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  • wings_happiness 14w

    "Like a small piece of dust
    That float in the air
    If the flying snow is me
    I could reach you faster
    Snowflakes are falling
    Getting farther away
    And I miss you"❤️


  • btspleiades 25w

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    It was released in 2017 and it remains the most amazing video (and song) I have ever had the pleasure of watch. For me is one of the most visually and aesthetically pleasing MV of BTS.
    I love how what they show us in the video is exactly the same as what we hear in the song. They make you feel that sadness and longing for the other person.


    “Spring Day” came out three years after the sinking of the ���������� ����������, a disaster in which an improperly inspected, overloaded, and unbalanced ferry capsized on an overnight journey. The ship had been loaded with twice the legal limit of cargo on its decks, and the ship’s crew had lied about the boat’s total weight. 304 passengers, the majority of them high school students on the way to a sight-seeing field trip, drowned, as they had been ordered to stay in their cabins until it was too late. Only 172 passengers survived the wreck.

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    Ps. BTS didn't declar the MV is based on Sewol Ferry but when you see the MV you'll clearly see that.


    "The morning will come again because no darkness, no season can last forever."

    Until this cold winter ends
    And the spring comes again
    And until the flowers bloom again
    Please stay there a little longer
    Please stay there
    (MV ends with these lines)

    Pps. Why i love BTS i can't explain. They taught me how to love myself and they are the only reason why I'm still alive :)


    �������������� ������������ ���� @lovenotes_from_carolyn ma'am for hosting this beautiful challenge. Indeed you're an angel ��
    Hope you'll like it.
    Due to writer's block I tried my best.
    It's my favorite song and always makes me emotional hope you'll like it too. ��

    #bts #cees_bts_chall

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    The last time we talked
    Two forms, one space
    This vast shared history
    A warm blanket--

    He told me he had finally
    Beaten his demons, laid his
    Dreams out like diamonds
    Oh how he sparkled

    A new chapter, a chorus
    Calling from a better place
    I believed at last his ache

    The last time we spoke
    He told stories of fish
    And family and a father
    I had forsaken

    A sickness seeping slowly
    He gave himself away

    And then he was gone

  • taekook_maknae 25w

    I chose spring day , cz it's related to me in many ways , i'm missing many, who had polished my life
    And BTS dedicated this song as a memory of SEWOL FERRY TRAGEDY
    Edit : Do you wanna know why i love Bts?
    They make me inspire and they are always the cause of my euphoria, there's times i hate myself the most , but they changed me to love myself ,
    And if i lost them in anyway i'm losing myself! Etc..

    ~Bogoshipda - i miss you~

    I mourn with your portrait, Still i miss you
    Exhaling you in every breaths
    Hard to know if i exhale CO2
    Loath the hours of your dearth
    How could it be so cruel to keep us apart!?
    Ahh! No seasons, No darkness is eternal
    So your adieu wouldn't be eternal!?
    So will i able to see you again!?

    I exhume those nightmares and reminiscences
    To disentomb you
    But was it a futile attempt!?

    Please Come back again ,
    Say goodbye to those goodbyes ,
    Let's hold our hands together
    And flee to our past to savour
    Morsel of joy once more
    Pierce the ice of my scarlet heart and
    melt freezing loneliness ,make it spring once more
    before falling like Autumn maples !
    How much did it take to melt the gloomy snow!?

    Neomu Bogoshipeo ~

    For @/lovenotes_from_carolyn
    You have been a protective shield in many ways ,like a mom .i have to thank u more ,but my words are dumb enough to Express . Thank u for being a supportive n loveliest soul to everyone, i adore uh alot
    And your challenges always stimulate me to write ,even i couldn't participate in it , Actually i was going on a break ,but i couldn't go when i saw your challenge, so i thought i will leave after participating this challenge. I know my words aren't good enough , still i tried something

    Now i'm going on a break ,i will be back soon
    Everyone Take care
    Bogoshipdaaaaaa :(

    #cees_bts_chall #springday #lame

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    Say goodbye to those goodbyes
    Let's hold our hands together
    And flee to our past to savour
    Morsel of joy once more!


  • healerr 54w

    Night will end and morning will come
    Because ;No darkness, no season
    is forever

  • maverickaish 77w

    As you walked past me
    I gasped for a breath
    A solemn beauty
    Like a beautiful spring day
    It was the coldest hour
    In the calendar year
    But the smile on your face
    Spread warmth and smile, ear to ear
    The innocence in the eyes
    Was a solemn bliss
    Something i had lost
    And never missed
    You reminded me
    Of things forgotten
    Of living and breathing
    And existing enliven
    Twinkle again , I do
    As you fly by me
    A beaming smile
    And heal the broken me


  • srishti2210 78w


  • healerr 87w

    Last snowfall

    Drifting apart in this wild darkness
    Who would have thought we will end like this ?????
    Living in the same world but having different skies.....
    Whose light outshine other's ; Will be asking same questions till the world ends in our lives ......
    Approaching other's souls will remain unsolved mysteries
    Cause we will be stopped by thousand of boundaries .....
    If you ask me I will say optimistically
    """A lonely moon can still open a path to someone's heart from one's eyes """"

  • cracking_glass 87w

    Sharing is caring they say,
    But as soon as I share my emotions
    They tell me to hide it away.

