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  • ferozah 34w

    Toxic is when you love the wrong man from your soul, like your own soul !!

  • light_ofthe_heart 39w

    Ramadan Series 12

    What is prayer? It is the soul of a religion. Purification of the soul cannot be attained without prayer. Man without prayer is like a soulless person. Salat is the second pillar of Islam, this shows the greatness it holds.

    The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "The first thing that Allah made obligatory upon my ummah was the five prayers; and the first thing from their acts of worship that shall be taken up will be the five prayers; and the first thing that they may be questioned about will be the five prayers".
    He (SAW) also said: "One who adheres to the five (daily) prayers diligently, they shall be means of illumination and salvation for him on the Day of judgement", (Kanzul 'Ummal volume 7).

    And for du'a, it creates a connection of total dependence on Allah SWT. Du'a are of two types: du'a of asking and du'a of worship.
    Allah says: "And your Lord said: "Call upon Me, I will answer you. Verily, those who scorn My worship they will surely enter Jahannam in humiliation", Qur'an 40:60.
    The Prophet SAW said: "The du'a is the brains of worship", (Tirmidhi).

    May Allah SWT illuminate our hearts. Aameen

  • soulless_one 40w

    Scattered soul

    She was too young
    To differentiate love and lust touches
    Little did she imagine about sex
    Touched by predators
    She still was unaware of the world
    By the time she gained consciousness
    She came to know
    Her body as beautiful as a rose
    Is thorned inside out by beasts
    She is nothing but
    A Soulless one wandering
    For a genuine soul to fill her


  • its_me_luki 52w

    Homeless Soul

    I built my home in you
    Put all my feelings there
    Decorated every corner with happiness I used to have
    And let myself empty
    Cause I thought, being together, we would be happy
    But then you leave
    You bring my home, our home, within
    Now I'm lost
    No home, no happiness,
    All I have is this numbness and loneliness
    My soul roaming around, it's homeless

  • anjali82 60w


    I just wished you broke my heart, coz I could live this life heartless

    But then you left, robbing my soul and here I'm ........

    [Backspace feelings]

  • shubhankar_m_u 67w

    The soulless life

    The pain in heart pricking me every inch of my skin,
    Making my body numb.

    The sadness, the agony make me to loose myself...


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  • _li___ 75w

    What if my heart likes dark, does it make me less human?
    What if my heart empathises a sinner, does it make me less human?
    What if my heart likes the ocean more than the sand, does it make me less human?
    What if my heart fails to understand human words, does it make me less human?
    What if my heart doesn't know where it belongs, does it make me less human?
    What if my heart doesn't love itself, does it make me less human?
    Is everyone in love with their heart?
    Is everyone there where their heart belongs?
    Is everyone willing to trust and be kind to others?
    Is everyone unbiased of preconceptions?
    Is everyone that person they say they are?
    Why is it so opaque?
    Why can't I see your soul through you?
    Why can't I connect with humans as human?
    M I less of a human or is everyone else inhuman?

    #lost #inhuman #dark #writingforself #love #toxic #soulless @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Why can't I see your soul through you?
    Why can't I connect with humans as human?
    M I less of a human or is everyone else inhuman?


  • __aruka__ 76w


    e day
    all my t
    ears woul
    d dry up and
    i would n
    o longer
    my h
    eart, lik
    e that of th
    e barren land
    will become
    dry and
    it would
    still keep th
    hollow sp
    ace wh


  • moxie_stargazer 78w


    Feeling broken, alone, and unsure.

    All of this is eating me up.
    It eats my insides with its eyes.
    After lonely gazing,
    It begins devouring me.
    One slow look,
    One ravenous bite.
    A taste it slowly relishes.
    I feel my insides being pulled out.
    I'm turned to mush and drawn out bit by bit.
    Every bit being lengthened and liquified
    And consumed.

    Parasitic and venomous,
    It will find a new host.
    It's coming
    To eat your insides with its eyes.

