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    It's over...
    But how ?
    the hell just started now...

  • andrewmell 3d

    Blaring Retisence

    I wore the beam's anadem,
    Which be not described by words.
    'tis like writing a poem,
    Using not ink and feathers but swords.

    Put on the colorful trousseau,
    Of what's said to be ephemeral.
    One which ye only besaw,
    At the expectation's funeral.

    Mustered on it a swift rose,
    Which's soothly wilting by dusk.
    Only to amuse some nose,
    Until finally it loses its musk.

    Along with the trousers of youth,
    Hoping it stays on the longest possible.
    One stronlgy hopes but in sooth,
    Senescence is just inevitable.

    Walked with the boots of flow,
    Which each step makes more dreary.
    Turning our walk so slow,
    Because our hearts grow weary.

    All that which's mentioned above,
    Will decay slowly as we grow hoary.
    Save of course thou my sweet love,
    In thy enticing gaze i forsee glory.


  • andrewmell 5d


    The moon and the sun,
    Wanted to see me gone.

    The moon planned to mess with my bones, tried to make them as cold as stones.

    The sun with it's heat,
    Wanted to make my soul bleed.

  • lethological_thoughts 5d


    //In how much pain, you're in?//

    As much as a selenophile gets
    when the sun's about to rise?
    Or similar to a lover's ache,
    at his partner's sudden demise?
    Or is it any closer to
    getting chemo day and night.
    Or the torment someone went through
    when they attempted for suicide?
    I doubt it's as much like when
    a woman, in labour, cries.
    Or does it feels the same when
    Lungs of asthma patients fight?
    All this suffering you're going through
    Or the great affiction you're in.
    Or the exertion caused by struggle of,
    the troubled life you're living in.
    If you're seeking for sympathy,
    Just tell me how does it feels!
    But don't compare this agony.
    These wounds can't ever heal.

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    Synonyms of Pain:


  • lethological_thoughts 5d

    The birth of sorrows:

    I carried her for just six months
    When the water broke out that noon
    The midwife said nothing to worry
    Just the baby's gonna born too soon
    O that pain was extreme
    O that ache was deadly
    I wanted to give up and run.
    Didn't know what we'll lose
    Didn't know what we'll earn.
    Although I pushed with all my strength
    But she seemed really stubborn.
    After struggling though those efforts
    We finally had her glance.
    My eyes were filled with tears
    But my heart wanted to dance.
    When i first touched her.
    Held her right in my arms
    I felt an instant powerful urge
    To fight for her against all harms.
    But that's when the midwife said,
    ''hurry! we got to do something.
    She's turning blue instead."
    Hearing it, a chill ran through my spine.
    I still remember what date it was
    Remember the exact time.
    Losing her that very day
    Took a part from me too.
    It changed me in a certain way
    Can't tell what's fake, what's true.
    With the ruins of her memories
    I'm sitting in this chapel.
    Still remember when i sniffed her that day,
    She smelled like an Apple.

    Inspired by the movie: Pieces of a woman
    #motherhood #woman #sorrow #piecesofawoman #melancholy #phases #overcome #mirakee #writersofmirakee #life

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    The Birth of Sorrows:


  • rikard_the_lost 1w


    Taken and shattered from your hand to this winds my pieces are scattered. Does knowing my pain is great and i need your help leave you flattered?

    A shadow unseen when the demons are within and in between. Knowing not hiw to make this nightmare for you able to be seen. While I yearn for someone to take these thought that are unclean.


  • yildiz 1w


    For every darkness, there's light
    For every rudeness, there's polite
    For every cruelty, there's kind
    For every sorrow, there's delight
    For every goodness, there's evil
    And these days,
    It seems all the good deeds can never measure up to the vile
    Guess who wins?

