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  • devilfish 28w


    Is a door
    Where behind it
    Are the only ones who have power
    Inside it ears to floor
    Because there's more to movement

    Silence the vibration
    Pulsed through the ether
    Made me into a believer
    And I pushed my way here
    Without any leader

    Not indifferent to others
    Illusion is illusory
    Like a mother
    That seems to make a gesture from love
    But then grabs a pillow and chokes
    The child
    As it lay smothered
    We become weary of another but
    To lay in blame and call it by a different name
    Claim it's essence to your love
    Won't reclaim your pride you thought
    You had
    What you had
    Was shame
    Before you attempt to integrate false concepts
    That don't relate
    If you want to deflate
    Start with being brave
    And yes,
    People will try to get you to explain
    But their intentions
    Demonstrate the significance that
    Are screaming louder than their name

    What motivates me
    Doesn't indicate my innate human
    Because I want to reach your mind
    And bring you water

    Plunge into silky red sheets
    Feel the same way my heart beats
    I write and I find
    Myself wanting to relate to you
    As for me I wish to peer into your eyes
    Peering into mine
    A leafy brown of autumn
    And the shine of summer
    Cross-pollinate like a Clementine tree
    But just as savory as a Monreal Clementine
    We are able to contemplate is a line
    That divides our ability to indentify
    Between you and I
    Is through our empathetic grace
    A weakness that takes beauty
    And strength
    It must emerge in your veins
    It's waters must rain
    Let them not run dirty polluted
    By hate
    And suicidal bribe
    Or pay the price must you rage
    Like the water trickling down the side
    Of a street
    Under your feet
    A wet carpet but underneath your feet
    Pulses stories that birth into the breath
    That we breathe

    If you are
    Then you
    You must be
    Yourself is what you are
    Myself is referring to me
    The difference is that
    The difference is irrelevant
    Emotion blotched as Logic is looming
    Much too self assuming as its prevelant
    And our assumption are self-evident
    But that evidence is not relevant

    Planting seeds of sentiment
    In the garden of articulated elegance
    Strewn about in the wet sediment
    Blooming with love
    I can't feel love with my intelligence
    But I don't want to pretty
    I want you to know I'm not above you

    But what we feel when we are alive
    Is that love and I don't know who you are
    And I don't need to tell you why
    But my heart aches when I think of you
    I want your tired eyes to never tired of
    Being kind
    We're going to be alright
    You and I

    I try to get to you and the wind pushes me further
    The moon is a nuturer
    It's shining with our secrets
    When we sleep
    But some of us didn't get the warmth we need
    Our mouths questioned our safety
    I'm sorry you had to know war
    Where you are afraid and there's no one
    To tend to the wounds of a soldier
    Of great bravery
    Sensitivity in your expression
    Your creativity
    Your will of a thousand determined trees
    That won't be bothered by the strongest of gales
    The branches of your courage
    Will not be burdened by their hubris

    I'm not going to be an artist without recognizing pain
    It's in my nature to relate

    I know the light is shining during day
    But don't be frightened by the night
    We are enlightened through our ability
    To understand in the way we relate
    The way that we do and don't
    The unexamined
    The unexplained
    The inconceivable
    Let your worries fall with the rain
    And illustrate your rainbow of purity
    And your expression in your irrepressible
    Inspection into the skies of starry nights
    And the dark milky Moody cosmic starlight
    Like vertebrae
    Like our spines


    There's hope

    Your eyes reflect your love

    Your love is not seasoned

    Let our picture albums unfold

    Right now will never fold

    It's your destiny card

    You hold

    To evolve

    We must seek to solve

    The facade of smoke

    Reinvent the meaning

    Of a "God"


  • alli_c 46w


    Smoky silence listens fervently
    A motionless blanket of tension
    Yet alluringly thickened
    Like a Southern drawl

    No separation by the cruelty of miles
    But from our unwavering obstinance
    To not speak
    The barb that shreds perception

    Eight fingertips tapping
    Endlessly waiting
    For your words to captivate my ears
    Once again


  • rodrigo_souza 89w


    Whenever you feel the loneliness
    and everything hopeless,
    hold on to someone who cares for you,
    who will protect you from despair,
    easy your nightmares,
    hold your hand and says “I love you”.

