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  • lovesmessenger 1w

    Not exactly like the challenge but hope you still enjoy!

    Stage of Memories

    My heart is a stage
    where I can visit
    and watch characters
    that I used to love and know
    they perform and reenact all to a familiar flow
    as they begin to perform on my
    ~Stage of Memories ~

    Scenes from my past gets a reboot
    while some scenes to me goes by too fast
    as some I wish would stay and last
    no one else is here to see
    these most secretive scenes
    they're only exclusive to me
    presented and debuted on my
    ~Stage Of Memories ~

    I sometimes wish to join in
    to relive those scenes
    but there is already a character playing me
    he plays the role so well
    and has good stage presence as well
    he says things I've said
    he feels things I felt
    all the while looking just like I used to
    I guess this theater allows me to give a review on my past self
    as I watch my past unfold on this
    ~Stage of Memories ~

    I sit there and watch
    I laugh and even cry
    at the hurt of some scenes that unfold in front of my very eyes
    the actors are very good
    how they play the scenes according to the mood
    at last it gets to the last scene
    the characters take their bows
    while the curtain close as I finish reminiscing
    as I give them a standing ovation for performing on my
    ~Stage of Memories ~

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    Stage Of Memories

    As they line up for my standing ovation a tear drops staining the feelings of what used to be my reality

  • theyellowwallflower 1w


    It has been a ruthless winter here
    Clawing my way out,gritting my teeth in fear
    Sweaty palms and rethinking everything I held dear
    My mind was home to all the dark thoughts that lurked near
    People tried to coax me out of this well I built,they even had to scream
    But I felt numb,useless-out of reach.

    My vision blurry and future no longer secure
    The prickly rope of guilt dug into my wrists-hope, I couldn't procure
    But yesterday I saw the first daisy grow
    A shade of yellow in the dust of concrete
    Dark days are over-the sun I shall greet.

  • theyellowwallflower 2w

    The Joy Of Forgetting (?)

    The feeling that comes with watching perpetuity end
    And being okay with watching your name on my recent contacts descend
    The feeling of knowing that,despite it all,I made it out back to myself
    And to be at peace with the relics of pain and love buried in our photographs on my shelf
    Of no longer turning the page to challenge fate-the only horoscope I read now is my own
    And of no longer staying up till 3,scrutinizing the slightest change in your tone
    Perhaps this is what they mean by collateral beauty-the feeling of overcoming what once seemed insurmountable
    Can't believe that the times I used to let things slide was uncountable
    Looking back it seems trivial-the tortured silence between us that once seemed a wedge
    Now here I stand,having finally stepped back from the ledge
    Admiring the beautiful,hopeful horizon that stretches ahead

  • timothynorman 4w

    Chronic illness is a life of lockdown. I yearn for my own 21st June.. #wod #poem #poetry #theatre #thoughts #stage #London #ChronicIllness #writers #writersnetwork #writing

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    The final night in the wings.
    One last cue.
    Not knowing this would be the end
    Leaving my colleagues, my stars and you...
    Stepping out of stage door without a clue when I’d sign in next.
    The last prop handed to an actor, the final standby light pressed.
    Waving to the lights of the West End.
    Returning home.
    Goodbye, friend.

    Five years. It’s been five years. Chronic illness is a life of lockdown. I yearn for my 21st June.


  • lifelessons14 7w


    Right left
    Hhuup nope
    Silent tap

    You first saw me,
    Love at first site,
    In a cherry blooming in the morning,
    Wit over sweat,
    Failure over success,
    Pain over Love,
    It's isn't horseshoe...it's u now...

  • keithallencovell 10w

    Like Raindrops Caught In Rays

    I was glistening for them
    Like raindrops caught in rays
    The light wiped through me
    My heart caved

    I play the seed to sow


  • eniarahblack 10w

    I don't understand why life has to be so tough and rough sometimes. ����
    #sadquotes #life #pissed #stage #networkofwriters #writerswish

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    I'm at a stage where I'm pissed at life itself.


  • isid57 12w

    ...Rhythm of Soul...

    Pain, through the journey, is inevitable,
    Don't deviate from your goal...

    If you wish to set fire on the stage,
    Oh man, dance on the rhythm of your soul...!!

    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • orphicthoughts 20w

    I'm at that stage of my life where I don't get influenced, I influence.

  • james_taumas 20w


    No more laughter
    Audience turn their backs
    Punchline lost
    Red light flashes
    Stage barred
    Funny bone broken
    Jokes and gags stale
    "A" material empty
    Make-up stripped
    Reality catches up
    Life not so amusing.


