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  • silver_flakes 4w

    I've learnt to be silent
    Cross my lips and bind my heart
    I've learnt to be in the shadows
    Seeing but unseen,
    In darkness viewing light

    Words will spill out unbound
    If my locked lips are torn apart
    In thick silence lies a battle lost
    Pain radiates in every pore
    Soaking up the vestiges of darkness

    It bubbles forth to the tip
    The words that rage within me
    But I gulp down and clench my teeth
    Silence is the beauty of a shadow
    And light the reward of words unspoken

    //So seeing sorrow around me
    I remain silent
    Walking on shards of glass
    I remain silent
    A hand descending in anger
    I remain silent
    A choke, glassy eyes devoid of warmth
    Silent still//

    So does silence remain a virtue
    As I watch the walls crumble around me
    Will my locked lips remain sealed
    Head turning away from acts in dark alleys
    Or will the pent up pain and anger
    Finally break free in a gut wrenching scream
    Yes, and silence is broken

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    Thank you for EC♥️♥️! @miraquill

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    Silent Screams

    Silence is the beauty of a shadow
    And light, the reward of words unspoken

  • the_rhymester_123 24w


    When it's dark we look for stars
    When we're hurt don't worry about the scars...

  • nighty 35w

    Good morning

    The shadows fade at the break of dawn,
    The morn is brought to life with the orange glow,
    All arise, and listen as the song bird sings praises for the blessings given to all,
    Songs that touch the soul,
    And smooths over all the flaws,
    Setting you free from your ghouls,
    A beautiful day to do your best,
    At the second chance, availed to beat life's tests,
    An assurance, you will overcome, you will make it through, you will root all evil and be the one standing over the finish line,with your demons on the ground, head held up high, they must see your crown....

    Good morning and have a great day ☺️

  • kjumai 40w

    FEBRUARY, 4, 2000.

    And if I could be let to say my mind. To testify on her very behalf, I would do so gladly. Putting all my might in it.

    February, 4, 2000, her uncle came. He said he misses her. He says to her he wants to make up for his sins.

    'Can we go back, to what we once were. Lovers beyond the heavens. The sky weren't our limits. Sliest dare not mention our names. We were untouchable. gods!' He chuckles and keeps on advancing towards her.

    She, in fright kept moving back trembling. Why won't he just die? I am sure that's what she thought. She reached the wall. Fear was written all over her face. I guess she tried to run to the next room but he stopped her with his filthy hands and touched her face sensually to her lips.

    'Oh my dear. Say something will you. You know I get furious when you don't talk. You of all people know me and that'. He said. Stupid and shameless he. I would be sure to get him if it were up to me. I swear on my baked-clay head. Really.

  • letterseed 46w

    My body ain't a notice board which says welcome!

    I walk out of my home in cloths that I like,
    at the age of ten or twelve,
    not knowing there are wolves who walk in two legs too.
    There is a crowded bus which I enter into,
    And comes a thousand hands with faceless grin,
    Groping all over my innocence, make it choke and die an early death.
    I'm ripped off of many a things-
    Sleep which I slept with peace pillows beside, Games which I played with full confidence never bothering a flying skirt or dropping collar,
    A body which I adored with no restrictions of scarfs, shawls or jackets.
    A bag which had bus tickets and candies instead of safety knives, pins and pepper sprays.
    I'm ripped off of many a things.
    And was made to age double without me wanting it to be so, with just one day! After just few minutes!
    Does the wolves know this?

    Even when I grew and left that tense behind,
    On a very fine night or a disturbed one,
    Amidst the sleep in a safe zone I dream of those countless wolf hands running over my body,
    Wakes up with the same throat which goes dry and cough out the fear in bits and bundles.
    Making me loose sleep and gift me an oxygen lacking blue skin!
    The first trauma never goes. They say.
    Does the wolves know this?

    How many ages more will it take for the wolves to know this? That...
    My body ain't a notice board which says 'welcome'.
    How many more?!

  • lyramarilex 47w

    Never told anyone about what happened to me apart from exes, and I wish I never gave some of them that part of me. This is the first place I’ve mentioned it because it feels kind of anonymous.
    #abusesurvivor #fight #survive #speakout #poetry #poem #newpoetry #write #foryou #fyp

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    My body remembers

    You touched me when I knew no better

    You hurt me when I was still learning to find my way

    I’ve blocked out most of it and for that I thank my mind,

    But my body remembers from time to time

    When I least expect it, from a lovers touch to even a stranger passing by

    My body remembers your touch I forgot, and I live in silence from what choose to hide

  • wickedlonewolf 59w


    I wish the things were easy,
    I wish they were fine,
    You wanted your space,
    And I wanted to share mine,

    The time we met was perfect,
    And all that followed soon,
    This is something I couldn't fathom,
    What went off till the next moon,

    I promise to be with you,
    And promise my whole life,
    I don't wanna let go,
    Not in the future or even this time...


  • snow22 63w

    No More

    She smiles, she laughs but never once do we see her cry.
    She comes up with bizarre jokes,
    Makes our day but never once do we see her sad.

    He speaks with authority but is caring, never once do we see him falter.
    He uses his position to strengthen and to make us feel safe, but never once do we see him weak.

    But behind closed doors, she cries, she is sad never once do we see her smile.
    He falters, always with his head down but never once do we see him act strong.

    She's beaten, bruised on the inside and out.
    He's berated, degraded on the inside and out.
    But not once do we see them down.

