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  • _junaid 12h

    Flow like words in the river of sonnet,
    Because the stormy waters don't let everyone step ashore.

    - Junaid Ahmad Khan


  • scribbled_paradox 2d

    Sonnet # 30 (A sonnet inspired by Romantic Ballet, Giselle)

    Dance with the lovelorn Wili

    Dimming sun kisses the vibrant abyss
    And tidal waves warble a woeful hymn
    Terpsichore sways with her memories
    A damsel dancing her eternal grim

    Sway with me under dust and moonlight bliss
    Behind the barrow of my lonesome heart
    Play our tune and twirl with bygone Wilis
    Before the Queen Myrtha split us apart

    As the sun stained the heaven with amber
    Our Blissful yet daunting nightfall ended
    The serene music became a whisper
    Painful dream that I'll bring in graves of dead.

    Dance with me in the dusk of sentiments
    As I perished this endless torment.

    #filipinowriter #rhymes #sonnet #love #classical

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    As the sun stained the heaven with amber
    Our Blissful yet daunting nightfall ended
    The serene music became a whisper
    Painful dream that I'll bring in graves of dead.


  • rhythmic_beats 1w

    ~| An antique typewriter |~

    My heartbeats halted my motion
    And found a companion
    Who stole my heart at very
    First sight in the fair.
    This antique typewriter
    Sings the retro songs
    When my metaphors feel
    Lonely in the night shades
    Every 3 a.m.
    An antique typewriter, which types poetry
    When my breaths get chocked,
    And my fingers paralyse
    In the whirlpool of modern melancholies.

    ~| Dried withered rose petals shedding pearls |~

    My scarlet gown fell in love
    With those dried withered
    Rose petals, shedding teary pearls
    From a poet's tombstone,
    Whose last wish was to see
    His poetry playing the
    Rhyming syllables to heal
    The moon's scar,
    When I placed them in my book
    I saw blazing rays of sun
    Arising from a tombstone cloud,
    Instantly my heart started
    Bleeding ode biding a peaceful goodbye.

    ~| Fossils smelling petrichor |~

    As I moved inches ahead, my senses
    Started feeling holy eternity,
    When my fingers glided
    Through constellation of fossils
    Smelling petrichor;
    Fossils mirroring ancient love
    And smelling petrichor even today
    When love rains from heaven,
    Which was once murdered for
    Committing the sin of loving
    Someone truly with whole heart,
    When the world was flooding blood
    In the catastrophic world war.

    ~| A half burnt paper and ashes of sonnet |~

    Pious fire still flaming and roaring high
    The screams of rhymes and hope
    Of a paper not to see her love; sonnet
    Turning into ashes,
    Alas, the paper is half burnt,
    But the ashes of sonnet are phoenix
    Embracing a true poet.

    ~| Broken rocks of moon, oozing poetries |~

    My numb canvas of heart
    Finally found an abode of
    Blissful hues when the
    Broken rocks of moon
    Oozed out poetries
    In my moonless life!

    // A fair who rained fair treasure of gems
    To my void black life,
    Even blackness started
    Ornamenting colourful shades
    To again turn the blank pages
    To poetic spring //

    || A fair who taught me
    That the universe which holds
    All magnificent gems is
    Actually blank and transparent
    Like the soul, but what adds
    Colours like a fair
    Is cascade of words
    Fusing to poetries ||

    // Exiting this fair
    After riding through
    Rollercoaster of emotions,
    This sleepless soul slept
    After ages in the melodious
    Lullabies of typewriter //


  • _mythworld_ 1w

    Love Sonnet

    I am the symphonic beat of your heart
    Rhythm your soul musing in every second
    I am your profound image poetry
    Symbolic representation; your part.

    I am, loveable daily worship part
    Magical spell boomed in your every breath
    I am 'love sonnet' highly creative
    Symphonic, irony; versatile art.

    I am a pure emotion of your heart
    Rational, creative, and mind's relief
    I am a mystique que of mysteries
    Systematic pattern of loveable tart.

    I am an image of love of your heart
    Care of your breathless emotional part.


