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  • lostsoul0317 14h

    Silent Wail

    You asked me, Why didn’t I express myself to you earlier?

    I said, I was deeply immersed in your love and barely had time to breathe, hence, the expressions were all inward.

    You asked, And how about now?

    I said, ever since I lost you, am immersed in deep sorrow that all I can do is to barely survive and hence I cry out silently to the world.


  • lostsoul0317 1d

    Gone one day

    One day you were mine forever;
    The next day you weren’t.

    One day we were together;
    The next day we weren’t.

    One day you were there;
    The next day you weren’t.

    You left me stranded there;
    I kept believing you didn’t.

    I know you are still out there;
    But for me, you aren’t.

    I keep hoping, you’d be back there;
    But looks like you wouldn’t.

    I have nothing else, but to wait there;
    Till the time I couldn’t.


  • lostsoul0317 1d


    I know that, you know that, I know;
    You know that, I know that, you know.

    We both know that, we know that, we know;
    But, we both don’t know that, what we don’t know, we will never know!


  • nivethitha_d 1d

    Forever is not for ever.


  • solemnmystery 2d

    Love equation.

    The amount of your love for someone
    Should be directly proportional to
    Your courage of forgetting their memories.


  • lostsoul0317 2d

    You & Me

    Probably, you have moved on. Probably, i won’t let go of you.

    Probably, you are busy building new castles. Probably, am clutching onto our memories’ last remnants.

    Probably, you are busy putting out the dying sparks. Probably, am still stoking the last burning embers. Probably, you will happily marry and will do well in your new life. Probably, I will suffer but will fight for survival in my current life.

    Probably, the only thing in common we would do would be to safely guard the memories of the golden times we had together.


  • lostsoul0317 2d


    We probably have rehearsed our good-bye a thousand times, But it still hurts!

    I probably would do things differently, if I knew that;
    That’s going to be our last day,
    Thats going to be our last chat,
    That’s going to be our last intimate moment.
    That’s going to be our last time as a couple.

    Good byes are usually difficult, but this probably was the worst way to part.

    One day we were together;
    The next day we weren’t.
    One day you were there,
    The next day you weren’t,
    You leave me stranded there,
    I keep believing you haven’t.
    I know you are still out there,
    But for me you aren’t.

    It’s hard for me to imagine that,
    you have moved on;
    It’s hard for me to believe that,
    am no more in your life;
    It’s hard for me to wake up everyday and wait for you the whole day.

    In the hope that,
    you will come back again;
    In the hope that,
    we will be back like the old times;
    In the hope that,
    you will love me again.
    In the hope that,
    there would be many more good times;

    I know I don’t deserve you,
    Try telling that to my heart.
    I know no one suits you better,
    Try telling that to your heart!

    Good-bye my lover; my soul; my companion; my friend; my soulmate.

    See you, Maybe in the next life!

  • chiruka_michiru 3d

    My online friend

    You and I met on a beautiful day by accident. We - two people on two sides of the country - connected with each other to escape our loneliness. We were two strangers who knew nothing about each other and yet could comfortably talk to each other through the nights. Whenever I needed to talk about my issues, the first person I would think of was you because I knew you would always be there on the other side of the screen to listen and comfort me. Just like that you silently entered my life and I also unconsciously accepted your presence. Chatting with you daily had become my hobby, you know? I used to think you were my best friend, a soulmate of my life. You were very important to me, I bet you never expect that. To a quiet and reserved person like me, having a true friend to share sadness and happiness is so difficult, so you were the brightest light in my darkest days, you were my guiding star.

    But one day the star suddenly stopped shining, the sun did not come up anymore. All seemed to have disappeared along with you, just like that you vanished into thin air. Have you really disappeared from my life? I did not know, I just knew that I really lost contact with you. I waited for you, one day, two days, three days… and then a week passed, you were nowhere to be found. At that time do you know how I felt? Hate, resentment or anger? No, I was very worried about you. I asked your friends, but they never answered, they must have thought I was crazy. Eventually I decided to let go, and as time went by the memories of you also faded… Sometimes I still unconsciously thought about you, but it would end quickly. Afterall, I decided to forget you, all about you...

    Then a long time later, you came back but with a different username. You asked me if I still remembered you, I just smiled and said I still did. You told me that time you suddenly disappeared because your account was hacked, it was difficult to find me but luckily you still managed to do it. How did you think I would feel? Was I happy, sad or angry? Actually I only felt relieved knowing you were still doing well, but I no longer felt the same excitement when I saw you online like before. I did not think we could go back to the way we were before, ever! You know, I no longer put too much trust in virtual friendships, a soulmate or something lasting forever, how ridiculous it is. To be frank, you never consider me as your friend, because if you had wanted to find me, you would have found many ways to do it, you would not have to wait so many years later, right? I was tired of waiting and keeping my hopes up, I no longer have enough faith in a friend in the virtual world like you anymore. Sorry and also thank you for everything!


  • nadeem1998 4d

    soulmate - رفيق الروح

    being able to find someone you click with so naturally is the best feeling ever. You feel like you’ve been best friends you’re whole life, it feels like you’re coming home. You’re so comfortable with them. Maybe that’s what a soulmate is. Not someone who shares every single thing in common with you, but someone who feels like home.

    An emotionally intelligent partner or companion who exquisitely aligns and connects with your being at a soul level. #soulmate #souls #��

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    soulmate - رفيق الروح


  • lostsoul0317 4d

    You & Me

    I can’t live with you,
    I can’t leave you.

    I can’t love you,
    I can’t hate you.

    You are my curse,
    You are my salvation.

    You are my worst enemy,
    You are my whole life.

    You own me,
    but I am not yours.

    I own you,
    but you are not mine!