  • random_nandy 22w

    Our life is like a drama. Some are comic, some are tragic. But we all have a role to play in this stage called world.

  • quotescribe 23w

    #Life is #flawless #competition, if you #fail any #stage doesn't #means you are #out of #exams.

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    Life is flawless competition,
    if you fail any stage doesn't
    means you are out of exams.


  • love_your_life 23w


  • jereme_palos 24w

    Comical writing .

    Entertainment .

    Visualization .

    Clean comedy . ?

    Educational comedy .

    Comedian ( on stage and telling jokes ) : Hello !

    Can anybody share or explain to me the 7th

    planet from the sun ?

    A person in the crowd : You very smart

    comedian !

    Persons in the crowd staring at each other .

    A person in the crowd : The 7th planet from the

    sun is Uranus !

    Comedian and a number of persons in the

    crowd begin laughing .

    Comedian : I think we just broke the 4th wall . ?

    At least a person in the crowd : You are a

    smooth and intellectually gifted comedian .

    Somebody in the crowd : I think we are done

    here because you brought too much science to

    the table .

    Same person in the crowd : Seriously , please do

    not ruin that performance because we as a

    group learned too much from that very brief joke .

    Yes , we did break the 4th wall .

    Comedian : Well , we have broken the 4th wall

    too much and I am going to have to exit via the

    3rd wall . By the way , the planet we live on is the

    3rd planet from the sun and the planet we live

    upon is named planet Earth .

    The announcer of whom began sitting within the crowd :

    Honestly and truly , I am impressed because we

    did break the 4th wall and the exit is the 3rd wall

    as well Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun .

    Also earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and yes

    that is the planet that we earthlings live upon . I

    am personally impressed because you truly

    brought a lot of science into the comical

    performance . You already obtained a 5 star

    review and that was barely the beginning of the

    comical performance .

    Comedian : A light bulb just turned on .

    Person within the crowd : An internal epiphany ?

    Comedian : Basically . Yes .

    Same person with the crowd : That lightbulb

    could have been the sun . Here , please think

    about this . The sun orbits around you and you

    rotate around the sun because you alongside

    many earthlings live upon the planet named earth .

    The earth rotates and orbits around every

    earthling and every earthling also orbits around

    the sun .

    Comedian : You have researched your books of

    education and science because you are speaking

    about the historical writings of Ptolemy and

    Galileo .

    A different person within the crowd : Wow , you

    are very intellectually gifted . Look , you deserve

    a supportive 5 star review and money . Also , you

    can continue the performance or not . We can

    continue the performance and breaking the 4th

    wall or not . Either are fine .

    Another person within the crowd : Coughs * Please do not ruin that . Coughs *

    Comedian : Well , I think ending this interaction

    with a responsible ending would be the very best

    or of the highest quality . I am going to hang out

    in the back for a little while and then hop into and

    out of the crowd and continue listening to

    additional performers because I also am a part of

    the crowd . Thanks guys ! Very soon , I am going

    to hop into the crowd with everybody .

    The comedian signals that he is exiting and begins

    exiting with a thumbs up , a wave and a slight bow .

    The crowd begins clapping , giggling , whistling

    and cheering .

    The Applause of the crowd begins and ends .

    The comedian exits the stage and eventually joins

    the crowd as the comedian previously shared with

    the crowd .

    The comedian enters the crowd and sits at a

    table alongside members of the crowd because

    the comedian also is a part of the crowd .

    A member of the crowd : I am glad to see you .

    Here , I have a Milky Way dark chocolate bar . Do

    you want the Milky Way dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Are we earthlings ?

    The very same member of the crowd : Yes .

    Comedian within the crowd : That would also be

    the answer to the question that you asked me .

    Yes , I would enjoy the Milky Way dark chocolate

    bar . Could I buy that from you or could I trade

    you for that ?

    The very same member in the crowd : No . You

    truly earned the dark chocolate bar . The dark

    chocolate bar is free . You knew I was speaking

    about the solar system and the galaxy when I

    brought up the Milky Way dark chocolate bar .

    Comedian within the crowd : Hehehe . God

    gifted the milky way .

    The very same member in the crowd : The

    galaxy or the dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Both .

    The very same member in the crowd : Well , I am

    not going against that logic . Here you go ( gifts

    the Milky Way dark chocolate bar to the

    comedian of whom is sitting at a table and

    within the crowd ) .

