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  • lettersbytheflame 2h

    There is no sorrow that's eternal. Every pain. Every happiness. Every loss. Every person you have ever known will either leave you or you will leave them, either to circumstances or to life itself. Appreciate life. Love harder. Live a little more. The event of life is brief and fleeting.

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    There is no sorrow that's eternal.

    Nothing lasts forever. Not even pain.

  • sarnaz7 19h

    Dear depressed friend,

    You send me laughing emojis, and sound calm
    Those eyes conceal a lethal ache, uncured by balm
    The world sees not, your merry dp gleams
    But I behold your secret tears, and burning whims-
    To diminish all anguish, which bear bare reason
    Yet as real as death, deserving caution
    You shelter a visual like tangled nerves
    And agree, to the purpose it seldom serves
    This unending desire of aloofness
    Makes it tough to conquer sadness-
    The word, a disgrace to what you endure!
    Hold this hand oh dear, there's a cure,
    Allow me to take you to a land tranquil
    Where you rarely feel, how you now feel
    Make me the keeper and sharer of your sorrow
    The person who accompanies you to the morrow
    Didn't we sing of vows, to stay near in dark?
    Come, here's the pathway towards spark!
    Whence you must laugh at pain- then past,
    And realize- trial is a mere visitor, does not last.

  • thegoldrose 4d

    Bedroom walls

    These bedroom walls have seen it all

    All of the tears

    All of the wishes that have faded

    All of the thoughts I wish I could push away

    It's written all over these walls begging to tell their story

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 3w


    I like to love and to be loved,
    But inreturn getting all the hate,
    I cry sometimes on my fate!

    I try to make my people happy,
    But i fail to make them feel great,
    I cry sometimes on my fate!

    What destiny is doing to me,
    I can't confabulate,
    I cry sometimes on my fate!


  • czarcasm 3w


    Misery, oh misery waits for me to die
    Says hi
    To your mother
    And enjoy the ride

    My story so long and yet somehow short
    Your quill will have done dried
    A ship in it's port
    Misery she hates me not because I can be happy
    But because I long for the love that makes people sappy

    She loves my loneliness I wear as a crown
    Wants to reach on up and take it down
    She wants it and me
    But I was too blind to see
    So I hope and pray
    That in the end the light will stay

    To dry these tears as they scorch my face
    Leaving invisible scars of moisture but that's not all the case
    She knows someone is making me smile
    And wants my heart to burn forever meanwhile

    My mind so cloudy I could take a dive
    And fall from the stars past many the bee hive
    Until I hit and break the surface of that water
    I'll stay strong even if it starts boiling



  • rochand 4w

    How to love

    How to love with a broken heart
    Which have been broke to thousand parts.
    Where did you made mistake
    All you wish to make other smile
    Always hurt yourself for their sake
    Then why do you end up so ill,
    When you feel it's permanent
    That thing leaves you instant.
    Love has only brought you pain,
    Will you be able to love again?

    How to love when you loss faith,
    From this world and it's people,
    When you can't trust anything
    Everything you hear seem lies,
    Do you still believe in something?
    When you got betrayed many times.
    Do we trust so that it can be broken,
    Now that you are tired and drained
    When you are finally awoken,
    Will you be able to trust again?

  • rochand 4w

    These days all I feel is pain
    Feels like my heart doesn't beat the same
    I wanna give up and but I'm stuck in rain
    In a life that I know I can not change
    I'm really lonely and feel drained
    But still keep on hurting myself for other sake,
    These things keep making me insane,
    I keep making the same mistake.

    I just sit and dwell in my trauma
    My life's full a problems
    I wish I could get a break from drama
    Tried to move on but I just can't
    I break down after break down and some days,
    I wish I could escape and run away
    And feel at ease even if it means one day
    I keep waiting for that day.

    Where did my life go wrong
    I was a happy child now I'm a teen,
    Who had been strong for so long,
    No one tell I'm drowning in my thoughts
    I'm still lost trying to find purpose
    After all of these years I'm still searching
    That my soul and body is getting dispose,
    Self love is something that I'm still learning

    Lately, I feel so depressed
    Tried to get help but I'm still a mess
    I don't ever rest, I guess, I'm stressed
    Got my head down, hands gripping my neck
    Did I take my last breath
    Did I walked my last step
    I'm alive but inside I am dead
    The world has cut me deep.

