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  • orchid0205 89w

    We Have A Voice

    We have a voice loud and clear
    We can speak volumes and make a change
    It starts with you, it starts with me
    They will hear, they will see
    Our voice is unique
    Our voice is strong
    You might doubt us, you might be scared
    We are strong
    We are here
    We will speak, will yell
    We will use our voice, use our talent
    They cant hear talk
    They will hear words
    We can make a change
    We can make our words heard
    Our talent is our voice
    Our words will be heard
    We can make them hear us
    They will listen
    Our voice holds the truth, holds the cure
    Our voice shows pain, shows suffering
    Shows the darkness hidden behind lies
    They may make us seem small
    Say our voice dont matter
    Isn't loud enough
    They will try to outshine us
    It won't work
    Our voice is powerful
    Powerful like the sun
    Our voice hold answers
    Answers they don't have
    Stand up
    Dust the dirt off
    Use the voice we all share
    We will be heard
    Our voice will go through
    Because we see through the lies
    We see the truth behind the light
    Our voice brings us together
    We are united by words, by talent
    And our voice will never die
    Our voice is everlasting
    We will always have a voice