    They are being abused but we don't know,
    They are hiding so we can't see.
    They are being dehumanized but we don't know,
    They are ashamed so we can't see.

    There's no strength in hiding what's going on,
    There's no strength in keeping quiet.

    The greatest strength anyone can show, is by leaving.
    Letting go.


  • untold_kahaniya 66w

    And they lived in hide feelings....

    Never said...

    And end of the story...


  • cicily 67w

    #cicily #mirakee #speakout
    The only thing I don't do is this ��

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    Speak out your mind!!


  • dhrusht_1512 69w


    Founding you was like getting a gift;
    And feeling the season shift;
    Falling of the sun shine on the tree;
    Happiness was attached within you free free free!!

    I lost the way to enrich my dreams;
    You came into my life like the milk with creams;
    You made me find the key within me;
    And also became my addressee!!

    Being the light to my path;
    You appreciated my ability as an empath;
    Slowly and steadily you climbed up my veins;
    Now it feels as soothing as it feels in rains!!

    Wish I could just cling to you;
    For, not only now but forever and through;
    Wish to give and take all the love we need;
    You are grabbing my attention as a weed!!

    Founding you was like getting a gift;
    Let's start this never ending drift!! ❤


  • iamabdul 72w

    They ask to speak out.


    Whenever you try to talk about your depression and anxiety, no one lend an ear. You just keep on losing people for whom you might have taken out time for even in the busiest hour.

    IG: __the_broken_soul_ || Abdul Basit Mohsin

  • _shrutiwrites_ 75w

    Most of the times Depression isn't something we picture in our mind
    Whenever we hear or see this word
    We imagine a sad face, isolated.
    No smile, no hopes to live
    Darkness all around and nothing good
    This isn't depression!

    Depression hides behind a smile.
    A Normal overthinking brain
    When can't find someone or something to trust upon
    But gets hurt with every damn little thing
    Hits rock bottom to find itself in depression
    But still have to put up a happy face!
    So that it doesn't fall into trapped judgments
    of idiotic minds!
    C'mon! be mature, stop judging people

    Stop making assumptions
    Keep your ego aside
    Everyone has a way of living and let them live freely
    Try to live in peace and harmony and understand each other

    Everyone's unique no one can be categorized into something!
    At least listen, understand others even if you can't help them
    Be Genuine
    Make sure.. the person is smiling not from just face but from heart!
    They're not just physically happy but mentally as well!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #depression #mentalhealth #speakout #stayhealthy #behappy

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    Sometimes, depression hides behind smile.
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  • meghamaggi 77w

    Depression...... Is it flawless or sensless? let's not decide this. Bcos this is not the question to be raised or not something which is the need of the hour .But what is needed the most is why is this coming up so much these days? Has depression became an incurable disease but I don't think this can be an answer to define what it is .Wen drugs to cure so many dreadful diseases have come up then this also can be wiped .But why has this become so haunting ? Many or none of us have no answer for this .
    Indeed what can be done is just accepting it the way it is .
    Obviously it might attack any of us !so what?

    The only answer would be talking out ,speaking out ,sharing with every first person you meet..There are lot of people who are ready to give out their ears and yes this could be the only possible cure for this worst malady.
    Obiously it feels awkward to speak to someone known but there's a solution for this too,there are many volunteers taking up intiative to give out there time and help u out to overcome and come back to normal life just like an a warrior!!!����#speakout#shareout#lifeisworthy#preciousto bekept#Nottobetaken#

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    Depression malady

  • poetic_neha 80w

    Better to speak out to the person
    Whose words sting you like thorns
    Let your anger not become an abhor
    For an abhor will kill you from inside


  • jynxielynn85 90w

    We can let ourselves grow
    And embrace this change
    or stay the same.
    While we die a little every day...
    Wasting valuable time.
    Refusing to see
    The mess we made.

    If you ask me.
    I choose to change.
    Because I'm beginning to see...
    There is no other way.

    And I don't know if the world
    Will be different
    After the storm passes...
    But I do know...
    At least I will be.

    The Turbulent Mind Of Jynxie Lynn
    ©JynxieLynn85 Imagery ©Unknown

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  • quoteliners 93w

    Being Upfront

    Being upfront!
    It's tough sometimes to speak out all,
    It's tough to hold in mind what you feel.
    It's tough to think, should I say
    It's tough to think what people will say.
    It's me, I speak what I feel,
    It's me I am like the way I deal.
    It's me the upfront.
    It's me who like to confront.
    It's me who is quiet sometimes,
    It's me who is loud at a times.
    It's me sometimes a soft cornered,
    It's me who wanna conquered.
    Discuss, what you feel,
    Speak out what you wanna say.
    It's me who want to live life MY WAY

  • tripathigaurav 95w


    I sometimes dream of dreams
    as promises that the
    'frightened me' makes when none can peep.

    I sometimes wish that
    'the me' could speak out.


  • nunoalem 96w


    They say, "You are a girl -
    Shush your voice,
    Be prim and proper.
    Be fragile, be 'Her' ".
    Who is "her"?
    Am I just a pronoun?
    Don't I have my own identity?
    Do not conform me
    For like a bird I wish to soar.
    I have found my voice, let it be heard.
    You ask me to change my attire
    Why not change your mentality?
    Do not restrict me,
    For I am a woman of my own.

  • cizhu01 97w


    When you focus
    Everything is admirable..