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  • anupriyachauhan18 1w


    When you feel like all you will ever do is freeze in the eternal cold winter,
    Tell yourself that its happening for the best of reasons,
    I promise spring is coming and with it all that you actually deserve and not the misery.

  • abhisheksharma026 1w


    It's only when you love a flower deeply,
    That you start hating the 'Spring' ........!

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • claralynne 1w

    "Dirty LeaveS"

    Dirty leaves
    I feel like I'm always down.
    I have found home on the ground.
    Eerie silent sound of death all around.
    Summer grieves...
    Silence broken by the breeze.
    It's moments like that where I can finally breathe.
    Feeling so heavy, I manage to look up.
    Parched, I wait for the rain to fill my cup.
    Dry dirt and dirty hands, I bury my sorrows.
    Longing for sunny tomorrows.
    But it will be cold soon.
    And the trees will soon dance nude.
    Something about that is beautiful to me.
    A comforting sight to see.
    Trees become light dancing in the night.
    On a dirt floor.
    That will soon be white.
    Oh, what a ravishing sight.
    Days to come filled with more grey..
    Ghostly, unremarkable.
    I can only hope the silver lining shines bright.
    I hope the cold days to come don't make me too numb.
    And that I continue to see the beauty of the mother that is Earth.
    And that my knees don't give out before spring's birth.
    I hope I hear the sweet of songs of new life .
    And that the chilling sound of death fades into the past.
    And that the dirty leaves leave...and are replaced with vibrant, green blades of grass.
    I'm down on my knees.
    I just don't know how much longer these knees can last.

  • sree_nidhi 3w

    Stick with those who can see the beauty of 'fall' within us, than chasing behind the scent of spring in others.

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    Sometimes the world wrapped around the scarf of fall,
    Can be more beautiful than a spring kissed world.
    And sometimes, so are you.

  • superrita_21 6w

    Autobiography of the Spring
    I am the Queen

    When the big man wearing a black cloak
    high in the skies
    Swivel the roulette on wheels of seasons, I majestically swing by

    Like an angel draped with silky gown , I glide down
    I am queen of seasons , 'Spring', bounce back life again, bling bling

    Cold winter my sister , runs away hither & tither
    Long jackets & coats, knits and mits fall back into store

    As the blanket of snow melts, tender warm air is felt
    Plants starts to sprout, on all the country routes

    Streaks of golden sunlight Pierces through moist fog
    Warming everyone's heart , splendid memories jog

    Chirping with glee are melodies in the air
    Whistling birdies, builds little nests with their darling pair

    Juggling on the flowers are symphony of honey bees
    As their sazzy heads dance to graceful breeze

    sparkling is the mysterious mystery fog as it logs
    Beautiful charisma of nature just unclogs

    Creation evolves, struggles of winter are forgotten
    Recreating life again from frozen to risen

    Children joyfully come out to play
    Bycycles Jingle bells, announcing their way

    Vibrant are the lush green meadows
    Bring beautiful smiles on all the fellows

    Spirit rise as the colorful flowers surprise
    Butterflies flutters around the garden with no apprise

    Weather is impeccably sweet and clear
    Songs of joy , everywhere to hear

    splash of pattering rain over & over again
    Thoroughly wash all the snow banks chain

    I am hugged and loved by animals too
    I am naughty Spring, love to play peek a boo

    Hustling winds rustle as the wind chimes whistle
    streams burble their way from rocky tops, tripping & prancing as they ripple & trickle

    I mesmerize everything around me
    Hocus pocus like magician, spin my golden wand , ah, Alhim

    Most favourite, gracefully welcomed , with all the warmth
    I make a wonderful lovers paradise so remarkable on the Earth

    Astonishing astounding orchestra of life,
    I am the Queen, enjoy my concert sitting tight

  • heavenly_broadcast 6w


    Yield to the floods of Grace
    which flows
    Yield to the streams of Love
    Full of hope
    Let your heart resound in praise
    For you've being gifted
    With a brand new day!

  • shailja33 6w

    With every shades of buds
    and every odour to sniff
    I welcome you
    to the days
    bliss and bloom

    One gazes to
    perceive the
    distant and near
    in my days
    of reign.
    Me and my
    green queen
    holds the
    calms the breeze
    and the rain
    to avoid
    the sorrow and pain
    of the birds
    and animals
    of every domain.
    The only thing
    which haunts
    me at midnight
    is the little time
    I am left with
    as a sovereign
    to rule.

    Alas !
    My younger
    brother will
    take over to rule
    May Almighty bless
    my land
    and my people
    and spare them
    from his
    high temperament
    and spleen
    Pity you lovers
    you may depart
    in his times
    But I assure
    you all the peace
    and love till
    my days are left
    to reign.