  • megaththenral 1w

    For you

    If you are a colors,
    I will become a brush to touch you,
    If you are a cloudy,
    I will turn into raindrops,
    If you are a mountain,
    I will become a breeze to touch you,
    If you are a water,
    I will be the way you go,
    If you are a tree,
    I would soiled for you,
    If you are a sea,
    I will be the shore to embrace you,
    Thus in whatever form you are,
    I will be with you .....

  • abhisheksharma026 1w


    In the garden of thorns, that my life is,
    All I ever wanted was,
    For a single Rose, to blossom,
    And alleviate the pain, with its hue,
    Its own color indistinguishable,
    From my anguish.
    Instead, I found a cosmos flower,
    And it's still early spring,
    I await patiently for the fall to come,
    To see you blossom fully,
    And see all the thorns disappear,
    Your presence, the only thing,
    It ever needed......!!!

    - Abhishek Sharma Acharya

  • nivethitha_d 1w

    Beautiful memories may hurt sometimes,
    Precious people may break sometimes,

    Things may change exactly the opposite of how it was and how you wanted it to be.
    Isn't it the journey of life?


  • ananotherindiangirl 1w

    Naahh !! I don't believe in Soulmates
    UNTIL something between us become
    Quite serious and Deeper !!
    Until I was engrossed into your eyes...
    Your eyes are the place where I want to
    See the reliance and the faith always ,
    But the fact is I can't even stare at those eyes...
    So dear soulmate , please
    Understand me as you always do in the best way ,
    Be with me , because now I can't even
    Imagine a single day
    Without the existence of yours!!
    Be mine and make me only yours...❤️


  • happypenning_sad 1w

    If not for you I don't know where,
    in this vast wide world I were lost,
    when you pulled me out of despair,
    I dint realize our bond will long last

    Sorry, for not knowing you at once
    that you will be my soul mate for life;
    But ever since I knew you deep
    I never want to see you seep

    Thanks, for all your shoulders offered;
    they gave me the strength to fight
    againag all odds that were destined
    to be a part of my growing plight

    Thanks, for all the Consoling words
    you never once let me cry,
    making sure I am proud before others
    you kept all of my secret pry

    Thanks, for answering my calls,
    Whenever I give you a ring,
    even when I sometimes discard yours,
    you never complain about it a thing

    Thanks, for inspiring me,
    only in your own special way,
    I now promise this spree
    of clinging to you always this way..

    #poem #soulmate #friend #bond #dedication @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    To my soul mate

    Surprisingly, two completely strange girls can be more than BFF. Don't think we belong to the Rainbow, we are sharing a deep frienship destined to end as soulmates.

    She is my pillow when I cry and my swing when in joy.

    She is Srija. This is only for you :)

    Tag your friend below if you have one such, with whom you share an ever-lasting bond.

    P.S: See the caption for full poem

  • idyllic_ana_10 1w

    We all atleast once are in love with someone we do not know and still love that person. The poem says all about it.

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    वाट पाहत तुझिया,
    हे डोळे आसुसले.
    आवाज तुझा ऐकण्या,
    हे कान त्रासले.

    भेटीची या ओढ तुझ्या,
    सतावते माझ्या या मना.
    ना ठाऊक मज कोण तू,
    हाच काय तो माझा गुन्हा.

    पाहिले तुला न मी,
    तरीही रोज पाहतो.
    तुझ्याच विचारांत मी,
    दिन-रात गुंग राहतो.

    कल्पनांचा प्रवाह हा,
    असाच राहे सुरू.
    नि एकमेकां सवे सखे,
    स्वप्न सारी पूर्ण करु.

    जरी नसेल ठाऊक मज,
    अत्ता-पत्ता काही तुझा.
    तरी दिवास्वप्नात तुझ्या,
    सरतो हा दिवस माझा.

    तुझ्याच विचारांत असताना,
    आवाज कोणी दिला.
    नि रंगत आलेल्या स्वप्नाचा,
    तिथेच अंत झाला.
    -Anamika Shinde


  • anonym_o 1w

    On those days where I felt misery and no hope
    The thought of only you would help me cope..
    You are the one I could always willingly trust
    Thought we always belonged in an sacred tryst..
    Guilt and remorse took over my nights
    My heart so dark, nothing ever excites..
    It heals nothing, but I want to let you know thyself
    I never stopped loving you, I stopped loving myself..

  • mystory123 1w


    Rather finding a soulmate in other people
    Find a mate in your own soul
    Trust me
    You will never be alone...

  • dips_ika16 1d

    A letter to my "Soulmate"

    Dear Soulmate,
    I'm pretty sure we've crossed paths before, just unassured of the spot
    But I know you've already forgotten
    How I look or how my name sounds like
    Just another wallflower within your area of sight.

    Dear Soulmate,
    It's pretty weird for me to have you here as well
    A bit restless, I don't know if you can tell
    After being spun around the other way
    By you who caught me in his arms and let me stay.

    Dear Soulmate,
    It almost feels like I have a debt to pay
    Only to be fixed by paying attention to you
    One burden I don't find myself to be in dismay
    For I know that somehow, you carry the same load too.

    Dear Soulmate,
    I am not in love with you, let's make that clear
    I have learned not to after all these years
    From many a chance encounter broken by this mere
    Emotional "commitment" shrouded in unvoiced fear.

    See, I can not be caught in the teeth of romance
    For it has bitten me once, let's not give it another chance
    to ruin something good, I know you'd understand
    So let me keep my distance now, before it catches me with its glance

    Dear Soulmate,
    I hope you feel the same
    As I write to you, it may sound insane
    Let me explain, before things turn twisted
    Why I can't let you be one of them in the end.

  • _the_soul_writer 12w


    Beauty is not in face
    Real Beauty is in Heart.