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    The Unlocking Charm (Alohomora),
    also known as the Thief's Friend,
    was a charm that unlocked objects such as doors or windows. It was also able to open doors locked by the Locking Spell (Colloportus),
    and as such, acted as its counter-charm.
    The Anti-Alohomora Charm could be used to prevent this charm from working on a locked target.
    INCANTATION: Alohomora (ah-LOH-ho-MOR-ah)
    TYPE: Charm
    HAND MOVEMENT: Unlocking-spell
    LIGHT: Invisible, blue, yellow, or purple
    EFFECT: Unlocks objects
    CREATOR: Ancient African sorcerer (possibly); first brought to Britain by Eldon Elsrickle in the early 1600s.

  • whenshewrites11 12w


    Incendia is an Latin word started with i.
    Here is the definition
    of incendia in English is

  • phoenix26 17w


    The blinding love,
    With tinted glasses,
    Mouning hearts,
    That never should've been entangled.
    Nights are dark,
    Lesser than where you left me,
    A path of sin,
    That calls out to the ones who trusted.
    If love means power,
    A manipulation on the weakest;
    Be it sealed,
    In a coffin spelled with curses.
    For love is a mere enchantment,
    Stealing sunshine from the faces of the brightest,
    Be it doomed in eternal agony,
    Be it fated with the pain it crafted.

  • madinah_writes 22w

    Swimming in the darkness of my room, alone.
    It engulfs me as I fight back loneliness.
    To be alive in this sorrow that afloat my soul in waves.

    To spell,
    I stand alone.
    With nothing but memories of spells,
    Chumming, humming to my cheekbone,
    Without a beautiful story to tell.

    To spell,
    I stand alone, awake at night.
    Without a glitch of foretell,
    Trying to calm the silent fight.
    Growing in my heart, this evil swell.
    Listening to the whispers of moonlight.
    Calling on me, for something bright to see.

    To spell,
    I let my eyes do the talking,
    As I have lost my tongue and voice.
    I let my mind do the walking,
    Despite this noise.
    And then I ask, with an emotional voice.
    Dear moon, how do you cope?
    Being alone, what's your hope?

    To spell,
    Dragging my soul to ashes
    Of what I used to be, I'm lost in existence.
    Healing cast spells,
    Deep down my heart like wishing wells.
    Clueless of what arrow,
    Would spin me a colourful tomorrow.

    To spell,
    With words tied to time.
    My truths, buried in Gale.
    My voice lost in thyme.
    All I hear is nature's breezy wail.

    Standing out here.
    Painting my nights in dreamy thoughts.
    My mind, flipping through the bloody battles I fought.
    Horrific moments, I wept without words.

    In spell,
    The moon is held now.
    And so, she is dying.
    Forming into a crescent brow.
    My lips, quivering to her descent melting.

    To spell,
    Trying to reach out for her.
    Fairy-tales make me wish.
    I have a power similar to a witch's.
    As I watch her dying smile.
    Of this journey between a thousand mile.

    To spell;
    Like the light in me,
    You awaken every dragon.
    Burning fuels,
    Every sleepy ocean, that dwells.
    Inside of me, you remind me.
    Despite the darkness.
    There's still light at the edge of this tunnel.
    Despite this loneliness,
    I still have in me, this magical spell.

    To spell,
    Words are enchanting,
    Incantation to my ears.
    Controlling my mind.
    Painting an image with nothing but spell lines.
    Though, I don't know.
    How much magic, spell holds within.
    But with the right words shown.
    Brings out the right feeling.

    © Madinah_Writes

    #quotations #moonlight #spell #light #nightlight #night #sad #alone #emotional

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    A Spell At Night Light.


  • sarahrachelea 26w

    ⭐ I pray that you'll live a happy, healthy, wealthy and whole life from time to time,
    ⭐ May all your prayers, wishes and dreams come true as you wish, in the most magical and fantastical way this year,
    ⭐ May this year flooded you with avalanche of love, compassion, abundance, richness and prosperity from every possible way,
    ⭐ May destiny gained you more success in every aspect of your life,
    ⭐ May the universe always give you many blesses and luck,
    ⭐ May God granted you and your family so much joy, happiness, blissful and serenity,
    ⭐ I wish you'll always get the best from life, for your highest good, amen and so it is. ✨

    ♥ Hello, 2022. Please be kind to us.

