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  • soultxt 10w

    Tell me about your day
    Tell me about your night
    Honestly all I wanna listen
    Is your voice tonight

    Tell me about your struggles
    How much the world is uptight
    Trust me I will not laugh
    Just a little grin I might

    Tell me about the fight
    Tell me about your plight
    I promise to be there with you
    Until we set it right

    Tell me about the view
    Tell me about the site
    I will collect the emotions
    And fill the stories bright

    Tell me about your colour
    And your favourite hue
    Every time I see you
    There's just heavenly light

    Tell me everything about you
    Everything true
    I still find it hard
    Not to fall in love with you

    Tell me one, tell me two
    I wanna savior every moment of you
    I'll write it all, all you allow me to
    Till the time we bid adieu

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  • soultxt 16w

    #soultxt #vision #mirror

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    The nerves jittery
    Breathing unsteady
    Mind wavery
    Soul shattered
    For what was lost
    Was gone forever
    Except the vision
    Broken yet visible
    Concaved yet prophetic
    Like the fragments of a mirror
    Still reflecting no matter how small...


  • soultxt 17w

    Run and ruin

    Sinking low in the sound
    I found my voice
    Diving deep in the thoughts
    I found my conscience
    Digging through my memories
    I found mementos
    Hustling through the life
    I found the words
    The words which run and ruins the world..


  • soultxt 24w

    The idea of reaching heavens has been made into a dream, a possibility out of reach
    The thought that every one can be happy out there, peaceful, loving and caring and whatnot
    What makes the place on earth so different than heaven ?
    Isn't it the same inhabitants on earth and heaven
    This place we are here in can certainly be made heaven
    What decision, choices, attitude and behaviour will amount to creation of that place ?
    I'm sure you all know that, the answer relies with you and within you!!


  • soultxt 25w

    Art without heart or Heart without art
    Won't survive without each other
    One completes the other
    Time has been a proof
    From the paintings of the stone age
    Till the painting of modern times
    The bond has only grown deeper and stronger
    Resembled by the roots, carried forward with the seeds in our hearts!!


  • soultxt 48w

    #smile #soultxt

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    A smile becomes contagious
    When the happiness is genuine
    The purer the smile the stronger it resonates
    Invoking the unspoken law
    A smile for a smile!!


  • soultxt 56w

    After meeting someone with a depth in personality
    The writer inside me can't help but dive into the depths to find what has carved out your soul so beautiful


  • soultxt 57w

    The letters planted with memories
    Carries the cologne embedded in words
    As you start reading
    The fragrance permeates the air
    Disclosing all the nostalgia within