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  • sreeramvan 4w

    Stages of life, when one is looking for a partner set up by family... Ah the rules #stages #life #rules

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    Set by society,
    To live by,
    To achieve...
    I have,
    Many of it,
    My next...
    Many a suitors,
    Set up by family,
    Spoken to,
    Too many of them,
    In hopes,
    Would one of them be it?
    Ah the stage,
    I struggle to achieve,
    To many more to see,
    Who ever will it be,
    The one,
    To walk along with me,
    From here on,
    To every other stages
    Of life ...

  • pandichitra_r 25w

    #mirakee#writersnetwork#girl#life#stages#phases oflife#woman#phasesofgirls@mirakee@writersnetwork@poetrycity@blurryface__14@uikeysuman@sanjay_kumr

    Just into the phases of girl.......I end here...
    Do check out the previous posts for continuity!

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    Just into the phases-5

    Oh! Her beauty is not always a guard!
    She was afraid of the eagles around her
    She felt the vampires in humans;
    Their thirst to get her;
    She felt scrumbled and never thought this
    World would turn into a place of uncertainty!

    Several days,several nights, several dreams were about to fade;
    Drenched in tears, gave her a void and vivid thoughts to protect herself in the chaos of grinning vicious world;
    Felt like running to the verge of the world!

    By that time she met a soul that, sprinkled the lovely memories and the warmest palce to her;
    She felt for that part with her ❤️ heart!
    And wanted to be in that secret cave forever,
    She felt happy, being the wife ,!

  • pandichitra_r 25w

    #mirakee#writersnetwork#memories#girl#phases oflife#stages#girlslife#life#young#beautiful#mirakee@mirakke@writersnetwork@poetrycity@blurryface__14@sanjay_kumr@uikeysuman

    Just into the phases of a girl.....To be continued in further posts!!!!
    Do check the previous posts to have a continuity!

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    Just into the phases-4

    How beautiful ❤️!
    Her biological hormones paved the way,
    Her curves are much like hourglass;
    She is some soul to be seen through the shades of Romance;
    She was on her dreams ,Carrying it;
    With alluring eyes,
    Appealing heart,
    So charming and captivative,
    Receiving full of praise,
    An exquisite glorious soft radiant beautiful girl,
    Just lingered in the eyes that crossed her!
    She felt happy, being an Young Girl!

  • pandichitra_r 26w

    Just into the phases-3

    Little girl , engulfed in the world of fancy and fantasy;
    Dreamt herself like Cinderella:
    Innocent, carefree, Joyous
    In the world of toys,she found her joyous companion;
    Firecely imaginative
    Running hither and thither,
    Sometimes met with traumatic accidents,by
    Hurting her body in her cheerful times!
    All she dreamt was she would live a thoughtless life ever since,
    She felt happy, being a notorious Child!

  • puranidiary 30w

    @writersnetwork thanku for liking the post (8th) ❤��

    Editor's choice(2nd time) :-) glad!! Thanku everyone for giving it a read ��❤ ..

    I hide behind those unspoken words and shattered pages
    This throbbing heart found peace in poetry after ages!!
    ������������-���� ���������������������� //

    I look for metaphors in empty vast sky
    And scribble the syllables when sinking heart cry
    Beholding the chaos ,these eyes acts a little geek
    I carve my story with tears rolling down on cheeks

    I soak my soul in splashes of indelible sins
    Reminiscing memories enact a vague spin
    My breathless nerves stabs lively similes
    And then i inscribe my sufferings heavily

    I tap and whirl often to cold facet of heart
    Mutter the sonnet of sobbing from the past
    My pain seeks personification on crumbled pages
    And then i perform puppetry of all my life stages

    I sense the lurking pain behind happy faces
    My Muse suffocates in these cluttered spaces
    Firece Rage strive to crumble in hibernation
    And then i paint my void with those alliteration

    I listen to rhythm of twinkling nasty stars
    Amidst moonlight i glitter my Mosaic scars
    All my fears unite under the dark cloud
    Then Ink vocalizes my tale without a sound !!


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    Poetry ~My hibernation


  • miss_malhotra 31w

    "She" The Girl

    From the day she is born
    She is cute and charming...
    She is ready for all nonsense talks
    That says again a girl....

    From the day she starts walking
    She is confident and proud...
    She is ready to fall once....
    But always wants to fly...

    From the day she starts speaking
    She is melodiuos and lovely
    She is ready to shout loud
    But never wants to cry...

    From the day she starts going school
    She is happy and pretty
    She is ready to learn and grow
    But never wants to feel weak...

    From the day she enters puberty
    She is more prettier and charming
    She is ready to accept the pain of periods
    But never let that stain ruin her life...

    From the day she completes her 18
    She is gorgeous and more energetic
    She is ready to do households...
    But want to work and earn...

    From the day she enters her 25
    She is mature and lovable
    She is ready to all the chaos and responsibility of marriage
    But never accepts breaking dreams...