    All rights reserved

    @writersnetwork @mirakee A read? ��
    #sonnet #love #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay

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  • jayanthdeshmukh 1w


    Bleeding head, broken bones
    Do you wonder what pushed me to leave you?
    Words that hurt me harder than thrown stones
    Soul pleading, fingers clapsed, body slowly withdrew
    How do I tell you that I am still in love?
    With those moments and feelings we shared together
    How do I tell you I feel like a caged dove?
    Drenched in rain, masking tears, losing feather after feather

    But the day you said that would leave me for the other
    The day you said it was meant to end
    The day I realized I would no longer smother
    I could no longer protect myself, no longer defend
    It was that day my faith was shaken
    That day did I truly awaken

  • devilfish 3w


    Is a door
    Where behind it
    Are the only ones who have power
    Inside it ears to floor
    Because there's more to movement

    Silence the vibration
    Pulsed through the ether
    Made me into a believer
    And I pushed my way here
    Without any leader

    Not indifferent to others
    Illusion is illusory
    Like a mother
    That seems to make a gesture from love
    But then grabs a pillow and chokes
    The child
    As it lay smothered
    We become weary of another but
    To lay in blame and call it by a different name
    Claim it's essence to your love
    Won't reclaim your pride you thought
    You had
    What you had
    Was shame
    Before you attempt to integrate false concepts
    That don't relate
    If you want to deflate
    Start with being brave
    And yes,
    People will try to get you to explain
    But their intentions
    Demonstrate the significance that
    Are screaming louder than their name

    What motivates me
    Doesn't indicate my innate human
    Because I want to reach your mind
    And bring you water

    Plunge into silky red sheets
    Feel the same way my heart beats
    I write and I find
    Myself wanting to relate to you
    As for me I wish to peer into your eyes
    Peering into mine
    A leafy brown of autumn
    And the shine of summer
    Cross-pollinate like a Clementine tree
    But just as savory as a Monreal Clementine
    We are able to contemplate is a line
    That divides our ability to indentify
    Between you and I
    Is through our empathetic grace
    A weakness that takes beauty
    And strength
    It must emerge in your veins
    It's waters must rain
    Let them not run dirty polluted
    By hate
    And suicidal bribe
    Or pay the price must you rage
    Like the water trickling down the side
    Of a street
    Under your feet
    A wet carpet but underneath your feet
    Pulses stories that birth into the breath
    That we breathe

    If you are
    Then you
    You must be
    Yourself is what you are
    Myself is referring to me
    The difference is that
    The difference is irrelevant
    Emotion blotched as Logic is looming
    Much too self assuming as its prevelant
    And our assumption are self-evident
    But that evidence is not relevant

    Planting seeds of sentiment
    In the garden of articulated elegance
    Strewn about in the wet sediment
    Blooming with love
    I can't feel love with my intelligence
    But I don't want to pretty
    I want you to know I'm not above you

    But what we feel when we are alive
    Is that love and I don't know who you are
    And I don't need to tell you why
    But my heart aches when I think of you
    I want your tired eyes to never tired of
    Being kind
    We're going to be alright
    You and I

    I try to get to you and the wind pushes me further
    The moon is a nuturer
    It's shining with our secrets
    When we sleep
    But some of us didn't get the warmth we need
    Our mouths questioned our safety
    I'm sorry you had to know war
    Where you are afraid and there's no one
    To tend to the wounds of a soldier
    Of great bravery
    Sensitivity in your expression
    Your creativity
    Your will of a thousand determined trees
    That won't be bothered by the strongest of gales
    The branches of your courage
    Will not be burdened by their hubris

    I'm not going to be an artist without recognizing pain
    It's in my nature to relate

    I know the light is shining during day
    But don't be frightened by the night
    We are enlightened through our ability
    To understand in the way we relate
    The way that we do and don't
    The unexamined
    The unexplained
    The inconceivable
    Let your worries fall with the rain
    And illustrate your rainbow of purity
    And your expression in your irrepressible
    Inspection into the skies of starry nights
    And the dark milky Moody cosmic starlight
    Like vertebrae
    Like our spines


    There's hope

    Your eyes reflect your love

    Your love is not seasoned

    Let our picture albums unfold

    Right now will never fold

    It's your destiny card

    You hold

    To evolve

    We must seek to solve

    The facade of smoke

    Reinvent the meaning

    Of a "God"


  • poukii 6w

    Shalt I sweaty haste behind fires in green?
    spread in every nook and cranny at dusk,
    Nay veils of the petrich'r hast been thy seen,
    hath left nay coequal single speck of husk,

    Leaving in rollercoaster sweaty haste.
    Thy not able to alate wings of clouds,
    knoweth not what guiles needth to chaste,
    thee did hop into mine own raids of crowds.

    n'rd men th're did see thy foots in the milieu.
    Those gents w're sowing springeth crops in the fields.
    Thee did bow, telling those folks thy adieu,
    not knowing th're colours behind pouring shields.