    #autobiography #wod #pod

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    With every shades of buds
    and every odour to sniff
    I welcome you
    to the days
    bliss and bloom

    One gazes to
    perceive the
    distant and near
    in my days
    of reign.
    Me and my
    green queen
    holds the

  • lonesome_artist 6w

    Helen is a very beautiful young woman. He helped his mother Demetria take care of the plants in the ground. Sometimes the mother and daughter pick flowers that are still wet with dew at dawn. Sometimes Helen danced with her fellow girls in the middle of the field. The mother and daughter have a happy life.
    At those times Mono was sad. He is alone in his underground kingdom. He wanted to have a queen. He has gifted many virgins with precious and beautiful jewels, but none of them have been persuaded to live in his kingdom.
    One day Mono went to the surface of the earth. He was riding in his golden chariot pulled by immortal horses. The horses are running fast. Helen and her friends happened to be in the field then. Mono saw him.
    "She is the one I will make queen of my kingdom," the king whispered.
    Mono ran his horses and kidnapped the girl who was picking flowers. Helen asked for help. He called his father Aaron but he did not hear him.
    No one heard her cry except a magical goddess named Cleo. Yet Helen also cried out. The rumor of his cry was spread by the wind in the hills and forests until Demetria heard it in the distance
    Demitrea quickly returned to Sicily. He first went to their home to see Helen. The girl was not there. Demitria searched. He searched for the missing child for nine days. He carried two torches that lit up all the corners of the earth, but he could not find the girl. Due to the magnitude of his grief he did not taste any food or drink.
    Heron came to him on the tenth day. He was told he had heard Helen's cries but he did not see who had abducted her.
    Demitria could not attend to her work on earth. The plants died and the people went hungry. As the days go by they get even hungrier. They approached Demitria and asked her to let the plants grow on the ground.
    Demitria's heart became hard with grief. He told the people that as long as he did not see his son he could not attend to his earthly affairs.
    He searched and searched. When he was in despair he approached Aaron. He asked the god of gods to bring Helen back to him.
    “If he is returned to me there will again be a bountiful harvest in the land,” Demitria told Aaron.
    Aaron felt sorry for him. He promised to bring Helen back to him if the girl did not eat anything while she was in Mono's kingdom.
    Demitria was delighted. He went underground. He finds Helen at Mono's palace. The mother and daughter hugged. The girl really wanted to see the surface of the earth shining with the sun.
    But he ate six pomegranate seeds that day. Because of his food, Mono was entitled to stay with Helen for six months, and with Demitria for the remaining six months of each year.
    If Helen was with her mother it was spring and summer on earth. If he was in the kingdom of Mono it would be autumn and winter on earth.

    #autobiography #wod #season #writersnetwork #miraquill @Miraquill @writersnetwork #summer #spring #autumn #winter

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    Why There Is Spring and Autumn


  • _fallen_angel_ 6w

    Cover me in hyacinths and daffodils.
    I want to mirror the picturesque hills
    Colour me with tulips and peonies
    let me sway to the wispy breeze,
    Indulge me in the first burst of multicolored hues
    and wash off the remnants of winter blues
    Tell the birds and bees to buzz in my lush,
    Beckon the butterflies to do just as much.
    Shout out to the squirrel; tell them it’s time to play,
    While singing in joy "Springtide is here to Stay"
    Holler the bears from their slumber,
    let'em know they can stroll and lumber.
    Sound the drumroll, let's flood the boulevard
    with a grand carnival parade,
    let’s fill our hearts with love.
    For I’m here to end the winter charade.

    #autobiography #wod #pod #spring

    OMG!! I'M SOOOOO HAPPY... @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thanks soo much for all your love...
    "POST OF THE DAY" has only made me more humble..
    I have no words to express my gratitude and happiness..
    Much much love to you'll ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    @miraquill I can't be more happy.TYSM for the EC 12❤❤❤

    @writersnetwork Thanks so much for the heart and Repost ❤

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  • ericajean 6w

    The frost has cried its last snowflake and I humbly, rightfully step in with greening toes while the fire red Sun opens his mouth and teases me with his promise of photosynthesis

    It is mating season. The wombs of fruit are ripe for picking, fertility doctors wearing yellow and black jackets, buzz as they make transfers

    The birds hum as they also feed and spread love, the scent is warm and earthy, everything opens and blossoms and we make you sneeze, your eyes leak salt water. But I am not one to be careful.

    The swirling Yellow, a reminder of blooming seeds will cling to your streets, your windshields, your lungs

    Evidence that I, Spring is

    #autobiography #wod #spring

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    The sun has touched my lips as seed spread from beneath me.