  • aknow_ 1w


    Entrancing garlands of unspoken words
    Trailing me everywhere I go.
    Unsettling the already bewildered soul of mine.
    I pluck their petals one after other,
    & store them away in my repertoire.
    For when she arrives,
    In her embrace,
    I will let the tears weave them back to life

  • anumit_13 1w


    I can't be immortal,
    But I can cry.
    I can't feel the pain of death,
    But I can feel sorrow.
    My emotions doesn't explode,
    That doesn't mean I'm feeling less.

  • navya_writes 1w

    Cheating is not a game to play...
    It's debit of tomorrow's sorrows and bad karma


  • yildiz 1w

    Am I failing?

    People lie sweetly to hide the truth instead of telling the truth.
    Such behavior strikes a war inside me, confusing me.
    Am I the one who cannot be receptive to truth? Why do people have to take such great lengths to hide truth?
    But I know I am not, I am not that rigid. I am not that rigid so that I can't accept the truth.
    I know truth hurts but the lies when out in open,hurts more than the painful truths.

    Hence I am plagued by the question..Am I failing to be flexible enough so that People will indulge freely to be a liar than being honest?

  • realnotreel 1w

    Life is full of unexpected things,
    Luckily, you can be friends with your enemies;
    Unfortunately, your friends turn to be your enemies.
    See, life is full of surprises.
    Funny it may seems, and at the same time,
    It will hurt you truly.
    I've been hurt so many times in my life
    That made me trusts less,
    And doubt more with the people surrounding me.

    If I could only turn back time
    To where I was once knew how to trust whole-heartedly.
    To the time, I was still little, innocent and loving.
    To the picture of scene where I thought it was,
    The happiest and wholly part of my existence.
    But now that I'm all grown up, I realize it was all lies.
    And the scene, where I thought it was the most precious,
    Happiest moment of my solitary life;
    Behind that was the shedding of tears of my most precious one,
    At the back of it, was sorrow and pain,
    Anguish and misery, and betrayal;
    Of the people I treasured and trusted most.


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    Trust Becomes Doubt

  • ssens___ 1w


    What is life?
    Life is a mixture of happy moments like a cookie dough, loved ones like chocolate chips and some sorrow like some hot mess you need to pass through while you bake in oven and at last some whipped creams like your dreams ❤️

  • yildiz 1w

    Where are You?

    Where are you when Lightning strikes?
    Where are you when order crumbles?
    Where are you when desolation sets in?
    Where are you when only fear and apathy remains?
    Where are you when everything is falling apart strand by strand?
    Where are you when the realities of future lashes out?
    Where are you when all who matters are in peril?
    Where are you when an empty facade of a brave face is standing between me and the world?
    Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?

  • kamikazemind 1w

    Hello mirakeans.
    First of all thank you mirakee for giivngyme such an opportunity.❤ I love iconography a lot and iam a huge fan of impressionism��. I love to feel the depth of a work��, perhaps a poetry, painting, building, whatever it maybe.
    I was planning to go for a Van gogh or Claude Monet.
    But I chose the Mexican surrealist artist, Frida kahlo's 'two fridas' as my iconography theme. My heart beats faster whenever i see her paintings or read articles about Frida kahlo.
    Her depiction about herself and the things she relates herself to, has always enchanted me.

    ✨The most beautiful aspect of her paintings are how she portrays the concrete (her life issues) into an abstract form and also bringing to life about her culture. Her works mainly outspoke the pain, suffering and the tragedies, largely emphasizing death.

    "'Two Fridas' depicts the loneliness of her reality, also implying that she is the only one who can understand herself.*

    Elements�� :

    1. The painting has a stormy background which means her turbulent life. She has come across tragedies after tragedies.

    a) She was affected with polio.

    b) She wanted to be a doctor but couldn't go to medschool due to a bus accident in which she not only lost her dreams and ambitions but also the hope for almost everything.

    c) Then she found solace in her husband, diego riviera, later turning into a huge divorce, due to her inability to conceive and also claiming that he was cheating on her with several women.