    Thee shreik'd and did melt liketh a issue;
    at which hours thy did turn to residue.

  • akakuma 7w

    Sonnet of the Victim

    Beyond the sunflower meadow stood a cliff,
    Sharp and abrupt in its presence and mind.
    Across it lie a desert dead, dry, and stiff,
    Except for a river so finely designed.
    At dawn, the sun rose with the flowing river.
    The meadow would yearn for the morning bright light,
    And thought nothing of itself the depriver.
    The plants won't grow with trees shading the sun's sight.
    Alas the meadow stayed blaming the desert,
    For the majestic plants were more of value,
    Over the bladed cacti that painfully hurt.
    The meadow gave up after its devalue.
    Allow your own meadow to realize the shade,
    For sooner the sun will then come to your aid.


  • _trisha__ 7w

    Look into the eyes of mine
    What do you find ?? My love !!
    Feel every touch of my hands on your body
    What do they convey ??My desire!!
    Search into my words
    Was it intimate as our closeness ?? My need !!
    Dive into the heart
    Is anything left other than you ?? My love !!
    See the painting
    Do you understand the verses in it ?? My
    desire !!
    Stare at the smile of mine
    Is it satisfied without you ?? My need
    Find the emotions deeply buried
    Aren't you overwhelmed by them ?? My pain !!


  • akkashpoet 7w

    Just to share my gratitude towards Almighty and love for my future dear one.
    #love # God #sonnet #lovestory

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    The way the creator takes me to,
    He knows the best and what to do,
    Really Splendid!

    You are only my need,
    Oh dear,just ask me my thoughts,
    I want to bind the knots,
    Between two hearts,indeed!

    You think of me often,
    Like a riddle on your mind.
    Your heart must be soften,
    Whenever the answer,you try to find.
    Your heart will not be broken,
    I would always be kind.


  • paradoxicalpenman 7w

    Mundane ambitions

    Faced adversity
    Listen inner demons weep
    Sparring with fate now,

    Ignorance befriends
    Curiosity is foe
    Hey alter ego,

    Adventure mundane
    Narcissistic tendencies
    Empathy counters,

    Constantly battling
    Introspection paves the way
    For my own progress,

    Dwelling in insomnia
    Slumber my ambition.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 8w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #wod #pod #sonnet #v #kth1snippet #sleep #slumber
    #languageart #polaroidc #inspoetry #ak_sonnets

    All written rights reserved | 21 April 2021 12.12 pm
    Maktub - It is written, Ala Rasi - Anything for you


    Awaiting Slumber ~

    Quietude enshroud being, balmy night
    Stillness seductive, seclusion desired
    Solitude embrace my mind leaving fight
    Silence silvery, words lay down expired

    Gaze upon the passing clouds, I stay still
    Eyes vacant yet heart brimming - full of you
    Face frozen, awestruck thought clouds floating chill
    Reminiscence rain on me - drops of you

    Ocean of my heart carries your footprints
    Your breath so alive in pressed flowers stayed
    Blanket of memoirs, in blue and grey tints
    Your smiles captured in these polaroids fade

    Oh Sleep, kiss me as I lay here apart
    Maktub in fate, Ala Rasi my heart


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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 8w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #slowly #wod #pod #muse #addict #dance #jungkook
    #sonnet Highly inspired from #BTS #bloodsweatandtears

    All written rights reserved
    19 April 2021 9.50 am

    Sonnet I - ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

    His Desirous Dance~

    Slowly he lifts tray bedecked with crystal
    Knowingly drank from the poisoned chalice
    Each sip rushed through vein make his neck bristle
    Refused to believe his muse did malice

    Softly killing him with pain addictive
    She chuckled, as per her plan worked the spell
    Gradually became slave, vindictive
    He knew obsession would ring parting knell

    Gently he swayed in the swing upside down
    All the world came crashing down at his feet
    Heart sobbing while lips smiling, like a clown
    He waltzed to the beats of her whispers sweet

    His blood, sweat and tears spilled on her, she dined
    His last dance ceased, his cold breath left behind