    You say it takes both sides to build a bridge,
    But I'm the only one trying to build one
    While you're creating a wall on your ledge.

    A kind word is a Spring day they tell me,
    But all I'm receiving are neverending
    Winters that are slowly suffocating me.

    So don't use phrases on my heart
    That you won't follow in your actions
    For I'm tired of forgiving and hitting restart.

  • silvyheng 107w

    #springday , one year pass by and the season will led to our future #nature #life #inspiration

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    Spring Love

    Our spring is ahead
    Enjoy our life
    See the scenery
    Breathe in fresh air
    Maintain a balance of happiness
    Stay true yourself
    Flower blossom to this season
    Breeze flow the petal
    Dance in the bridge
    The bird chirping along the scene
    Music play on
    The lake beyond the bridge
    The scent of nature flow through the daylight

  • healerr 115w

    Some fits your taste ...
    Some hits your heart

  • arpitha_varma 121w

    I miss your smile, miss our times,
    miss our days, weekend rides,
    summer nights when we went high,
    tagging memories on our sides;

    I can't find anything
    to replace those promises
    we made on that spring day.

    Maybe I don't want to.

  • truth_inked 131w

    The frozen heart
    Started to melt
    Its over, the winter of gloom
    And the flowers started to bloom.


  • bts_army 140w

    You know it all
    you're my best friend
    No darkness, no season
    Can last forever

  • dheegenes 140w

    He is the spring day that bloomed
    On a cold wintery withered flower

  • bts_army 142w

    Like a tiny that floats in the air
    Like a tiny dust
    If the flying snow was me
    I could've reached you
    A little faster...

  • _indelible_words_ 143w

    A Spring Day

    As I stepped out exposing myself to the bright ray of sun, my skin glamorously reflects them back to my eyes and I found it rejuvenating with the strokes of light. The smell of the bloomed gently triggered my mood to rise in euphoric pleasure, the green graced under my feet as I carefully acknowledged it. Every component of the day occupied all my senses, eyes soothed by the brightness of life, ears blessed with cheerful chirrups of the warblers, the sweet smell of the first bud embraced it above all. Now I witness the heaven's feel as the angelic breeze soulfully touched my skin. I try to remember the last time that I ever let my soul go wild, to fly and to smile, as it urges to go overboard this time. Its beauty was absolutely unworldly, so were the vibes. The slightest moisture in the air I breathed had allowed me to create memories I was ceased to feel and I was certain that I lived just to live this lively day of life.


  • _bts_4_forever_ 151w


    Favorite song?
    Mine is spring day by bts

  • _ahana_ 151w

    Past the end of this cold winter until the spring comes again until the flowers Bloom again stay there a little longer
    Stay there
    ~spring day

  • mirax04 154w

    Spring Day

    Snowflakes are falling
    And you are getting farther away
    I miss you
    I miss you
    How much more do I have to wait?
    How many more days do I have to stay up all nights?
    Until I can see you?
    Until I can see you!
    Until I can meet you?
    Until I can meet you!

    Until this cold winter ends
    And the spring comes again
    And until the flowers bloom again
    Please stay there a little longer
    Please stay there

  • danishdicton 155w

    Missing a person who is close to you, this feeling always makes a person weak. Getting inspired by the "Spring Day" of BTS, I decided to add some of my own thoughts to this song. Hope you like it.

    #springday #miss #love #bts #bestfriend #sorrow
    #loveyourself #youneverwalkalone

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    I Miss You

    I still keep searching for you,
    Always lost in thoughts and often day dreaming.
    But time is so cruel, isn't it?
    It makes us more unconnected without seeing
    And I don't know how long this heart will keep breathing!

    Also sometimes I want to erase you,
    Hoping it'll surely hurt less;
    But my soul always holds me down in doing it.
    Screaming that it can't stay away from your face;
    Cause a world without you is like summer without a break.

    I don't know how long I can hold on,
    I'm having the worst nightmares that keep me awake.
    This cold winter, it doesn't seem to end,
    All the stitches are futile against this heartache,
    And I'm slowly getting burried under these bitter snowflakes.

    This unholy and vile gust of wind,
    It's carrying a strange sorrowness;
    And I don't have the strength to hate you anymore,
    I'll always forgive you for leaving me in this mess;
    Cause I need you to come and end this lonliness.
    Yes, I really miss you.