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  • giridhar1529 2h

    Sometimes,sorry becomes the hardest word in the vocabulary,as people aren't ready to accept their mistakes...


  • bad_habit 15h

    I never knew about you indian guys,
    but after join mirakee I got an opportunity to know about you all.
    You all gave me so much love from the first day till now .. Just in some days we made a strong bond.
    You guys are really so lovely, supportive, caring.. I'm glad to have you all in my life.. Thanks for everything you did from the first day till now. And sorry if I did any mistake,
    sorry if you get hurt by me or by my words, actions. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

    I have said it so many time, and now again I'm
    saying - I'm blessed to have you all in my life.
    Again thanks for your love..

    {Just wanted to express how much loved I am}

    [ Boohoot din se hi yeh sab thoughts dimaag mein a rehe the, toh likh diya] ������

    #sorry #thank_you #love #friends

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    You guys are really damn...
    And I'm really so lucky to have you all...

  • annatimes 1d

    Ur Sufferings, is the price
    U r paying for ur

  • _truesayings_ 1d

    I hope you be unapologetic enough to choose you over anything and anyone that brings you down or holds you back.


  • ray_27 3d


    Yes, I agree I made a mistake and I can do anything to get it right and get you back.
    Our memories make me restless, they don't let me sleep at night.
    Whenever I see you, not with me I feel the uneasy feeling I don't know how to cope with.
    When I close my eyes, you are with me and the very next second you are not.
    I sleep with your memories and wake with them, why have you left this scar on me?
    Coming from my soul, Heed to my wish
    You are my being, my realm, you are everything to me.
    Without you my heart is incomplete,
    Why you don't understand this?
    I am sorry for my mistake, but I still consider you mine.
    Please forgive me one last time, one last time.


  • my_book_my_words 5d


    Mistakes happens from everyone,
    You, me even god makes Mistakes,
    But 2nd chance is always given,

    Misunderstanding is a common issue,
    I misunderstood you I forgot it's your life you also need your space,
    I am sorry.

    Yes I know you are irritated by me,
    But I am gonna rectify my habits,
    I will not message you a lot nor call you,
    I am sorry.

    I know I am stupid,
    It's was just my insecurities controlling me,
    Even when I know you are mine,
    I am sorry.

    I am a dumb, I thought I would always get immediate replies,
    But it's not the truth we both have our life's,
    I am sorry.

    I know the boredom has taken over us,
    But I promise I will entertain you lot,
    I am sorry.

    I will improve myself and not become self opposed and very much dependent on you,
    I am sorry.

    I have realized my mistakes please forgive me and give me a chance to improve and my it all good,
    I am sorry for my mistakes,
    I love you very much❤
    -Mayuresh Kallani.

  • thetramp 1w

    Sorry Mom,

    What you wished to be a phase,

    Was me becoming who I am.

    What you wished would never stay,

    Unapologetically became something to witness.

  • wifey_suicide 1w

    I got hoes sitting on tinder...

  • wifey_suicide 2w

    Return to sender

    Look I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's just been a busy summer, and I know I just disappeared into thin air. Without a body to trace.
    Just sometimes I just got caught up in the things I wanted to grab in life. If I knew bettering my life would actually harm you, do you really think I would've just left?
    Alright look, I know nobody knows the whole story between us and I don't fully understand it either. But what can I exactly say? Because saying sorry can't fix what a bandaid can't heal.

  • munazza 2w

    Second chance

    When life brings you to the same situation where you made wrong choice and then this time you chose a different option, that is when you have actually grown up and out grown all those spaces. The spaces where you were suffocated under the smoke of your wrong decisions. Second chance is a miracle in itself. If you get any, never dare to lose it without trying the side of the coin which you missed earlier.


  • tenderkisses 4w

    Even now I contemplate..
    My actions caused you pain, I am truly sorry..
    My deceit broke your heart, I am sincerely sorry..
    My attempts to explain made it worse, I am so very sorry..
    My heart, feelings, love poured out, I am deeply sorry..
    Your distain, disgust and assumptions about me, I am extremely sorry..
    Your ignorance, your rejection, your cold rebuffs and blocks, I am immensely sorry..
    But I express, I feel, I Ioved, I missed, I persisted, I tried..
    And for that, I am NOT sorry..


  • madmans_diary 4w

    He and She

    It was his words

    It was her wounds

    It was their pain

  • tenderkisses 4w

    Don't hate me...
    I don't hate you..


  • 13_prerna 5w

    Remember you can't disrespect others.
    Pranks now a days are toxic for trust.
    Today even if you get one of a kind proposal for marriage first thing you that come up in your mind is "where is the camera?" See this is what I am talking about real feelings and trust fade if we encourage a prank filled with disrespect and which hurts someone emotions.
    We will no longer be human.
    #mythought_ppc #sorry

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    Prank now a days.

    Prank that hurts people and their emotions are no prank.
    You can't insults someone and call it prank.
    Prank is when everybody laughs, even the one who got pranked.

  • myhiddenlies 5w

    I wonder if a sorry would have worked better ,
    Rather than a heartbreaking good bye


  • ishanisinghania 5w


    I'm sorry,
    Because I'm not a person anymore...
    I'm a problem...

