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  • chrnrsnsn 2d

    So long... 1962

    By: chrnrsnsnc

    A day in March of 1962
    Hope you still remember me
    A guy who loved you,
    more than himself.

    I've grown a lot,
    became matured,
    things have changed
    but never changed you.

    Yes we talked & talked
    for hours just to say
    'I love you ' from the now
    broken telephone of 1962

    We promised forever,
    But still wished we've never met.
    You made me love everything
    Which I wished you never did.

    Everything you made me love
    Left me from 1962.
    You're that EVERYTHING

    The day wasn't good,
    but then u left me so u made it worst.
    21 & 23 we were young and innocent,
    we've loved & that's all we used to do.
    wish I could go back to the year1962.

    I've always known everything ends,
    but I didn't know it will end that early.

    I never get to say goodbye but
    You'll never want to hear me die,
    Farewell my Darling you left me w/hatred. But I'll never hate you
    because I wish I could
    still say 'I LOVE YOU',
    the day of 1962.

    I guess I've missed you because it's been 60 years I'm now 82 and I still think and never replaced you,
    I would do everything so I could go back just to say I LOVE YOU from a day before you die in March of 1962.

    Darling, say bye, say bye
    But never say goodbye
    You'll never want to be left alone
    For goodness sake say bye, say bye
    4 you'll never spare another life loan.

    Never had kids,
    missed your kiss,
    No other someone,
    Because you're the only one

    I miss your smile
    I miss your face
    I miss your laugh
    I miss everything about you
    I miss you.

    I waited for you my love.
    I've waited enough and
    you never came back
    I guess it's time for me to
    come by and see you.
    To live the unlivable 1962.

  • kashu6 1w

    Love At First Sight

    The first day I saw you
    I found you everywhere in my eyes,
    Or my eyes went everywhere you went.
    I tried to lip read you from far away,
    Or I just wanted to touch them with mine.
    I wanted to talk to you,
    Or just wanted you to look at me.
    I wondered if I was attracted to you,
    Or just fell in love with you at first sight.

    I still remember those eyes,
    Those brown, deep circles,
    Mesmerizing enough to hypnotize anyone.
    I still remember those lips,
    Still remember my fascination,
    Wanting to play with them.
    I still remember you,
    And my fascination to be with you,
    Wondering if I fell in love with you at first sight.

  • kashu6 1w

    I Like A Girl

    I like a girl,
    With long hairs,
    Or short, it doesn't matter,
    Whichever the color,
    Cause all I need is a girl that stays with me,
    In any situation, if possible.

    I like a girl,
    With a cute smile,
    Or a smile enough to make me feel,
    That I'm not alone,
    There is someone,
    That stays with me,
    In any situation, if possible.

    I like a girl,
    With beautiful eyes,
    Color doesn't matter,
    Just those eyes should make me feel good,
    All I need is those eyes to stay on me,
    In any situation, if possible.

  • pink_berry 1w

    #gabbu #bluefamily #spreadlove
    @blurryface__14 @tortoise @uttkarsh_15 @dark_ink_01 @justt_human


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    Happy birthday Darshan

    A young adult but still a kid.
    A sensational singer with a thought provoking history.
    A guy who hates being called cute
    And to his fans he dedicates his victory.

    His journey was tough
    His interests was never accepted
    HE lost special people
    Who encouraged and respected .

    He loves his fans and
    Calls them blue family
    He is our gabbu, Darshan raval
    Who does notorious stuff calmly

  • kashu6 2w

    Koi Aisa Chayiye

    Hume aur kya chahiye?
    Koi saathi chahiye,
    Sirf saath chalne wala nahi,
    Saath nibhaane wala chahiye.
    Dil me rahne wala nahi,
    Dil ki dhadkan bane.
    Sapnon me aane wala nahi,
    Sapne pure karte samay saath chale,
    Koi aisa chahiye.

    Aankhon me thoda nasha,
    Hothon pe lali,
    Yaad karte hi jinhe,
    Zindagi me bahar aa Jaye,
    Koi aisa chahiye.

  • kashu6 3w

    It's Not Easy Being A Man

    Women are complicated,
    But the mens are isolated,
    People forget the nature of man,
    Take them as a 30 year old infant,
    Men play and act silly,
    Always with a fake smile,
    Misunderstood as animal,
    Ready to prey on any gullible,
    It's not easy being a man,
    To hide all scars and its everlasting pain.

    We do want to cry,
    Instead we let our feelings fly,
    We do want to laugh openly,
    Without anyone telling "How silly"
    We do want to express our feelings,
    Withoit being called mean,
    It's not easy to be a man,
    To follow your heart as you want.

    I'm not being partial now,
    I'm telling my perspective now,
    I don't know what girls bear,
    But men don't have it easy as well, I swear,
    I am not against feminism,
    But is it only for rights of women,
    It's not easy being a man,
    To bear everything without any complain

  • kashu6 3w

    What Do I Write?

    Lot of ideas,

    Not know what to write,

    I don't think this is only me,

    Not knowing what to write.

    It seems easy at first to write,

    But it is tough to think what write next,

    There are two ways,

    Think, think, think and write,

    Write and think and write again.

    Write about love,

    Never fallen in one,

    Write about life,

    Not that entertaining, 

    Write about my crush,

    Wrote a lot about her,

    Inspiration, I'm demotivated,

    What should I write?

    Ugh, I'm frustrated.

  • kashu6 3w

    A Beautiful Journey

    On my way to somewhere,

    Watching man made buildings everywhere,

    The clouds moving with us,

    As if they are coming along.