    I lie when I tell you I'm fine
    Cuz no body knows I'm struggling inside
    No one can tell what going on in my mind,
    I wish you could have given some good to remember,
    When I close my eyes and look in past
    All I see is bad memories
    Those lies, fake kindness and harassed
    And all I hear is please and I'm sorry.

    All I wanted from you that,
    you'd stand next to me,
    But you stab my back, and that
    Hurt me bad mentally
    It definitely changed me, but I forgive you
    I understand now that you had your own issues,
    That you weren't enough, for the love I would give you
    I tried, but I broke myself trying to fix you.

  • heartofbabel 5w

    [ The Pirates’ Tale of Sorrow ]

    Sorrow the pirate
    Twas about to walk,
    The mighty wooden plank
    With shackled wrists
    And legs the same,
    To ensure that Sorrow sank

    The journey short
    Though long in stride,
    Consumed the light of day
    As step by step
    His feet did walk,
    To death, Sorrow made way

    "Ah, faster now
    You swine of man,
    You see away the sun."
    "For when it goes,
    Then so shall you.
    Your life, this day, be done."

    Then Sorrow turned,
    To face the man
    Belching out words aloud
    Then veered his eyes
    Up to the sky
    And let silence weigh the crowd

    The clouds did part
    And shown the sun
    The heat did sweat his brow
    Then cool breeze blew
    Against his skin
    And whistled through the prow

    A moments rest
    Relaxing breath
    Time seemed to disappear
    With enemies
    Sentencing death
    His ship, they commandeer

    Then memories
    From all his life
    Did flash before his eyes
    Both good and bad
    The crowd spoke out, chastised

    "Speak now yar words
    Soon lifeless one,
    Plead mighty, to the gods."
    Sorrow stayed still
    His mouth not move,
    He stand weighing the odds

    The sun still crept
    To hiding place,
    Devoured by the ocean
    "Lets shoot him first
    Help weigh him down!"
    One man started, commotion

    A settled cheer
    All with, agreed
    Bullet, to be embed
    Muskets loaded
    Then aimed up north
    Explosions marked for head

    The powder packed
    And fuses lit
    Sorrow, a choice, must make
    Death by the sea
    Or from the gun
    Which would a hero take

    His chains were tight
    To strong to free
    If jump, he'd surely drown
    While bullets burn
    Destroy the flesh
    A corpse, not fit a crown

    The sun slipped down
    Then came a shot
    Bullet escaping gun
    And Sorrow dove
    Into the sea
    Action, not be undone

    Unknown whether
    The bullet struck
    Sorrow still lost his life
    And left behind
    A story sung
    In duet, with the fife

    Though stories told
    To entertain
    Are far misunderstood
    For Sorrow found
    Treasure so great
    No pirate ever would

    On life, he held
    So desperately
    Until sea bottom reached
    His eyes witnessed
    A marveled site
    Such hoard, never was preached

    And so it's said
    Throughout the world
    In pirates' tales of old
    Find Sorrow bound
    And set him free
    Then you shall find the gold

    © HeartOfBabel

  • karamichelle 5w


    Take me back to the garden, 
    where the world was ours
    and we knew what to do with it—
    where every breath was sacrosanct, 
    and our feet never left hallowed ground. 
    Where we’d lie beneath the heavens, 
    counting stars, and I’d watch you 
    give names to every single one. 
    I long for those days of dancing, 
    and dreaming, and never not believing 
    we were infinite and free;
    I ache for a time when we were royal, 
    and we ruled like we were made to, 
    like we wanted, because we could.
    Intimacy was effortless, then, 
    embedded in our blood; making love 
    was some form of worship, 
    and we were desperately devout.
    I would trade all the wisdom
    of this world and the next
    for one last eve of benighted bliss—
    take me back, I implore you.
    We’ll do it right this time.