    From the day she becomes mother
    She is lovely and happy
    She is ready to quit her job.
    That her child grows like she wanted...

    And this cycle never ends... a girl faces many stages in her life sometimes she is broken or somtimes her dreams... she lives for others her whole life...


  • behindanebook 37w

    We happen to meet people at different stages of their lives, either at early stages when they're just trying to figure out who they truely are and understand their emotions, at the middle ones when they're amidst the madness of their lives, or the late stages where they've matured enough.. Doesn't matter when you'll meet people or when people meet you.. True ones will help you reach your final distenation safely with a heart full of warmth and faith


  • pallavi4 43w


    The corridors of my childhood lie empty
    And a nostalgia fills the classrooms
    The air feels slightly suffocating as I remember
    The journey from adolescence to youth

    Those wonderful days when I was happy
    Filled with friends who were always around
    Those petty fights that made no sense
    The swings I loved in the playground

    I grew up and became quieter, an introvert
    Friends became scantier and like minded
    The effervescence of childhood slowly faded
    By lack of ambition I was quite blinded

    Love happened unexpectedly and swiftly
    I thought it would stand the test of time
    I fell hard and gave it all I had but sometimes
    It felt like an uphill climb

    Days of being a young misunderstood adult
    Were filled with hard work and anxiety
    Of how the future would finally turn out
    Within the bounds of societal propriety

    When it was finally time to unbind my wings
    And try to take flight in life alone
    The realities that had been hidden before
    Made me glad that I wasn’t yet forlorn

    I struggled and worked hard to be the person
    I thought all along I needed to be
    After years of striving, grappling and tussle
    My boat finally began floating on calm seas

    Love took a turn for the worse
    As work for me took centre stage
    It left me with bitter feelings and sorrow
    I forcibly grew up emotionally at a young age

    I drowned myself in my job at times
    Working to numb the loneliness and pain
    Even though I had amazing friends around me
    I never became who I once was ever again

    Life went on like a never ending cycle
    Of routinely solving problems everyday
    Although I could never say I was not having fun
    Dark and weary thoughts forever came to stay

    Depression is such a deep vortex of emotions
    That it sucks out the joy out of life
    I took control of whatever I could possibly grip
    Rejoicing that I was more than just someone’s wife

    A lull came over me and the fast paced scuffle
    Alone I battled my demons and won
    But a solitary existence like a lone reed
    Constantly threatened to cloud my sun

    I turned despair into poetic verses
    Metaphors and alliterations into close friends
    Age started catching up with me at last
    With aches and pains bothering me no end

    I live a decent life that affords me time
    For various things I like to pursue
    I hate constancy , a stagnant existence
    Nagging and things that turn me into a shrew

    I’ve lived without any regrets or remorse
    Turning flaming anger into simmering rage
    I hope I keep learning from my many mistakes
    From childhood to old age


    12th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pisces_corner 43w

    As a girl turns to woman, as a woman turns to be independent, as a independent woman turns to be operative towards her life, as she strengthen the family with all her support, it proves the stages of childhood to old age.!
    Nothing is easy unless it's approached.

  • sangeetamagar 52w

    Ask a boy and you shall know how to let go.

    Ask a man and you shall get how to move on.

    Ask an old life and you shall be reminded how to die


  • shrddhakohli 76w

    तुम दूर नहीं
    पास मेरे रहते हो

    हकीकत में नहीं
    ख्यालों में दिखते हो

    दर्द तुम्हारा कैसे
    भांप लेती हूं नहीं जानती

    मुस्कुराती हूं मैं
    जब तुम दिल
    खोल के हंसते हो ।।


  • shrddhakohli 77w

    पास होते हैं हम जब तुम्हारे
    तो जज़्बात अपने छिपाते हो

    देख ना ले कोई इसलिए
    इज़हार ना कर पाते हो

    अगर हम बेगाने है तुम्हारे
    तो अकेले में
    देख कर तस्वीर हमारी
    दिल से हमें क्यों
    बुलाते हो ।।


  • ek_alfaaz 82w

    Yeh umr hi aise h ki ji karta hai usse chulu..
    Yeh umr hi aise hai ki maan karta hai uske saath har pal bita lu
    Pyaar ko dekhu ya baap ki unh aankhon ko dekhu jismein hazaaron sapne hai
    Dil kehta hai mai Pyaar krte hu usse
    Dimag kehta hai yeh sab fizool hai
    Dil aur dimag ki iss ladai ko
    Umr samajh hi nhi pa rhi hai
    umr samajh hi nhi par rhi.....
    © Muskaan

  • samiralfaaz 83w

    फरमान लेकर आई तकदीर ने धीरे से कह दिया की
    मेरा दिल टूटने का वक़्त आ गया है,
    बड़ा मुश्किल है मानना इस जुदाई के पैगाम को
    लेकिन सच को सामने खड़ा देख आंखो से रक्त आ गया है,