    Please , let us continue listening to the many

    comedians within the performance .

    Comedian within the crowd : Absolutely .

    Thanks for the dark chocolate bar .

    The crowd proceeds to be entertained by

    the performers .

  • miss_lyra 25w

    Downfall of the Dancer

    Hairspray fills the room

    Is that one lost shoe?

    Fall off that box and you’re doomed

    I missed my part- oh, boo hoo

    We go over dances hour after hour

    There is no end in sight

    Turns fall, legs going weak

    Why don’t you take a break- I just might

    Costumes on

    Hair fixed

    four layers of lip balm

    I think I might be sick

    Show starts

    Lights hot

    What a work of art

    I’m about to go on, wait, STOP!

    What happens next I don’t know

    I remember a girl…

    What a blow

    Now my head's in a whirl

    Other dancers circle round

    Their faces all a blur

    I can not hear a sound

    Why couldn’t either of us swerve?

    The girl I collided with

    Is dancing back on stage

    There is no music

    I find her so brave

    I see her face now

    Tears streaming down her cheeks

    I can’t take my eyes off of her  

    Even as the gurney squeaks

    I wake up. It’s 2pm

    Where am I?

    I want my family

    I need to see them

    They tell me something’s wrong

    Already sensed that

    They say I’m stuck in the hospital

    Tell me. Why is that?

    Horrific concussion

    Broken hips broken heart

    Feet mangled

    I’m right back at start

    Physical therapy

    Replace my entire life

    Crazy hard stretches

    Is it really worth all the strife?

    I’m in a black room

    Only a single light to be seen

    Then it goes off

    I wake up with a scream

    That dream is back

    But no light is on

    Lost, in the dark

    Forever alone

    Advil becomes my leaning post

    I leaned too hard

    The post broke

    I’m definitely not the one to boast

    Walls are crumbling

    So am I

    Sleep engulfs me

    Just let me die

    I find the light

    I hear a voice

    ‘Come to me’ it says

    Doesn’t look like I have a choice

    So I was called to church

    A new kind of family

    A family who doesn’t care

    What I do or what I wear

    The coach says I’m healed

    For some reason I don’t believe him

    I won’t ever be the same

    I will never begin again

    My dream gone for good

    Where do I go next

    I have lost a piece of my puzzle

    I guess this is the real test

  • kaushal_motawala014 25w

    Stages of life..

    There are 3 stages of life..
    1st in which you want some kind of person which can guide you through good and bad things...

    2nd in which you want someone who can understand you...

    And in

    3rd in which you only want someone who can only listen to you without judging yourself...

  • hiddenfromme 25w


    The bottled box,

    Rattling away in an empty town square.

    Vibrating at no one,

    Being applauded by the breeze and grass.

    Stranded on a tiny stage,

    Rumbling round itself.

    Locked speeches of a beating heart.

    A soundless chasm of infinite yelling.

    Drowned out by the silence of the dead square.

    Boxing away.

    All by itself.

    Bottling more,

    And more,

    And rattling alone,

    In an empty town square.

  • _unsaidtalks 32w

    Do that one act daily which enlightens your soul,
    After all life is a stage to act on,
    And if you are an actor,
    Your soul needs to be bright !


  • theyellowwallflower 34w

    In Your Opalescence

    I see you up there on that stage
    You glow,your eyes bold
    I sit somewhere back,in the shadows
    In a daze
    Wondering if it is appropriate
    To start the applause.

    I see you take a bow with the cast
    I want to go up to congratulate you
    But you're surrounded by friends and the crew
    I am ashamed of my cowardice
    Because I turn back and I decide
    To turn back and change my mind
    My moment has passed.

    I marvel at how calm you look
    Accepting compliments
    Your enrapturing smile
    Is something divine
    I'd thought it was reserved just for me
    For our secret get away time
    In hushed giggles in our stairway nook.
    But I guess you're just too good at performing
    That I thought in you
    I found my sense of belonging.
    I put myself in your place once
    Instantly my heart raced and my hands shook

    How liberating it must be
    I wonder
    To live a life without censor
    No fear of any blunder
    Not having to think a dozen of times
    Before raising your voice your mind
    With daunting eloquence
    No wonder you look heavenly
    In your opalescence

  • 4nonymoussss 36w

    I'm at the stage of life where it doesn't bother me anymore if I'm not in someone's pictures or stories.

    The idea of being together is when that person needs someone and their mind reminds them of you.