  • preetm 6w


    Darkness follow me
    Can't bother me
    Shadow is my clone
    Can't leave me alone
    It's in me all the time
    Like it's always mine
    The dark in light
    In alone I fight
    Is it right
    Or I have to enlight


  • sayaliparkar 6w


    What a beautiful world
    Of duality we live in/
    Where there's sorrow /
    There's a shoulder too

    -Sayali Parkar

  • onlywarrior 6w

    If I had a time machine
    I would love to go back that time again
    Where your promises seems real
    Where Your touch feels eternal
    Where being with you was ultimate satisfaction
    Where looking into eyes looks like start of hope and fulfillment of it at the same time

    If I had a time machine
    I would love to that time again where
    I will remove all the scars you gave me
    I will love you without any regrets

    If I had a time machine
    I would love to go that time again where
    I will remove that loopholes which makes us apart
    I will do whatever it takes to live with you life long
    I will fills happiness wherever are remorse

    If I had a time machine

    I will make sure
    It will be always you and me <3
    #love #broken #sorrow #sad #breakup

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    Time machine


  • drtjeckleburg 6w


    Salty, teardrops fall from my eyes
    As they cascade to the floor
    His goodbye goes unheard
    Time stops as I can no longer get air through my lungs
    Coffee gone stale
    Overcast clouds roll by

  • mounikaraaj 7w

    Night things✨

    Night says :
    I only need your dejected past and your present problems
    Wanna make you scream on bed which only your pillow should know that you are not ok...
    But ,believe me
    Though you go through shit in my time...
    I'll make you absolutely ok when my friend sun arrives

    © mounikabusharaju

  • when_soul_writes 7w

    Her pillow has a lot of stories to tell,
    Of the deepest pain and sorrows,
    On the lonely nights of despair,
    The silent tears it has absorbed!


  • jkhusty 7w

    #loneliness #sorrow #alone

    They say she has crowds behind her,
    What do they ever know?
    That she was left alone in the cold winter snow.

    They say she is liked by all,
    Do they ever see her tears painted walls?
    She was all alone with pen scribbling in the halls.

    They say she always smiles,
    But have they stared at her a while?
    Cause she has cried every hour and every mile.

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    They say she has crowds behind her,
    What do they ever know?
    That she was left alone in the cold winter snow.


  • isalittlebroken 7w

    #war #death #isalittlebroken #poem #poetry #unrest #blood

    Red is the blood

    that stains the streets.

    The essence of life,

    sticking to the soles of soldiers boot-clad feet.

    Did you think you would die this morning?

    Gunned down without any warning!

    I can feel my soul drifting away

    and I like it this way...

    All the birds have flown east.

    #life #sorrow

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    Red is the blood
    that stains the streets.
    The essence of life,
    sticking to the soles of soldiers boot-clad feet.
    Did you think you would die this morning?
    Gunned down without any warning! 
    I can feel my soul drifting away
    and I like it this way...
    All the birds have flown east. 


  • jkhusty 8w

    Now these rain drops can't ease the tension of my heart,
    Cause I failed to conceal what bothered my heart,
    Although the tear stained pillows seemed nothing less than art,
    Painting all alone in night I have teared my soul apart

    #love #sorrow

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    Now these rain drops can't ease the tension of my heart.

  • unnichiruda 8w

    Sorrow was a sweet guest.
    He brought such meaningful words
    when he visited, they strung them
    into poetry together and gave it to pain
    for pain was feeling a little unloved.


    Pain read the poems they gave her.
    Left she her home in the
    uncomfortable choke of a rabid memory
    to meet peace who stayed atop a mountain.
    Poor pain, she wasn't warm enough
    for the climb. Died!


  • beensn 8w


    When I was small, I learnt,
    Sea and sky have no limit.
    Now I know, both have their limits,
    But I have something which is limitless.
    The pain and sorrow which I swallow,
    Makes me feel very low.
    I always wonder how people enjoy the pleasure,
    By giving pain to others and live with leisure.
    It is very bad of the most civilised animal,
    To behave without having humanity at least minimal.
    We are born as humans by chance,
    Let us not live like animals by choice.
    © beensN