  • nocturnal_enigma 83w

    #soul @mirakee #wod #WordOfTheDay (2 days ago)

    #Soulless #ghoul #foul #Worthless #TokyoGhoul

    * Challenge details:

    - Word: Soul
    - NOT more than 20 words

    (Mine has exactly 20 words)

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    Soulless ~

    No soul;
    Ones turn into...
    a souls-eater ghoul;
    Who's feared, yet, fearless;
    Has a foul...
    smell; Too...

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • alxita 85w

    -- They Wonder Why --

    Their wondrous wonders as to why I'm quiet
    If all emotions would flow, the insensible them sets
    All those be displayed in my clouded eyes
    But since they never knew, answers won't suffice

    They wonder again, as to why I've looked so different
    But never squeezed out some thoughts worth a cent
    A querencia from the utmost formidable me
    But not a threshold for their foolishness as I fleed

    Since no remnants observed from their past love and care
    I will flee now, wandered away in clueless despair
    But if a better self will meet upon the chosen path
    Then happily I accept, as for the future I've had

    #poetry #despair #life #misunderstanding #unloving #callous #soulless #fakefriend #mirakee #thoughts #alxita_june_twenty #ceesreposts #darkness

    Poem no. 111
    Jun. 8, 2020, 4:31 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: 6 hours of delay is not bad I guess? Had a very busy afternoon with my cousin! Anyway, enjoy ��

    This is a revised version of my older poem here in Mirakee! It was the second poem posted on March 26, 2020.

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    They Wonder Why

    "A querencia from the utmost formidable me
    But not a threshold for their foolishness as I fleed"

  • alxita 88w

    -- Ebony of the Yard --

    The demesne's verdant hues paint the place
    With a secretly spirited ambience, living the pace
    Of what life gives them as an unknown surprise
    Don't beguile your senses from its erratic reprise

    So, it's an ecosystem that's already flourishing
    Flora and fauna all dancing and synchronizing
    Is it surprising to see a blemish in perfection?
    Who knows, you'll treat it bad without lamentation

    Now, the ebony trees grow as a lost group
    Situating themselves in a society that scoops
    The impurities away in fear of blemishes
    Without cleansing them, will spread like the rashes

    It's sad, they deem unworthy from general opinion
    They'll keep themselves away in oblivion
    From the words of society, it's become a rarity
    Reaching the lowest counts, erasing in prosperity

    Deeming its value is now striking the precious gold
    Rare indeed to be found, fascinations behold
    From the tips of their tongue, from what they've done
    Just like ethnic cleansing, they've already begone

    #poetry #society #racist #discrimination #rarity #uncommon #blemishes #callous #soulless #nature #life #mirakee #save #endangered #ambiguity #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 83
    May 13, 2020, 1:57 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: The poem is highly ambiguous. There can be many meanings associated in the poem. ����

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    Ebony of the Yard

    "Deeming its value is now striking the precious gold, rare indeed to be found, fascinations behold. From the tips of their tongue, from what they've done, just like ethnic cleansing, they've already begone"

  • alxita 90w

    -- Bittersweet Candy --

    The girl walked insensitively in her attire
    As the gloominess around her slowly grows dire
    Pertaining to the sinister glares of her eyes
    As if the flowers she'd stare at will wither and die

    But, she is not the blood-red devil in reality
    What's behind her mask is the pitiful history
    Of suffering that greatly abolished her sanity
    Leaving behind the bitter aftertaste for eternity

    She was once the sweet candy we'd admire
    But the reckless spirits turned her joy into pyres
    To be igneously burned as her face grows apathetic
    Numbed by the extreme pain by the spirits so satanic

    The bittersweet candy marking insensitivity
    A saddened reality said by frozen tears of agony
    Wordless as she'd continue down the bottomless road
    Tainted as it turns into her case-hardened abode

    #poetry #hell #callous #soulless #candy #bittersweet #tainted #sadness #agony #anger #wordless #history #life #reality #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 62
    May 1, 2020, 1:53 PM (GMT+8)

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    Bittersweet Candy

    "What's behind her mask is the pitiful history, of suffering that greatly abolished her sanity, leaving behind the bitter aftertaste for eternity"