  • paraskhandelwal 6w

    Main roz bhi agar maafi-nama likhun tumhe,
    Toh bhi 7 janam mein kabil na banu maaf karne ke.

    Meri badnaseebi hai jo meri wajah se tumhare aansun nikle,
    Main 100 janam bhi hasaun toh kabil na banu tumhare aansun saaf karne ke.


  • lonesome_artist 6w

    For You

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.


  • beensn 6w

    Sorry & Thanks

    Sorry and thanks are beautiful expressions,
    They can melt many hearts.
    Your heart feels light when you say sorry,
    Thanks fills you with gratitude and say, no worry.
    These two together can bind any relation,
    The absence may break the affiliation.
    At the same time, they have some conditions,
    That they are to be accompanied by some emotions.
    Sorry remain just as a word when you don't feel it,
    Thanks remain just as a word when you don't mean it.
    Let the combo of these two make our life joyful,
    With the proper dose of emotions to make them meaningful.
    © beensN

  • immanuel14 6w

    Blue Notes (1)

    Title: Blue Notes
    Theme: Appologies
    Author: Immanuel14
    Date: 6th June 2021.

    Hey, this is me, Immanuel
    I've alway been misunderstood.
    Prolly because i dont put much effort into using words to explain myself.
    So, here is an attempt.

    I really regret what I did, it was a very stupid things to do.
    Hopefully you'll forgive me someday.
    You ever had questions you can't ask?
    You ever had a dream never come true?
    You ever love something that it scares you?
    You ever felt like you're way too far away.
    Way too outta touch with reality that you're constantly overwhelmed.
    If you feel what I'm saying, then hopefully you'ld understand.

    I've been through a lot in the past years
    I've been hurt so much that I can't feel... not until meeting you.
    All the pain of my past put me right here.
    Alot of shit got to me over the years and at some point I believed me to be cursed.

    I tried staying away because between the madness and my apathy to life, seems there's nothing left in me thats good. I believe I'm toxic, imperfect and with lots of vices.
    I've got nothing special, I don't live the social lifestyle like you might want because I'm super introverted and only exist in the world in my head.
    So, I felt there's really nothing much i could offer you but my negative vibes, sadness and my pain.

    You're the only good thing in my life and i didn't wanna ruin that like i do everything else so i had to protect you from me because I felt you deserved better.
    But still I ended up screwing it all up while trying to avoid doing so.

    I've always had issues opening up and letting people in because I believed me to be a loner.
    So, I push everyone away because I'm scared of being hurt.

    You came into my life in the most unexpected way.
    From the simple "Excuse Me, can you help me watch my bag" while I stepped out, to returning to the class to hear you playing "B.O.M.O by Tatiana" which picked my interest.
    Then I proceeded to starting a conversation by asking you of the book you were studying "Basic Laws of Fiction"... While flipping through the pages, came across a familiar topic "Feminism".
    I guess you couldn't tell but I was nervous because it wasn't planned and at the same time intrigued at how you strongly argued your views on feminism.

    From speaking so freely like we've known forever on the first day, to the staying up all night on the 2nd day we met... I still remember you telling me stories of your family all night.
    This was when I started having feeling for you.

    Each day hanging out with you was a series of overwhelming events... Especially the day we had our first kiss, remembering how badly I wanted you stay a little longer after 'sidu' called... even tried pulling you hands but you insisted. God knows I was dead jealous.

    I've never cared much about anyone to the point of being jealous but somehow that night you managed to bring out that part of me out and right from that moment was when I became obsessed with you.

    You didn't know this, but you became the best part of my day... looking forward to seeing you each night and having mood swings when I couldn't. Exams wasn't funny because I could barely study without you in my head.
    Calling you was my therapy because hearing you answer the phone with 'hiya' was all I needed to set my mood right but then I go back to missing you even more when i hang up the call.

    You went from being the one person that coincidentally came into my life to suddenly becoming my world itself.

    I dont know why it feels so different with you, but i cant help how i feel and that scares me alot.
    Because I'm worried and jealous everytime you're away.
    I worry if you're healthy, safe, happy, stressed, or even had anything to eat because of your appetite?

    Most of all, I worry about not giving you the best of everything you want and my inability to give you the kinda life I want for you kills me.

    Truth is, i really cant stay away because the more i try to, the more i loose my mind.
    And at this point, feels like my heart is repeatedly being ripped out of my chest.
    Thought that was what i wanted but having thought about it for the past few days, i realized that I was wrong.
    I'm not used to being head over heels for anyone thats why this is really new to me.

    The past few days have actually been hell for me because i miss you so much that i can barely do anything without thinking of you... its worse at night because i can't sleep. I just stay up all night with my ears blocked listening to my sad playlist thinking of you.

    I'm so sorry that it took me losing you because of my insecurities to know how much you mean to me.

    And most of all, I'm sorry for hurting you.
    Still wish i'ld wake up it would all just turn out to have been a dream. But I guess not because this is my reality.

    You coming into my life was the best thing to have ever happened to me... I still remember watching the rainbow ring on the moon with you. Such experience would have just been a regular event with just anybody. But it means alot to me because I experienced it with you.
    And that's my next most beautiful memory till date... but is nothing compared to kissing you.

    You'll forever be a beautiful scar to my soul.
    ...I'm so sorry