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    We started out as strangers
    But very soon we got closer.
    The feelings were same and so was the warmth
    But differences and delusions overshadowed our bond.

    We shielded each other,
    Held tight during highs and lows.
    Compromised, pushing our limits, we tried our best.
    But destiny wanted something else.
    Though connected spiritually, we are
    Still separated physically and emotionally.

    Our bond, those secrets,
    We shared everything but pity, we
    Couldn't share self respect and tolerance.
    We walked together but on different sides,
    You were on the left, I was on the right.
    We were similar,yet so different and
    That's why it didn't work out well.

    Our bond was unique and sacred,
    But still lacked something.
    We complemented each other,
    But couldn't seal those cracks
    And so our red hearts
    Became black as hell at last.

    All those deep conversations made us feel so special,
    All those lame jokes, funny snaps made us feel high.
    Who knew that it would take this turn?
    Our talks turned into arguments
    And memories which used to be happy,
    Now make us feel sad and caged.

    Life wanted us to meet,
    But didn't want us together.
    We spent a grand time,
    But it didn't last forever.
    Our lives were just parallel, we
    Mistook them to be intersecting.

    We don't know what went wrong.
    I want you back but life has
    Something else in store for us.
    We would have made it perfect,
    We would have sorted it out,
    But we had to part ways,
    And that becomes
    the final truth.

  • baatein_aur_tum 42w

    This is my life, and I guess all of us.. I hope you find it relatable. #relatable #writers #sharing #messedup #sorted #life #facts #thinking

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    Sometimes, people are the temporary.
    But, the pain they gave is permanent.

  • baatein_aur_tum 42w

    This is my life, and I guess all of us.. I hope you find it relatable. #relatable #writers #sharing #messedup #sorted #life #facts #thinking

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    Sorted Mess...

    You are a sorted mess,
    Like you have sorted everything,
    You have sorted ideas,
    Sorted plans, clothes,
    Everything basically.
    But, you are still a mess!
    Well, think about it.
    Aren't messed in anyway?
    Isn't your life a mess?
    Like do you know
    What's exactly happening?
    In your mind and life?
    Everyone is a sorted mess.
    Some accept it, some don't.

  • smilesofwhiles 43w

    I wish...
    I was more
    Sorted in my mind
    Than I am...

  • amrutha_writtings 46w

    Best friend

    Life is sorted when you are your better half's best friend.!

    No secrets, lots of fights and love, romance, giggles, up and downs all together..!

  • bleedingkalam 61w


    "You are my life but I don't see a future with you"
    You are confusing!!
    Get your priorities sorted!
    Or I'll have to sort mine without you!

  • behind_the_clouds 94w

    We sorted it out
    It was easy for us
    But still wanna say something
    I really like to get angry
    Coz I like the way u dissolve my anger
    Into pure love...


  • krishangeedeka_ 111w

    For better understanding please read Dear Bae, now that you are here

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    Dear Bestie, again

    Millions of smiles are back...
    My love, you are aback..
    Thanks for untieing the knots in our messed up relation....
    This have really given me a speechless elation....
    Things are getting better and better day by day
    I hope those golden days return that were cheerful and gay!!
    Some steps I shall take and some do you,
    Let's paint the rainbow again with 'love' named hue...

    Love You...

  • bawari_ladki 115w

    Simple n sorted

    Are the most wanted desire.....


  • maahi2203 118w

    Did I mess you up?

    I excluded myself from the soul and all i felt was sorted!!!

  • aabanerjee 126w

    To Be Honest

    There are thing that we don't except just to sound that we are the "GOOD" ones but I don't feel shame in accepting that I am imperfect, it's like a hundred of times that I felt that I should find my home and stay still forever and within another moment I will live it to the fullest and never stick around to thins long, I don't feel shame accepting that I have had bunches of breakups and I left the past behind because I am still searching what I really want to live with. Yes I do love to imagine those situations that would never happen but I don't feel sad when my imagination doesn't comes into reality. Yes I do have a lot of dreams some of them are conquered and some of them are yet to conquered. Yes I do become shameless and express what so ever I feel but I know where I have to be silent. That's life. I don't want regrets. If I say I hate you am sorted and if I say I will be there for you keep that in mind I'll be there always. Yes I have emotional issues I might be strongly involved with you and your slightest loss will hurt me and if I am cold then nothing in world can melt my heart for you. Yes I am like this. And I know I am not alone.


  • the_law 153w

    Happy Diwali

    This Diwali, people went out to meet friends,
    Burst crackers and shared sweet delicacies.
    And I just sat down with a bowl of popcorn and binge watched The Pirates of the Caribbean...

  • john4566 158w

    I was a mess in her methodical life and she was the only solved riddle in mine.

  • a_wallflower_m 161w

    Consistency like snapchat streaks &
    Your life would be much sorted.