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    ~his desirous dance~

    His blood, sweat and tears spilled on her, she dined
    His last dance ceased, his cold breath left behind


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 6w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #silence #wod #pod #sonnet #ak_sonnets

    All written rights reserved
    30 April 2021 7.12 pm


    Melancholia Blooms ~

    Wisteria blooms stooped touching the ground
    Withered dreams let a star die at young age
    Aloof heart heard the ballad the pain found
    Sang aloud hoping to break out the cage

    Fallen blooms adorn twigs of memories
    Wandering soul dragged by clutch of terror
    Illusion plays deceit by miseries
    Didn't find herself in pieces of mirror

    She let her soul burn in hellfire of fate
    It etched the pain as the flames licked her scars 
    And when the world turned upside down to hate
    Her tears fell into the night sky as stars 

    Silence screams in void of melancholy
    Echoes down the walls of heart agony


    2 #ak_dark_series ��

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  • johnnybravo 9w

    I must and will write a poem

    I have with me my pen
    Today I must and will write a poem
    About anything, even as little as a hen
    Today I must and will write a poem

    An haiku it can be or a sonnet
    Today I must and will write a poem
    A limerick perhaps or an ode about sunset
    Today I must and will write a poem

    The day is old and close to death
    And a line I find hard to write
    Tommorrow is in labour and near it birth
    And my poem is yet to see the light

    This can be solved in only one way
    I must and will write my poem, another day


  • johnnybravo 9w

    I must and will write a poem


  • kitabezindagi 9w

    Forgotten Love

    I cared for you more and more
    but I don't Love you anymore

    all you want is a perfect slave
    but I need to keep self-respect safe
    I am tired of following your steps
    but I won't beg for your kindness

    while loving you i kept everyone aside
    you loved my body and made me cried
    you can't play cause I am not your pet
    greediness of your eyes tells the rest

    everyone girl wishes for true love
    what's wrong if I wished for the same
    I will keep my self respect all above
    I want respect not fake horney love


  • kingthoughts2303 11w

    This is my first attempt to write a Sonnet Pattern Piece using Modern English with a
    3 Stanzas of 4 lines each and a couplet total 14 lines.
    Each stanza has a rhyming scheme of 1st line with 3rd and 2nd line with 4th and a rhyming couplet. While keeping the syllable count 10 for each line. I haven't used the Iambic pentameter.

    In the 3rd stanza, I have used a twist according to the story and in the end, it poses a question.


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    Devil To Living Evil

    I Feed Fear To Haunt Your Reality
    From Your Impure Thoughts, My Play Is Powered
    With Horrendous Scars, Mark My Cruelty
    I'm Poisonous dream To Make You Cowered

    I cast visuals of shadows walking
    And Cold blooded veins make your feet go numb
    With bleeding eyes the reflection's stalking
    My presence you deny and act like dumb.

    Horrifying whisper pierces your ear
    Your karma, in the darkness, is talking
    You Destroyed Souls, Filled Pain And Screams Don't Hear;
    Yet Act As Pure, Ah!! Such Ruthless Mocking.

    Your greed driven breed curse me, I'm evil.
    I ask, two-faced creatures, who's the devil?

  • in_fragments 12w

    It's been 3 years since I woke up to my own life story. Will you stay awhile with me and see how it ends?
    #pod #poem #sonnet @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Write Myself Alive

    Poetries, slowly unraveling me;
    for three years they've flowed from their ancient keeps,
    a mind once numbed, awakening to speak;
    so many truths unearthed, such stirred debris-
    I write myself alive again to see
    the ghosts within me shaking off their sleep,
    reanimated parts repressed down deep
    bubbling up to break their dormancy.

    They flood me with their feelings raw and strange,
    all in the name of being heard, they say;
    to deny them is to deny my truth,
    pieces of me all split and rearranged
    after decades of being pushed away-
    writing to remind me they are here to stay.

  • himayan_writes 17w

    Petty Sonnet

    I never feared being on my own.
    I never feared being a stranger to a place.
    I always liked it when I was alone.
    I never cared if no one knew my face!

    People come and people go away.
    I'm not easy to hold on to.
    I make it difficult to stay.
    At least that's what they say I do.

    I'm happy to indulge myself in me.
    I love talking to my inner voice.
    I find solitude to be liberating and free.
    I am silent when surrounded by noise.

    The only thing that I'm ever scared of
    Is being forgotten by the ones that I love!