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  • thatrandagirl 2w

    Artifical Monsters

    A gloomy, dark, and brisk fall night
    Makes monsters start to come to life
    They aren't much like the stories claim
    They are you and I, and what's his name
    The cooler that the weather gets
    Makes monsters need to scratch their itch

  • wifey_suicide 4w

    Horror Story

    The chains start to shake, while the walls begin to shrink. I shake my legs loose. The chains refuse to let me be free. As I'm grabbing the chains with my hands, screaming with tears. Sweat drenching down my face. Finally the chains break open. I gain strength and balance into my feet, as I start to run down a long deep hallway. I am set free, but freedom is another price I need to pay.

    As I'm running down this hall, it has seems to not has ended or even shows signs of the next room. I hope for a door. Is it even worth running? Do I stop running? I keep running, full speed as if something was chasing me. As my feet hit the floor, the more I realize that not piece of cloth is on me. Hair in the wind. Air breathing onto my torso.

    I collapse.

    Lower right side of my rib cage is in flame. As I whine and whimper in pain. I feel so faint, as if something or someone has stabbed me.

    I should've stayed home today.

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 7w

    #fall #spooky #horror #idk #halloween #autumn #hell #death hehehahahhahwisieie I wish I put way more effort into this. does anyone else feel the need to make every single word group rhyme somehow?

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    ⚠️dark content in honor of spooky season⚠️

    dark, tall, grim and slender,
    we all call him the ender,
    parks, homes, dreams likewise,
    unsafe they so do remain
    whether it be rain or shine,
    or day or night or dawn or dusk,
    avoid he and those eyes you must,
    or in your heart his dagger will go,
    he'll laugh, snark as your blood flows,
    then downward to eternal hell he takes you,
    where your yells for help are indeed in vain,
    to no avail your wails mean nothing now,
    terrifically deep down, where only zero sound
    is aloud above ground, this is how
    the ender sneaks through your town,
    he takes the silence of his victims
    once they've died, and compiles it inside,
    while you sleep gets in your mind,
    turns your sweet dreams right into nightmares,
    kills you next then repeats his cycle

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  • nevermoreending 9w


    Midnight creepers,
    zombie walkers,
    pedals floored!


  • nevermoreending 9w






    "We're... here."


  • wifey_suicide 20w

    The Monster

    The monsters were suppose to stay under the bed.
    I thought hiding underneath the blanket would keep them away, but instead they grabbed the blanket from me and cuddle up next to me.
    I can't see them physically, but I can feel the aura there.
    With sharp teeth and anorexic bodies.
    No fingernails, just pointy fingertips.
    Ugly, but they make me feel like something inside.
    Something that could be awaken inside.
    I smile just a little bit and sit up quick.
    Just darkness, while a few more monsters sit next to me.
    Wanting to touch all over me, I allow them.

    Feeding off my flesh and bones, as they begin to enter inside me.
    The warm fuzzy feeling, with a few butterflies in the stomach.
    Like welcoming new friends over for the first time.
    Please enjoy, my friends.
    Licking all the way up my spine, to being touched around the stomach, as one reaches for my heart.
    My heart drops, as one more monster climbs from underneath my bed and climbs right on top of me.
    This is it.
    The monster I've needed.

    As it climbed down my body, right down to my legs, touching every inch of my body, I thought to myself that this is what I need.
    Hiding underneath the blankets was nothing but anxiety.
    As the monster spreads my legs, the monster start to slowly go inside.
    I can feel the monster inside.
    Deep, warm, thick.
    The monster continues to go deeper inside me, as I can't do anything.
    I am paralyzed from the legs up. The only movement I have is the monster digging it's way to my brain.
    Their fingers reaching further up, as their legs kick my stomach, trying to reach higher.
    I couldn't help myself, but cry in laughter.
    The monster is hurting me, hurting so much that I enjoy it.
    Every little pain becomes a relief of sadness.
    Many would moan to this type of pain, but not me.
    The monster can have it's way with me, but it's my body. I have to......

    The monster plants itself in fetal position in my brain, and claws it's fingers in many places, causing me to lose balance and fall off the bed.
    I can't move, I can't speak.
    This body is no longer mine.

  • lilco444 20w

    Do you believe in ghosts?

  • ekansh_original 21w

    "Come out, she's gone." Six year old girl whispered when her mother goes away.
    Doll from her cupboard walks out.

  • missmarigolds 22w

    she shrugged her shoulders
    the noise was near
    she couldn’t put her finger on
    what she would hear
    tapping.. tapping.. tapping..
    is all a wall could mutter
    a shadow outside the window
    and all she could do
    was sit back and stutter


  • mrspectacular 23w


    Joshua hears his phone ring in his bedroom. He has just returned from work heavily spent and craving a warm meal and some premium rest. It has indeed been a long day at work for him. Chatting momentarily and laughing heartily, he enjoys the warm meal prepared by his beautiful wife, Diane but the beautiful moment is interrupted by his phone ringing in the room, he quickly sends William, his son to go fetch it for him. It's a call from his bosom friend, Terrence but William has not brought it in good time hence he has missed the call but he however is unbothered as he decides he would give Terrence a call after the meal but as soon as he drops the phone on the table to continue his meal, a text message comes in interrupted his spoon's journey to his mouth.