  • czarcasm 8w


    Like the leaving in the days of Fall I change colors with the seasons
    And to wake up to snow in Winter is just one of the many reasons
    Spring is my favorite for the bountiful colors blooming in the sun
    Summer hot with days of rolling clouds over pastures but I can't think of the pun
    And like it all, it comes back to Fall
    I'm changing with the seasons

  • saif5alam 9w

    Sometimes,we don't need advice
    We just need somebody to listen to us❤️

  • juanogando 9w

    #spring #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork thank you for reposting🖤🙏🏻🔥⚡️

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    The Struggle, a lesson

    Self-help books don’t help
    But the Oak Tree does
    By example alone.
    Buried deep in the winter
    Soil, a belly cold and dark
    A tomb for much of life
    The seed bursts in the Spring
    Awakening. First its roots
    Digging deep embracing
    The darkness of sorrow
    And horror away from the light
    Clutching despair the Oak
    Tree weeps for the light
    Of the living. It’s longing
    Mournful song reaches skyward
    First by pleading and slowly
    With intent it shoots up
    Pierces the soil seeing blue.
    The heavens shine her light
    Allowing the stem to grow.
    Ever so slowly yet methodically
    The oak grows tall with limbs
    Of a giant supported by the roots
    That suffered much. With strength
    Comes competence creating leaves
    And finally the acorn it’s greatest fruit.
    Discarding them wide for the sustenance
    Of the wild ones - for free.
    The neglected acorns
    Are consumed by the mother
    Resting deep in her womb to sleep
    During the oncoming death of winter
    Only to begin anew.


  • therapisttales 9w


    Summer ends first/

    I'll go, the rain is at our door
    Let there be little leaves on our heads
    Let's not leave the autumn
    Let there be a little pain
    Let's not get bored like everyone else.

    Then comes winter/

    All trees die one day
    Every branch remains without a mother
    Double heart strokes the summer,
    One returns back to the shore

    Stay here.


  • k_unwinds 9w

    Winter's cold heart withers
    As the flurry of air whirls
    Across the imminent
    Seedbed of springtide..

  • julie__ 9w

    A single rose blooms in the spring shine
    Radiant red radial petal ring
    Entices every child
    Entices every bee
    Until those petals shrivel so dry
    Until those petals wither and die
    Bleeding pigment of crimson tide
    Into dawn of polluted skies
    Decaying green leaves
    Decaying tonight.

    Arid wastelands and bloody seas
    Grit and dust chaotic in the breeze
    Bones crushed to ash with marvelous might
    Veins of leaves are parched rock streams
    Are desolate valleys
    Unslakened flies
    Feast on decomposing peat
    Feast on decomposing life.

    Radiant pink radial petal ring
    Loses luster gleam
    The leaves cry yet the dew droplets dry
    Draining away in the light
    The spring shine so bright
    Bleeding hues of swine skinned sheen
    Into dirt and nutrient drink
    Decaying gold leaves
    Decaying of height
    Falling downside
    And petals wilting
    Lower the brown head and raise white
    Until those petals quiver so shy
    Until those petals curl up beneath the darkening sky.

    - julie.

    #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #decay #rose #petals #decomposing #spring #hues #colours #ringpetals #leaves #nature #longtime


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    Like crunchy cornflakes
    Rosy leaves rustle underfoot
    Beauty in decay.


  • sweedle 9w

    Endings are not as beautiful as sunsets but let that not stop you from giving out your fragrance of love and affection. Let it light up the dull sky with colors of joy, let this be a fresh beginning your heart yearned for.

    © Sweedle

  • chocolate_coated 9w

    Who's there? It's me Spring.

    Knock knock!! Who's there? It's me Spring.
    Look around and see the freshness I bring

    Roses are red, the skies are blue
    Leaves were shed, now budding anew
    Winter is dead, I'm loving the vibrant view

    I close my eyes, & absorb the fresh breeze
    The songs of the birds and the buzzing of bees
    It's relaxing by the seas, I'm made to feel at ease

    Gone is the winter, along with it's snowing
    Spring is the season & the spirit is growing
    Summer's yet to come, with it's rivers flowing

    Everything is colourful, the flowerbeds to the sky
    Hope has been restored, I'll wipe my cheeks dry
    It's April not July, time to be happy & not to cry

    The blooming flowers, & brightly coloured birds
    The beauty's just ineffable, can't be put in words

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 9w

    #leena_unsaidwords #spring

    Idk if I am making any sense ��️

    12:57 a.m. 26-7-21

    Thank you for EC �� @writersnetwork

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    I want to be a singer
    So that people can relate and sing in the loop


    I want to be a doctor
    To heal people around me but I end up healing myself


    I want to practice law
    But when I said- I will sue my dad for hitting repeatedly in the back portion of my head
    Then my mother replied: "will you disclose your father? What kinda kid you are? This is what we taught to you!"


    I end up writing vigorously
    It's not easy to remain silent
    And to make things that never happened


    Mixing a bowl of bitter words, aggression, frustration
    To develop a descant attitude, walking, and speaking skills
    If you speak out in wrath - they'll remember you as sin maker


    I choose to write because
    My nib of the pen knows the value of tears
    As NO ONE cares what I am going through
    But in the end, they will remember me - as either lived a worth living life or wasted her life


    She is a girl, she is born to cook
    I believe- I ain't born to feed my only family
    I was born to feed the starving, budding artists who waited for spring to bloom
    As because they are starving, they're not meant to have family soon


    Heartbreak is not the end of my life
    I have born to face the challenges on my journey

  • sweedle 10w

    I am a sunflower still blooming in a world without her sun.

    © Sweedle