  • mane_auraa 31w

    I Do Not Feel The Way I Did

    A certain kind of numbness,
    Follows me around.
    Those who were once dear to me,
    Seem like strangers in a crowd.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once sat with them and found,
    That I'm wrapped in a certain kind of bubble,
    Which doesn't let in a single sound.

    And in this bubble there is some light
    But only of the past.
    And the colours that it brings to life
    Don't seem like they will last.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    When I once had a blast,
    A certain fond sadness lingers,
    An evil spell, it seems, cast.

    And this spell it seems to me,
    Is a curse cast by time.
    I seldom find myself alone,
    Yet loneliness is my crime.
    I do not feel the way I did,
    I'm definitely not at my prime.
    I find myself lost in dreams,
    Yes, maybe lost in my rhyme.

    And in this rhyme I dare to dream,
    For a life that I could forsee,
    Surrounded by these familiar strangers,
    Who might finally even flee.
    Yes, I do not feel the way I did,
    And maybe I'll agree,
    The time has come to burst the bubble,
    And from this spell, be free.

  • mysticalballads 33w

    Reverse spell

    Walking in the bright white sky,
    Flying on the dark colored ground,
    Sleeping in every happy mornings,
    Lying awake in deep sulky nights.

    There is no starving hunger for me,
    There is no second thought in mind,
    Even stygian light seems so bright,
    But the blazing appear to be twilight.

    All the seconds in clock are reversed,
    My saccharine life is also inversed,
    Know not the magic spell that’s casted,
    I didn’t realize the sorcerous fantasy.

    But all of a sudden it became clear,
    The fantasy is you, my magical spell.


  • bismaaaanis 34w


    hazel verities cascaded from your gazes propelled me straight to ecstasy,
    With every sprinkle of the luscious ardor of your sugared coating,
    You were distorting something no one has ever glimpsed,
    badly and oddly elegant
    Significantly and greatly powerful
    Maiming and eradicating spirits
    What you called it
    "Love" mi amore
    ~Bismaaanis khan


  • czarcasm 48w

    Prayer of Healing

    I turn my head to the west and call upon the Masters of Time
    To open my soul and clear my mind

    I call to the sky, trees, and ground to ensure my faith

    Is deep and sound

    I call upon the lost souls, trapped and confused

    To make sure my offering won't be refused

    I call upon the Goddess of Varna and Lope

    To give me faith, power

    And hope

    Ensure my power is focused and true I owe a debt

    And show gratitude to you


    Guide these hands as straight as an arrow so that my aim may be true

    Bless these hands with temperance so that I may look up to you

    With greatness

    Stand by my side for need is dire

    and help me see the wisdom I so require

    - Anastasia 'Royal ' Dumont ,

    'Truly Royal'

  • jayhuntermaddox 49w

    Medusa Spell

    I look at you and see why your name is Medusa
    For your beauty had cast a spell on me
    When I look at you i freeze
    Just wondering can she be
    The one I've been looking for
    From my dream
    I am stun
    Seeing your eyes how beautiful they are i can not look away
    And hearing your laugh make my heart ache
    When we hugs it take my breath away
    I don't know if this is real or not
    For i want you in my arms
    And I in yours
    Can't stop thinking on what we can become
    For it's truly a blessing
    When we spend time together
    I know some things will get in our way
    But that will never stop me
    For I think I'm caught in....

  • incandescent_ink 57w

    Five dimensional spell swerved into complexity
    Curled , mauled and glided across her fingers
    A malevolent power at bay
    Stricked him, a runic charm
    His love unfolded , grim
    An ode to her efficacious sins

  • thebhavnasaxena 57w

    Lotus Eyes

    Her dreams went up
    In smoke, her breath
    Caught in her throat,
    Stifling a storm of
    Stories she wanted to tell,
    Look at her now, she wears
    Ashes of her dreams in place
    Of kohl, that girl with lotus eyes.
    And they charm, the ghosts of
    Her desires making her eyes
    Somewhat of a treasure,
    They beckon the naive, mosaics
    Of long lost magic still playing
    Hide and seek in her lotus eyes,
    They are something of an enticement,
    She casts her spells, when she looks
    At you, that girl with lotus eyes.