    Picking it up somewhat reluctantly, he realizes it is from his friend, Terrence again. Imagine it is urgent, having missed two called from him, Joshua opens the message but is completely bewildered by its content which reads,
    'Don't go into the bathroom, she's waiting'
    Lost, Joshua wonders who Terrence speaks of seeing that his wife is seated right before him,
    'Who?', Joshua replies the text.
    'The Witch Of Clamswick'
    Joshua screams 'Jesus' out loud surprised and terrified at what Terrence has just texted causing Diane to be startled.
    'Is everything okay, sweetheart?', she asks surprised at the sudden change in Joshua's countenance.
    'Please stay here with the kids', he cautions. 'Do not move an inch please.'
    He advances further towards the room and for the bathroom to confirm Terrence's speculation. Getting closer, he can hear some sounds coming from the bathroom. Picking up his bottle of anointing oil, he draws closer to the bathroom while muttering some tongues under his breath in hope that it would probably scare the witch away and he would not have to use the oil but the witch would not budge as she continues her noise. Realizing it is war, he picks up his pace and like a S.W.A.T officer, badges into the bathroom to meet the intruding being.
    It is an underworld being who claims she has arrived to finish him off as required by the queen who had stated his life was tendered as collateral by a friend of his who had previously come to them for riches and it is now so ripe a time for the debt to be paid.
    'Your friend Terrence has tendered your blood as a covenant sacrifice for the wealth we have given him', the Witch Of Clamswick states.
    'Well...I'm not aware of such an agreement. The only agreement I am aware of is that of Jesus Christ whose blood was shed on the cross for me and as far as I can remember he never demanded that any other blood be shed after his so guess what? I would give you to the count of three to get your ugly, despicable self out of my house lest I am forced to release the entire Heaven's armoury on you this very minute'
    'You would have to watch your tongue young man lest you lose it alongside your precious. If you would have asked politely maybe I would have had mercy on you and left you in peace but your loftiness is your downfall today. Now you shall perish like an ant.'
    Irked by such derogatory remark about the power of the Almighty God, Joshua screams,
    'In the name of Jesus that is above every other name and above whom no other power sits, I command you to fall back to the abyss you came from, you uncircumcised demon'
    The house begins to quake as the demon and Joshua battle it out for almost eight minutes. The pride of the spirit behind the demon would not let her give in without a fight. The harder she fights, the weaker she gets and in the seventh minute, with a loud response to tonguing and prayers from Joshua, Heaven responds with a fire that obliterates completely the Witch of Clamswick before Joshua's very eyes. Falling to his knees, he begins to worship the Father Almighty for His unrelenting love that made him win the battle against the Witch of Clamswick. Exhausted and sweating profusely, he staggers towards the dining room to join the rest of the family to finish dinner before taking a cool shower and retiring to bed for the night.


  • chezeriel 33w

    The Crows

    One, two ........three.

    My feet came to a halt, I watched the two crows cavort with each other not minding what the world think about them. Someone's gonna die, sighing, I continued my walk.

    I saw crows three times today, in different places and time. I certainly know someone who believes that crows are the mirror of death. Darkness enveloped the surroundings when I arrived home. My mom bathing in sweat preparing for dinner while my siblings busied themselves with their homework, my father, he's nowhere to be found.

    I kissed my mom on her cheek and went directly to the most visited room in our tiny house. The door was slightly ajar, and from a far I can hear the labored breathing of my bed-ridden grandmother. "Grandma." I said, her heavy lids slowly open to see me. She tried to give me a smile but failed, her body's too exhausted to even cast a smile. I went closer and give her a kiss. I plopped at the edge of her bed and stared for her a little longer, I noticed all her hair turned gray. It wasn't long ago when she was strong and was capable of giving me a proper beating. I smiled bitterly, life is truly unpredictable. I give her a soft pat on her shoulder before walking to the window, the cold breeze was oddly comforting. I reached for the window's lock and from my peripheral vision I saw another crow.

    I returned to my place in my grandmother's bed. "Grandma, I saw crows today." Suddenly I felt her calloused hand gripping tightly on my arm "More than three times" I continued. Her labored breathing becomes uneven wheezing and her grip becomes even more stronger, after a few minutes her grip came loose.


  • moonwriter09 34w

    Miss Cindy

    Little Miss Cindy is trapped in a hauntedhouse
    With her applepie and a mouse
    She is coming down the stairs with a candle
    But the spirits there are too difficult to handle!


  • wifey_suicide 41w

    I toss and turn, so my dream doesn’t catch up to me in my sleep.

  • antasraogautam 46w

    Room 666 - The Revelation ( Part 2)

    *Knock Knock*

    I knew this time.