  • imbunny97 161w

    13 Reasons Why

    Today I realised,
    1 I am silent and You are noisy,
    2 I am fixed and You are variable,
    3 I am divine and You are confused,
    4 I am expressive soul and You are freefly,
    5 I am deep and You are layerous,
    6 I am slow rabbit and You are fast turtle,
    7 I am clingy and You are resistive,
    8 I am drama artist and You are all sorted,
    9 I am easy to win and You are hard to,
    10 I am all yours and You are not mine,
    11 I am all in love and You are just not,
    12 I am not me and You are only you,

    Today I realised,
    13 I am one Clay and You are one Hannah,

    But Please! Don't you ever Go!

    - Bunny

  • swapnilmoon 167w

    Sort Of Sorted

    Just figure out what sorts 'em out.
    It's your kindness
    It's their sickness.


  • vanshagarwal 174w

    Life was sorted, atleast there✌
    #anjaana #life #sorted #siblings #GharGhar #mirakee

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    "Let life be sorted, atleast for a moment"
    he thought

    Ghar-Ghar with siblings was the only way


  • diviadc 175w

    And sometimes

    You have to put your all
    To hold that guard up

    To stand against the hurricane within
    So that it dosent snap off
    The door of your heart
    You had been keeping shut
    All these years.

    To not let the turbulent waves
    Leak droplets from the cracks in the wall
    You ve been confiding within
    Just to hear from the world
    "Wow, you're so sorted."
    And thats when i laugh at
    The stupidest humanity.


  • vivekkakkar 179w

    #Cardiac Rehabilitation # Heart pump # cardio rehab #proud physio # managed stress life #sorted heart

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    Pump it the right way

    An interview on the Cardiac Rehabilitation and its scope in today's metropolitan lifestyle

    Hi fellow Adams', eves' and the blessed ones.
    This edition i have been obliged to share my experience and understanding of Cardiac Rehabilitation and its scope in today's lifestyle.

    It's a world wide phenomenon, early 20's - 30's are the new heart attack age. And there are many theories ,speculations,suggestions and ideas. what we lack many a times then seldom is root cause analysis from a global perspective.A holistic overview.

    Heart is a pump -yes.
    Heart is an organ -yes.
    Heart is a gland - *YES*
    Heart behaves with memory- *YES*
    Heart is trainable -yes
    Heart understands the need of body at various times-yes
    Heart also breathes-yes
    Heart also excretes -yes
    Heart is emotional -yes

    Hence the entire world denotes heart as themselves and personifies heart to be them at point and again .... But do we acknowledge the same once confronted with a dysfunction or a dis-ease?

    Enlisting cardiac(Heart) associated ailments will be enormous. To explain in permissible space & scope of this medium, putting forth the understanding i evolved with over the past few years of my clinical learning.

    Most common situations where cardiac rehab is advised to a patient in a corporate premium hospitals is cardiac surgeries and major cardiac traumas.
    Very seldom we find referrals in clinical establishment for wide spread cardiac ailments ,unless they reach the alarming stage.

    What are these CONDITIONS which can be brought under control OR which can help control the compensatory stress on the heart, with very subtle variations or effectively managed with cardiac rehabilitation principles?

    3. ASTHMA
    4. SHALLOW BREATHING/early fatigue
    10. Any Accidents/Burns/Scars around thoraco-abdominal area.

    Cardiac Rehabilitation as explained by HEART.ORG IS a program which is customised to improve your cardiovascular health.

    Its a team effort of multidisciplinary approach including your doctor's,nurse pharmacist, family friends and but ofcourse your Physiotherapist.
    This program is designed to make you in-charge of your choices, lifestyle and habits that affect your heart so as to ensure that you get a stress managed healthy, nourished and active heartbeat.

    Ofcourse it is of much higher importance for those who had heart faliure or angioplasty or heart attack,BUT ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY.

    We often neglect that subtle habits ensure that we keep our heart troubled at all times. A nagging head ,a constant worry, an unsettling list of desires,always aiming for more than you can, ensuring you keep excuses standby with addictions and toxin consumption.always attempting to feed your fight or flight response with more adrenaline rush rather than calming your self down and realising ground realities of the situation.over reaching debt and liabilities for peer pressure and social respect, phew.... And many more stresses are a few enlisted stressors which put your body under constant autonomic nervous system firing which tends to go unnoticed under the camouflage of life situations or what we lovingly call LIFESTYLE.

    THE ailments causing heart attack are less than the stressors ensuring you find ailments to blame for your heartattack.

    Today the often observed behaviour is such that even for a yoga class,there are few who get anxious of there performance and always compete with others over it.( Not accepting your limitations -however temporary they might be - is an ailment in itself)

    So this brings me to the second most common reason for ailments- DEHYDRATION.

    Oh Yes you drink 5 litres a day.

    One of the most common reply i get the minute i raise my concern on dehydration is the amount of water you drink, unconcerned with the absorption of it into the system.
    Overfiring adrenals will always keep kidneys in stress ,which will always push the water out with a very less rationale to the demand of the body.

    Dehydration is the most underrated condition with respect to cardiac ailments.(my observation)

    The best way to prevent this is to identify the stressors and address them aptly.once the underlying autonomic response of our body will be brought down , hydration can be addressed followed by nutrition.

    Next i bring my emphasis to the next underdog ,INSOMNIA.

  • geeky_soul 179w

    Sort out

    We tend to sort out life as we want....

    but life have some other plans for us....