  • alxita 93w

    -- Bomb of Yesterday --

    At last, another day of endless turmoil
    As real-life faces a pandemic that'll spoil
    The society's lives and economies too
    Only to realize, they're backfired by their selfless fools

    From their bombs set up from yesterday
    It's no wonder why Earth is crying
    Soullessly seeking help from its critters everyday
    To the point that their misdemeanors come back blasting

    At last, why not seek for some revenge?
    Or rather, some peace and quiet from humans
    For the nature she'll always help to avenge
    The unreal fires made by the scoundrels of land

    From the bombs of yesterday, it's now coming back
    Twisting fates, affecting lives, her revenge never lacks
    Humankind's pushed right off the cliffs
    As they battle off the crisis and will they again, uplift

    #poetry #covid #earth #saveearth #crisis #bombs #life #thoughts #soulless #humanity #society

    Poem no. 19
    Apr. 10, 2020, 5:41 PM (GMT+8)

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    Bombs of Yesterday

    "Soullessly seeking help from its critters everyday, to the point that their misdemeanors come back blasting"

  • emopoet 94w

    Well this is quite in my #element .
    #Soulless is what people tend to call me.
    This is for people like me.

    You can find my other works at @emopoet
    #Acrostic #life #inspiration #thoughts

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    Shadows so dark
    Over his head float;
    Used is his heart
    Lost is his way
    Living like a ghost for
    Endless days he goes
    Snakes in his ears
    Sing these songs.

  • sattar_x 103w


    Frozen, like dead fish in ice cold and numb
    Frozen, like the that tells time on a broken Wall clock
    Frozen, like a character in a movie when you press pause
    Frozen, like the heart when it's without blood
    That's how you make me feel, I can't go on
    I'm helpless, like a baby that's just been born
    In my heart you stay, in my arms you're gone
    My Day has suddenly darkened since I lost my Sun
    Take all my Silver , take all my Gold
    Just bring her back to me, give her to me whole
    I don't need no car to drive, nor money to hold
    For with her by my side I become brave, I become bold
    I miss your smile, I miss your sweetness
    Of all my past loves, you're the only one that's made me speechless
    Some made me cry, for some I showed moments of weakness
    But I swear before God and man, you're the only one who left me soulless

  • drisyadevan_ 118w

    How hard it can be ?

    Every minute reminiscing the moments which we had spent, crashing through my brain like a hit of sea wave thru and fro on the shore.

    Every night weeping at silence on the crumbled sheet with a crumbled soul.

    Going through the daily chores with no soul within and every day and night is more like an year span length.

    A smiling face with a trembling heart within and carrying a heart heavier than own body weight.

    To control the eager to again feel the warmth of your body and to slowly melt inside, knowing its never going to happen.

    A pointless soul with no direction to go, stuck in the time where you had left me with no further move forward.

    It's like a wounded heart being stabbed for a million times each day, with a crushed feeling and a numbed pain.

    Tell me how hard it can be,
    To be lost like this,
    To feel like this,
    To live like this.

    Do you feel the same or is it more worse.

  • sel_ethereal 118w

    She thought he was resplendent.
    Little did she know that he had used up
    All the light in her soul
    And now she was left soulless.

  • arvarion 119w


    they’re soulless
    one black
    one white

    the pupil of the night
    stares straight into yours
    the infinite depth swallowing you up throwing you up
    and you just can’t resist

    it will haunt your dreams
    find you
    kill you
    but all you can do is fall into its fatal embrace

    the black pearls fall and burn the ground like
    living acid, the souls of the dead
    shunning the onyx lying on the ground

    the white pupil
    emanates a foreign aura
    of the lost and dead
    the lifelessness seeping out
    killing the air
    atom by atom
    killing you
    atom by atom

    you fall into the viscous pool
    bubbling and frothing with
    the tears of the fallen
    the milky way of the gone
    but all you can do is soak it all up
    as it soaks you up
    as your life fades into the
    waterfall of the soulless

    you wonder how they became
    as you realise the mirror in front of you