  • likwidsay10 92w

    My heart is prone to bouts of sadness
    Stupid love is what it's been craving
    My drug of choice

    My being is haunted by emptiness
    This dirty soul has nothing worth saving
    I lack a voice

    My mind is prone to bouts of madness
    I'm the victim of my abstract thinking
    It's just white noise

    My conscience is advent to confess
    Driven by guilt, I cry and start praying
    Still I rejoice

    © Likwidsay10

  • umartanwar0357 113w

    Three Golden Rules

    Control it,
    bust your greed,
    Money's mere...

    Make the call,
    Don't you fall,
    Maul your fear...

    Let us live,
    And forgive,
    Come on dear...

  • untoldverses 132w

    #pod #stanzas #mirakee #poem #stained #glee #innocence #heartaches #despair

    Gone were the days,
    When my ink only spill–
    Glee and innocence.

    Now stained with,
    Heartaches and despair:
    The pages screams!

    Message: Gone were the happy days of my childhood. I grew up, with my veins pouring the ink of merriment and melancholia.


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    Gone were the days,
    When my ink only spill–
    Glee and innocence.

    Now stained with,
    Heartaches and despair:
    The pages screams!

  • kanyonyojr 151w

    A letter for you

    Dear one,
    I pray you learn your worth,
    You value your growth,
    That you embrace your irreplaceable trait,
    Your capacity to smile amid adversity,
    Your selflessness,
    The bravery to swallow your pride,
    Your big heart embracing all,
    Learn to preserve your energy,
    In acts of nobility, take time and refill,
    In good deeds, let others do for you,
    May the Good Lord grant you, that which you desire most,
    Your greatest yearning,
    Find the treasure you seek most,
    Accomplish your highest heights,
    May your well never run dry,
    May your tears cease flowing,
    May your feet never grow weary,
    May your palms be outstretched unto others,
    May your heart receive your destined portion,
    When lacking and in distress,
    Learn to hold on,
    Amid joy and laughter,
    Learn to live,
    In thanksgiving,
    Be still.
    In situationships,
    Learn to let go.
    I'm not gonna promise to offer solutions in everything,
    But when all else fails,
    Make peace with our heavenly Father,
    The brokenness will start healing,
    You'll leave home,
    Remember who you are,
    In travels and adventure,
    Bear in mind that you are love,
    Don't await happiness,
    You're it too,
    Never think otherwise,
    Think highly of yourself,
    Give yourself credit where due,
    A star is what you are,
    Don't let it limit you.


  • chemphilic_sird 156w

    My favourite stanza

    Achamillai achamillai, Achamenbathu illaye
    Ichahathil ullorellam, Ethirthunindra pothinum,
    Achamillai achamillai, Achamenbathu illaye
    Thuchamake enni nammai, Thooruseitha pothinum,
    Achamillai achamillai, Achamenbathu illaye …
    Uchimeethu vaanidinthu, Veezukindra pothinum,
    Achamillai achamillai, Achamenbathu illaye”

  • xyxytarnowski 162w


    Halt! Once again the cyclical thought's arrived, Buskers!
    In her eyes we're just naive Them and He
    Them playing His mating calls for Me,
    And He on his jesters head, deluding Me cares!

    Why the paraclaustihyron?
    I'd rather carve in bronze like Myron,
    Preserve the proportions in classic harmony,
    Then to carve lies like Pygmalion, in ivory.

    I won't give life to my Galatea.
    Though I've made her out of need and solitude,
    Reality will take away this ideal imponderabilia
    Like my Lottes covered window her aurora and the entry to her soul too.

    No! Pull yourself together, you listening?
    Only brown when made of bronze is this pair of eyes!
    Not with all the existing light glistening!
    Not of every color in paradise!

    Why the silly serenade?
    I'd rather with realistic touch of Coubert
    Reflect what I see, making cold measurement,
    Than to lie with expression like Chagall, who too much time in love had spent.

    I don't have my Bella, who I'd put on the background azure.
    No one to lift me in a kiss, no one to allure.
    This being born of fantasy's rounded by the walls of factuality.
    Her perfect hidden curves exasperate me, being such pretty quality.