  • ecstaticangel 64w

    #mystic night
    # dark secrets
    #spell of a witch

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    My dark magic

    I am the Queen of the
    Dark mystic night here,
    See the world that's spin around.
    From head to toe
    All upside down.
    The dark night thus summoning thy,
    From the darkness alluring sky,
    As I spell the chants of mine.
    The whole dark forest over the sea,
    Are all captured under me.
    Deadly ghosts perform beneath me,
    You say paranormal in thy speech.
    Black is my favourite,
    I call it mine,
    As it is cognate to the mystic night.
    Hounds there howl as I cast my magic,
    With  prey for a fortune amidst the wreath..
    I am the Queen
    And I summon thee,
    To see thyself,
    My dark magic...

  • unarmed_poet 76w

    Dead Ending

    On the darkest of nights
    In the absence of the moon
    With graves before me
    Dead memories are strewn

    On my soul I confess
    In these darkest of hours
    With cat eyes I see
    Dead vines and red flowers.

    On the path beneath me
    In the forest of my youth
    With a veil of black lace
    Dead spirits speak truth.

    On a tomb of skulls
    In the ghosts of a fire
    With winged feet halting
    Dead ending in a pyre.

    On this Eve I invoked magic
    In the secrets of these trees
    With mystic whispers of spells
    Dead memories take leave.

    © Stacey Welsh ☘️
    - Dead Ending -
    January 18, 2021

  • gutzwvw 78w


    Run your hands through my hair.
    Let me revel in the feel of your fingers.
    Cast a spell upon my heart.
    Paint me in your art.
    Pin me down with your foot.
    And root me to your soul.

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 89w

    Have you ever wondered how life was like before the street lights stole the stars?
    Have you ever wondered what was the silence like before the cars honked and rumbled?
    Have you ever wondered what the roses smelled like before the ash settled on your bones?
    Have you ever wondered what a chocolate ice cream tasted like before we knew how to spell hors d'oeuvres?
    Have you ever wondered what a mother's hug is like before you became too 'independent'?
    #writtenwords #poems #poet #wonder #streetlight #star #steal #silence #car #honk #rumble#rose #smell #ash #settle #bone #chocolate #ice_cream #taste #spell #hors_d'oeuvres #mother #maternal #hug #touch #feel #independent #spontaneous_flow_of_emotions #mirakee

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  • diplim 91w

    Once upon a time,
    On a very dreadful dark night, the moon went crimson
    And the stars went away to hide scared of the sight
    And there laid a brisk silence, the wind stopped gushing
    The living hid, weary of the unknown
    The river mirrored the crimson bleeding of the moon

    The trees grew jealous and cast thrilling spells
    And a witch was born with magic in her bones
    Eyes had the green of leaves, hair had the red of the bark
    Skin as pale as the moon,and vengeance flowing through her soul

    The witch grew old, burning for
    revenge from the rivers for
    mirroring the beauties of the world
    she slashed the rivers apart,
    filled each one them with trees and grass

    Yet, when finished she could not be happy at all
    She carried a void in her, wondered what she lacked

    The trees confessed she lacked a heart, for she had no blood
    The trees gave her life, filled her with mere water itself from the rivers
    And a heart would do no good to her
    The lonely witch with such
    resentment burnt down the forests in search of a heart

    She was lost, lonely and angry and cold
    Losing hope she walked to the fire,
    thinking of ending her life, so dire
    A hand stopped her;
    stunned she turned to see a human male
    What a beauty he had, she admired
    The human took her in, kept her close to him
    She felt the heartbeats and warmth.
    Unable to love the human back she confided she lacked a heart.

    Out of love that love stuck lover stabbed open his chest and offered her his heart
    She held it firmly, placed it inside her chest and the hollow hole was dead
    She cried day and night, now she felt the emotions and love also
    heavy pain of losing her love
    Yet she never felt a void again, never felt alone ever
    She had his heart and undead soul to hold on to
    She lived for a thousand years with him inside of her.