    ��" there has been two tragedies in my life: the first one is the accident and the second is diego" �� ~Frida Kahlo

    2.One of the frida is wearing a European dress were as the other one is wearing the typical Mexican dress, cleverly described by the ethnicity of the colour and design of the clothes. The European frida is the modern one whereas the traditional frida is core believer of her traditions.

    3. The sadness in her eyes and the hands holding onto each other has a profound meaning. It loudly speaks that 'you are your own companion'.

    4. The one in which she is cutting her veins through the scissor shows her lack of hope, no more willingness for her survival, and that she's not afraid of death.


    She was the woman who broke all the female stereotypical barriors about art. I love her with all of my heart.


    �� : Perhaps i might have missed two or more details.


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    In the hours of turbulence, only we understand the true nature of our strength. Trapped in our own sorrows, the bravest will keep on finding ways to redeem oneself.

  • goatwisht 1w


    I wish I was a devilman,
    And ate up all your sorrows,
    And give u darkness,
    A reason to follow.

  • b_gotti 2w

    Coming up on one year since my boy was taken from me. Killed at just 6 years old. His story still yet to be told. For now it's his love and memories I keep. Until then, The willow and I shall see if its possible we will actually heal with time, but for today, we weep.

    #sorrow #pain #grief

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    Drowning Willow

    Why do willows weep? Tell me, is it for sweet memories their roots keep? Do their sorrows know also joy, of which legends speak? How else could her pain run so immensely deep? 

    Did one day her branches once rise so very high? Were they strong and victorious, stretching towards the sky? Would she inspire awe and uplift the spirits of any who passed her by? 

    What tragedy must have befell her once peaceful spirit? Did she cry out the day it changed, trying to stop it? Was she forced to remain silent instead and just revere it? Would anyone even care enough of her anguish to try to hear it? Could they truly just turn from her agony because they fear it? 

    Will all her days under the sun, be forever shrouded in darkness? Her branches forever drooping, now completely aimless? Will time ever heal her or will the days of eternity be long and  countless? At the end of her time, will she come to have forgiveness? Or does fate hold that the willow shall forever remain, lost and faithless? 


  • puranidiary 2w

    @writersnetwork Its 7th time you liked my post ❤��
    P. S~ consider reposting my lame work sometimes ��

    Life is a rainbow with splashes of emotions ~joy, contempt, surprise, anger, fear, trust, sorrow 7 most Significant shades of our life!! ��
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    With magical brushes of joy and contempt
    Holding the colours of surprise in her attempt
    Slightly she feared the vague sights of sensation
    Finally trusted the canvas of her imagination
    Fiercely at last splashed some patches of sorrow
    She painted life resembling the subtle rainbow

  • dreambeliever 2w

    I Used to Know

    I used to know just who I was,
    I used to know just where I stood.
    I used to know just how I felt,
    I used to know just what felt good.

    I used to be half of a whole.
    Half a shared heart,
    Half a shared soul.

    I used to know just what to do.
    I know nothing now, since I lost you.

    While waiting for the hurt to fade,
    I feel the emptiness inside,
    Then flows a waterfall of tears,
    I wish sometimes I too had died.

    To live life all alone is hard,
    When two were so combined as one.
    But life gets better day by day,
    So, I guess, I will go on.


  • daisyofthegalaxy 2w

    Spiders in the kitchen

    I let them fester, these spineless things with long legs and intense venom

    I feel the need to keep them with me. Even if they only bring me grief. It feels emptier to be without them

    Every time he stops to show off, to catch the eye of someone else. They begin their dance under my skin.

    Jealousy, rage, pain, acceptance.

    Let it happen; it doesn't matter.
    He tries to take my arm and be sweet only after they have gone out of view.
    He thinks I don't notice how he struts,feathers cocked out, ready to fill their minds with lies he once filled mine with.

    I know this is my own fault. I chose to be here, even knowing he doesn't really want me.