    In the car, listening music,

    Falling raindrops slipping over the window,

    The beautiful scenery filled my eyes,

    The soothing music makes everything nice.

    I want the time to be stopped,

    Let my journey continue till eternity,

    The kids in front of there houses,

    Playing like nothing matters,

    The passing trees made me forget all my matters.

    The dim sunlight scatters within the clouds,

    Making me happy without uttering words.

  • kp_singh 4w

    Too many emotions they hide,
    They feel lonely, with no one on their side.
    Failed in everything they tried,
    They feel hopeless with every hope died.
    Searching for someone who can guide,
    They feel directionless with every support denied.
    Face misses smile and tears have dried,
    The world doesn't know how much they cried.
    To keep fighting or give up they can't decide,
    There's too much they undergo before they commit suicide! -kps©2021

    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #suicide #donotgiveup #keepgoing #keepfighting #spreadlove #takecareofeachother

    Everyday newspapers are full of news related to suicide. For people it's just a news but for their family members and friends it's an unbearable trauma. Life is not easy. We never know the pain behind a smiling face. So don't judge anyone. Show empathy to everyone around you. This world really needs people who knows real meaning of humanity.

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    Too many emotions they hide,
    They feel lonely with no one on their side.
    Failed in everything they tried,
    They feel hopeless with every hope died.
    Searching for someone who can guide,
    They feel directionless with every support denied.
    Face misses smile and tears have dried,
    The world doesn't know how much they cried.
    To keep fighting or give up they can't decide,
    There's too much they undergo before they commit suicide!

  • writerra__tale 5w


    You look at the stars for two reasons, because it is luminous and because it is impenetrable.

  • midnight_bellow 5w

    I can smell love , and feel kindness ,
    From the magic dripping out of his soulful words


  • midnight_bellow 5w

    When you keep forgiving people for whatever they does to you... you actually start living a happy life


  • diamond49 6w

    Sometimes we get so obsessed with ourself, our ego needs to be melted by heat of goodness, modesty
    When we become selfless, modest we get real happiness, and blessings of everyone
    #SpreadLove #FromIToWe #I

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    A Dwan
    Of Winter
    To Low The Cool
    Chillin' Night Moon
    & I got what I was willin'
    A Bag full of shillin'
    A Card of wishes
    And a way to
    We from

  • writerra__tale 6w

    Hum tumhari mehfil se uth ke gye chupchap..
    Tumhara peeche mud mud ke dekhna hme badnaam kar gya..

  • oreo2706 6w

    খোলা প্রেম...

    বলছি শুনছো...আমি প্রেম পাঠিয়েছিলাম তোমায়, পেয়েছ?
    নাগো বাহ্যিক নয়, আন্তরিক প্রেম, খোলা প্রেম! তুমি বোধহয় পাওনি সেবার। অসুবিধে নেই, আবার পাঠাই আজ। খোলা প্রেম, শুধু তোমার জন্য।
    মনে আছে ওই হলদে ফুলের স্নিগ্ধ প্রেম? মনে পড়ে তোমার, ওই সারি সারি কাশ ফুলের প্রেমের ডাক? মনে পড়ে, নিশ্চই মনে পড়ে তোমারও! সুন্দর ভোর, হাওড়া স্টেশন, ব্যাস্ত জনমানব, কয়েকটা লাগেজ, কলকলে ঘাম, রবীন্দ্র সেতু, মাটির ভাঁড়ে চায়ের চুমুক আর গঙ্গার ঠান্ডা বাতাসে নিঃশব্দ প্রেম...মনে পড়ে নিশ্চই তোমার? আরও আছে, যেমন কফি হাউস, কিংবা গুরুদ্বরা, কিংবা শপিং মলের সিঁড়িতে...অথবা প্রথম দেখার হঠকারী প্রেম!
    আজ সেইসব আবার পাঠাচ্ছি, সঙ্গে থাকছে বৃষ্টিভেজা সন্ধ্যের কোমল শীতলতা আর মাটির সোঁদা গন্ধ মাখা আরও অনেকখানি নির্ভেজাল প্রেম, দূরত্বের বেড়াজালে প্রতিদিন আটকে থাকা অফুরন্ত অপূর্ণ প্রেম, খোলা আকাশের জ্যোৎস্না মাখা খোলা প্রেম।

    বলছি শুনছো...এবারে কিন্তু জানিও, আমার প্রেম পেলে কিনা! অপেক্ষায় থাকবো....
    দূরত্বে অপেক্ষাই যে সব থেকে বড় সম্বল!!

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    My album is already available, titled Smile, and there's more out there, check it out on Youtube Spotify too. Thank you . ����✨

    #bhaskargautam #mirakee #relationship #shareit #spreadlove #takecare > see you the next one bye❤️

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    Understand why this happens?

    When the heart starts turning towards you, then there is no need to tell that heart why this heart has started doing this way

  • sumera04 9w


    To make a child love something... you have to teach it with love. . .

  • jenish_dar_raval__ 9w

    Happy Birthday Mother Teresa :)

    She is special for us��

    #motherteresa #spreadlove #happybirthday

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    Not all of us can do great things.
    But we can do small things with great love
    - mother teresa

  • writerra__tale 12w


    Every work is equal and important Whether he is worker or boss..
    The negligence of any one from both can imbalance the hell out of it.

  • jenish_dar_raval__ 12w

    "just" usually means

    -that there's no particular reason, but it can also mean that something is so precious that you don't need to give a reason.