    एक पच्तावा रहता है सुकून से दिल में मेरे की
    काश तुमसे बात ही ना हुई होती,
    पर जब भी में टकराता हूं इस दिल से
    रखता हूं यही दलील की काश तुमसे मुलाक़ात ही ना हुई होती,

    हसकर टाल देना हर लम्हे को तुम्हारे बाद
    क्युंकि खुशनसीबी का हक़ दिल ने नहीं दिया,
    गुलाम ही सही मोहब्बत का सिर झुका कर यही मान लिया क्युंकि मेरि मोहब्बत को तुम्हारी गुस्ताकि से मिलने नहीं दिया,

    - समीर

  • the_ashwani_mishra 97w


    मत शिकवा कर कि तेरी ज़िन्दगी में सिर्फ़ गमों की बरसात है ,यकीं कर चाहतों का इंद्रधनुष निकलना अभी बाक़ी है।।
    ©अश्वनी मिश्रा।

  • poornimagowda 99w

    Stage Fear Is Common But Don't Fear At Any Stage Of Your Life

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • grotesque 104w


    I think every person has this other story they don't want to face. This is the main reason why mirrors are always ornamented with a face we are comfortable with and not familiar with! Do you often dream of having a reality similar to illusion? Or do you know that the illusion has become a part of your home? The place has so many memories yet it is so difficult for you to remember one of them. Having gorgeous mirrors remind you of who you are. But deep down it also reminds you of who you are not. The mind has so much to say. It is always busy thinking and processing. Yet, in reality we show as if we are idle; prone to destruction. The amazing part of this dream and reality is, it intertwines beautifully. It has a way of letting us know, what is the difference and what exactly matters to us. Unfortunately, I am living in a state where despite of knowing the differences I am unable to move. For it is so not beautiful when we move forward. It is mesmerizing when our present takes us to a joy ride of our past and future. Then, I would like to say, I don't care for anything anymore. The dream and reality feels the same, behaves the same! It is a state where the ocean is drowning herself to a black hole. It is a state where the mind freezes to unceratin certainty. The face has a calm smile, the soul sings melancholy and the heart keeps shattering to unknown feelings. Let us all know this for once, the beyond has so many answers. You just have to surrender yourself to know that you matter.


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  • kishorerohy 110w

    “Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient”.
    P.S. I'd like to dedicate this poem to all the brave souls who is fighting the invisible. Let's show them our love, care & support instead our sympathy.

    #cancer #warriors #courage #bravesouls #pain #medical #chemo #warfield #needles #hospitallife #child #stages #fight #lifeordeath #love #prayers #tears #poem #quotes #quotestagram #words

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    Numbers are infinite,
    But for us we just know upto five!
    God created humans with,
    One birth and death.
    But he created us with…

    Yes we are scared,
    And in miserable pain every time
    When our skin open’s for needles,
    And the body turns into a war field.
    But more than that… we smile
    Saying, “I’m doing good” to our loved one’s.

    Perhaps it’s just one soul,
    Fighting against the invisible!
    But there are millions of prayers and tears
    Behind their Battle!

    Kishore Rohy

  • sanskriti76 118w

    #समयचक्र #life #stages #parents#mirakee

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    समय चक्र

    इन मातरिश्वयों की सरसराहट ने,मेरे सर को हौले से सहलाया,
    मस्तिष्क में चल रहें,आतंक को उबेठ लगाया,
    लेटा मैं तन्हा उस धरा की सिलवटों पे, किसी ने फिर आतंक मचाया,
    देख कर ये कुटुंब का युद्ध, मैने खुद को समझाया,
    अब मेरे जाने का समय निकट है आया||
    बोला मैं अपनी माँ से,
    तेरा देह कितना तप रहा है, मेरे आसुओं से,
    ले चल अब दूर कहीं,
    जहाँ तेरी गोद में, मैं चैन से सो पाऊँ,
    जहाँ तेरी गोद में, मैं चैन से रो पाऊँ||
    पलके शीत है मेरी यह देख कर,
    कि मेरे वंश ने मेरा नाम कितना रोशन किया है,
    एक अंधकार के संसार में सदैव के लिए ढकेल दिया है ||
    ना जाने कैसे माँ के साये में बचपन मेरा बीत गया,
    पिता की उंगलियों के सहारे चलना मैने सीख लिया,
    समय का चक्र यूँ बड़ा कि मैं,
    बेटे से पति और पिता तक का सफर तय किया,
    उन खुशियों के पल में दुख ने अपना ग्रहण लगया||
    जिस बीज़ को मैने बोया,
    कुछ कांटे साथ लाया||
    तिरस्कार कर मेरी अर्धांगिनी का,
    खुद कों वह श्रवण समझता है,
    अल्प विद्या लेकर,
    खुद को वह विध्वान समझता है ||
    सह नहीं सकता मैं जीवन संगनी का तिरस्कार,
    ले चल तू मुझे इस दुनियाँ के पार ||