    No! Pull yourself together son!
    This body objectively is just an object!
    Not a source of feelings the temperature of which burns the Sun!
    Not every gods of love, art and pleasure project!

    Why th...

    Hold on, what's that? Buskers, can you see?
    In azure it's the uncovered entry!
    Brightening up on a zenith that's her face pale like ivory!
    It is my Galatea, opening her window!
    You gods have designed her perfectly!
    All of me battleing the attraction to this sight, none will win tough!
    Buskers! What is my orchestra waiting for?
    Move in dance every color
    That's appeared thanks to her light in thousands or more!
    I've gone blind from it but my heart sees galore.
    My inside's explicit though my sanity's at war.

    Halt! Once again the cyclical thought's arrived, Buskers!
    In her eyes we're just naive Them and He
    Them playing his mating calls for Me,
    And He on his jesters head, deluding Me cares!

  • diamondspoetry 166w

    That body armor on your heart
    Must be awfully heavy
    And yet You wear it like a sweater
    Even in the sunny weather

    Even though your deepest wish,
    Is to wear it on your sleeve
    You can't afford to let it flourish
    Cant afford to let it breathe.


  • jamilahhoneywatamuhammad_ 178w


    Honored by your presences

    Your glow

    Makes my honey flow

    You’ve fed me

    The nectar of queens

    And I’ve grown

    These wings

    Cease to flutter

    For fear of the clutter

    Pass this cone

    Our home

    The other drones

    Have no clue of what I’ll do

    To be with you

    Captured my heart,

    As you did

    I recognized that bid

    For better

    I realized that some days

    We’ll have bad weather

    All’s well, when we lay


    Make it right

    Help me

    To walk in the light

    Comfort of your arms

    Reminds me

    Of all them love charms

    Laced upon my wrist

    I shall not resist

    I give in,

    To this challenge, twist

    I "bow down" at your feet

    Kissing upon them toes

    Exposed heat of my breath

    As I proceed to ankles, knees

    Combing the puff

    On your show snuff

    Tool to please

    I poke and tease

    Planning to ease

    Into the delectable mild manner

    Of the breeze as I squeeze

    Gracefully I land with the you

    My man.

  • pat070308 187w

    What's that noise?
    No. Wait, there something coming from within.. Oh there's a voice.
    Battling? Humming? Ah! Calming sounds.

    Voices. I hear two different sides
    One that says don't and the other reminds me to abide
    Where should I listen
    It made me stricken

    I closed my eyes
    Beneath the sheet I lies
    Feeling the beat of my heart
    I know now where to start

    Voices. Inner voices in me
    Two battling for different side
    Good and bad, I just sighed
    Its the good that I should choose
    I know here I will not loose.

  • keethusm 191w

    And if you're ever feeling lonely
    Just look at those old poetries
    where your words made my stanzas
    We didn't capture any photographs together
    But we have captured
    our souls,our smiles,our pain and
    yeah!we have captured us in every poem

  • ridgereigns 196w


    The winters of the mind
    Filled with filtered thoughts
    Was taught to listen
    Afore speaking
    Now the ears
    Are hearing
    Footsteps in the dark
    Barks from the "dogs"
    Are disturbing the art
    Never permit them to halt
    What is truly in your heart

    © RidgeReigns

  • ridgereigns 196w


    A verse that is epic
    Will cause a pandemic
    An epidemic of rhymes
    Which are intertwined
    Within the subconscious
    The invisible crown of a king
    Is akin to what crowds believe in
    But is this what forgives sins?
    I don't have the answer to this question...

    © RidgeReigns

  • laruxa 200w


    'blended' she said,
    'our love blend'
    he smiled,
    'Oh yes, in everything it blends'
    she looks away


  • ridgereigns 200w


    Wake up in the morning
    He asks himself
    "Why do I manoeuvre with such stealth?"
    Closes his eyes
    Hears others yell
    Though he knows
    They only aim to help
    See, from the outside
    They all gloat
    About being in a good place
    However, outside influences
    Have changed their face
    Cloaked individuals
    Make them feel unsafe
    This is how
    Confidence fades away...