    The end.

    #fiction #magic #spell #witch
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writerstolli @mirakee_ki_daadima
    @writersbay @odysseus

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    The dark fairy tale!

    A witch was born
    with magic in her bones
    Eyes had the green of leaves,
    hair had the red of the barks
    Skin as pale as the moon,
    And vengeance flowing
    Through her soul


  • isolated_atom 98w

    एक आश थी मुद्दातों से की तुम्हारी हर शाम सिर्फ हमारे नाम।
    पर नासमझ कहूं या अनजान,खुद को
    मुझे तो पता ही नहीं था कि तुम्हारी ज़िन्दगी में केवल दिन और रात ही हुआ करते है।।

    ~सोनल दुबे

  • ciara1 99w

    Voodoo In The Hood Part 3

    Lucy: Satan is a busy man guys. Satan keeps us not from doing good deeds for God. The devil is busy everywhere, not just in the church. Well that sums up all the satanic statements.

    Tiara (crosses her arms in anger): Ain't that's like contradicting the bible?

    Lucy: Excuse me?

    Tiara: Ain't that's like twisting God's words around?

    Lucy: I see someone worships the almighty Lord.

    Audience: Laughing.

    Tiara: I know enough about the Lord to know what y'all saying is bull shit.

    Lucy: Who are you?

    Tiara: Don't worry about it.

    Lucy: That is it for today boys. Let's continue tomorrow.(Lucy saunters towards Tiara) what did you say your name was again?

    Tiara: I never said my name.

    Lucy: Haha, what is your name?

    Tiara: Tiara, and I don't want any part of this shit.

    Lucy: You don't have to join us if you don't want to.

    Tiara: You right, I don't.

    Lucy: I find you quite interesting.

    Tiara: What kinda drug house is this?

    Lucy: Well, this is not just any drug house I run, we do all sorts of things here. We operate all kinds of business, which is our cult, we do witch craft, black magic...

    Tiara: Black magic? The brothas into that too?

    Lucy: We all are into all sorts of evil activities.

    Tiara (shakes her head):

    Lucy (gets closer to Tiara): I really do find you quite interesting, and I know you feel the same way.

    Tiara: Damn, you read minds too?

    Lucy: Haha no, it's just the devil's discernment of knowing a homosexual when I see one.

    Tiara: But how you can tell I'm one?

    Lucy: Body language and how you carry yourself.

    Tiara: Damn.

    Lucy: When you first walked in here I'd sensed you are a homosexual.

    Tiara: Man.

    Lucy: Would you come in the bathroom with me?

    Tiara: Whhat we doin in there?

    Lucy: I think you already know. (Grabbing Tiara by the hand, and infiltrating into the bathroom).

    Tiara: You is just my type.

    Lucy: I know.

    Tiara (wrapping her arms around Lucy. Her hands soon makes it's way down towards her butt cheeks, and squeeezes it. They started to tongue kiss).

    Tiara: I like you.

    Lucy: I like you too.

    Aundria (comes out the other room): Where is she? TIARA? TIARA?

    Timothy: Aye lil mama? Who you lookin foe?

    Aundria: My friend Tiara?

    Timothy: Ol girl went in there with Lucy (pointing).

    Aundria: They in the bathroom?

    Timothy: Yea.

    Aundria: What they doin in the bathroom?

    Timothy: You know...

    Aundria: Don't even say it I already know. (walking towards the bathroom door and bangs hand on it). TIARA? IT'S TIME TO GO, I GOT MY WEED.

    Tiara: Awe shit, this shit was gettin good. (Sucking on Lucy's nipples and trying to reach for the door knob).

    Lucy: I got it, (Lucy rotates the door knob and opens it).

    Aundria: WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?

    Tiara: What it look like? I was gettin some.

    Aundria (grabbing Tiara's hand): Come on girl.

    Lucy: I'll see you later.

    Tiara: You bet I will baby. Imma come back and get me some more pussy (smiling).

    © All Rights Reserved


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    I don't know how much magic a spell holds within. But words if used rightly definitely work like spell.