocks will become obsolete,
    For the few moments, we’ll burn together in blue,
    Shining like fireworks, in the thread of time, for all eternity..

    So we’ll fall in love and run away,
    To separate roads, to our faraway empires;
    That’s all we are, always in orbit,
    Colliding again, loving and hurting each other, just until the end of time..

  • aryapdane 63w

    You almost make me believe in God, in miracles, in reincarnation. You make me hope that you and I will be born again, in a time where the stars governing our fates are aligned in our favour


  • wordalchemy 66w


    SHE felt her gut take a toll
    The cold November night felt anew
    He and she were none but one
    Each other's soul entangled with the other
    Delusional of time and space

    He felt the urge to let go
    To visit the Summer gardens of somewhere land.
    She gave him her word, he would never
    Walk on the thorny life alone but together forever

    She never knew that he was barefoot
    And it took him sweat and blood
    On each step ahead along the path.

    He decided to let go
    Set her free from himself
    To live a life she was worthy of

    She was never ready
    As it made her heart heavy

    His soul now rests in her, weary of the world
    And inside her memory lane
    he takes a long walk.

  • biswajitdev 102w

    * Star-crossed lovers bid farewell with fragments of love,
    Till the blue moon rises again they're knotted into Cosmic love . *

    Even if there is separation there is a hope for togetherness only when they're knotted into #Love .

    Dear Voyagers of Universe,
    Drop a ❤️ if you feel the #cosmiclove deep within the verse .
    Feel free to convey your suggestions .
    ** Rising is the night's scintillating crown, the blazing blue moon
    To bathe in the light of love is a curse or boon ?
    Refulgence in the chest of darkness, a bewitching sight to behold
    Star-crossed lovers bid farewell with fragments of love, that's foretold ?

    Though once in a moon
    They'll meet under the bright blue moon
    A Promise, not to forsake each other even in pain
    Knotted into cosmic love till blue moon rises again . **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Scintillating - Glowing, Blazing - Very Bright, Refulgence - Brightness, Bewitching - Enchanting or Delightful, Behold - Look at or View, Star-crossed lovers - Who can't be together or relationship fails, Foretold - to tell beforehand, Forsake - Leave or Abandon, Knot - Tie, Cosmic - Celestial or Heavenly *

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

    #Fragments #BlueMoon #Fragmentsoflove #Lightoflove #Night #Moon #Refulgence #Darkness #StarCrossedLovers #Foretold #Promise #Knot #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #wod #mirakee #ceesreposts

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    Rising is the night's scintillating crown, the blazing blue moon
    To bathe in the light of love is a curse or boon ?
    Refulgence in the chest of darkness, a bewitching sight to behold
    Star-crossed lovers bid farewell with fragments of love, that's foretold ?

    Though once in a blue moon
    They'll meet under the bright blue moon
    A Promise, not to forsake each other even in pain
    Knotted into cosmic love till the blue moon rises again .
    ©biswajitdev 01.06.2020

  • rantings_of_a_distressed_soul 103w

    Let us go star hunting together and make love under the Moon

  • tsalabutiejess 111w

    Upward Glance

    If guided by the stars shall a meteor be a pause of life?

  • sufferwrites 113w


    I write about love I never felt. I day dream about a beautiful life. I fantasize about real love.

  • sufferwrites 120w


    She seeks to find the extraordinary in ordinary events . Her zeal to terminate mundanity remains. She turns hate to love. Her search continues in hopes she finds what beyond the norms of humankind.

  • itshdeepss 126w

    [Flashes of Him—pt. 1]

    It feels like I've been shot with vibrant rainbows through my veins and my soul being lit up with millions of sparks he ignited which I didn't even know existed anymore and this time; just this time, I didn't mind getting burned,crushed or washed away like some flimsy sandcastle built alongside the mystical waves each time i took a leap in his enigmatic soul.