    The door continues to knock for another 5 minutes.

    I decided to stay awake and checkout as soon as the sunrises.

    *around an hour passes by*

    Time appears to be freeze.

    It's like an hour has passed but the clock still indicates 3 am.

    I was struck, imprisoned in that time frame.

    I had no option other than to open the door.

    It was Fenriz.

    "Oh! So finally she escaped.", he said.

    " Who? Your daughter?", I asked with a feeble voice.

    He replies, "Yeah!! Seems like she told you....."

    Before he could finish, I ran out of the room. Ran across the hallway, ran down the stairs and reached the reception.

    No one. Not even a sole individual stood.
    Even the main entrance was sealed.

    I was trapped.

    I went back to the room.

    "Her spirit fouled you. She made you see what you probably feared, which your soul couldn't withstand.", Fenriz tells me as I entered the room.

    "So where am I?", I asked in a state of confusion.

    He continues , "In the realm between life and death. I warned you, I told you to leave this room. Told you that this room is meant for her. Sent you a letter, told you not to open the door(here, door to the soul)."

    I sat down and whispers, "Means you are lifeless. You are the spirit of Fenriz."

    - Indeed I am lifeless. Her spirit took your body.
    And now you are dead even without being dead.
    And she is alive being dead.

    *psychological laugh*

    - If she wished to live then why did your daughter commit suicide?

    - She never committed suicide. She was killed. She was pushed off the window.

    - Who pushed her?

    Fenriz looks at me with an evil smile and says as if he was proud- ME.


  • antasraogautam 47w

    Room 666 - The Realization
    (PART 1)

    I was in Haiti for the bureau's fieldwork.

    Staying in Room 666 of Hotel Revelation.

    I was having my dinner.

    At the dining, one of the staff members asked, "Are you staying in Room 666?"

    I said yes.

    His badge marks his name as 'Fenriz'.

    He whispers, "Leave that room. That is meant for her."

    His strange response perplexed me.

    At reaching the room I found a note which reads-
    'Beware of what you choose because some rooms are not meant for everyone and some doors are not meant to be open for everyone."

    I inquired about that note with the hotel manager but he refused that they have sent any such letter.

    It was late at night.

    I decided to change my hotel the next morning.

    I went to sleep.

    *Knock Knock*
    *Knock Knock*

    I wake up indistinctly.

    Looks out. It's pitch black.

    The clock shows 3 am.

    *Knock Knock*

    -Who's there?

    -Room service Sir!!

    -I didn't call for room service.

    -The lady staying with you did.

    I was terrified with fear.

    I opened the door to rush out.

    But Fenriz was standing at the door.

    He stabs me with a knife and whispers in my ear, " I warned you. This room is meant for my daughter. She died by falling off the window. Her spirit lives here."

    And stabs me again.

    I waked from fear.

    *sighs in relief*
    It was a dream.

    Looks out. It's pitch black.

    The clock shows 3 am.

    That was an exact setting I saw in my nightmare.

    *Knock Knock*

    (To be continued.....)

  • dabbling_jack 48w

    Spiders Ring

    Cobwebs detered me
    As I stared at the attic door

    I know they're their
    Hidden, lying in wait

    A precious item
    My mothers ring

    Showed me where they were
    As cobwebs began to lace its inner etchings

    Slowly, slowly, it moved on its armoire
    Closer and closer to that attic door

    I cleaned and I cleaned those filthy cobwebs
    But every morning, there were more

    "Stop, STOP!"
    I shouted as they skittered

    In the walls, in the ceiling
    The attic door awaits

    But I won't, won't go in
    I hear them clicking their fangs

    Watching me with their beady eyes
    No, I just can't take it

    But I moved the ring back
    And still it got closer

    Until finally, one day,
    The ring was gone

    And I looked at that door
    That door I kept locked

    Open, ajar
    The monsters skittering inside

    A precious item
    My mothers ring

    They stayed in the attic, patiently waiting
    They knew I had to go in


  • mentally_till 53w

    My Body

    Skin to skin, I wonder if she likes my warmth as much as I like hers.
    I wonder if she'll carry on until my body grows cold
    I wonder if she'd continue beyond that
    Would she notice? Would she care?
    As my body crumbles to dust between her fingers.

  • juimui 54w


    Festive lights. Starry nights.
    Dropping degrees. Cool breeze.
    Wine glass. Soft grass.
    One fuzzy sweater.
    You and me.
    And the changing weather.

  • jadeivy 55w

    Deaths Toll

    Head cold on the ground, mouth open with no sound. Eyes wide, lifeless and dark. There was the girl death took tonight.

    It was not quick. It was not kind, gentle or a painless time. Death had been cruel, evil and dark with its job tonight.

    Nails broken and bloody from scratching hard. Lips cracked and dry, thirsty for life. Eyes red and swollen from crying all night.

    Darkness makes you wonder but the light will make you turn your head in fright. Horror plays its game, bloody without any shame. Now what story have you journeyed into, anyway?