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  • yosemitetwilight 137w

    return to sender

    see him struggle for a love that he'd lost
    she wished they'd take him back again,
    that they would realise their loss.

    though it's not her he wants, she cares no less.
    as she prays he can feel once more
    his own juliet's sweet caress


  • iamscreenwrite 143w

    To my impetus lover

    Pain is something I feel when I think about you. To not have you in my arms when the sun kisses my face makes my heart ache. The sinful thought of having you just for one more night, or to caress your soft lips against mine sends me into a deep depression. The thought of hearing your laugh, being in your arms or just listening to your lungs inhale love and exhale me stings in the deepest parts of me. That light golden hour that's permanently on you or those fox like eyes that captures every movement I make. Drawing me like your favorite portrait. The difference of our epidermis doesn't matter nor does your ancient history to mine. Your long slender hands caress me and I'm home away from home when you're next to me. Boyish laughter fills my memory as my skin grows paler now that you're away from me. Starcrossed lovers we were doomed from the beginning, but we tried anyway. Only during slumber can we be truly happy. My fantasies turn into walking nightmares, I scream out as my soul tears itself into pieces. The cold blur of paranoia turns this paradise into hell. My lungs full with sulfur as my vocal cords too strained to cry out pain. As I blindly walk through the sea of people I always search for you. Even if it's a lie, even if it's just a fake, I want you back. Even if it was never real, you were always real to me. I meet you in my dreams and make love to your body but then I wake, remembering it was never meant to be. Society placed a strain between us and it poisoned our purity. This saddens me that we will never get to meet nor will we ever be. Good night sweet prince, as I your princess shall fall in a neverending endless sleep.

  • jessejamz 145w

    Star-crossed Lovers

    I'm searching for my Star-Crossed lover.
    Whom I could give my love to more than others.
    Transcended by joy in the heavens we could hover.
    Glide through the cosmos ecstasy exchanged between two lovers.
    So palpable is this sensation of longing.
    I yearn for a warm embrace,
    a sense of belonging.
    I am ailed by this loneliness,
    exasperated by my despair
    I just want someone to hold
    close and stroke their hair.
    Look into the windows of her soul,
    awe struck by her universe.
    Our galaxies we could compare.
    Such a rarity only comes around
    like Hailey's comet.
    Until then this rambling I will infinitely spew and vomit.

  • dreamyc 149w


    I am haunted by one minute
    the only minute I've ever met you
    I was a party crasher
    the romeo in your capulet banquet
    realizing every lover before you was a joke
    falling in love for the very first time
    knowing I'd die for you in every Shakespearean play
    it took romeo only one minute to know
    how much he loved her
    & me, you — all the same
    juliet, juliet, wherearthou juliet
    you & your rosy lips, ebony eyes
    coppertone, blushed skin
    drunk in love & a little bit of wine
    catching my eye & believing in love at first sight
    in that minute, I was a romantic
    heart healing, hopeful romeo
    touching your shoulder
    hearing your voice
    I am haunted by one minute
    the minute I've realized that
    I became the main of a tragedy
    the romeo to your juliet
    for you, I'd die a thousand times over
    juliet, juliet, wherearthou Juliet

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • kausartasneem 149w

    Who are we??
    A voice echoed within me
    Are we the nomadic tribes of 16th century or are we just some star crossed lovers fated to meet beyond the seven seas?
    Are you a fallen Angel or am I the nymph from the Greek Mythology ?
    Are we travelling through same time or the space is 5 D ?
    Can love be possible between us? or are we born to meet in catastrophe?

  • deadlittlesongbird 150w

    The Highwaymam

    "Had watched for her love in the moonlight,
    And died in the darkness there."
    -Alfred Noyes

  • broslav 167w

    Favorite Acquaintance

    Your lips
    Touch my cheek
    Just once

    I stumble
    To keep
    My balance

    We play it cool
    In front of our audience

    You and I
    Are our own secret experience
    Thriving off each other's deviance
    Completely devoured by our ambiance

    This game
    Is a part
    Of our dalliance

    When they realize
    We've both left
    They'll think
    It's a coincidence

    They don't need to know
    We'll spend the night together
    At your residence

    You and I
    Are our own secret experience
    Thriving off each other's deviance
    Completely devoured by our ambiance

    If they knew of us
    There would be an outrage
    Of abhorrence

    At these times
    We settle for being each other's
    Favorite acquaintance

    We're starving, wild and adventurous
    Free from their judgments
    Altogether amorous

    Simply US

    You and I
    Are our own secret experience
    Thriving off each other's deviance
    Completely devoured by our ambiance

    For the night
    Not caring about their acceptance


  • eternal_flame 175w


    ✏️ जितेश सिंह चौहान

    एक रंग
    डूबे तो मलंग।।
    ओढ़ चुनरी हुआ बेगाना
    ठुकरा दे जहाँ, तु अपनाना
    पागल हुआ मैं या फिर दिवाना
    लाख कोशिशें की पर यह ना जाना
    आए आँधी या तूफाँ तेरा दिल ही ठिकाना
    एक मुसाफिर को मिला ठहरने का बहाना
    अब आँसुओं के जाम ना छलकाना
    मरते दम तक साथ निभाना।।
    मत सुनो तुम जाना
    क्या कहते लोग
    एक रोग,

  • eternal_flame 176w

    हम वो आशिक

    ✏️ जितेश सिंह चौहान

    जिस्म से नहीं, रूह से दिल लगाया है
    आशिक हैं हम
    राख के ढेर को शोला बनाया है।।
    जमाना क्या कहता है
    कोई गिला नहीं मुझे,
    आशिक हूं तेरा सनम
    ठुकरा दूँ जमाना अगर मंजूर हो तुझे।।
    लाख कोशिशें करले ए सितमगर
    हमको ना रोक पाएगा,
    चल मान लिया हमें मिटा देगा
    पर इश्क के इस तूफाँ को कैसे रोक पाएगा।।
    जाति, धर्म के बंधन कब हमें रोक पाए थे,
    इश्क के सौदागर लाखों हुए
    पर हम आशिक कुछ ही आए थे।।
    यह तो वो रंग है, लागे फिर ना छूटे
    अब तू जुदा न होना साथिया ,तेरी आदत ना छूटे।।
    इस कदर तेरा नशा चढा़ है
    तन्हाई से घबराने लगे हैं,
    कल तक हम कवि थे
    आज आशिक कहलाने लगे हैं।।
    इस समंदर में तूफाँ तो बहुत आएँगे
    पर हम भी आशिक हैं,
    आग के दरिया में कागज कि कश्ती तैरा दिखाएँगे।।
    अन्त में अलविदा कह जाएँगे
    आपके यादों कि हथेली पर मेहबूब
    अपने नाम की मेंहदी रचा जाएँगा
    यह हमारी खुश-नसीबी होगी जो
    हम आपके इश्क में फना हो जाएँगे।।।।

  • elicia 173w

    #love #retelling #sad #arrangedmarriage #AncientTimes #china #StarcrossedLovers #folktale

    Left from a challenge I completed awhile ago, but i submitted something else other than this.

    Thinking about my other post, "By the River of Tears," decided to post this one too, instead of waiting for Valentine's Day (got something else for that too :) )

    A retelling of the Butterfly Lovers, with a twist...
    Let's give it a happy ending (^_^)/
    Poem: Fleeing Under the Love of Butterflies
    It was nothing new
    A faked death

    It was nothing new
    Arranged to someone's else

    It was nothing new
    to be oblivious, until it becomes out of reach

    It was nothing new
    But with an element of my own

    It was nothing new
    I conquered our fate for us

    I let go two butterflies cajoling in the air
    A symbolism of our love

    However the message they take
    Is the message they wish to perceive

    Hushing my sweet dear one
    I wiped the tears away from her face

    Promising her we'll be safe
    She wraps her arms around

    Sobbing away she told me
    Thank heavens! I thought you were long gone

    Don't ever leave me again
    I don't care if we live in shambles

    So we set sail on a secret riverboat
    Boarded to a peaceful mountain

    Me and her, sitting and watching the sunset
    A peaceful and secluded abode we lived

    Happy and content to reach to our old days
    A blessing I would have missed


    The Butterfly Lovers, one of China's 4 Great Folktales, actually has a sad ending. One was arranged to be married to someone else and the other one died after finding out. On the day of the wedding, the one that was engaged to be married traveled past her lover's grave. She jumped into the grave, wishing to be with her deceased lover, and all came out was a pair of butterflies, the two lovers.

    Their tale reminds me of Romeo and Juliet...
    If only famous love tales could have a happier ending...

    I'd imagine them faking their deaths, then sailing away on a riverboat down the winding rivers in between mountains...

    Story/poem tagged under my other tags. Do check them out if you want ☺️

    #AStoryWithinAPoem #OfEpicsAndTales #OfTragicBygoneLove

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    Butterfly Lovers